These Cinnamon & Sugar Fried Apple Rings Will Blow Your Mind!

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Anything deep fried will win the key to my heart. These Cinnamon & Sugar Fried Apple Rings are better than any dessert you’ve tried in the last little while – guaranteed!

Seriously, when you batter up some slices of fresh apple, you might not expect much, but the second these delicious fried apple rings hit your taste buds, you’ll be in heaven! You might want to double up on this scrumptious recipe – these will go fast!

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  • 3-4 large apples
  • oil, for frying

For the batter:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 large egg

For the cinnamon sugar topping:

  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


Preheat a large shallow pot or deep fryer full of about 2 inches of oil over medium heat.

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In a medium sized bowl, mix together your flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and sugar.

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Combine your buttermilk and egg in a small bowl.

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In a third bowl combine your cinnamon and sugar for the topping then dump onto a plate.

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Dump your buttermilk and egg into the flour mixture and stir together.

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Slice your apples into thin round slices, about 1/4 inch thick. Cut out the core of your apples and cut each apple slice into 2 rings using a round cookie or biscuit cutter.

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Dip your apple slices into your batter and allow excess batter to drip off.

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Put a few slices at a time into the preheated oil and allow to cook for a couple minutes, flipping after the bottom half is a golden brown color. Then cook on bottom side till browned too.

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Remove from oil and place on some paper towels to drip excess oil off.

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Dip apple slices into cinnamon sugar mixture, and coat on both sides.

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Serve immediately – they’re best while hot. Serve alone or with chocolate or caramel sauce!

Long After Her Death, Princess Diana Is Still Looking Out For Prince Harry

If the recent announcement of Prince Philip’s retirement from public life is any indication, Royal watchers are right to guess that big changes are in the future for the Royal Family.

At the age of 96, Prince Philip announced that he would be stepping down from his public duties. Just five years his junior at 91 years old, many are wondering if Queen Elizabeth II is not far behind in her own royal announcement.

When that day comes, Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry will all experience a significant shift in fortunes when Prince Charles becomes king.

When Prince Charles becomes king, Prince William will take over his father’s position as duke of Cornwall. Along with his newfound title, he will receive the profits of the Duchy of Cornwall. Every year, Prince Charles receives a profit of about £20.5 million ($26.4 million) from the Duchy.

Talk about old money! The funds for The Duchy of Cornwall were first established in 1337 by Edward III to provide income to his son, Prince Edward.

It gets passed onto the eldest son of the British monarch at birth or when his parent succeeds to the throne. First-born daughters are not entitled to this money.

Prince William will also receive 135,000 acres of land in South West England and an investment portfolio of about £877 million ($1.1 billion).

But what about Harry? Find out how Diana ensured Harry would be cared for …

Earlier this year, Princes William and Harry opened up about the loss of their mother, Princess Diana and the impact that the heartbreaking loss had on their mental health.

When she was alive, Diana made sure that her sons were well protected and cared for in every eventuality. She knew that Prince William would likely be well provided for as the eldest son of a king, but without intervention, Harry might not be so lucky.

Prince Charles used some of the funds from The Duchy of Cornwall to fund his charity The Prince’s Trust and to fund the public/private lives of his sons.

But, when William becomes the duke of Cornwall, Harry may lose access to that money.

On their 30th birthdays, the terms of the inheritance were fulfilled and the Princes are now entitled to their entire share of the capital on Diana’s estate.

Princess Diana must have known about Harry’s potential loss of funds when William replaces his father. After her death, a provision was added to her will that permits William to give the bulk of his share of her estate to Harry.

All this time later, Diana may still be looking after her boys.

[h/t Popsugar]

It’s Easier Than You Think To Make Your Own Sugar Cubes!

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Making your own sugar cubes is a lot easier than you might think. It will make you feel that extra little bit fancy next time you want to offer tea to your friends and family.

It doesn’t take long to make these and you can have little sugar cubes made from which ever sugar you prefer whether it’s white, brown or even raw sugar.

Keep your little sugar cubes in an adorable little dish like the Sugar Bowl With Ceramic Spoon from Staub and it will really impress everyone!


