Here’s How You Can Get Free Ben & Jerry’s Icecream

Can’t get enough of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? You better hold on to something sturdy because I’ve got news so sweet it’ll scoop you off your feet!

Ben & Jerry’s announced that it will once again host a Free Cone Day and this year it will take place on April 4th. Finally something to look forward to in April! My apologies if April Fool’s Day is your thing.

The ice cream company has organized the annual global event since 1979 to show appreciation and gratitude towards their supporters. Their aim is to spread “peace, love & FREE ice cream around the world!” I think we can all get behind that.

So here’s what you need to know: On Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 from 12pm to 8pm, stop by your nearest Scoop Shop to enjoy free ice cream. You’ll have a choice between a cone or a cup and you can pick any flavour from the amazing line-up including classics like Cookie Dough, Phish Food and Cherry Garcia. The best part? You can can get back in line for another free treat as many times as you want! Are you freaking out yet?!

The only complicated thing about this is deciding on which flavour to get! But thankfully, you’ve got lots of time to decide and if you need some help, take this quiz.

Free Cone Day will be happening all over the world, so share the great news with your friends near and far!

George And Amal Clooney Spotted On First Date Night Since Welcoming Twins (Photos)

Once upon a time not too long ago, George Clooney held the title for Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor after swearing off marriage following his divorce from actress Talia Balsam.

However in 2013, a raven-haired beauty with brains came into his life and forced him to give up the title in pursuit of that forever-kind-of-love. Soon after, the leading man became engaged to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin and the couple tied the knot on September 27, 2014.

Three years after the lavish nuptials, the power couple announced in February that they were expecting a set of twins. It was reported early on that both Amal and George plan to be hands-on parents and they did not waste time baby-proofing their mansions in the U.K, Italy and U.S.

“You’d think that twins would be overwhelming for anyone but they seem to have taken to this like ducks to water, all in their stride,” the source said. “They’re both attentive, warm, loving parents. You could see that even in the run up to having the kids…even months ago, in the way George would fuss and fret over making sure security at the house was safe and the nursery was perfect.”

According to The Sun, the couple revamped their four acre home in Sonning, Berks to accommodate their babies. They added a fence, CCTV cameras, nanny-living quarters and an editing suite so George can work from home while dotting on his newborn children.

It might all sound very fancy, but perhaps the nanny quarters was a bit of a stretch. It was later reported by E! News that the couple wasn’t planning on hiring a live-in or full-time nanny. They’ve opted for a short-term nurse instead, to help set a sleeping schedule for the twins so the new parents can experience an easier transition.

It seems like the nurse has been doing a great job because based on the newly-released photos of the couple out on their first date night since welcoming Ella and Alexander, parenthood has been treating them well.

Click on the next page to see the photos of George and Amal on their romantic Italian date night.

About a month after their birth in London, George, 56, and Amal, 39, took the twins on their first trip abroad. The family flew to Italy via private plane to spend time at George’s beloved Lake Como estate.

“Amal and George are even planning a welcome party for the twins on their third wedding anniversary, when they will also be renewing their vows in front of close family and friends,” revealed a source close to the couple.

The A-list couple took advantage of the scenery change by going on their first outing since the twins arrival. The pair were spotted exiting il Gatto Nero, one of their favorite Northern Italy eateries after a romantic dinner date with another couple.


Amal was definitely showing off her new mom glow in a chic, flowery one shoulder dress paired with her signature red lip while proud dad George donned a casual grey shirt that complimented his silver hair.


“Everyone was so excited to see him and Amal for dinner,” a source told People. “They got many hugs and a lot of love. Amal looked gorgeous and didn’t look the slightest bit tired. She kept smiling and looked so happy.”

Ciao Pix

“You could tell they were happy about the date night,” the source added. “In the past, they always dined for hours. This time, it was obvious they didn’t want to be out too late.”

The twins have not been introduced to the public yet, but we’re sure the proud parents will do so when the time is right. It’s certainly not easy being a regular parent so we can only imagine trying to be one while everyone has eyes on your every move.

