Only A Movie Buff Will Recognize The Best 90s Movie From These Images

What’s old becomes new again, and ’90s nostalgia is a big business. Tons of things are getting new life, from shows ‘90s kids loved to chart-topping bands coming back.

So why, when so many blasts are coming from the past, is Hollywood not giving the reboot treatment to one of the gems of the early ’90s? It’s an injustice that must be answered!

Death Becomes Her has some of the biggest names, not just of the 90s, but in Hollywood history. Directed by Robert Zemeckis (same guy who did Cast Away, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future) and starring Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn, it would be an instant box office success if it was re-released without any updates.

Death Becomes Her

So why haven’t more people heard of it?

I brought the movie up at the office and was met with a cascade of blank faces. People from all walks of life and of different generations were all sadly ignorant of Death Becomes Her.

It tells the story of ageing friends/rivals, played by Streep and Hawn. After her husband is stolen by Streep, Hawn finds the secret to eternal life – but it’s not what it seems.

The movie made of $150 million dollars in 1992, 3 times more than its budget, it even won an Oscar for visual effects.

Goldie Hawn
Bloody Disgusting

People remember movies like Gigli but don’t remember a bonafide hit? It’s just not right.

Do you remember Death Becomes Her? Here’s a little memory jog:

If you haven’t seen it you should, and if you want this treasure to get the recognition it deserves than spread the word! Death Becomes Her should have a remake.

The Most Famous Anti-Drug Public Service Announcement, Just Got A Makeover And Some People Aren’t Happy About It

It was one of the most iconic public service announcements of a generation. The moment it aired, people were stunned. It definitely made an impression.

To this day if you were to lift a frying pan and utter the words “this is your brain…” everyone who watched television in the ’90s could finish your sentence.

Rachael Lee Cook smashes breakfast and quite possibly the entire kitchen in a fit of rage as she describes the affect of doing drugs on a person’s life:

It’s powerful stuff, no wonder the advertisers of the original PSA decided to bring it back 20 years later.

They fill in a few more details about the people affected by the War on Drugs, but do you think the additional information takes away from the original impact?

Watch below:

It’s still a powerful message, but many people argue that it could have been done differently.

What do you think?

[h/t 22Words]

Move Over Titanic, There Was An Even Better Movie In 1997

1997 was the year of Titanic. No one else won any Oscars, no other movie even got watched. Or that’s what most people’s memories seem to say. Titanic is an iconic movie, a great love story and a groundbreaking disaster flick. Despite all it’s technical achievements though, a real movie buff knows that not only was Titanic not the best movie of 1997 it wasn’t even the best disaster movie of 1997.

Hot Stuff

That distinction lies with a sadly lesser known film called Volcano.


Volcano follows Tommy Lee Jones (so it’s already a win) as Mike Roark, the head of the Los Angeles Office of Emergency Management, as he tries to keep millions of people safe from the eruption of a volcano that suddenly appeared in downtown L.A.

I have to take a moment because I just love the plot that much.

A-List Cast

Roark, Anne Heche’s Vulcanolgist Amy Barnes, and co-worker Emmit Reese (played by Don Cheadle years before he came to America’s attention) have to divert a deadly flow of lava through the streets of L.A.

And in THIS traffic?

Jones and Heche
Nerds Uncanny

It has incredible special effects (for the time and even by some of today’s standards) and never got the recognition it deserves. That’s probably due in large part to Dante’s Peak exploding into theaters just a few months before the release of Volcano.

Volcanoes were really “in” in 1997.

Surprising Depth

Not just dealing with the urban planning nightmare of surprise volcano, the movie also touches on elements of civil unrest, racism, parenthood and other themes.

Scared Stiff Reviews

Also Tommy Lee is at his grumpiest best which is always fun.

It’s really not even close, but with the success of Titanic so well-documented I’ll have to be contented with my own grumpy rumblings.

13 Things You Never Noticed In Your Favorite Movies

Even if you consider yourself a movie buff, we all miss some things the first time we watch our favorite films.

Whether it’s a visual joke that’s only on-screen for a few moments, or a tiny detail you wouldn’t notice unless you watched the movie over and over, filmmakers love to hide little Easter Eggs in their work.

Test yourself by reading this list of 13 of our favorite hidden jokes, details and references and see how many you already knew.

