10 Great Ways You Can Use Soda Bottles For Your Garden

Some people are meant to build, draw, grow and some are meant to drool over amazing DIY ideas. Which are you going to be? Do you want to watch everyone else create great projects, or do you want to have your own patio garden to enjoy?

Bottle gardens have become more and more popular in homes across the country. Whether you are a pinterest fanatic, or a fan of better homes and gardens, everyone has seen the beautiful ways to recycle soda bottles.

Within this blog you will see over 10 different amazing ways to create a garden using soda bottles, and other household tools.Not only will you have a chance to learn how to become an indoor spice farmer, you can build an outdoor oasis. Growing your own spices and  herbs in a wooden garden using only soda bottles, as well as learning how to build an outdoor vertical soda bottle garden. The possibilities are limitless.

1. Window Farm

Window Garden

You can learn to make your own window farm here.

2. Plastic Bottle Tower Garden


Here is the tutorial for this plastic bottle tower garden

3. Hanging Plastic Bottles


Tutorial from Abeautifulmess

4. Vertical Garden


5. Plastic Bottles Hanging on Net


Source: Straitstimes

6. Inspiring Plastic Bottle Garden


7. Vertical Plastic Bottle Herb Garden


Source: happyhouseandgarden

8. Pyramid Plastic Bottle Garden


Source: Pinterest

9. Plastic Bottles on Walls


Source: rosenbaum

10. Coke Bottle Terrarium

Tutorial from Hometalk