15 World Fishing Records That Will Probably Never Be Beaten

All around the world fishermen boast about that one catch that can never be beaten or that one world record fish that just nearly got away.

Sadly the ones that get away don’t count however the world record fish that are documented are truly world record fish. We’re not talking about the 10 pound catfish you caught in your local lake but we’re talking about thousand pound beasts of the ocean.

Here’s just 15 of the biggest world record catches that may never be beaten.

1) Black Marlin

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Cabo Blanco, Peru
August 4, 1953
1,560 pounds
Alfred Glassell, Jr.

This catch was made in Cabo Blanco Peru on August 4th of 1953 by a man named Alfred Glassell Jr. Glassell had wanted to try and break the world record in 1952 after he held the record for a short time but was beat. A year later Glassell then caught this 1,560 pound beast which has been the world record for over 60 years.

2) Great White Shark

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Ceduna, Australia
April 21, 1959
2,664 pounds
Alfred Dean

This beast was caught in Ceduna Australia on April 21st of 1959 by a man named Alfred dean. This catastrophic monster weighs in at 2,664 pounds and had beaten the standing world record by 1,596 pounds. This fish is also known to be the heaviest fish ever caught according to the IGFA. This beast was caught while using porpoise for bait and in only an hour it was caught.

3) Bluefin Tuna

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Aulds Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada
October 26, 1979
1,496 pounds
Ken Fraser

In the home of some of the biggest tuna known, Aulds Cove, Nova Scotia Canada a man named Ken Fraser caught a Bluefin Tuna weighing in at 1,496 pounds. This catch was made on October 26th of 1979 and currently only Canadian citizens can apply to fish for Bluefin Tuna. They are carefully managed to prevent overfishing and extinction.

4) Wahoo

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
July 29, 2005
184 pounds
Sara Hayward

This fish was caught in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on July 29th of 2005 weighing in at only 184 but an impressive feat for this type of fish. The Wahoo fish is notoriously known to be a hard fish to catch because of its ability to cut wire and get away with ease. Not only was it a hard catch but in the area anglers usually have to fight off sharks to claim their prize as a fish helpless in the water looks like a good meal for a hungry shark.

5) Goliath Grouper

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Fernandina Beach, Florida
May 20, 1961
680 pounds
Lynn Joyner

The Goliath Grouper was caught on May 20th of 1961 off the coast of Fernandina Beach, Florida weighing in at 680 pounds by Lynn Joyner. It is believed that Joyner caught the beast from a dock along the Amelia River using nothing more than a homemade pole and a bunch of twisted nylon cord. Seeing as now the fish is known as a protected species nobody will have a chance at beating the record anytime soon.

6) Swordfish

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Iquique, Chile
May 7, 1953
1,182 pounds
Louis Marron

This scary looking beast was caught on May 7th 1953 off the coast of Iquique, Chile and weighs in at 1,182 pounds by a man named Louis Marron. It is known that the man battled the great beast for 2 hours before finally coming out on top and beating the last record holder by 322 pounds. After that catch nobody has come close to beating his record.

7) White Sturgeon

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Benicia, California
July 9, 1983
468 pounds
Joey Pallotta III

This beast was caught in Benicia, California on July 9th of 1983 by a name named Joey Pallotta III
Although this beast weighs 468 pounds the fight that took place between it and Pallotta is known by legend to be nearly 7 hours and Pallotta is rumoured to have jumped onto a friends boat during it. The fish was estimated to be around a hundred years old and is considered the biggest freshwater fish ever caught by a rod and reel in North America.

8) Alligator Gar

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Rio Grande, Texas
December 2, 1951
279 pounds
Bill Valverde

Despite being named Alligator Gar this fish is not actually an alligator. It weigh in at 279 pounds after being caught by a man named Bill Valverde in Rio Grande, Texas on December 2nd of 1951. This fishing session was almost cut short as the group had forgotten the bait at home when they set out to have an afternoon of fishing. They found earthworms and used them to catch some mullet which they used as bait for the bigger fish.

9) Muskellunge

Lake Court Oreilles, Hayward, Wisconsin
July 24, 1949
67 pounds 8 ounces
Cal Johnson

This muskie was caught in Lake Court Oreilles, Hayward, Wisconsin on July 24thh 1949 by a man named Cal Johnson. It weighed in at 67 pounds 8 ounces and after being caught around 67 years ago the record hasn’t been beat yet. The fish had been 60 and a quarter inches and had been caught with a Pike Oreno bait.

10) Brook Trout

Nipigon River, Ontario, Canada
July 21, 1915
14 pounds 8 ounces
Dr. J.W. Cook

This Canadian catch was caught along the Nipigon River in Ontario on the day of July 21st 1915. This trout weighs in at 14 pounds and 8 ounces and is known to have been several pounds heavier than the 2nd heaviest trout ever caught. This record is also known as being the 2nd oldest world record in the IGFA books.

11) Channel Catfish

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Santee-Cooper Reservoir, South Carolina
July 7, 1964
58 pounds
W. Whaley

This catfish was caught in the Santee Cooper Reservoir, South Carolina by man named W. Whaley on July 7th 1964 by man named W. Whaley. Nobody really knows much about this catch other than basic information such as it weighing in at 58 pounds. This record stood for around half a century and according to the IGFA no registered fish has ever come close to beating the record.

12) Northern Pike

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Lake of Greffern, Germany
October 16, 1986
55 pounds 1 ounce
Lothar Louis

This pike was caught in the Lake of Greffern, Germany on October 16th 1986 by a man named Lothar Louis. Louis had beat the previous world record by almost 10 pounds as this fish had been 55 pounds and 1 ounce. His original target had been carp and roach however after being unable to catch this fish with a net he used both of his hands to reach in and grab the fish.

13) Walleye

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Old Hickory Lake, Tennessee
August 2, 1960
25 pounds
Mabry Harper

This controversial catch was made on the day of August 2nd 1960 in Old Hickory Lake, Tennessee by a woman named Mabry Harper. Despite the fish weighing 25 pounds it had been disputed by the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame because of their questioning of the validity of the catch. Being as the IGFA has the catch’s original documentation the record still holds.

14) Smallmouth Bass

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Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee
July 9, 1955
11 pounds 15 ounces
David Hayes

This catch was made in Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee on the 9th of July in 1955 by a man named David Hayes. This catch weighs in at 11 pounds and 15 ounces and is known as the most storied world record catches. This is another controversial catch as there had been a false claim saying that the fish had only weighed 8 pounds which had been cleared up in 2005 after being rescinded in 1996

15) Largemouth Bass

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Montgomery Lake, Georgia
June 2, 1932
George W. Perry
22 pounds 4 ounces

Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan
July 2, 2009
Manabu Kurita
22 pounds 5 ounces

There is 2 records at this time that dispute each other. The first is a fish caught by George w. Perry who caught the fish in Montgomery Lake, Georgia on June 2nd of 1932 weighing in at 22 pounds 4 ounces. The second is a record of a man named Manabu Kurita in Lake Biwa, Shiga Japan on July 2nd of 2009 which weighed in at 22 pounds and 5 ounces. It is thought that the fish that Kurita had caught wasn’t valued as much because the fish wasn’t caught in its native territory.

Source: Field & Stream