Can You Guess Whose Face Is Hidden In This Picture?

Optical illusions are the best way to waste a couple minutes. They are a simple and fun and make you feel just ever so slightly satisfied when you figure them out.

Often times, there are celebrity faces used as the basis of these images. Can you identify the famous face in this picture?

Can you see it?

Need a hint? It’s someone who is very funny and iconic in television.

Got it now?

It’s Lucille Ball!

This isn’t the only optical illusion with celebrity faces. Here is another, see if you can figure it out.

Know who it is?

Blur your eyes a bit and try again.

It’s John Lennon!

Ready for one more?

This one is tricky!

It’s Garfield the cat! That counts as a famous face right?

What are some of your favorite illusions? Share in the comments!

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