8 Simple Gardening Methods That Can Give You 2-to-4 Times More Crop Yield

Gardening is a hobby that our civilisation has had from a very long time ago. Of course, in the past we farmed rather than simply gardened for a steady source of food. Today, however, many of us garden simply because it is a nice way to spend the time. In this article, you can find gardening hacks to maximise space and crop yield, as well as improve your farming prowess overall.

Some interesting methods to increase crop yield include the Alaska Grow Bucket, the process of streamline watering plants, vertical gardening and growth, as well as growing potatoes. Fascinating techniques to improve the crop quality include using garlic bulbs, installing aquaponics systems, and much more.

Streamline watering allows the establishment of a self watering irrigation system that does not need electricity to run. The system works with refillable containers, mainly for growing tomatoes.

Vertical farming makes creative use of space to grow certain difficult crops. Potatoes can also be much easier to grow by using fence posts in a vertical direction. Besides this, bulbs are another popular option which allow the quick and rapid growth of onion sprouts.

Aquaponics systems can also be created in order to grow plants in water as opposed to soil. This method is a fully organic way to grow almost any kind of plant, in an affordable and easy way. The process also doesn’t require too much use of technology.

By following the advice the article offers and employing it correctly, expect to see more crop yield of a much higher quality and standard. Use the different systems and understand that not all of them will work, but the few that do will certainly make a difference. Pick yourself up and start growing in your backyard today– the results may just surprise you.

1. Enhance Crop Yield with the Alaska Grow Bucket

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2. Streamline Watering to Enhance Crop Yields

tomatoes and their need for water, gardening, May 28th 2012

tomatoes and their need for water, gardening, End of June toping the 3 ft cage

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3. Grow Vertically – Simple and Yield Producing Strawberry Tube Planter

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4. Grow Potatoes Anywhere with Huge Yields – Living Fence Posts

Growing Potatoes in potato towers is a trick that everyone should try in the garden. Save space and make potato harvesting a breeze!

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5. Vertical Barrel Planters – An Easy Guide for Maximum Crop Yields

6. Multiply Your Garlic Crop – With Only One Bulb


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7. Unleash Your Onions by Growing Vertically

How to Grow Onions Vertically On The Windowsill

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8. Aquaponics System – An Easy and Effective Approach


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Source: Knowledge Weighs Nothing.