40 Various Kinds Of Flowers That Can Survive Without Water

How’s the weather?

The weather must be just right for these plants to grow. For any regular person, the weather is a casual topic to discuss. On the other hand, for a gardener, it is one of the most important external factors that they depend on. The climate is extremely crucial for different types of vegetation. Fortunately, these flowers are worth the risk since they are extra tough.

What Is Drought?

Usually dry spells are normal, because weather is variable. But when they continue week after week, month after month or even year after year, it depletes every bit of moisture in the soil. In short, you’re dealing with a drought.

At this point, watering becomes an endless and expensive chore. Even worse, you might not be able to water at all if you live in a municipality that has drought restrictions. So what’s a gardener to do?

Add plants! Well, this isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. Sure, a drought mimics desert conditions, but in this case it’s a temporary desert. Most of us need plants that can thrive in both drought conditions and wetter environments, too.

The Time Is Now

Secondly, timing is everything. The right time to plant your drought-resistant flowers is now. It is better to sow the seeds before a rain-free season hits your area. Just because these plants do not need much water, it does not mean they will grow faster. They need an adequate amount of moisture in the soil to deliver fruitful results.

Leaves Tell the Truth

Drought-tolerant plants have all sorts of defenses to prevent water from being lost through their leaves. That’s why leaves are the No. 1 clue to how well plants will survive a scarcity of water.

Big green leaves, lush foliage? Times will probably be tough when drought sets in. Small leaves and fewer of them? There’s much less water needed overall. What about leaves with a coating of fuzz or a waxy layer? These are great adaptations to prevent water loss.

Start Planting

Both the garden center and a local native-plants group are good places to find drought-resistant flowers and plants for your area. Be sure to check out our picks (below), too.


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