George and Amal Clooney Help To Save 9 Cocker Spaniels

As if George and Amal Clooney couldn’t be any more perfect. Not only are they two of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, but their beauty also extends far beyond good genes and seems to be rooted in good hearts too.

It’s no secret that the new parents are dog lovers. In 2015, the couple adopted a 4-year-old basset hound named Millie from the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society in California. Earlier that year, they had adopted 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Louie, from a New York City shelter.

The couple found their newest addition on Petfinder and were thrilled to see that the two pups got along swimmingly during their first meeting.

A few months after adopting Millie, they returned to the Humane Society and where they adopted Nate the terrier for George’s parents.

But adoption isn’t enough for these animal lovers, their generosity doesn’t stop at three dogs. In fact, when they heard about nine dogs that needed costly medical care, they couldn’t resist…

Camp Cocker Rescue in California is an animal rescue organization that specializes in Cocker Spaniel dog rescue.

In May, the organization rescued nine dogs from a backyard breeder – many of which required extensive medical intervention including: a double mastectomy, double ear ablation surgeries, and several dental surgeries.

The organization couldn’t pay for these surgeries, so they petitioned donors for assistance in raising funds for these sweet pups. They were overjoyed when George and Amal contacted them about contributing to a fund matching program:

“…we all did happy dances and cried with happiness for this unbelievable matching donation offer…” the organization wrote on Facebook.

After news got out that George and Amal donated a generous $10,000 to Camp Cocker Rescue, more anonymous donors stepped forward with an additional $5,000 donation.  

Now, thanks to the matching program and the Clooneys, beautiful dogs like Hunter have a second chance at a happy, healthy life!

Visit their matching donations page here.

Hunter – One of 9 Mojave dogs rescued from an Illegal breeding operation in CaliforniaCamp Cocker

[h/t AOL / Camp Cocker Spaniel]

These 7 Puppies Want You To Cheer Them On As They Conquer Their Biggest Fear

Sometimes, when you’re a wee little pupper, the stairs can be a scary place. It can take a lot of treats and encouragement to get your nerve up just to step down, but once you do, there’s no turning back!

Cheer along with us as these adorable little dogs tackle their biggest fear: the stairs!

1. Big Brother to the rescue!

2. We believe in Butterball!

3. Sing us the song of your people!

4. Do it for the cuddles!

5. Not Backwards!

6. You can do it Mr. Peanutbutter!

7. Go, Oliver! Wait – NO! Oliver!

Well, you can’t win ’em all!

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Dew The “Wandering Dog” Like To Roam Around His Town

When Tyler Wilson saw a a yellow lab wandering around his local gas station, he did what any good person would do.

He walked over and checked the dog’s tag, hoping to find a phone number, or an address to return him to. Instead, he saw something totally odd.

“My name is Dew,” the tag read, “I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”

Wilson did, but not before petting the dog and taking a few pictures to remember their strange encounter. When he decided to share them online, people all over the world began asking what Dew’s story was.

It turned out Dew really does love to go wandering on his own. He lived on a 70 acre farm near the gas station, and his owners let him roam the area, going wherever his nose takes him.

He has a GPS chip implant, so he can never really be lost, and he even has his own Facebook page, Dew’s Adventures, where his family shares photos and stories from his journeys around town.

Dew’s family has shared some really incredible adventures Dew gets up to, including one night when he comforted a crying woman. She had been sitting on her porch a few streets over, distressed, when Dew wandered over and sat near her. She called Dew’s owners to let them know where he was, but was happy for his company.

“We told her we would come get him if he was bothering her,” they wrote on his Facebook page, “she said no he was her angel that night and she would tell him to go home when she went inside.”

Some people say it’s not safe for Dew to wander around, especially when he might walk into traffic, but Dew’s family say he’s safe and happiest when he’s exploring on his own.

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13 “Ugly” Animals That Prove Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Why do cute animals get all the attention?

We spend so much time looking at pictures of adorable puppies, or videos of cute kittens, but we barely know anything about the strange looking animals that fill our world.