Brace Yourselves Chocolate Lovers, Oreo Tacos Are Real And They Look Amazing

Trying to invent a new treat is not always an easy process, especially when you turn it into competition with your significant other.

Two YouTubers decided they would attempt to make “Oreo Tacos” and the results are absolutely fantastic – well, at least some of them.

This isn’t an easy process by any means, there is a lot of failed attempts and changes in the plan. Not to mention the super huge mess that happens during the baking process!

You know what, it all looks worth it when Julia manages to make the most delectable looking Oreo Taco you will probably ever see.

It’s really something you have got to see!

I know I want to try one how about you?

Share with all the chocolate lovers you know!

We Hear From Loretta Lynn For First Time Since Stroke

In May of 2017, country superstar Loretta Lynn suffered a stroke.

The 85-year-old music star was at her home when the stroke hit. Lynn was still touring her music, but was advised by doctors to postpone all her shows after the medical emergency.

Lynn, a coal miner’s daughter, shot to fame in the ’60s with her biographical hits  “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” ”You Ain’t Woman Enough,” ”The Pill,” and “One’s on the Way.”

Loretta Lynn’s publicist released this information on her website after the stroke happened:

“American country music legend Loretta Lynn was admitted into a hospital in Nashville Thursday night after she suffered a stroke at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.”

Three months after her stroke, a statement has been released on Loretta Lynn’s recovery and how it will affect things moving forward.

Continue reading to find out an update on Loretta Lynn’s health.

After three months recovering in the hospital and at a rehabilitation center, Loretta Lynn has returned to her home in Tennessee.

On Wednesday, Lynn released a statement on Facebook regarding her condition.

“Thank you so much for all of your prayers, love, and support. I’m happy to say that I’m at home with my family and getting better by the day,” she wrote on Facebook. “My main focus now is making a full recovery so that I can get back to putting all of me into what I love, sharing my music with all of you. I’m just letting everybody know that Willie [Nelson] ain’t dead yet and neither am I, and I can’t wait to see all of you on the road!”

As for her album, Lynn says that will be put on hold until the new year so she can put her full focus towards promoting it.

We’re glad the country music legend is getting healthy, and we can’t wait to hear her new music!

Enjoy Pizza and Pasta with This Easy Slow Cooker Pizza Casserole!

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Pizza is one of my favorite foods to eat, period. Pasta is a close second, but there’s just something about cheesy carbs with pizza toppings that you just can’t beat!

This Slow Cooker Pizza Casserole is the best of both worlds. We used this awesome 4 in 1 Jar Opener to get the jars of pizza sauce open with ease! There’s nothing like a product that can cut the struggle out of opening up tight jars. You’ll love this meal for an easy Saturday night!


  • 1 box penne (or any shaped pasta)
  • 2 cans pizza sauce
  • 1pound beef, browned
  • 1 package pepperoni
  • 16 ounces mozzarella cheese, grated


Start by cooking your pasta.

While the box of pasta is cooking, start browning your beef, then add in pizza sauce and stir well. Once your pasta is cooked, mix the meat mixture and pasta together, then pour into the slow cooker.

To layer the mixture into the slow cooker, put some tomato sauce at the bottom, then add the noodle/beef mixture, then add some cheese on top. Add more pasta/meat, the remainder of the cheese, then top with pepperoni. Put the lid on the slow cooker and let it cook for about 1-2 hours on low heat until everything is melted and heated through, then enjoy!

10 Stunning Daughters of Celebrity Parents

We all love to know what our favorite celebrities are doing these days. Especially when it comes to what they’re up to when they think no one is watching!

Devoted celebrity watchers will remember when the news first reported the births of these beautiful daughters. For some, we’ve watched them grow up in television, movies while others lead a more private life.

Now they’re out in the world, making names for themselves in Hollywood and it’s clear their parents couldn’t be prouder!

Emerson Tenney: daughter of Teri Hatcher

Dakota Johnson: Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson

Lily Collins: Phil Collins

Kate Hudson: Goldie Hawn

Fans of The Partridge Family will recognize a grown-up Keith Partridge, but it’s certain that even more people will recognize his beautiful daughter!

These stunning women have all grown up with celebrities for parents, but for them, they were just mom and dad.