  • 1 cup sugar (which ever type you like)
  • 3 teaspoons water


Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

In a bowl, combine your sugar and water and stir until mixed.

Line a baking dish with parchment and spread your sugar mixture out into an even layer along the bottom.

Bake for 1 hour.

It’s okay if it cracks because you will be chopping it up anyway! Use a knife to break apart the sugar into small cubes and put them in your sugar dish.

Homemade sugar cubes are an awesome to have on hand, especially when you have company!

Kindergarten Classroom’s Reaction To Wonder Woman Will Melt Your Heart

If you weren’t convinced that Wonder Woman had the potential to change the world, then you’re in for a really big surprise.

The comic-book based action film about the amazing female superhero made its debut less than 3 weeks ago, but it has taken the world by storm and has been inspiring people everywhere including a group of kindergarteners in the U.S.  

Patty Jenkins, the movie’s director, shared a wonderful note on Twitter filled with a list of ways in which the blockbuster starring Gal Gadot has positively impacted a group of young female and male students.

“I work at a kindergarten and this is a collection of cute Wonder Woman-related things that happened within a week of the movie being released,” wrote the anonymous teacher before listing the children’s reactions.

One girl said that she wants to grow up to “speak hundreds of languages like Diana,” while another came dressed as Wonder Woman after she asked the teacher if she could swap out her uniform for the armor because she “wanted to be ready if she needed to save the world.”

The note also explains that even the boys were inspired by the female superhero: “a boy who was obsessed with Iron Man told me he had asked his parents for a new Wonder Woman lunchbox.”

The touching note shines a light on the empowering effect of the female-led film as well the importance of subjecting children to media representations of strong, powerful and smart women, especially in the male-dominant superhero universe.


Some of the girls in the class are even declaring allegiance to Diana, Princess of Themyscira instead of the usual Disney princesses. One of the students decided to change her birthday party theme from Beauty and the Beast to Wonder Woman and another student confessed that “Wonder Woman was way better than Frozen.

“Consider this your friendly reminder that if this movie completely changed the way these girls and boys thought about themselves in a week,” wrote the teacher at the end of the list. “Imagine what the next generation will achieve if we give them more movies like Wonder Woman.”

Jenkins expressed gratitude after receiving the note stating that “this makes every hard day worth it” and Gal later retweeted the note along with her sentiments.

So precious! I bet if Warner Bros. Pictures knew how much of a positive impact this movie would have on everyone, they would’ve released it a long time ago.

You’ve Never Had A Better Blueberry Mojito!

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A nice refreshing mojito is what we all really want. The only thing better than that is this Blueberry Mojito that gives your favorite drink a blast of berry flavor that you will love!

The berries really give it that special extra something that you probably didn’t know it was missing, but you are absolutely going to love as soon as you try it!


  • Blueberries
  • 1 ounce simple syrup
  • 0.5 ounce lime juice
  • 1.5 ounces soda
  • 1.5 ounce rum
  • Mint leaves


Start by adding some blueberries into the bottom of your tall glass.

Then pour your simple syrup over top.

Mash the berries into the syrup.

Add lime juice, soda and rum to the glass.

Add a couple mint leaves and use a spoon to stir them down to the bottom of the glass.

Give a gentle stir.

Garnish the top of your drink with an extra mint leaf and enjoy!

The Secret Musical Geniuses Behind Your Favorite Disney Songs

Whether you’re 8, 48 or 80, you could probably sing along to classic Disney tunes like “A Spoonful of Sugar,” “It’s A Small World” and “I Wan’na Be Like You,” but do you know what all these songs have in common? Well they’re all catchy, but they were also all written by the same 2 people. It turns out a pair of brothers named Robert and Richard Sherman are responsible for all the classic songs from your childhood. Not bad for a couple of musicians you’ve never heard of!

The Sherman brothers learned to play the piano and write music from around the time they were born, since their father Al was a also a successful songwriter.

They got involved with the Disney films after writing tunes for the original Mouseketeers.

The Sherman brothers with Walt Disney.DVD Talk

The Sherman brothers are best-known for their work on Mary Poppins, which featured some of their best songs, including “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “Feed the Birds,” which quickly became Walt Disney’s favorite song.