Maybe some are a little scary, but mainly they’re just odd. Plus, lots of these animals use their strange appearances to do some pretty cool stuff!

So take a look at these 13 ugly ducklings of the animal kingdom and remember: beauty is only skin deep!

1. Shoebill

Shoebills do everything bigger, from their giant beak to their height – which can reach almost five feet. Their super-sized beak lets them make special noises, and even “moo” like a cow.

2. Naked Mole Rats

Don’t feel bad for these rodents, they’re not really bald. Their “naked” bodies are covered in little whiskers that let them find their way underground.

3. Hairy Frogfish

Somebody needs a shave! Okay, so this fish looks a little woolly, but they can change their hair color on demand, so that will save it a trip to the salon.

4. Red-lipped Batfish

Everything about this fish is a little strange. For one thing, they don’t really swim. Instead, they prefer to walk around on their fins. Male batfish also have colorful “lipstick” patterns to help attract mates.

5. Proboscis Monkey

Don’t feel bad for this monkey, in his species the bigger the nose, the more popular you are with the ladies. Plus, they can probably smell way better.

6. Atlantic Wolffish

Sure, his smile needs some work, but at least this sharp-toothed sea predator is always happy to see you!

7. Chinese Hairless Dog

Miss Ellie, a famous dog from this breed, won two “World’s Ugliest Dog” competitions in the same year. But they’re less famous for how easy they are to care for, and how much they love their owners.

8. Star Nosed Mole

Don’t focus on the weird, ultra-sensitive fingers at the ends of their noses (which they use to find their way in the dark). Just imagine he’s waving hello at you with 22 little hands!

9. Hammerhead Bat

His big nose may be a little distracting, but this nocturnal creature can really belt out a tune. Their voices echo inside their big noses, so their performances are easier to hear.

10. Baird Tapir

Yes, it has a funny nose. Yes, it has big ears that stick out to the sides. But people love this animal, which is also called the Mountain Cow. It’s the national animal of Belize, which is pretty impressive for an animal you’d probably never heard of.

11. Aye Aye

At night their big glowing eyes and long bony fingers look scary, but in the light of day you can see they’re just a weird mix between a cat and a monkey.

12. Warthogs

It may look like these pigs have a bad case of acne, but the bumps on their faces actually help protect them from predators. They even like to roll around in the mud, so their skin is probably actually very healthy.

13. Blobfish

Sure, the blobfish is ugly. But it’s the best at being ugly! It was voted the world’s ugliest animal, and made the mascot for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society (their motto is “we can’t all be pandas!”)

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19 Dogs Who Are Masters Of Disguise

We like to think that dogs are always happy to be right by our side, but when they’re in trouble they show off their incredible hiding skills.

If you ever find an empty jar of peanut butter sitting on your counter, good luck finding the culprit. Dogs are masters of using clever disguises, and they can blend in with their environment like chameleons.

Don’t believe us? Just check out these photos of dogs who put their camouflage skills to the test. But really, they have no reason to hide. Even if we found them, it’s impossible to stay mad at their cute little faces!

1.  One of these things is not like the other…

2. Where can I get a teddy bear like this?

3. This is just his way of saying “welcome!”

4. Did that rug just blink?

5. There are two dogs in this photo? I don’t see any!

6. He’s actually fluffier than the mat is

7. I’m not 100 sure there’s a dog in this photo

8. “Maybe if I blend in with my bed nobody will wake me up…”

9. I give up, this one is too hard

10. Has anyone seen Snowball?

11. Nothing to see here, just a pile of towels

12. Ok, he’s a little too big to pull off this disguise

13.  “I’d like to return this pug stuffy, it keeps barking at me.”

14. This camouflage is spot-on

15. What a weird-looking pillow

16. I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

17. The best dog disguise…is another dog!

18. It’s obviously his chair, it looks like it was made for him

19. No joke here, this is just really cute

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Australians May Be Adopting Pet Kangaroos Soon

A new idea by Austrlia’s Threatened Species Commissioner could be good news for endangered animals and fans of unusual pets.