It’s only natural that they’ve grown up to become celebrities themselves  – some of them are even more famous than their parents!

Who do you recognize more? The parents or their children?

Katie Cassidy: David Cassidy

Nicole Richie : Lionel Richie

Georgia Mae Jagger : Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall

Katherine Schwarzenegger : Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver

Rashida Jones : Quincy Jones

Eva Amurri: Susan Sarandon

[h/t YourDailyDish / Sportingz]

The Sneaky Tricks Advertisers Use To Make Your Food Look Delicious (Photos)

When you watch a TV commercial for your favorite restaurant the food looks so tempting.

The meat is always juicy and grilled to perfection, the desserts always have the perfect shape and color, and it seems like every detail has been arranged perfectly.

In fact, they have been. Food commercials are a huge part of the restaurant business, and the biggest chains pay giant sums of money to make sure their food looks absolutely perfect. That means spending hours making every meal look just right in the studio, and it can involve some really shocking tricks!

It’s no surprise that the hamburgers you see in ads have been painstakingly crafted. We’ve all seen ads with delicious burgers and then been disappointed when the real thing looked like a deflated mess.

That’s because the burgers we see on TV aren’t really burgers at all. They have all the same parts – a patty, veggies, a bun – but they’re each made individually, then held together with toothpicks and cardboard to give the burger that gravity-defying lift.

Business Insider

The actual burger is usually grilled on one side for some color, or served raw and painted with shoe polish. Then, everything is perfectly arranged to look tasty from the right angle. Sometimes the sesame seeds on the bun will even be individually placed with tweezers!

The Chronicle

Click the next page to learn the weird secret behind ice cream ads.

Unfortunately, the ads for your favorite desserts are just as tricky. It’s common for “food stylists,” the name for people who design these mouth-watering ads, to paint strawberries with lipstick so it’s just the right shade.

No detail is too small to overlook: pancakes are sprayed with fabric protector so the syrup won’t soak into the cakes. In fact, most of the time it’s not really syrup at all.

My Pro Ana

Motor oil looks much nicer in photographs, so it’s used as a syrup substitute in most ads.

Another food that’s usually replaced is ice cream. Studio lights are too hot for this frozen treat, so instead mashed potatoes are dyed the right color and scooped up. Would you have ever guessed?

Ice Cream Mashed

All this extra work may seem bizarre, but you have to admit the food looks really great.

You may never look at cereal the same way again knowing that ads use school glue instead of milk to get the perfect shade of white, but it’s pretty impressive that some creative food stylist thought to try this.


We hope this post taught you not to trust the ads you see every day. Remember to look on the bright side: the next time you bake a cake if it doesn’t look totally perfect, that’s just because you didn’t fill it with cardboard.


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Gluten-Free Diet Can Increase Your Risk Of This Serious Chronic Disease

There are two kinds of people in this world: The 1 who are gluten-intolerant and those who are not. While the first group have very valid reasons for adopting a gluten-free diet, the latter seem to be doing the same for the sake of being part of the health-conscious trend.

Whether you’re already part of the fad or not, there’s a new development scientists need you to know about before you jump on the gluten-free bandwagon.

Prior to turning into a trend, gluten-free diets were primarily used to treat celiac disease which affects roughly 1 of the population. Individuals with the disease experience inflammation in the small intestine upon consuming food with the gluten protein, so eliminating it from their diet helps manage the symptoms and avoid complications.

Since gluten is mostly found in grains, food that contain wheat, barley and rye are excluded from the diet. However, by entirely skipping certain food categories, the body may be deprived of essential nutrients that it needs to function well.

A recent study by Harvard University is warning health-conscious consumers about the risk of unnecessarily adopting a gluten-free diet.  

Click on the next page to find out what the alarming risks researchers uncovered.

The study looked at 30 years worth of medical data and found that those who were eating the most gluten, about 12g per day, exhibited a 13 lower risk of developing a very common chronic disease that affects over 29 million Americans.

According to the researchers, reducing or eliminating gluten from your diet can increase your risk of diabetes by 13 per cent.