Disney would often invite the Shermans to his office to talk about their work, then according to Richard he would stare out the window and ask them to play the song. “That’s what it’s all about,” he once said, according to Richard, “everything we do at Disney.”

The same year, the brothers worked on another Disney song which quickly became the most performed song of all time.

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As part of the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, Disney was helping to create a ride for fair visitors. It would take them on a boat ride through the countries of the world, where small animatronic children would sing to them. Originally, the children were all supposed to sing their own national anthem at the same time, but the result sounded awful.

Instead, Disney recruited the Sherman brothers to write a short, simple song that could be translated into any language.

The tune they wrote, “It’s A Small World,” has since become the most performed song of all time and the world’s most translated song. It has been sung more than 50 million times on the radio and at Disney attractions worldwide.

While the Shermans wrote the music for classic movies like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Jungle Book, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and the Aristocats, they had a successful career outside of film business as well.

Two songs written by the Shermans have reached the top 10: “You’re Sixteen” which was a hit with both Johnny Burnette and Ringo Starr, and  Michael Bolton’s “Only a Woman Like You”.

Today, the Sherman brothers’ songs are an unforgettable part of Disney history, and their contribution is recognized at Disneyland with a storefront on Main Street U.S.A. called “Two Brothers Tunemakers.”

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Ice Cream For Breakfast? Ben & Jerry’s Unveils Three Cereal-Inspired Flavors

Here’s a brain teaser: if people hate when milk makes their cereal soggy, how are they going to feel about ice cream with cereal in it? And another puzzle to consider: should cereal-flavored ice cream be a morning treat, or does it count as “breakfast for dessert?”

These are the burning questions people have to answer now that ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s have unveiled three new breakfast-inspired ice cream flavors.

The new creations, called Cereal Splashbacks, are each based off a popular breakfast cereal and designed to give you tasty, nostalgic feelings.

Ben & Jerry’s

Eric Fredette, the company’s “Flavor Guru,” says his biggest inspiration was the flavor of sugary milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl. He hopes that the new flavors will make people feel “like a kid again.”

The new flavors are called Fruit Loot, Frozen Flakes and Cocoa Loco.

Fruit Loot will remind you of either Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops, depending on which you grew up eating.

Frozen Flakes have the great, sugary flavor of Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Loco is a cross between Cocoa Puffs and ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s
Ben & Jerry’s

We’re guessing some people will be grossed out by this combination of crunchy food and ice cream, but just as many people will be dying to try these tasty creations.

If you want to get a cone of Cocoa Loco, you’ll have to make your way to your nearest Ben & Jerry’s, since these flavors won’t be available in grocery stores.

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Ice Cream For Breakfast? Ben & Jerry’s Unveils Three Cereal-Inspired Flavors

Here’s a brain teaser: if people hate when milk makes their cereal soggy, how are they going to feel about ice cream with cereal in it? And another puzzle to consider: should cereal-flavored ice cream be a morning treat, or does it count as “breakfast for dessert?”

These are the burning questions people have to answer now that ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s have unveiled three new breakfast-inspired ice cream flavors.

The new creations, called Cereal Splashbacks, are each based off a popular breakfast cereal and designed to give you tasty, nostalgic feelings.

Ben & Jerry’s

Eric Fredette, the company’s “Flavor Guru,” says his biggest inspiration was the flavor of sugary milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl. He hopes that the new flavors will make people feel “like a kid again.”

The new flavors are called Fruit Loot, Frozen Flakes and Cocoa Loco.

Fruit Loot will remind you of either Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops, depending on which you grew up eating.

Frozen Flakes have the great, sugary flavor of Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Loco is a cross between Cocoa Puffs and ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s
Ben & Jerry’s

We’re guessing some people will be grossed out by this combination of crunchy food and ice cream, but just as many people will be dying to try these tasty creations.

If you want to get a cone of Cocoa Loco, you’ll have to make your way to your nearest Ben & Jerry’s, since these flavors won’t be available in grocery stores.