Gregory Andrews announced his plan to make it easier for Australians to adopt native animals, including kangaroos, wallabies and bandicoots, to help save them from extinction.

“I can’t think of anything more patriotic than choosing to own an Australian animal,” he said in an interview with The Australian, adding that people spend thousands of dollars on purebred dogs, so they should be allowed to spend much less and help protect some of Australia’s most famous species.

One of the endangered animals he singled out was the orange bellied parrot. Only 44 of these beautiful birds still exist in the wild, but there are hundreds in bird sanctuaries across Australia.

Other at risk animals that experts say would make great pets are wombats, bandicoots and quolls. These animals have all be pushed out of their homes by invasive species like cats and rabbits, so making these cute critter’s Australia’s newest pet would be a big help.

Plus, they’re adorable. Who wouldn’t want to adopt a quoll?

Right now, depending on what state you live in, Australians have to get a permit to adopt certain native mammals and lizards. That may be changing soon, but for now don’t go picking up any stray koalas!

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She Was Leaving Spain And Spent $10,000 On Cats

We’ve all gone a little overboard on vacation spending.

“Oh, another t-shirt won’t hurt…Sure, I’ll buy this weird fridge magnet!”

But have you ever gone on vacation and spent $10,000 on 41 cats? Because Laura Inglis did.

Ok, so she wasn’t vacationing, but Inglis had spent 8 years in Spain as a project analyst. She began adopting injured or abandoned cats she would find near her home. When it was time to move back to Scotland, Inglis didn’t want to leave her 41 cats behind.

“I could not bear to leave them there because they had all been through such a traumatic time already and most likely they would not survive,” she said.

Laura spent $10,000 to ship all 41 cats back to her home in Edinburgh.

“So now I am in Edinburgh with 41 cats, which is not really suitable because I live in the city centre near to busy roads, therefore I am now in the process of finding each and every one of them a safe and loving home. However, before I can rehome any of them, I need to make sure that all are de-wormed and de-flead and that they have blood tests and inoculations in order to ensure they remain in good health.”

Laura spends about $780 on food for the cats every month, and it will be an additional $100 for the tests needed before each cat can be adopted out.

“I am not a charity and I do not receive any assistance financially from any charities or other cat organisations. Everything I have previously done and still do for the cats has been paid out of my own pocket. I do not qualify for any aid here because I work and therefore I am not classed as on a low income – even although I am almost destitute with paying for food and vet bills.”

Laura Inglis is hoping she’ll be able to find homes or each cat so she can feel comforted knowing they’re safe.

If you think you might be able to help Laura out, you can reach her on her Facebook page.

Opponents Say That Bringing Dogs Into War Is Animal Abuse

As of 2012, more than 2,700 dogs are working in the U.S. military. About 600 are reportedly serving in combat zones, sniffing out explosives, clearing buildings and tracking enemy fighters.

The LA Times reports that about 2,500 Dutch and German shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Labrador retrievers have been added to the ranks after the 2001 terrorist attacks. They are trained in bomb detection, guard duty or “controlled aggression” for patrolling.

But opponents believe that we shouldn’t involve innocent animals in our wars – especially since they have no choice.

According to Walter Burghardt Jr., chief of behavioral medicine and military working-dog studies at Lackland, at least 10 of the hundreds of dogs sent to Iraq and Afghanistan to protect U.S. troops have developed canine PTSD.

Although there are no statistics, it is estimated that half of the dogs that return with PTSD can be retrained for work at police departments, the Border Patrol or the Homeland Security Department.

While the others are retired and made available for adoption.

But the question still remains – should dogs pay the price for our wars? Is it ethical?

America’s Most decorated dog of WWI

Dogs have been used in wars pretty much since domestication. They are keen trackers, hunters, loyal and easy to train. Older Americans might remember the exploits of Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated war dog of World War I.

Sergeant Stubby was a stray homeless mutt who was found wandering the grounds of Yale University campus in July 1917. It was there that he met Corporal Robert Conroy and the members of the 102 infantry.

