7 Totally Awesome IKEA Hacks For Your RV

IKEA hacks have become a really popular trend for apartments but recently they have expanded to some cool RV hacks as well. There are many IKEA products out there that work really well to make small awkward spaces more comfortable and functional.

There has been a tremendous trend to pop up all over the world involving people going to tiny living. A considerable percentage of the people that choose the tiny lifestyle have started traveling and living straight out of vans or RVs.

This list covers seven of the products that will make RV life more comfortable.

1. SKUBB Boxes

The SKUBB storage box is a collapsible box that comes in white or black and has handles for easily moving them from one place to another. The fact that these boxes are collapsible make them really easy to store away when they’re not in use and they barely take up any room at all when they’re collapsed and stored away. They’re good for clothing, accessories, towels, or any small objects that tend to get lost in the shuffle otherwise.

2. Solar Lights

Along with the convenience of LED lighting there are also quite a few solar lighting options from IKEA. The Solvinden series of solar lights offers a wide variety of different small solar lights that can be used indoors or outdoors. Because these lights are so thin and lightweight they can even be used on RV countertops without taking up too much room. It’s also really convenient that they do not need any other power source aside from the sun.

3. SORTERA Recycling Bin

SORTERA recycling bins

The primary use of this bin is for recyclable material. This can be really handy if you are out in the woods in your RV. It is still very important to be conscious of the environment whether you are camping for the weekend or living off the grid. Your recyclable waste products will still have a place to go. However, don’t limit yourself or these bins. They can easily be used as trashcans or storage containers as well.

4. Bjarnum Folding Hook


This is an aluminum folding hook that screws to the wall and folds into itself. You can let it down to hang anything from clothes to extension cords and when you are not using it you can fold it up and it will take up virtually no space. Another good thing is that when you buy these convenient little hooks they come with three in a package. Screw a few of these onto the wall and you’ll be able to find a place to hang a variety of different items in the most efficient way possible.

5. LED Lights

LED Lights

IKEA has a really wide range of LED lighting that can actually be plugged into a 120v outlet or can run on batteries. The SPOKA animal light is an LED nightlight sold by IKEA that changes colors and is able to be powered by batteries. This light is perfect for a child or for mood lighting for adults. It could have many uses that will brighten a spot in your RV and your life.

6. Tillsluta Dry Food Jars

These handy containers are designed to fit into the SEKTION kitchen cabinet series from IKEA. They have clear plastic lids so that you can easily view the contents but they will all be tucked away into a cabinet where they do not take up valuable living space. The jars can easily fit into drawers and cabinets in an RV or a camper. Anything from food to small tools will be tucked away and secure.

7. UPPHETTA Coffee/Tea Maker

French Press Coffee Maker

The design is simple but the benefit is great. This French press is unique in the fact that it makes both coffee and tea. If you love both drinks this is a great way to turn two potentially bulky machines into one simple and easy utensil. This is what utilizing small spaces is all about, you have to find as much use as you can for the things that are going to make the smallest impact on your environment. You can also use a French press to season and serve milk, wash your grains, and make steep tea. Among many other surprising uses, a French press can even help you infuse beers, make whipping cream, and even create more flavorful broths.

Source: Do It Yourself RV