She Heard Cries In The Stairwell And Thought It Was A Cat, Instead Found A Baby

Animals prove to be the best thing on this earth time and time again. This cat just did something so incredible that everyone is calling her a hero and she has totally earned it.

Masha is stray cat who tends to hang around a certain block of apartments in Russia. She doesn’t have a specific home, but her friendly nature has earned her the love of many residents who gave her the name Masha.

On a particularly chilly January morning a 65-year-old woman named Madeschda Machikowa heard a strange noise coming from the staircase and she was shocked at what she found. She thought it was Masha in pain so she rushed down to see if she was okay. When she found the cat she realized she was guarding a baby in a cardboard box.

Even after Machikowa called the ambulance, Masha refused to leave the baby’s side. The cat even followed the ambulance while it drove away, all the way to the hospital.

The authorities are looking for the baby’s parents now, but if it wasn’t for Masha this story could have had a very sad ending. Masha is now thought of as a hero in the apartment complex! Everyone makes sure to give her lots of treats to thank her for protecting the baby from the cold.

Sanctuary In Australia Has Found The Perfect Way To Make Orphaned Baby Kangaroos Feel Right At Home

When Terri the baby roo was rescued in the wild and brought to the The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, keepers had to solve the problem of taking care of a joey that’s used to snuggling in its mother’s pouch.

In an adorable video, little Terry hops towards a keeper, begging for cuddles. As the baby kangaroo wraps its front paws around his leg, Chris Barns holds something just out of reach. Terri jumps up excitedly on his hind legs in anticipation, waiting to be scooped up.

As Chris reaches down, we can see that he’s carrying a special pouch that’s meant to mimic a mother kangaroo’s. Terri happily rolls himself forward into the bag head first, and Chris brings the baby in for a snuggle.

It’s the sweetest thing you’ll see all day!

Mirror UK

The pouches were custom-made by the sanctuary after workers realized they needed to mimic the natural environment and lifestyle of baby kangaroos.

“They hop into their mums pouches just like they hop into their pillowcase pouches we make them,” a staff member at the sanctuary said. “We try to make them as close in shape and size as their mums pouch would be. And they are very clever at moving themselves when they are in the pouch.”

Mirror UK

The sanctuary, which is based in Australia, rescues abandoned roos and raises them with lots of love. Right now they have about 30 kangaroos onsite!

Know Your Meme

Continue to the next page to see Terri climbing into the pouch! It’s worth it, we promise!

Workers were lucky enough to get this adorable moment with Terri on camera. After the original video was posted to Facebook, it began getting a lot of likes from around the world. Currently, the viral video has over 4 million views and over 35,000 reactions on Facebook.

People couldn’t help but comment on the baby kangaroo. One user said: “It’s so cool on how they just go in head first and flip into that pouch. Love those baby roos.”

Another commented: “Kangaroos have the most beautiful eyes in the world. What a sweet baby!!”

Check out the full video below:

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Firefighters Heard This Coming From Their Truck. They Looked In The Engine And Immediately Came To The Rescue

Firefighters are so often seen as big-time heroes, and rightly so. Burning buildings, dangerous car accidents, mass traumas, firefighters are always there to save the day.

But we often forget about the smaller things they do as well.

These firefighters at the Indianapolis Fire Department were near their truck when they heard unusual noises coming from inside. It wasn’t a mechanical problem, or someone in the truck…but there was definitely something making noise.

After investigating a little further, the firefighters discovered the source of the noise and immediately rushed into action!

Love Meow

“Newborn Kittens discovered in hosebed of Engine 35… Crew investigated after hearing noises. Believes mom may have given birth in the engine,” Indianapolis Fire Department said.

Love Meow

Two boys and one girl  were found curled up in the engine, and they weren’t even old enough to open their eyes. The kittens needed care right away, especially with no mama around, so the department took them to Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care to be evaluated.

The vets and firefighters teamed up to feed and wash the baby kittens, which resulted in endless amounts of cute.

Love Meow
Love Meow

“We were so happy that we were able to help out with these sweet little kittens… The kittens are doing well.. (and) are nursing from a surrogate which is wonderful,” Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care said. “The mama cat is being looked for as well as any other possible kittens… One of the firefighters even stopped by this morning to check in on the kittens.”

The kittens are all taking in some well needed sleep and TLC, and will be put up for adoption once they’re old enough.

Deadly Disease Outbreak In The U.S, Cat Owners Beware

If you have a feline at home, veterinarians suggest that you take extra precaution in the upcoming weeks due to a serious disease outbreak in the U.S.

The illness has been affecting cats in a number of southwestern states including Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Barbara Tarbutton and her husband learned about the disease the hard way after their beloved cat, Paw Paws, died shortly after being diagnosed.

“My husband had noticed a little bit of nasal discharge and a little blood in it at first, and he said ‘I think you need to look at Paws,’” said Barbara.


They took the kitty to the vet and turns out he was suffering from a rare illness known as Bobcat Fever.

The disease is caused by a blood parasite which cats contract through tick bites. Symptoms include fever, lethargy, loss of appetite and pain.

Dr. David Biles told KFOR that when caught early the cat may have a chance of survival but “most cats will get the disease and pass away.”