1. Jurassic Park gives its plot away

Jurassic Park isn’t famous for its complicated plot, it’s just a fun movie about dinosaurs trashing a theme park, but there is a twist partway  through when the scientists discover the park’s female dinosaurs can mate.

But if you’re paying attention this is revealed at the start of the movie: during the helicopter ride to the park, Sam Neil’s seat belt has two “female” connectors, but he makes it work by tying them together. “Life finds a way!”

2. There’s a joke hiding in the credits for Frozen

We’re sorry for reminding you about Disney’s smash hit animated musical, because the songs are bound to be stuck in your head all day now.

But even if you know every word to “Let It Go” you probably never noticed the secret in this movie’s credits: a clever joke about Kristof and his claim that all men eat their boogers. Blech!

3. Fun with time travel in Back to the Future

Another “blink and you’ll miss it” joke, this one is hiding in the classic 80s comedy Back to the Future. At the start of the movie, Marty meets the Professor at the Twin Pines Mall.

But after running over a tree in the 1950s, Marty returns to the present for the film’s finale at the Lone Pine Mall. Get it?

Click the next page for more movie secrets, including Star Wars and Harry Potter!

4. Harry Potter and the Ginger Witch

Who’s your favorite character from the Harry Potter series? Ron? Hermione? How about the Ginger Witch? You may not recognize this character, but she’s appeared in 4 of the Potter movies including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Her adventures are hidden in newspaper headlines from the movies, but they include stealing a wig and causing a public disturbance involving flying pigs.

5. Steven Spielberg loves a good Star Wars joke

It’s no secret that directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are good friends, and they’ve hidden lots of references to each other’s movies in their work.

Spielberg has featured Star Wars cranky robots R2 D2 and C3PO in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Yoda made a special appearance in ET. But Lucas paid his friend back, with a group of ET aliens in Star Wars Episode I.

Maybe this means someday we’ll get a crossover movie, with Indiana Jones fighting space aliens!

6. There’s something hidden in every scene of Fight Club

This darkly funny movie from the ’90s poked fun at businesses like Ikea and Starbucks, including a very subtle joke about how common the coffee shop is.

According to the director David Fincher, you can spot a Starbucks coffee cup hiding in every scene of the movie – except the scene where a coffee shop is destroyed, apparently that was too much for the brand.

7. A hidden message in Saving Private Ryan

During this World War 2 movie’s opening scene, the American soldiers shoot two surrendering soldiers. While they’re speaking German, if you know the language you can hear them saying something that totally changes the scene:

“Please don’t shoot me! I am not German, I am Czech, I didn’t kill anyone! I am Czech!” Oops, turns out they were probably prisoners in the wrong place at the wrong time.

8. The secret message in Godzilla

The opening credits of the giant lizard’s latest movie featured some sinister-looking military documents with the critical information blacked out.

But if you pause the film, you’ll see that lots of the hidden messages are jokes about the film’s crew.

Click the next page for even more secrets, including Toy Story and The Matrix!

9. Hidden “glitches” in The Matrix

Strange sightings and deja vu are supposed to be common in the computer-generated world of the Matrix, but did you know sharp-eyed viewers can spot them too?

During Neo’s training, the simulated city he walks through is full of twins, a hint that things aren’t as real as they seem. The crew flew in real twins from across Australia to pull off this scene. How many pairs can you spot?

10. A naughty secret in The Prisoner of Azkaban

In the third Harry Potter movie, the boy wizard gets the Marauder’s Map, which shows the location of wizards throughout Hogwarts.

But fans spotted an unusual pair of feet that seem to be up to no good during the film’s credits.

11. Alfred Hitchcock’s many cameos

Hitchcock was a director known for two things: his suspenseful films, and his love for clever cameos.

The director would hide himself in his films, sometimes multiple times in one film, appearing 39 times altogether.

His most creative cameo? Sneaking into Lifeboat as a before-and-after ad for a weight loss product.

12. Anchorman’s Mexican restaurant

Where does Will Ferrell’s hilarious newscaster Ron Burgundy go for a nice meal? His favorite restaurant: Escupimos en su Alimento.

Which, of course, is Spanish for “we spit in your food.”

13. All of Pixar’s hidden Easter Eggs

There are enough hidden jokes, visual gags and references in Pixar movies to make another list, but this video does a great job of breaking down everything you probably missed.

Share this list if you learned something new!

23 Awesome 80s Cereals We Started Our Saturday Mornings With

It’s a well-known fact that the 80s and 90s had the best food of all time.