“People without celiac disease may reconsider limiting their gluten intake for chronic disease prevention, especially for diabetes” says Geng Zong, the study’s co-author and Harvard research fellow.”

He adds, “Gluten-free foods often have less dietary fibre and other micronutrients [such as vitamins and minerals], making them less nutritious and they also tend to cost more.”

If you’ve been following a Gluten-free diet for some time, it may be a good idea to see a doctor and get tested for diabetes. The symptoms can go undetected for long periods of time and cause serious damage to your body.

Unless you suffer from Celiac disease, you might want to think twice before giving up gluten from now on.

Will this new information change how you eat? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: National Post]

Madonna Making A Difference: Singer Opens Pediatric Medical Center In Malawi

She may be one of the world’s most biggest pop stars, but there’s a lot more to Madonna than pop music and provocative attire.

The “Material Girl” is a lot more than a music icon, she’s also a philanthropist who has put in over a decade of charity work to aid in the development of third world countries like Malawi.

The Like a Prayer singer first travelled to Malawi in 2006 following an invitation by a Malawian businesswomen who was familiar with Madonna’s previous work with Spirituality for Kids, a nonprofit organization. Shortly after her initial visit, the entertainer returned for a second visit during which she adopted her son David.

Madonna took it upon herself to help the poverty-stricken South African nation and founded the charity Raising Malawi. The nonprofit organization’s main goal is to support “orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi through health, education and community support.”

In the subsequent years, the singer has led numerous projects including a documentary, hosted fundraiser events and benefit concerts to support the Malawian children. She adopted a second child, Mercy James in 2009 and by 2013, she helped build 10 schools in rural Malawi through a partnership with buildOn.

In 2014, she was appointed Goodwill ambassador for child welfare by the Malawi President, Peter Mutharika. Madonna fulfilling her role and her latest initiative is proof enough. After years of attempting to expand Raising Malawi, the singer finally succeeded and helped open the country’s first pediatric surgery and intensive care unit.

Click on the next page to see Madonna and her family at the emotional opening of the medical centre.

Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi, partnered with the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in the Malawian city of Blantyre to open a new wing dedicated to pediatric surgery and ICU.

Named after her youngest daughter, whom she adopted from Malawi, the Mercy James Center opened its doors on July 11 and Madonna was present to cut the ribbon.

The 58-year-old Grammy winner along with her children including the newest additions, twins Esther and Stella, toured the entire facility and watched a children’s choir perform.

“Oh my gosh, what a beautiful hospital!” Madonna said in the clip. “This is the brightest, most cheerful hospital entrance I’ve seen.”

The singer gave a moving speech about the hard process that led up to the opening of the facility including the legal battle she fought to adopt Mercy.

“It was not an easy battle,” Madonna said. “The judge refused me because I was recently divorced. We hired lawyers, went to the Supreme Court. But I never gave up, I never backed down…I fought for Mercy and won. We fought for this hospital and won. Love conquers all.”

She also confirmed at the ceremony that the medical institute already completed their first surgery and it was a success.

Incredible! We’re sure more lives will be saved at the centre in the years to come.

Artistic Cupcakes You’ll Want To Make Right Now

Are you craving cupcakes? You will after you’re finished seeing all these adorable and delicious cupcakes! Maybe you’ll get inspired to bake some…

If you’re tired of the regular way of frosting cupcakes, you’re not alone. A few creative individuals decided to make their favorite treat into hamburgers, Starbucks drinks, mini BBQ grills, Cookie Monsters, and potted plants. Check it out below:

Pineapple Cupcakes

Ready for a tropical-themed party? These cupcake pineapples are made using colored chocolate pieces for the leaves.

Gardening Cupcakes

Believe it or not, these are chocolate cupcakes with Starburst candy shaped into mini veggies! The greenery is mint leaves.


Apple-Shaped Cupcakes

The cupcake liners were bent inwards to create a perfect apple shape. So clever!

Make and Takes

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino Cupcakes

What? This isn’t a Starbucks drink?

Cincy Shopper

Minion Cupcakes

These are despicably cute and delicious.

Betty Crocker

Mini BBQ Grill Cupcakes

Just something for your summertime BBQ party. They’re the cutest!

