You Can Tan By Eating Gummy Bears At Superdrug

Crisping your skin on a sunbed or else shivering in paper knickers while a stranger sprays you orange isn’t for everyone.

But yet law (or lore) dictates other holidaymakers will be scrutinizing your skin like a treasure map; so spruce it up like a tattered old beach kaftan we must.

Luckily, there is a far more adorable way to get your summer glow this year, and you can drop it in your basket during your next Superdrug run.

Listen closely and you may hear the squidgy footsteps of gummy bear feet as an army of them parade into reasonably priced health and beauty retailers nationwide.

Suitable for vegans – and with no artificial flavourings – these chewy little helpers will shine you up from the inside like a glorious bronzed ornament.

Developed by Company UTAN & Tone, Tan Gummies should be sucked until dissolved or else chewed and swallowed. With a delectably juicy raspberry flavour, this part shouldn’t be too taxing.

The product description, which can be found on the Superdrug website, is as follows:

Tan fans are advised to take two bears a day for around two to three weeks before they plan taking their bods poolside.

Once you have reached your dream shade – a dilemma if ever there was one – you should begin to reduce your daily bear intake.

Right, here’s the science-y bit according to Superdrug:

You Can Tan By Eating Gummy Bears At Superdrug heidi

Those who have already had a nibble appear delighted with the result.

Dan29 was so elated, they took to the Superdrug website to leave a glowing five-star review; describing the scrumptious supplement as a ‘game changer:’

You Can Tan By Eating Gummy Bears At Superdrug Screen Shot 2018 03 20 at 18.42.36Superdrug

You can pick up a jar of 60 bears for £18 at your local Superdrug. Now all we need is a snow-free su,mmer to show off our sunkissed legs in…