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Jessica Chastain’s Marriage To An Italian Count Is A Real-Life Fairy Tale

From Grace Kelly‘s marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco to Zsa Zsa Gabor‘s nuptials with Hungary’s prince Frédéric, Hollywood celebrities have a long history of tying the knot with royalty. The latest actress to take up this long tradition is Jessica Chastain, best known for her roles in The Help and The Martian. The star has just realized every little girl’s dream, saying “I do” at a lavish ceremony at a beautiful Italian villa.

The star’s new husband is Count Gian Luca Passi De Proposulo. The couple have been dating since 2012, but like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle they like to keep their relationship very hush-hush.

But Chastain did talk candidly at the Oscars a few years ago about her fairy tale romance, saying she’s “very, very happy” with her new husband.

“It’s a wonderful thing when a career does so well and your personal life goes so well,” she said.

The couple had their ceremony on the count’s own property outside of the gorgeous Italian city of Trevisio, with other celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt in attendance.

Despite trying to keep the ceremony private, enterprising photographers managed to snap a few pictures of the beautiful outdoor ceremony, where Chastain sported a strapless white dress.

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Count Passi’s family have very deep roots in Italy, stretching back to the 10th century. While Italy doesn’t officially recognize noble families anymore, Passi still uses the title of count – and Chastain is still a countess, at least in our hearts! The well-dressed Passi works in the fashion industry, and he’s represented some big names including Armani and Moncler.

He also rubs shoulders with famous friends including George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, so he’s no stranger to Hollywood.

The count’s family also owns many successful businesses, including their own prosecco distillery.

Passi’s last name is Italian for peace, and it was actually awarded to his ancestor for stopping a long-running feud between 2 noble houses.

While Chastain has more film projects lined up, we wouldn’t blame her if she decided to give up her career and spend the rest of her days in one of the Count’s luxurious Italian properties.

Hopefully we’ll hear more happy announcements from this couple very soon!

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No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies Will Quickly Become Your New Favorite

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No bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies are one of the all time best cookies out there and you have got to try them. That may sound dramatic, but it is just fact.

They are chewy and perfect and you really will love them, I promise! The best thing is that they take no time at all to make! You will be able to make fresh cookies in no time, which is good because you might run out REALLY fast (they are just that good!)


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 3 – 3/12 cup quick cooking oats


Heat a saucepan and add your butter.

Once it starts to melt, add your sugar in.

Pour the milk in as well as the cocoa powder and stir until mixed and bubbling.

Mix in peanut butter, vanilla and add the oats.

Fold it in until fully mixed, then scoop out spoonfuls onto parchment and let cool.

These are absolute perfection. They are perfectly chocolaty and the hint of peanut butter makes it extra creamy. You are going to love these!

Have a Good Morning Fiesta with Egg & Sausage Breakfast Taquitos!

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Everybody loves taco night, so let’s make it a taco morning too! With these simple and delicious Egg & Sausage Breakfast Taquitos that are perfect for the whole family.

Salty sausages and gooey cheese, hide any of your favorite veggies to make this a complete meal that even kids will gobble up. Make sure to make a bunch to freeze for easy mornings all week!

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  • 1 (7 oz) box breakfast sausage links
  • 5 large eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded cheese (cheddar, pepper jack or Monterey jack)
  • 1 cup baby spinach, chopped (optional)
  • 10 corn tortillas (or use 6” flour tortillas)


Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.

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Add the frozen sausage links to a large skillet over medium-high heat. Cook, turning occasionally, until warmed through.

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Crack eggs into a bowl and add a splash of water or milk.

Shared Food

Whisk well with a fork and then add to the pan. Season with salt and pepper.

Shared Food

If using spinach, add it to the pan about 2 minutes before the eggs are done cooking

Shared Food

Cook for a few minutes, tossing and scrambling as they cook. Remove from heat.

Shared Food

Warm the tortillas for 10 seconds in the microwave. Divide the scrambled eggs among the tortillas. Place a sausage link on top.

Shared Food

Roll up and place, seam side down, on a baking sheet lined with foil or parchment paper.

Shared Food

Top with shredded cheese

Shared Food

Bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve with salsa for dipping.