Too Busy Blondes

Rainbow Cupcakes

In this case, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a cupcake. Nom nom nom!

Pizza Party Cupcakes

Squee! They look just little mini pizzas!


Crab Cupcakes

If you’re not smiling yet, I bet you did now. Whoever made these is a genius.

Clean & Scentsible

Popcorn Cupcakes

These are cupcakes. Yes they are. The “popcorn” on top is made of mini marshmallows.

About a Mom

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Here’s a little Sesame Street for the kids.

Hamburger Cupcakes

Last but not least, one of our favorite things. Cheeseburgers!

Glorious Treats

I can’t wait to try making the Starbucks cupcakes. Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

Navy Airman Comes Home After Months Away, And His Dogs Reaction Has Us In Tears

U.S. Navy Airman Michael Schiela has spent months out of state for training. He was deeply missed by his family, but no one missed him more than his dogs.

Lucky for the four puppers, Michael just returned home and is waiting to see them!

The pugs – Pixie, Pierre, Seamus, and Rooney – have been pining for Michael since he left, so his family set up a little surprise for them. Michael returned to his parents’ house in Philly, where the pugs currently live. Tina Finnegan, Michael’s mom, enlisted the help of the whole family to plan the reunion.

“My younger son put the dogs in a bedroom upstairs when we pulled up to the house from the airport. When Michael came in, he released them,” she said.

When the dogs were released out of their room, they went WILD! No one expected them to get so excited, not even Tina.

“I knew they were going to be thrilled. They missed him badly,” says Tina. “I wasn’t really expecting them to maul him quite like that though!”

It’s the kind of thing that needs to be seen to be believed. Check it out!

The pugs jump, crawl, and kiss all over Michael as he sits on the couch, taking it all in! The family recorded a video of the reunion and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Their sailor is home!
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Posted by Tina Finnegan on Saturday, January 21, 2017

They are just TOO DARN EXCITED! And I’m sure Michael was pretty pumped to see his pugs, too!

5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Gave Their Baby Up For Adoption

Celebrities are normal people just like us. They go to the grocery store, they eat fast food and they have the same urge for privacy that all people do. While they may have huge mansions, luxury cars and make millions of dollar, their lives were always that way.  

Many celebrities have given up a baby for adoption before they had the resources to care for their child. Giving up your baby is not an easy decision, nor one that should be taken lightly. Sometimes the child remains a secret of the past, while other times, the celebrity tries to make contact later in life.

Here’s a list of celebrities you didn’t know gave up a baby for adoption:

While you may recognize Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager or from her recent role as Red on the show, Orange is the New Black, she was not always a household name.

Katherine Kiernan Milgrew grew up in a large Irish Catholic family in Iowa.

When she was just 17, she left home to study acting at Stella Adler’s Conservatory in New York City. Her first big role came during her junior year, so she quit school to portray Mary Ryan on the soap opera Ryan’s Hope. Shortly after accepting this lead role, she found out she was pregnant.

The producers of the show, didn’t want to lose the actress, so they wrote her pregnancy into the story line. With no support from family or the baby’s father, Kate decided to give the baby up for adoption.

Shortly after giving her up for adoption with the church, she started looking for her baby.

“I instantly regretted giving her up. It was instant. I went immediately the first week. I begged,” Mulgrew said.

The decision was not reversible, however. She moved on with her life. Married and had 2 sons, but she never gave up looking for her first born.

She had no luck until 1998 when Kate and her daughter got in contact. While on the set of Star Trek, she received a call from her daughter, Danielle Gaudette and then immediately flew out to see her. The two have been close ever since.

A powerful and well-known singer, songwriter and record producer, Roberta Joan Anderson would become Joni Mitchell after she married her husband.

At 21, Joan Anderson was dirt poor and pregnant as an unknown folksinger in a Toronto rooming house. The baby girl was born February 19, 1965. The child’s father, a Calgary artist named Brad MacMath disappeared to California leaving her alone.

Being pregnant out of wedlock was a huge scandal in the early 60’s and she didn’t want to ask her parents in Saskatchewan for help. Feeling it was her only choice, she gave up the baby for adoption.

