Breastfeeding Mother Takes Unique Revenge On Unsuspecting Thief

If you’ve ever felt the frustration of sharing the office with a colleague who constantly steals your lunch from the fridge, you’ll really appreciate this hilarious article.

A breastfeeding mother who was tired of having her coffee creamer stolen by a colleague got her revenge in an ingenious way!

She filled up an empty Coffee-Mate carton with her own breast milk and put it back in the fridge at her workplace. The unsuspecting coffee creamer thief polished off the whole carton in a week!

The clever mum then attached a note to the empty carton informing the thief that they’d been drinking her breast milk all week!

“Good morning. Whoever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week… surprise! You’ve been drinking my breast milk. Hope you enjoyed. Cheers!”

A photo of the carton with the note attached was posted on a breastfeeding page on Facebook, and it had countless breastfeeding mothers in stitches. The hysterical photo ended getting over 20,000 likes in just 11 hours.