30 Knitter’s Slangs You Need To Know

Knitting is an activity that has definitely increased in popularity over the years, and today is an activity many people engage in. According to this article, there is a certain “knitter’s slang” which people should be familiar with.

These terms range from cake, which is yarn twisted into a cylinder like shape, FO is a finished object, KIP is knit in public, and many more. Other terms include SEX, which stands for stash enhancement experience (or buying yarn), and yarn barf, which is basically a huge ball of yarn that has come out from an even bigger ball of yarn.


  1. Cake:  Yarn wound into a cylindrical shape where both top and bottom are flat and there is a center yarn to pull out.
  2. DPN: Double Pointed Needles
  3. DS: Destash (sell or trade unwanted yarn)
  4. EOR: End Of Row or Every Other Row
  5. FLASHING: Similar to pooling below, but more linear in design
  6. FO: Finished Object
  7. Frog: To rip back (for the sound “rip it, rip it”) by removing the needles and undoing all your hard work
  8. Frog pond: a storage place for knitted items waiting to be frogged
  9. FSOT: For Sale or Trade
  10. Gifted: The act of giving yarn/items to another for free
  11. ISO: In Search Of
  12. KAL: Knit ALong
  13. KIP: Knit In Public
  14. LYS: Local Yarn Store
  15. Muggle: non-knitter
  16. OTN: On The Needles
  17. PIF: Pay It Forward
  18. Pooling: When one color in a Variegated yarn bunches together in an area.
  19. Puddling: similar to pooling, but more like a blotch.
  20. RAK: Random Act of Kindness, a small gift to a fellow knitter
  21. SABLE: Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy
  22. SEX: Stash Enhancement eXperience, aka buying yarn
  23. Tink:Tink is knit spelled backwards.  To undo knit stitches by reversing the knitting motion, effectively un-knitting the stitch.
  24. TOAD: Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust
  25. UFO: UnFinished Object (usually an abandoned or neglected WIP)
  26. Vanilla: An easy, plain pattern.
  27. WIP: Work In Progress
  28. WPI: Wraps Per Inch (number of times yarn will wrap loosely around ruler or similar tool in one inch; more wraps indicates thinner yarn)
  29. Yarn barf: a big lump of yarn that comes out of a new ball of yarn
  30. Yarnie: independent dyer or spinner with a small business, lover of all that is yarn

Source: Stitch & Unwind