It seems like candy and snack makers were just more willing to experiment and push the envelope in these decades, but the boldest food creations by far were the breakfast cereals.

No cartoon character, TV star or film series could claim they had made it big until they had their own special breakfast cereal, and that lead to some pretty wild creations.

Check out this list of bizarre breakfast cereals and see how many you remember!

1. E.T.

Peanut butter flavor was a natural choice for the Reese’s-loving alien. There are still lots of peanut butter flavored cereals, but they’ll never fill the E.T.-shaped hole in our hearts.

2. Gremlins Cereal

Didn’t anybody listen to the rules? You’re not supposed to get Gremlins wet! Be sure to buy 2 boxes so you can send the tops in for this sad-looking Gizmo toy.

3. Pac-Man

In the ’80s everyone had a case of Pac-Man fever, and the only cure was more of these tasty power pellets with marshmallow ghosts.

4. Urkel-Os

Like Urkel himself, this cereal stood out for being different. How often do you see a strawberry and banana flavored cereal?

5. Morning Funnies

Why have one mascot when you can decorate your box with every comic strip character? Except Charlie Brown of course – this cereal is Peanuts-free!

6. Nerds Cereal

Not only did the special box feature 2 flavors of candy, there was also a special bowl which let you separate the flavors, then raise the “gate” in the middle to combine them.

7. GI Joe Cereal

Did you know this popular cartoon also had a special cereal? Well now you do, and knowing is half the battle!

8. Cabbage Patch Kids

Every box of this cereal was unique, with its own name and birthday. Ok, not really, but maybe a gimmick like that would have made this very plain cereal more memorable.

Click the next page for more cereals, including a forgotten Star Wars cereal!

9. C-3POs

Aside from a clever name and some very popular characters on the box, this cereal didn’t have much going for it.

What, exactly, were the figure-eight shaped cereal bits supposed to represent? C-3PO’s eyes?

The Star Wars series has such great merchandise, so we’re willing to overlook this mistake, but 80s kids really deserved better. Maybe Milleni-O Falcons with chewy marshmallow Chewies?

10. Smurf-Berry

There were multiple versions of this cereal, including Smurf Magic Berries with marshmallow stars and Smurf-Magic Crunch. After all these years we’re still wondering: what, exactly, is a Smurf-berry?

11. Breakfast With Barbie

Barbie still appears on cereal boxes from time to time, but the new versions aren’t as friendly as Breakfast With Barbie cereal.

12. Crispy Critters

We’ll give a prize to anyone who can explain what this cereal’s mascot Crispy is supposed to be. (Offer void where prohibited, requires 2 proofs of purchase for Throwbacks cereal).

13. Nintendo Cereal System

Like the Nerds cereal, this cereal “system” featured 2 flavors for double the fun. Which one was your favorite?

14. Rainbow Brite

This cereal still looks delicious, but it’s hard to believe any parents were convinced that this rainbow-colored bowl of crunchy bits was “fortified” with anything but sugar.

15. Mr. T

We pity the fool who didn’t enjoy this crispy cereal flavored with corn and oats! It even came in little “T” shapes.

16. Strawberry Shortcake

Am I crazy, or do these pink cereal bits look a little unappetizing? At least you knew what to expect with this flavor.

Click the next page for more cereals, including Batman and Ghostbusters!

17. Ghostbusters

It’s hard to believe that the marketing geniuses behind Ecto Cooler couldn’t come up with a way to turn your milk green.

This was still pretty tasty, with the marshmallow ghosts and crunchy red signs.

At least you could send away from some pretty impressive gifts, like a Slimer door-hanger.

Now all we need is a relaunch of this cereal to go with the Ghostbusters Lego sets and we’ll be happy!

18. Batman

Now here’s a cereal box as cool as the movie that inspired it. Newer cereals inspired by the caped crusader have used tasty chocolate bats, but these honey nut flavored golden ones are alright.


19. Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream for breakfast? Yes please! Whether you prefer the vanilla ice cream scoops or the crunchy cones, this cereal had something for everyone.

20. Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy

Fruit Brute could be found alongside Count Chocula and Boo-Berry until it was axed in 1982. Its replacement, Yummy Mummy, only survived a few years itself. General Mills brought these back for a limited time, but they’ve since been discontinued again.

21. Cröonchy Stars

Eeeveryone fayyyvorite Mooopet – da Sweetish Sheff – wass own the boox off this taystee seereeal!