Stubby was a highly intelligent mix Pit Bull Terrier breed who actually learned the bugle calls, execute marching maneuvers and could salute on command.

When it was time to deploy, Corporal Conroy decided to bring Stubby with him. He snuck the little dog onto the troop ship and then into France without detection. When his commanding officer finally discovered the dog, Stubby saluted him.

Obviously, he was allowed to stay.

Stubby served with the 102nd Infantry regiment (United States) for 18 months and participated in seventeen battles on the Western Front.

Not only did this incredible dog save his regiment from surprise mustard gas attacks, but he located the wounded and even caught a German soldier by the seat of his pants – holding him there until the Americans found him.

Stubby survived the war, although not without injury. He was poisoned by mustard gas and injured in the chest and leg by a grenade. Conory smuggled Stubby home to the States at the end of the war.

After he died in 1926, Stubby was immortalized in a plaster cast and presented to the Smithsonian in 1956. In honor of the United States World War I Centennial Comission, an upcoming film about Sgt. Stubby’s heroics will be released in spring of 2018.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Is it ethical if we honor them as soldiers? Or are we asking too much of these trusting creatures?

Sit, Stay, Skateboard! Stunt Dog Does 20 Tricks In 1 Minute

We have no idea how you teach a dog to ride a surfboard, but Omar Von Muller seems to have figured it out.

Von Muller trains dogs professionally, and some of his best students have been in some pretty famous Hollywood movies. Remember Uggie, the Jack Russell who stole everyone’s hearts in The Artist? Von Muller trained him.

Since then he’s been hard at work teaching Jumpy, an Australian border collie, how to do everything from dive underwater to run on walls and even ride a scooter. In this incredible video, Jumpy shows of 20 tricks that most people would have trouble pulling off!

Don’t you feel dizzy just from watching him run around? There are lots more videos of Jumpy, Uggie, and other dogs Von Muller has trained on his YouTube channel. Just don’t expect your dog will be able to pull off these stunts if you watch them!

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19 Animal Rescues That Prove Firefighters Are True Heroes

There’s no doubt that firefighters have the toughest job on earth. They put their lives on the line every day, running into burning buildings to save innocent people.

As if that wasn’t enough, they even save animals who are caught in fires and other dangerous situations. People like to joke about firefighters saving kittens from trees, but the truth is there’s nothing sweeter than pictures of animals saved by these fearless heroes.

Let’s hope if our pets are ever in danger, one of these firefighters will be there to save them. But if that does happen, hopefully they look more grateful than this:

1. A pregnant dog thanks the firefighter who saved her

2. This baby owl was orphaned, but at least his life was saved

3. They look tough, but these guys all have big hearts

4. Giving a rescued kitten oxygen

5. They’ll even save pet frogs

6. And comfort pets after they survive something scary

7. Some pets are really grateful…

8. …but others are hard to help

9. Even big animals get themselves into trouble

10. And sometimes there are armloads of critters to help

11. They don’t just rescue the cute animals

12. Sometimes all these poor things need is a hug

13. And of course every owner appreciates their hard work

14. There are some weird cases too, like this deer caught in a drain pipe

15. Or this blind dog who fell in a lake

16. Or this DRAMATIC rescue of a whole duck family

17. They’re just so caring, like this volunteer giving a koala a drink

18. At the end of the day, they do it all for faces like these

19. Big or small, these pets know who they can count on

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This Dog Was Being Abused, But He Almost Died Saving Himself

Aurora Lopez was absolutely shocked when she saw a dog on her balcony. But it’s how the dog got there that concerned her even more.

Lopez saw the little dog on her balcony at 10pm on a Tuesday while she was in her apartment in Toronto. The dog was frighteningly thin with fur missing.

“I was in a moment of shock, I just couldn’t believe there was a dog on my balcony,” she said. “But then it clicked in right away.”

The dog had climbed onto the ledge between the two balconies and walked across from his home to the Lopez residence. Here’s where it gets scary: the ledge the dog walked on was only 4 inches wide…and 24 stories in the air. Not to mention icy, too (it IS Canada, after all.)

