12 Of The Best Things To Do In Texas That You Had No Idea Existed

One of the best things about living in Texas is its sheer size. Even when we feel as if there’s nothing left to do, the Lone Star State surprises us with another lesser-known attraction we never knew existed. The following are 12 awesome things to do in Texas when you thought you’ve done everything.

1. Visit the National Museum of Funeral History (Houston)

Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean doing creepy stuff is off the table. This museum is both morbid and informative, and you’ll walk away with more knowledge about death than you probably even wanted. Exhibits feature topics such as how funerals differ across cultures, cremation vs. burial, the history and evolution of embalming, and more.
2. Eat barbecue and chocolate at Tejas Chocolate Factory (Tomball)

Don’t worry, the barbecue and chocolate are separate and sovereign entities. This shop just happens to specialize in both of them – despite the fact that they’re basically polar opposites.
3. Walk through a cave formed by a massive earthquake (San Marcos)

Wonder World Cave & Park has been around for decades, serving as a fun-filled family attraction ever since opening its doors. The Balcones Fault Line Cave is the main event here, and for good reason – it’s the only real earthquake-formed cave open to the public for viewing. How awesome is that?!
4. Sleep in an adobe dome (Terlingua)

Texas is full of unique lodging opportunities, but this one very well might take the cake. It’s just close enough to civilization and just remote enough to make you feel like the entire desert is yours. The views from here are absolutely incredible – Big Bend’s towering mountains surrounding you, the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets you’ve ever seen…it’s worth the trip, y’all.
5. Visit the Dallas Farmers Market (Dallas)

The best question about this market would be, “What CAN’T you find here?” It’s a hub for everything from fresh produce to artisan cheeses to full restaurants and everything in between. The best part? Everything is grown, raised, or made locally, so you’re getting some of the freshest food around.
6. Take a trip to Seminole Canyon (Comstock)

Palo Duro gets all the hype around here as far as canyons are concerned, but this lesser-known gem deserves some recognition as well. Not only is its beauty unsurpassed, but its history is incredibly rich as well – ancient pictographs carved by early humans are still visible on the rock walls!
7. Go on a railroad-themed road trip

If you’re a train enthusiast, this one’s for you. Texas is full of train museums, depots, and even restaurants located in old train cars! This trip takes you to all the coolest locomotive-related places in the state.
8. Spend a day in one of America’s happiest towns (Boerne)

Boerne is a Hill Country town of about 10,000, making in the perfect balance between a city and a tiny blip on the map. It’s one of those places where you could never forget you’re in Texas because the locals are so friendly and the shops and restaurants are so quaint. It was rated the 25th happiest town in America, and there’s good reason why!
9. Do yoga with goats (Houston)

All I can say about this is “don’t knock it ’till you try it.” Seriously, I think you’ll have a blast.
10. Stay overnight in a train car (Kingsland)

The Antler’s Inn was first opened in 1901 to serve as a rest stop for weary train travelers, and since then, four renovated train cars have been added as lodging options! You’ll never forget such a unique experience.
11. Go on a foodie road trip

We’re immensely blessed to have such good food here in Texas. Delicious restaurants of all types can be found nearby pretty much no matter where you are in the state. This road trip takes you to some of the very best and encompasses several different genres, from Mexican to Southern to seafood.
12. Ride on a wine shuttle and tour vineyards (Fredericksburg)

The 290 Wine Shuttle busses you to some of the highway’s best wineries where you’ll participate in tastings, meet the winemakers, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures by sipping your glass with breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country surrounding you.

Have you ever been to any of these places? Which is your favorite? What other lesser-known attractions would you add to the list? Let us know!