Billy Joel Refuses To Sell Front Row Tickets To His Concerts

Having sold more than 150 million records, Billy Joel is a household name as well as a role model for aspiring songwriters and musicians.

The 68-year-old “piano man” has had Top 40 hits in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990. He wrote all 33 of his Top 40 hits in the US.

With classics like Uptown Girl, New York State of Mind and We Didn’t Start The Fire it’s not surprising that people start to sing along when they hear his tunes.

It’s only fitting that he has received some very prestigious awards for his work in the music industry. Billy Joel was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1992 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999.

He holds a record for selling out 36 shows in 3 years, more than any other artist.

While backstage at Madison Square Garden, in New York, Billy Joel moves slowly and deliberately, having just had both hips replaced. However when he gets on stage, he is exuberant and makes the giant venue feel like a living room.

The crowd in the building is aged 20 and up. A much younger audience than you would expect at this old rocker’s show.

“I’d look down and see rich people sitting there, I call ’em “gold chainers.” Sitting there puffing on a cigar, “entertain me, piano man.” They don’t stand up, make noise, sit there with their bouffant haired girlfriend lookin’ like a big shot. I kinda got sick of that, who the hell are these people, where are the real fans?” Billy Joel said in an interview with Billboard.

“It turns out the real fans were always in the back of the room in the worst seats,” he said.

So that’s when Joel decided it was time for a change.

Joel hasn’t produced new music 24 years and doesn’t intend to ever make a new album.

“I’m still writing music, I just stopped writing words,” he said. “When Christie [Brinkley] and I got divorced I was missing my daughter, who would visit me and then have to leave.”

“It was heartbreaking. I started to write what could have been a song, but the music was saying what I wanted it to say. It came naturally to me and it had all the emotion in it. Music speaks to me on its own. But I’ve never closed the door on writing songs,” he said.

He’s proud to have made music that speaks to all age groups, with 12 best-selling albums.

“How boring would it be if it was just people in my age group?” he told the Daily Mail.

Billy Joel is spending most of his time at Madison Square Garden, close to his home in Oyster Bay, Long Island, not far from where he was born.

“I hesitate to call it a tour – I don’t want to be a road dog any more. I’ve got a new baby, a new wife and I don’t want to be in hotels,” he said.

Billy Joel toured with Elton John for 16 years, but that came to an end after he had his hips replaced.

“I had to have my hips replaced and that was the reason I was out of commission. The last few gigs I did with Elton I could barely walk. I had canes – canes on stage is not good,” he recalled.

For now he is happy playing close to home and sleeping in his own bed at night, overlooking manicured gardens and the sparkling bay. With an estimated worth of $180 million he doesn’t need to worry about booking gigs any time soon.

Having true fans at his shows is very important to the performer.

“We never sell front rows, we hold those tickets at just about every concert,” he said. “For years, the scalpers got the tickets and would scalp the front row for ridiculous amounts of money.”

Instead he sends his road crew out to the back of the room after the audience comes in and get the people in the worst seats and bring them to the front rows.

“This way you’ve got people in the front row that are really happy to be there, real fans,” she said.

His actions not only make fans happy, but he can feel good about taking those tickets out of scalpers’ hands.

“We’ve tried to figure out how to beat the scalpers for years and years, hold off selling until the last minute, the wristband thing, limiting the amount of tickets people can get. You can’t fight that secondary market,” he said.

“We don’t want to play to big shots, I want to play to younger people, people who can only afford a low ticket price. They make the best audience, they make the most noise, they’re the most enthusiastic,” he said.

Do you think more artists should be like this?

Flavors from the Orient Come Alive in This Simple Cucumber Sesame Salad

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A new picnic staple or side dish for any pot-luck that will have you and your guest asking for the recipe. With only 1 main ingredient this recipe will sure be easy on your pocket book.

Crisp refreshing cucumber with a bold umami flavor. Your taste buds will be on a round trip to a far off land. It couldn’t get any simpler!

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  • 2 medium cucumbers, sliced very thinly
  • 2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds
  • Crushed red pepper flakes, to taste


Shared Food
Shared Food

Slice cucumbers and place in medium bowl.