Lopez was concerned about what diseases the dog might have and she didn’t want to expose her kids to the possibilities. Instead, she provided the dog with lots of blankets and water outside. She called her neighbor (the dog’s owner) but there was no answer. Even when security banged on the neighbor’s door, no one was home.

When the police came, it was determined that the dog was okay to come in the house. Lopez brought the little guy inside and gave him more water.

Lopez said she had only seen the dog one other time when it was born a year prior.

“I’m surprised the dog lasted this long,” she said. “He felt really safe around me, the look he gave me was thank you.”

The dog, who doesn’t even have a name, is now in the custody of Toronto Animal Services along with the other dogs rescued from the neighbor.

“It’s a miracle the dog’s alive, he risked his life over that ledge, which is very, very thin to get to safety,” Lopez said. “It’s very heartwarming of how the situation turned out, but it’s also very aggravating how somebody can treat their dogs like this.”‌

New Research Shows Dogs Can Feel Your Pain

It’s been said for a long time that dogs start to look like their owners after a few years, but there’s proof that they feel like their owners as well.

New research from the University of Vienna in Austria shows that when people are anxious or feeling down in the dumps, their dogs will pick up on this and feel bad too. But friendly, happy dogs can also cheer up their owners.

This supports a study from a few years ago that shows dogs also “mirror” other dog’s facial expressions to make friends. It turns out our four-legged friends have a lot more empathy than we give them credit for.

To discover this, scientists tested more than 100 dogs, including measuring their heart rates and taking a saliva sample (to test their stress levels).

They also gave each dog a questionnaire to test their personality. We’re guessing the owners answered the questions, because the dogs would have a hard time holding the pencils.

Dr. Iris Schoberl, who ran the study, says that the emotion sharing effects go both ways, but humans have a bigger influence on their pets – so smile next time you see your dog!

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Scientists Release Footage Of This New Animal That Looks Like A Tennis Ball”

The EV Nautilus is a research ship that’s exploring the ocean, mapping it and sharing video of the creatures that live in it. They’ve captured lots of great video of seals, crabs and fish, but sometimes they find something more unusual.

The ocean is the most under-explored part of our planet, and there are some really strange things lurking in the water. Animals have to adapt to the unique environment of the ocean floor, and that makes some weird looking creatures like this hairy tennis ball.

Watch what happens when they poke it (very nicely, for science), even the researchers are surprised.

If you’re worried that there are tiny, tennis ball-shaped aliens lurking in the ocean, don’t be. Apparently this is an ocean worm called a terebellid or “bristle worm.”

They live in small holes they dig in the sand or mud and use their tentacles to scoop up food. Scientists are still learning about these creatures, but apparently there are dozens of brightly colored species like this.

If you want to see more footage from the Nautilus you can watch their video stream here.

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These Cats Made Dating Profiles To Find A New Home

Need a date for Valentine’s day? There are lots of four-legged suitors looking for a good home, and an animal shelter in Australia is looking to make a match for you.

The Animal Welfare League in New South Wales has made adorable Tinder profiles for all of their cats. In case you’re not familiar, Tinder is the hip dating app that lets people connect instantly, which is what the shelter hopes people will do with their cats.

“Since cats don’t have thumbs to scroll on Tinder, they need a bit of help to get themselves out there on the dating scene,”  a spokesman said. They’re even offering special reduced rates for adoptions this weekend, so this is the perfect time to make a love connection!

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Police Dog Way Is Too In Love With His Partner To Take A Proper Picture

Love is in the air in Indiana, more specifically at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) law agency.

Conservation Officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner Kenobi were trying to sit for their official portrait photo shoot, but Kenobi had other ideas.

Knach looks like he’s just wanting to get the photo shoot over with, but Kenobi just wants some kisses.

The lovable dog cannot get over how much he loves his partner and just starts smooching his face.

They did manage to get a workable image, where both Kenobi and Knach look very official.

“[Officer Knach] and Kenobi constantly train for the unfortunate situations of locating missing persons, locating evidence from criminal activity, and detecting illegally taken wildlife,” DNR Corporal Rodney Clear explained. “He is a true example of a leader and servant.”