22. S’Mores Crunch

Graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate combined in a breakfast cereal that turned your milk chocolatey. Need we say more?

23. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Okay, whose idea was it to fill the box up with “ninja nets” and barely add in any marshmallows? We still loved seeing our favorite Turtles on the box, but this was kind of a rip-off.

How many of these cereals do you remember? Share this list and let us know!

23 Years Ago, Patrick Swayze Gave Us The Most Beautiful Couple’s Dance We’ve Ever Seen

There are few moments in our lives  when we are ever truly in synch with another person. Dancers come so close to that kind of total connection, but only one couple ever truly captured the spirit of true connection.

In 1994, Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa Nieme, achieved the most beautiful synchronicity on stage as the world watched with gaping jaw.

Together, they swayed to the song “All The Man That I Need” in tribute to pop music icon Whitney Houston. Just a few years before, Dirty Dancing had been released and Patrick Swayze was the man of everyone’s dreams.

Although millions of women (and probably some men) idolized him, he only had eyes for one person and she was gliding across the stage right next to him.

Watch the performance of a lifetime between these two beautiful dancers on the next page…

Their partnership was the stuff of fairy tales. They met for the first time in 1970, when Patrick was 18 years old and Niemi was 14.

She was taking dance lessons from Swayze’s mother at the time.  It didn’t take long for their young love to blossom into a full-blown romance. Five years later, the couple were married on June 12, 1975

Although their marriage would last 34 years, fate parted the lovers after Swayze lost his battle battle with stage IV pancreatic cancer on September 14, 2009 at the age of 57.

In 1994, at the World Music Awards, and for the first time on international television, Swayze danced with his wife Lisa in what many would consider one of the most romantic dances ever televised.

It’s no secret that they were in love and that their love for one another never wavered throughout their 34-year marriage.

Watch it again and relive a moment of absolute love between soulmates:

[h/t Wikipedia]

16 Things Only Old Millennials Will Remember From Days They Stayed Home Sick From School

Skipping school was fun – especially when we were old enough to drive. But sometimes, we were legitimately sick and had to stay home for the day.

Old millennials will definitely remember actually LIKING the medicine their moms gave them, watching daytime television and the dreaded thermometer check.

See how many old millenial ‘sick day’ memories you have:

These ‘measuring spoons’ that gave us just the right amount of the good stuff:

That “bubblegum medicine” we actually liked to take:

These thermometers our moms always stuck under our tongues:

Bob Barker was our buddy, even if we slept through most of The Price Is Right:

Actually getting motion-sickness from playing too much Super Mario Bros:

Waiting for your friends to come online during computer class, so you could chat on ICQ:

Sometimes being sick could get boring. Sure, we didn’t have to do any school work or listen to a boring lesson about fractions, but we were definitely missing out on all the things our friends did at recess.

If we were really sick, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves when we weren’t puking or sleeping in some Gravol-induced coma.

Who else passed their time like this?

Playing THE MOST ADDICTIVE GAME for hours when you should probably be sleeping:

Being ambitious and eating this for lunch:

But then realizing you made a grave error, so you run in here:

And your mom gives you a plate of these:

With a bowl of the good stuff:

You’d snuggle into bed under one of these:

Or on the couch under one of these:

Then you’d play some of this until your battery ran out:

Watch all of these back-to-back:

Then read some of these before mom came to take your temperature and call you for dinner:

Do you remember these? Share your favorite things to do when you took a sick day from school!

12 Things You May Not Have Realized About Mr. Potato Head

We all had one – even our parents had them as children! Mr. Potato Head has been a popular childhood plaything since 1952.

The lovable spud with interchangeable limbs, facial features and accessories provided hours of harmless, silly fun.

Sure, he can look a little weird, but the potato head you know today was a very different dude in the beginning…

You might assume that because he’s a simple spud, there can’t be that much you don’t know about Mr. Potato Head.

The truth is, since he was first invented by George Lerner of New York City in 1952, he has gone through some pretty incredible changes!

Before that sleek plastic potato shaped body, Mr. Potato Head was actually just a collection of limbs and facial features that came in a box.

These spiked adornments could be poked into any vegetable, but, of course, a potato was preferred!

Mr. Potato Head’s creator, George Lerner, couldn’t find a company in the late 1940’s that was interested in selling face-parts for vegetables.