At the age of 6 months, Kelly- renamed Kilauren Gibb was adopted by two teachers David and Ida Gibb in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills. She grew up in a world of private schools, country clubs, and tropical vacations. She later landed a career as a fashion model.

She says that her parents didn’t tell her that she was adopted until she was 27 and pregnant with her own child. After that, she embarked on a 5 year quest to track down her birth mother.

The two were reunited in 1997 after Mitchell received a letter. They met a week later.

“(Gibb) had abandonment issues and she was pretty rough on me and conscripted my granddaughter, but we’ve worked through all of that. We reminisced about all the little tricks we pulled and the ways we can hurt each other. That’s over. We’re going to see each other soon,” Mitchell said.

The mother-daughter reunion only lasted until 2001, when they had a fight and separated.

While many celebrities are known for adopting babies into their families, those who have given up babies in their youth, is much less talked about.

Not having the resources to care for themselves let alone a baby, made them feel like adoption was the best choice for everyone at the time.

Years later most children and their celebrity parents find each other in a joyful reunion.

Having sold over 100 million records worldwide, Rob Stewart is one the best-selling music artists of all time. The British rock singer-songwriter was born and raised in London, England.

When Stewart was still in his teens, his girlfriend became pregnant and gave birth in 1963. She tried to keep the baby, but without any help from Stewart, she eventually gave the baby up for adoption.

Stewart tried to make contact in the 80’s when he discovered the link with his daughter Sarah Streeter. The connection was unsuccessful at the time because there were still a lot of hard feelings held against Stewart by his daughter and her birth mother, Susannah Boffey.

50 years after the adoption, Stewart and Streeter finally met, and have kept in touch. Sarah is the first of Stewart’s 8 children.

Stewart has married 3 times and his children have 5 different mothers.

Roseanne Barr is most well-known for her sitcom, Roseanne which ran for 9 season on ABC. Before her success on the prime-time show, she was a stand-up comedian doing odd jobs. After her appearance on Johnny Carson in 1962 she was thrust into stardom.

When Roseanne was just 17, she became pregnant with a little girl and decided to give her up for adoption. She admits that she initially wanted to keep the little girl, but she didn’t think she would be able to provide for her since she was an unwed mother with no support.

“At first, [during pregnancy] I wanted to keep the baby. I got on welfare and rented a room for 50 bucks a month. I turned on the water, and cockroaches came out of the spigot. Outside, there were drunks. I just couldn’t go on there, so I went away to Denver and moved into a Salvation Army home for unwed mothers,” Roseanne said.

“I gave my baby up to the Jewish Family & Children’s Service in Denver. They said they had a couple that had waited seven years for a Jewish baby. But the day they came to take my baby away, I whispered to her, “You remember this, I’ll see you when you’re 18.” I always knew that. I always knew we would get back,” she said.

18 years later, Roseanne and her daughter, Brandi Brown were reunited.

“I turned around and felt this powerful magnet. We looked at each other, Brandi jumped out of her seat, and we started running toward each other. We embraced and wouldn’t let go of each other, hugging and crying. We went up in the elevator finally and had ourselves a reunion,” she said.

Brandi even went on to work as a production assistant on the set of Roseanne.

You may remember Lucille Ball from her sitcom I Love Lucy. She was working as a model, comedian, and actress when she met Desi Arnaz. The 2 eloped in 1940 and in 1951 created one of the most loved sitcoms in television history.

Eventually Lucille and Desi divorced, and Ball went on to marry Gary Morton in 1960. In April 1989, Lucille Ball died from a ruptured aorta.

In 2014, a woman named Cassandria Carlson came forward claiming to be Lucille Ball’s granddaughter.

Carlson’s mother, Linda Jane Dee would have been born 4 years before the debut of I Love Lucy. Carlson claims that she has memories of a red-headed woman coming to visit her house and playing cards in her early childhood. She has been attempting to get DNA samples to prove her claims but relatives of the Ball-Arnaz family have rejected all requests.

What do you think of their decisions? Were you surprised to find any of these names on this list?

