5-Year-Old Homeschooled Girl Becomes Youngest To Qualify For Scripps National Spelling Bee

Most 5-year-olds are still playing with toys, but not so in the case of Edith Fuller, who at the tender young age of 5 is an amazing speller! Edith is the youngest competitor to advance to the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Correctly spelling words like colloquial, pernicious and euthanasia, Edith showed at a very early age that she could spell. Edith is homeschooled, and her parents realised that she was gifted this way when she spelled ‘restaurant’ without even being taught the word!

“We knew there was something special there,” said her mom, Annie.

In the run up to the National Bee, Edith beat 50 other children aged between 5 and 14 years of age. The children had to spell a total of 37 words. Words like ‘mesmerize’ and ‘dahlia’ held no fears for the amazing speller! Now Edith is looking forward to heading to Washington for the Spelling Bee.

Edith is ‘thankful’. We – on the other hand – just feel a little superfluous.

Here is the list of words 5-yr old Edith Fuller had to spell correctly to advance to National Spelling Bee in Washington DC

Source: The Huffington Post