Shared Food

In a small bowl, whisk together all other ingredients.  

Shared Food

Add to cucumbers. Stir to coat.

Shared Food

The salad may be made up to 4 hours ahead of serving but should be served the day it is made.

[Video] Why The World Needs You To Be Different

Have you ever asked yourself: “How can I make a difference?” Talk to any successful celebrity or businessperson, and you’ll find the secret to their success is a lot of hard work coupled with a positive outlook and confidence in themselves.

Fame and success didn’t come easy for anyone, including Ed Sheeran, Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Justin Timberlake. Each had to go through criticism and negative opinions about how they’d never be good enough.

Thanks to their struggles, these celebrities have amazing insight into how being different made them successful. See what they had to say and make sure you go to the next page to watch the video!

Justin Timberlake

Before JT was a famous singer, he was a normal school kid who got picked on for being “different” and “weird.”

How did he overcome the haters and bullies?

“Thankfully my mother taught me that being different was a good thing, that being different meant you could actually make a difference,” he said.

Hollywood Reporter

Ed Sheeran

Endearing British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran describes his younger self as a “very weird child,” but he has some advice for kids struggling with being different.

“Be yourself. Embrace your quirks. Embrace your weirdness…being weird is a wonderful thing and it has lead to so many creative people.”


Ellen DeGeneres

Being different is no reason to give up. Ellen lost her career but went on to become one of the most beloved talk-show hosts in the country.

“I found out what the most important thing is: To be true to yourself,” she said.


Jeff Bezos

Even one of the richest people in the world had to work hard to achieve success. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, says his success came from being adventurous and having faith in his own ideals.

“You can’t follow the fashion when you’re trying do…anything in life,” he said.

WATCH THE VIDEO on the next page!

Jackie Chan

When Jackie Chan first began acting, he claims movie directors would tell him exactly how to do a scene, instead of allowing it to unfold the way it would in real life.

“They don’t let you use, whatever you use. The arm – put it here. Finger – put it here. You’re just like a machine,” he said.

Chan explained that while he was filming fight scenes with Bruce Lee, he started acting as his real self. Rather than follow a set sequence, he dared to be different, and that’s the reason he’s so well-known for action scenes.  

“Everything I use in the movies, it’s my real life,” Chan said.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell is no stranger to the positive outlook. His upbeat hit single “Happy” became a chart topper in 2014 and he isn’t afraid to celebrate his uniqueness as a person.

“Individuality [is] just appreciating the way I think and the way I feel, and letting that have some value and worth,” he said.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

During his rise to fame, Arnold Schwarzenegger was criticized for his accent. An agent told him “No one ever became a star with an accent like that.” Instead of giving up, the German actor went on to star in Terminator, where his accent resulted in one of the most famous lines in movie history.

“Dig deep down and ask yourselves, who do you want to be?..I’m talking about figuring out for yourselves what makes you happy, no matter how crazy it may sound to other people,” he said.  

Huffington Post

Steve Jobs

Until his death in 2011, Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple Inc. He didn’t just have a passion for technology, though. Jobs had a great talent for inspiring others and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones.  

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…have the courage to follow your heart and intuition,” he said. “They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

The Independent

Watch the full video below!

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This Banana Colada Will Make You Think You’re on a Beach

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Who says you have to be at the beach to order a colada? It’s time to open up the liquor cupboard and make yourself a sweet treat.

This rich frothy drink is the perfect end to a busy day! Whether you’re inviting some friends over for a relaxing evening, or you are putting your feet up at home with a good book, this cool concoction will have you feeling great in no time!

  • 4 ounces or Rumchata
  • 4 ounces of Cream
  • 2 ounces of Rum
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Cup of Ice
  • Banana and Cherry for Garnish


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.


Add more cream if mixture is too thick.


Sprinkle with cinnamon and garnish with banana slices and cherries.



The Real Story Behind Walt Disney’s Famous “Last Words”

The legendary Walt Disney was single-handedly responsible for launching the careers of many Hollywood stars including actor Kurt Russell.

