Bride Unites 4 Generations By Modeling Her Family’s Vintage Wedding Dresses (Photos)

Every bride needs 5 things to make sure her special day goes just as planned: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and finally – the hardest one to find – the perfect wedding dress.

Colleen Dejno, a 33-year-old museum worker from Minneapolis, found the perfect “something old” to include in her ceremony, and she has the remarkable photos to prove it. In a photo shoot at the historic Semple Mansion, she modeled 4 of her family’s vintage dresses that have been passed down through the years.

In these photos from photographer Jeannine Pohl of Jeannine Marie Photography, you can watch 100 years of wedding style change before your eyes.


This dress was the “cornerstone” of Dejno’s project, and was tracked down by her mom while she was researching their family’s history. It was handmade by her great-grandmother Mary Lethert, and it still looks great. Although Dejno says the lace gown was very fragile, she was “honored” to wear it.


Just as elegant but a little more modern is her grandmother’s satin dress from just after World War 2. To get the look just right for her photos, Dejno wore wigs to match her relatives’ vintage haircuts.

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Even witth the puffy sleeves and buttons down the front, Dejno still likes her mom’s “trippy” ’70s dress.

“When I put her dress on, it was weird because everyone felt like they were in a time warp and looking at my mom!”

As a way to include her new family, Dejno also modeled her new mother-in-law’s dress, which includes a cape, tiara and lace sleeves.


While photos of the other dresses were on display at her ceremony, Dejno showed up to her own wedding in a off-the-shoulder designer gown that made her feel “like a princess.”

She plans to save the photos and dresses in case she has a daughter who wants to carry on the tradition, but worries that “she will think I’m a lame mom.” We sure hope not!

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