And really, it should have been no surprise that Kenobi wanted to show his affection for Knach. The two are practically inseparable at work.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel safer having these two keeping our wildlife safe!

Theo The Army Dog, Died Just Hours After His Best Friend Did, Both Are Now Being Honored

Theo and his handler Lance Corporal Liam Tasker were a familiar sight in Afghanistan. Using Theo’s unbeatable nose the pair found a record 14 roadside bombs and weapon cache’s left by the Taliban. In just a few months Theo and Tasker saved the lives of dozens of Coalition soldiers, but sadly it wasn’t enough to save their own.

Courtesy DailyMail

In March 2011Tasker was shot dead by the Taliban, with in hours Theo had a fatal seizure and died. He was only 22-months old leaving little doubt that he died of a broken heart.

The bravery of both soldiers did not go unnoticed. Tasker received a Mention in Dispatches and Theo was awarded the Dickens Medal of Bravery. The highest honor for animals serving in a war zone.

Courtesy DailyMail

The medal was accepted on Theo’s behalf by Tasker’s friend Sgt Matt Jones and his search dog Grace, who have saved many lives themselves. Could there be a more fitting pair to stand in for the fallen Theo and Tasker?

Since 1943 the Dickens Medal of Bravery has been awarded to 32 Messenger Pigeons, 28 dogs, 3 horses and one cat.

Dying Girl’s Last Request For Her Kitten Is Both Heartbreaking And Beautiful

When Kylie Myers was 12, she was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. Treatment began immediately and it was extremely draining on Kylie’s body.

Her mom, Robin, described it as “brutal.” But Robin also said her daughter was a “master of finding ways to be joyful.”

As her treatment progressed, Kylie began asked her family for a new kitten to join the family’s four other pets. Her parents suggested they wait until Kylie’s radiation treatment was over. As her treatment moved on, Kylie felt sharp pains in her shoulder. It was discovered that Kylie’s cancer had spread throughout her whole body and she was now terminal.

Kylie returned home and made one final plea to her father for a kitten.

An hour later, a tiny kitten named Liza was in Kylie’s life. Liza was immediately drawn to Kylie’s side and put her paw on Kylie’s shoulder. For the final two and a half days of Kylie’s life, Liza was by her side, “completely devoted to loving on [her.]”

“She had this purpose and it was the most beautiful thing to see,” said Robin.

Kylie’s had two final wishes. 1) find a cure for childhood cancer, and 2) look after Liza.

“I would start to cry and Liza – from wherever she was in the house – would come and just wait out the storm with me,” said Robin. “Kylie told me to take care of Liza, but it’s also like she told Liza to take care of me.”

Now, a year after Kylie’s death, her parents submitted her story to Mutual Rescue, an organization that creates films displaying the relationship between humans and their rescue pets.

The group made Kylie and Liza’s story into a video with the help from PetSmart Charities, and together with Kylie’s family they have started a fund that will raise money for both childhood cancer research and homeless animals.

“We created the Mutual Rescue film series to shine a light on the life-changing power of human-animal connection,” said a Mutual Rescue spokesperson. “Robin and Mark Myers wanted to share their story to honour Kylie’s last requests: to take care of her kitty and to find a cure for childhood cancer.”

You can watch the film, Kylie & Liza, here:

If you would like to donate to the Kylie and Liza fund, this is the link.

This Test Reveals Something About Animals We Never Knew Was Possible

Have you ever caught yourself looking at your reflection?

A quick glance in the store window as you walk by? Or maybe a pause in front of a stranger’s car to fix your hair before heading into the coffee shop?

We’ve all done it. It’s second nature for us to be constantly checking ourselves out – either critically or in appreciation for what we see.

For centuries we believed that we were the only species capable of self-reflection, but as this video will prove, we’re not the only ones who like what we see in the mirror!

Watch what happens when this elephant meets herself for the first time:

Pretty amazing! If animals can recognize their reflections as themselves, what else do they know that they’re not telling us!

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