In the late 1960s at the ripe age of fifteen, Russell signed a 10-year contract with The Walt Disney Company and not too long after, the actor became one of the biggest stars in the industry. The Silkwood actor went on to star in hundreds of TV and movie productions, some of which earned him Golden Globe and Emmy nods.

Over the years, Russell remained close to the company and even starred in the recently released Disney and Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 film.

But, this does not even begin to scratch the surface of the deep connection the actor shared with Walt Disney himself.

“We did have a personal relationship. We played Ping-Pong at lunch sometimes. He’d come down to set. We’d go watch movies that the studio was making, and he’d come down and ask if I wanted to go see them,” said Russell.

On the day of Disney’s death in December, 1966, Russell was on set filming scenes for a Disney studios produced project.

“I was shooting a close-up and noticed there was some hubbub going on off camera,” Russell said in the 1999 biography Remembering Walt.  “This guy came over to me and said, ‘I’m sorry to tell you this, Kurt, but Walt Disney died.'”

That was also the beginning of a bizarre urban legend. According to the lore, Russell and the mogul’s relationship was so special that a dying Disney uttered the actor’s name as his last words. Decades after the animation expert’s death, Russell finally spoke out to address the rumors about the mystery.

Strange as it may sound, there is an element of truth to the claim that “Kurt Russell” were Disney’s final words. It isn’t exactly as far-fetched as you’d think considering the pair’s relationship went beyond business.

Russell saw Disney as a grandfather figure and a mentor in all areas of his life.

“There were many, many things that I connected with him [on],” he continued. “He reminded me a lot of my own grandfather,” said Russell. “I was very comfortable around him, and I had a great time with him, great relationship, and it was very important.”

A few years after his death, Russell was made aware of a list that Disney left behind which had his name scribbled on it.

He told HuffPost: “They pulled me into the office a couple years after he died, and this woman — who I don’t believe it was his secretary, but it might’ve been, I don’t know ― pointed to [something he wrote] and she said, ‘Do you know what that’s about?’ And I said, ‘No, I don’t.’[She said], ‘Because he wrote something after it. But then he went back up and he wrote your name. That was the last thing he wrote.’ And I said, ‘Oh gee. I don’t know what it’s connected to.’”

The note was found on his desk in 1970 by former Disney archivist Dave Smith and it turns out, those words were the last thing Disney wrote in his office before he was admitted to the hospital where he died.

So the legend isn’t exactly false because Kurt’s name was indeed among the last few words Disney wrote but as director James Gunn said, “it isn’t exactly a true story, that this was the last thing [Walt Disney] wrote in his office.”

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[H/T: HuffPost]

Get Healthy And Stay That Way With A Coldbuster Immune System Booster Smoothie

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There is nothing worse than having a cold. It’s uncomfortable, annoying and just a plain pain in the butt. Luckily for you, there is a delicious way to help soothe those cold symptoms and have you back to 100{49382ccf8aa3307257579caf6f867159d328eca730a0976815a1bacefc5bc6ee} in no time!

This Coldbuster Immune System Booster Smoothie is jam-packed with vitamin C that will help you get healthy and  stay that way! Give it a shot and cure that cold now!


  • 10 ounce orange juice
  • 4 ounce peach greek yogurt, frozen
  • 1 cup strawberries, frozen
  • 1 cup peaches, frozen
  • 1/2 cup pineapple chunks, frozen
  • Handful of ice cubes


Add the orange juice to your blender.

Add in your frozen yogurt.

Put in the strawberries, pineapples and peaches.

Top with ice.

Blend until smooth.

Pour and drink right away. You’ll be feeling better in no time!

You Should Be Doing This To Keep Your Bananas Fresh Longer

If you are a fan of bananas but find them ripening too quickly, there are a few tricks you can use to keep them fresh longer!

Bananas are a bit finicky, and keeping them fresh can be a hassle. Luckily there a couple easy tricks you can use, one if you want them in the peel, and another if you have sliced them.


If your bananas are in the peel, all you need to do is separate each of your bananas.

Then, around the stem wrap a little piece of plastic wrap. This will actually slow the ripening process really well!

For sliced bananas, all you need to do is put them in a bowl and toss with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

This will keep them from turning brown before you have the chance to eat your yummy snack!