Source: Baby Gaga

These 7 Puppies Want You To Cheer Them On As They Conquer Their Biggest Fear

Sometimes, when you’re a wee little pupper, the stairs can be a scary place. It can take a lot of treats and encouragement to get your nerve up just to step down, but once you do, there’s no turning back!

Cheer along with us as these adorable little dogs tackle their biggest fear: the stairs!

1. Big Brother to the rescue!

2. We believe in Butterball!

3. Sing us the song of your people!

4. Do it for the cuddles!

5. Not Backwards!

6. You can do it Mr. Peanutbutter!

7. Go, Oliver! Wait – NO! Oliver!

Well, you can’t win ’em all!

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You’ve Got To Try These Sweet And Delicious Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Ups

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Trying to find a yummy breakfast that is not your usual cereal or toast is sometimes tricky. We all want something out of the ordinary, but don’t always know what it is.

Turns out, this Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Up is exactly what you need! It’s got a cinnamon and sugar outer layer that holds in all that delicious cream cheese, that together makes the best breakfast possible.

Give it a try today and let us know how they turn out!

Looking for more breakfast ideas? Check out these delicious recipes!

Breakfast Sausage Sliders

Breakfast Crunchwrap Supreme

Breakfast Banana Splits

Scroll down to see how to make these mouthwatering Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Ups.

Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees.

Slice the crusts off your bread and use a rolling pin to flatten each slice.

In a small bowl mix together the cream cheese and powdered sugar.

In a separate bowl, mix together the cinnamon and sugar.

Spread about 1- 1 1/2 tablespoons of the cream cheese onto the flattened bread and roll it up into little tubes.

Dip each roll up in the melted butter before rolling it in the cinnamon and sugar mix.

Line your roll ups onto an ungreased cookie sheet then place in oven for 16-20 minutes or until golden brown.

Once they’re cooked you can eat them right away! Try dipping them in syrup or caramel sauce for some extra deliciousness.

See below for the easy-to-read directions for how to make this mouthwatering breakfast.

  • 1 loaf thin, white bread
  • 2/3 bar cream cheese (8 oz), softened
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 3/4 cups sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Start by slicing off the crusts of your bread.

3. Roll the bread flat with a rolling pin.

4. In a small bowl, mix together the cream cheese and powdered sugar until combined. In a separate bowl, mix the cinnamon and sugar together.

5. Spread about 1- 1 1/2 tablespoons of the cream cheese onto the flattened bread and roll it up into little tubes.

6. Dip each roll up in the melted butter before rolling it in the cinnamon and sugar mix.

7. Line your roll ups onto an ungreased cookie sheet then place in oven for 16-20 minutes or until golden brown.


Do you know someone who would love this breakfast? Make sure to share this recipe with them!

Watch our video below that shows how to make these irresistible Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Ups.

School Shames Girl For Something That Is None Of Their Business

A teenage girl was shamed by her school because of something her mother did. Sure, it was an innocent ‘mistake’, but according her high school, this girl was reprimanded by a form tutor for inappropriate mealtime choices.

Her outraged mother took to Mumsnet, a community message board to air out her grievances about the unjust treatment of children who are actually making healthy choices and the parents who are supporting them!

“(my daughter) is nowhere near overweight and even if she was, surely it’s not up to the form tutour to be telling her she has too much lunch in front of the class.

Apparently, the school felt that her vegan daughter had packed too much food for lunch.

The contents of her lunch?

Peanut butter sandwich with brown bread. A small banana, strawberries, a few grapes, and less than a handful of raisins and dried coconut flakes.

She also got told off for having a few pieces of sliced up avocado because it’s ‘unhealthy,’ writes the girl’s mother, “I will try sending in a strongly worded note with DDs lunch today.”

Does the school have a right to monitor and criticize a teenager’s lunch contents? Are teenagers old enough to make their own food choices? Where’s the line?

[Source: Woman’s Day]

Dew The “Wandering Dog” Like To Roam Around His Town

When Tyler Wilson saw a a yellow lab wandering around his local gas station, he did what any good person would do.

He walked over and checked the dog’s tag, hoping to find a phone number, or an address to return him to. Instead, he saw something totally odd.