Since post-war families were still cautious about wasting food as playthings for their kids, toy makers didn’t see the value in manufacturing the pieces. He decided to distribute the toy as a prize in cereal boxes.

Brothers, Henry and Merril Hassenfeld, were the owners of a textiles and pencil-box business. While their boxes sold well with school supplies, they hit the jackpot when they swapped out pencils for Mr. Potato Head parts.

The brothers made four million dollars in sales in 1952.

The strength of the Mr. Potato Head sales was such that the Hassenfeld brothers decided to focus solely on making toys and shortened their name to Hasbro.

They became one of the largest toy companies in the world!

Well, sort of. As their way of saying ‘thanks’ to the spud that started it all, Hasbro’s company checks are watermarked with Mr. Potato Head’s face!

French-speaking Canadians know him as Monsieur Patate and he is sometimes sold with a missing tooth!

Why is his tooth missing? From a rough and rowdy game of hockey!

New government laws required That Mr. Potato Head undergo an adorable makeover after anti-choking regulations demanded that all of his parts be large and round enough that no child could swallow them.

Rather than a separate, Mrs. Potato Head, Hasbro originally sold more “feminine” features as a “lady accessory kit” for dressing up Mr. Potato head in the 1070’s.

From 1998 to ’99, The Mr. Potato Head Show had a coveted slot on the Fox Family channel.

Mr. Potato Head holds the record for “Most votes for Mr. Potato Head in a Political Campaign.”

In 1985, he received four votes in the Boise, Idaho mayoral election.

10 Shows That Weren’t Afraid To Get Real With Their Audiences, Even When It Broke Our Hearts

There were a lot of people telling us not to watch too much TV when we were young. I always remember that my Grammie would tell me that if I watched too much TV my eyes would go cross-eyed.

But the thing is, watching TV was how we learned a lot of our really big lessons! Growing up in a small town before the internet existed, I tended to miss out on a lot of the big issues that our world had. I was in the self-contained bubble and while it was a nice and safe place to grow up in, it means that we were blind to a lot of real topics. That’s where TV came in.

TV taught us all about the real issues in the world.

There were so many shows that made us realize that not everyone was experiencing life the same as we were, and it helped us become more understanding people.

Here are 10 examples of shows that weren’t afraid to get into the deeper issues in the world.

Punky Brewster went through a lot on her show, but the one episode people remember more than anything was when she rescued her friend Cherie when she got stuck inside of a fridge. They were playing hide and seek, and the young girl got stuck inside.

Punky discovers her unconscious and thanks to the CPR class she had taken earlier, she knew just what to do. She saves Cherie’s life while also delivering a message to kids that it’s not safe to play inside old fridges.

Punky Brewster Fridge Episode

It was really scary for kids to see, and the producers said that even though they took the back of the fridge off when they put the young actress in there, the children in the studio audience were screaming “get her out!”

But the episode worked out, because after the show aired the producers got a call from a woman whose husband was saved by children who had seen the CPR episode.

A lot of people joke about the episode when Jessie was taking caffeine pills because it was so over the top, but when you find out that the original intention was for it to be speed, not caffeine.

Saved By The Bell Jessie

The network forced them to change it but kept the rest of the episode the same. It’s heartbreaking to watch her break down, but it was an important lesson about addiction that we needed to learn.

MASH was already in an interesting territory because they were constantly in a war zone, but when Hawkeye tells a story about a woman who is trying to keep a chicken quiet while the enemy was attacking everyone watching fell quiet. When he later revealed that the woman wasn’t trying to keep a chicken quiet, but instead her child, it got too real.

MASH Chicken episode

Hearing Hawkeye breakdown while he told the story of a woman who had to smother her own child to save the group of people who were hiding together was absolutely devastating.

A lot of girls seemed to get crushes on the cool, popular boys, but when Blossom ended up going on a date with him, it goes very badly. He ends up hitting her right in the face and it’s horrible to see.

Blossom Abuse Episode

Assault against women is not often shown on TV, especially on family comedies. The show really gave a look into what a lot of others aren’t willing to.

Remember that happy show where the two soulmates fall in love when they are like 14 years old, and then there’s that really good teacher? Yeah, remember that time one of the main characters joined a cult? Yeah… That happened.

Boy Meets World Cult Episode

There was an episode where Shawn was going through a lot, and then he ended up finding this new “group” that took over all of his time and tried to pull him away from his friends. But then, Mr. Turner was in a motorcycle accident and his true friends reminded him of who really mattered.

