The World's 10 Most Beautiful Gardens Revealed

Do you dream of having your own magical garden someday? These extraordinary gardens will inspire you and remind you that eventually all that hard work will pay off. True, most of us aspire to slightly smaller gardens than these (like a few pot plants on the balcony, perhaps), but these impressive spaces are worth a look.

While the rest of us struggle to keep a few blooms going, take a look at the Bamberg Rose Garden in Germany where visitors can walk amongst over 4500 roses. And don’t forget the gardens at Versailles – not a single leaf out of place.

These astounding global gardens are a reminder that more often than not, nature is art at its best. We’re not saying you should turn your entire house into a greenhouse, but browsing through these pictures will make you realise that everyone needs a little bit of green in their lives.

Britzer Garten (Berlin, Germany)

The Gardens at the Temple of Daigoji (Kyoto, Japan)

Brooklyn Botanical Garden (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Generalife Garden (Granada, Spain)

Tresco Abbey Gardens (Isles of Scilly, U.K.)

Bamberg Rose Garden at New Residenz (Bamberg, Germany)


Allegri Arvedi Villa Garden (Grezzana, Italy)

Gardens at Chateau de Versailles (Versailles, France)

San Diego Botanic Garden (Encinitas, Calif.)

Gardens at Atocha Station (Madrid, Spain)

Source: The Huffington Post