“My name is Dew,” the tag read, “I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”

Wilson did, but not before petting the dog and taking a few pictures to remember their strange encounter. When he decided to share them online, people all over the world began asking what Dew’s story was.

It turned out Dew really does love to go wandering on his own. He lived on a 70 acre farm near the gas station, and his owners let him roam the area, going wherever his nose takes him.

He has a GPS chip implant, so he can never really be lost, and he even has his own Facebook page, Dew’s Adventures, where his family shares photos and stories from his journeys around town.

Dew’s family has shared some really incredible adventures Dew gets up to, including one night when he comforted a crying woman. She had been sitting on her porch a few streets over, distressed, when Dew wandered over and sat near her. She called Dew’s owners to let them know where he was, but was happy for his company.

“We told her we would come get him if he was bothering her,” they wrote on his Facebook page, “she said no he was her angel that night and she would tell him to go home when she went inside.”

Some people say it’s not safe for Dew to wander around, especially when he might walk into traffic, but Dew’s family say he’s safe and happiest when he’s exploring on his own.

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This Student Said He Was “Too Smart For First Grade,” The Principal’s Response Had Me In Stitches

Every so often we like to share a story that brings a smile to our faces, and that’s exactly what you get from this classic joke about a little boy who gets called into the principal’s office.

It’s a good reminder that kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for, and sometimes we’re not quite as clever as we think!

“A First grade teacher was having trouble with one of her students. The teacher asked, “Johnny what is your problem?”

Johnny answered, “I’m too smart for the first grade. My sister is in the third grade and I’m smarter than she is! I think I should be in the third grade too!”

The teacher had had enough. She took Johnny to the principal’s office. While Johnny waited in the outer office, the teacher explained to the principal what the situation was. The principal told the teacher he would give the boy a test and if he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the first grade and behave. The teacher agreed.


Johnny was brought in and the conditions are explained to him and he agrees to take the test.

Principal: “What is 3 x 3?”

Johnny: “9”.

Principal: “What is 6 x 6?”

Johnny: “36”.

And so it went with every question the principal thought a third grader should know. The principal looks at the teacher and tells her, “I think Johnny can go to the third grade.

“The teacher says to the principal, “Let me ask him some questions?” The principal and Johnny both agree.”

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“The teacher asks, “What does a cow have four of that I have only two of?”

Johnny, after a moment, “Legs.”

Teacher: “What is in your pants that you have but I do not have?”

The principal’s eyes open really wide and before he could stop the answer, Johnny replied, “Pockets.”

Teacher: “What does a dog do that a man steps into?”

Johnny: “Pants”

Teacher: “What starts with an ‘F’ and ends in ‘K’ that means a lot of excitement?”

Johnny: “Fire truck.”

The principal breathed a sigh of relief and told the teacher, “Put Johnny in the fifth grade, I missed the last four questions myself.”

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4 Ways To Enjoy Yogurt-Filled Cantaloupe For Breakfast

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Cantaloupe and yogurt separately are two of the most popular breakfast foods, so why wouldn’t you combine them into the perfect Yogurt-Filled Cantaloupes?

You can top them off in so many ways, so you can have a new flavor for every day of the week! Give it a try today and enjoy your breakfast again!


Berries & Pepitas

  • 1/2 cantaloupe
  • 6 ounces nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon fresh rasperries
  • 1 tablespoon fresh blueberries
  • 1 teaspoon raw pepita seeds

Granola & Banana

  • 1/2 cantaloupe
  • 6 ounces nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1 Banana, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons granola

White Chocolate & Pine Nuts

  • 1/2 cantaloupe
  • 6 ounces nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons white chocolate, crushed
  • 2 tablespoons pine nuts, chopped

Dark Chocolate & Dried Cherries

  • 1/2 cantaloupe
  • 6 ounces nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons dark chocolate, crushed
  • 2 tablespoons dried cherries


1. Scoop the seeds from your cantaloupe.

2. Fill the hole with your yogurt.

3. Top with any toppings you like, whether its the chocolates, berries, or combinations of any of the above!

4. Scoop it out with a spoon and make sure you get some cantaloupe to enjoy all the flavors at once!