It was kind of scary to see how easily Shawn was manipulated, and it probably made kids a little more wary when it came to the people they surrounded themselves with.

Those aren’t even the most dramatic episodes…

Okay, so in theory the entire concept of Full House is one of those subjects that TV shows don’t like to cover too often. The show exists because Danny Tanner’s wife has passed away and he needs help to raise his girls. That’s a big thing.

If you think about it, those girls were so young, especially Michelle, that they probably don’t even remember their mom all that much. There are a few episodes that address this directly, especially in the first season, and it’s always a tearjerker.

DJ Tanner Full House

But another thing they did address was actually eating disorders. DJ, the oldest sister, struggles with her body image when she is going to a pool party. She starts skipping meals and exercising too much and it’s so upsetting to see such a wonderful and smart young girl fall victim to an eating disorder.

Golden Girls was normally a sweet and sassy show about funny women living together, but it got real when Rose received a letter that said her blood transfusion may have given her AIDS. She does the test, but it takes 72 hours to get the results.

Golden Girls 72 Hours

They go into a lot of the stigma and fear about AIDS and help Sophia overcome her fear of it. Luckily Rose’s results come back and everything is fine, but the stress she would have been under is pretty intense.

This show wasn’t afraid to get deep, but there was one that terrified us all to our very core. “The Bicycle Man” episode took a look at pedophilia in a way that is uncomfortable to even talk about now.

Diff'rent Strokes Bicycle Man

The man tricks the kids with wine and adult magazines, and then takes photos of them with their shirts off. The whole episode is uncomfortable, but it’s something that kids need to know isn’t okay.

Racism continues to be a big issue, and 90s sitcoms were not afraid to remind us of that. Laura was trying to get her classmates to celebrate Black History Month, but instead she was told to “go back to Africa” and a racial slur was painted on her locker.

Family Matters

Her family was just as upset by it as she was, and rightfully so. This isn’t the only time Family Matters dealt with the topic of racism, as there was another episode where Eddie received a traffic violation because he was “a black kid in a white person’s neighborhood.”

Carol stands up to the cops and threatens to report them for racial profiling, but fact of the matter is that this type of thing still happens to this day.

Fresh Prince was always pushing the boundaries. They could go from making you laugh out loud to sobbing real tears in a matter of seconds. It was like emotional whiplash.

They had many episodes that touched on big issues. For example, Carlton gets pulled over because he was in an expensive car, and while he at first doesn’t believe that it was a race issue, even his dad is suspicious.

There is another episode, one that really made us cry, where Will and Carlton are held up and Will ends up taking a bullet for his cousin. Carlton is freaked out and ends up buying a gun to keep on him, but the fact that the comedic lead was dealing with a gunshot was pretty huge.

Will Smith Fresh Prince Dad Leaving

And then of course there’s the episode that no matter how many times we see it we are sobbing. Will’s father comes to town and he thinks he’s going to get to go with him, but at the very last minute he bails.

Will goes through a range of emotions, but eventually gets mad because his father doesn’t want to be a part of his life, breaking down into tears. But luckily, his real father-figure, Uncle Phil, is there to be his shoulder to cry on. Just like he always is.

Now that you’re super emotional, maybe go read something a little happier to take some of the edge off. This article will remind you about all the great toys you had as a kid, and won’t make you want to cry!

Bath and Body Works is Bringing Back Your Favorite 90s Scent, And We’re All Very Excited!

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Bath and Body Work any more, they come out with a new scent that blows us away. Well this time it’s not a new scent that has us very excited, it’s actually an old scent. They are bringing back fond high school memories with their new line of products.

Somewhere in with all the the crop tops and body glitter was the scent of cucumber melon.

Fifteen years later, you won’t catch me in a crop top and I have no desire to clean up the mess created by body glitter, but you can bet that I will be heading to Bath and Body Works to bring back this familiar scent.

You can believe your eyes, this scent is really back and you will be able to smell like the days of high school this summer.

Body sprays were our teenage weapon of choice, with a bottle in every locker, guaranteed. The locker room was always a collection of scents, but the cucumber melon was one of our favorites for it’s clean basic fragrance.

This classic scent is now available in body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, anti-bacterial hand gel, candles, 2 hand soaps, a wall plug-in and hand cream.

With all these choices, cucumber melon will be the fragrance of your summer, yet again.