6 Great Tips For Improving Boat Battery Life

Let’s face it, a good battery is going to cost you upwards of $200. That’s a lot of money! It’s also a lot of money to waste when your battery dies because you didn’t look after it. There are some things about lengthening the life of a battery which you may well consider.

Here are just six tip0s which will ensure that your battery lasts just that little bit longer.

1. Don’t buy cheap batteries

You would think that this is common sense, but I bet this is something we have all done at one time or another. It just does not work to buy cheap! They will never last as long as a good quality battery! Optima batteries are useful when you fish. They do not come cheap, but you will find that they outlast many others you may have bought.

For wet batteries, Everstart is a good choice. They’re a good quality product, and with some care, they will last you two or three seasons.

2. Always keep a wet battery wet

When the label says to keep your wet battery wet – that’s exactly what it means! You should keep it wet at all times. Allowing the battery to dry will ruin it in a very short time.

Another tip here is to only use distilled water. If you top the battery up using tap water, you will be ensuring that it runs out faster than before. This is because it messes up the plates and loses the charge. Spend a few dollars and buy a gallon of distilled water to keep at hand. Never be tempted to use tap water.

3. Always keep your batteries fully charged

No matter what time you get home, how tired you are, or how desperately you want that ice cold beer, always take a moment to put the battery on charge. While you are driving, you should also charge them. There is a handy gadget called a Stay’nCharge which you can connect to the truck or outboard and charge the batteries as you go.

10 minutes of charging on the outboard will add another hour of battery life, while if you charge the battery for half hour on the way home, they will be fully charged.

This handy little gadget will set you back $200, but when you consider what it can do, you will probably agree that it is worth every cent.

4. Strap your batteries down in the boat

This may seem like a no-brainer, but take the time to make sure that every battery is firmly secure before you start. Having batteries bouncing around in the back of a boat or truck will mean that eventually something comes loose and breaks of. Your battery will be good for nothing. Secure them, check them after a run through rough water, or over a very bumpy road. You will regret it if they get damaged, when they could easily have been protected.

5. Keep your battery terminals clean

Spend an extra 15 minutes with a cloth and waterproof grease and clean the terminals. Dirty terminals will mean that your battery does not charge all the way. That then means that you are storing your batteries only half charged, and you will never get the full benefit of the batteries if they are not fully charged. Its a quick and easy fix, and well worth the extra time it takes. Saves a lot of frustration.

6. Store your batteries in a cool – not cold – dry place

Store the batteries on wood, not concrete, because concrete is known to be the ruin of many a battery. At the end of the fishing season, remove the batteries from the boat, clean them and store. Never leave them in the boat over the winter months. In fact, it is a good idea to remove them and store them, even if you are not going to be using them for a few weeks. Store in cool conditions, not cold! So take time to find a good place where they can stay for some time and still be usable.

You will find with these tips that you get more life out of your batteries. Why pay extra when with just some easy modifications, you can make them last longer.

Source: Bass Master