With summer around the corner, the best way to keep your cat from getting infected is to “give your cat medication to prevent ticks and fleas, and check them regularly for the pests.”

Science Daily

Keep this in mind next time you’re at the vet clinic.

Vets Are Warning Owners Of A Common Cat Behavior That Could Kill Your Pet

Summer is coming, and while we know all about how to stay safe in the sun our pets do not. This can be especially dangerous to notorious sunbathers like cats. Just ask Pearl.

She’s a 16-year-old cat who was so severely sunburned that she needed to have both of her ears amputated.

She either ran away or was abandoned by her family in Derby, UK and her life on the streets was a hard one. While there are a number of potential hazards out there for a stray, the sun might number among the worst.


When Pearl was turned in to a vet her ears were red and blistered from the sun. The doctors tried to treat the burn, but the damage was too severe, forcing them to amputate.

Pearl came through the surgery okay, and seems happy and healthy now that her hurting ears are gone. She’s living in an adoption center waiting for a forever home.

It’s not just strays that are at risk of burning their skin. Animals’ skin is much like human skin in that too many UV rays will damage it. We often don’t think about it because of their fur, but not all areas of a pets body is covered by fur.


Cats’ ears are specifically at risk because of the thin tissue and little to no hair coverage on them. Vets urge the use of animal specific sunscreen if you have an animal that spends a lot of time outdoors during the summer.

Your feline is not going to help itself. Any cat owner will tell you that cats love sunbeams. Given the choice they may just lounge all day – which is dangerous.

Cats in warmer, sunnier, climates are particularly at risk. Pet owners should keep a look out for the following signs:

Google Plus
  • Red skin
  • Hair loss
  • Scaly skin
  • excessive scratching of a certain area

While vets do recommend sunscreen it’s important to choose the right one for your pet. They make animal specific sun protection, but what’s good for dogs might be dangerous for cats and vice versa. Ask your vet and read labels carefully.

If you notice a sunburn on your animal it’s important to visit a vet immediately. The irritated skin is prone to infection which can lead to amputation or even death.

If you have a cat that likes to wander outside it’s suggested that you keep it inside during the hottest hours of the day (11 a.m. -2 p.m.) and provide plenty of shade in your yards.

“Skinny” The Cat Weighed Over 40 Pounds, But After A Dramatic Weight Loss He’s A Whole New Cat

Many of us struggle with our weights, and it’s never easy fighting the battle of the bulge. As hard as it is for us it can be even harder for our furry friends. Too often what pet owners see as love is actually very damaging to the long-term health of pets. That’s what happened to Skinny, the ironically named tabby cat who was “loved” until he tipped the scales at 41 pounds.

Just like in humans, obesity in pets causes a number of adverse health effects. From trouble breathing and difficulty moving to elevated heart rates and premature death. It might be these symptoms that caused Skinny’s owners to abandon him on the streets of Dallas, Texas.


When he was brought to the HEAL Veterinary Hospital and Pet Rehabilitation center, Skinny weighed in at an incredible 41 pounds. More than 3 times what he should have been.

Through a lot of hard work, diet and exercise Skinny is now just 19 pounds. He’s healthy and happy, and the center loves him so much he’s become their “resident cat” and may not be adopted out.

Doctors revealed that Skinny’s weight loss battle echoed the fights that a lot of humans go through, including the dreaded weight plateau.

“I was stuck at about 30-31 pounds with him for the longest time because you don’t want to starve it off of him because he still has vital nutrients and minerals that he needs to have everyday,” said vet Dr. Brittney Barton.

She said they needed to “wake up” his metabolism by adding muscle mass, so they created a fitness regimen for him to follow. Knowing how notoriously lazy cats are, becoming a feline personal trainer couldn’t have been easy.

Water Treadmill

They started exercising Skinny with walks, cat sit ups and even an underwater treadmill.

Click to the next page to see what Skinny looks like now

Skinny is now living up to his name have lost 22 pounds, but he still has work to do. He has a lot of excess skin and the vet center says that surgery might be an option for him.

Even with a bit of extra skin he still looks like a handsome and healthy boy!

Happy Cat

His transformation is inspiring, but should also serve as a lesson to pet owners who like to overfeed or overtreat their pets.

See the full tale of his transformation here:

Cat Stuck Cowering On The Highway, But Everyone Kept Driving By [VIDEO]

Imagine being stranded on a busy highway, hurt and alone, while people whiz by you in huge cars. What would you do? Probably sit and cry and hide, right? Good thing for us, it’s just hypothetical.

For this tiny cat, it was a reality.

Cars kept zooming by the scared animal who couldn’t move at all.

He was all but abandoned, that is until one kind human realized he needed to do something.

Love Meow

“I was driving in JB with my Son towards Danga Bay (recreational park in Malaysia) when I spotted this kitty stranded along the center divider of the highway couldn’t stop immediately so I had to make a round trip again to rescue this poor baby,” said Masz Masuri.

Love Meow

Lucky for the cat, Masuri happened to be an avid cat lover and knew exactly how to help. Once inside the car, the cat hid under the seat in fear and pain. Masuri took him to the vet to get the medical attention he really needed.

Love Meow

The cat, now named Danga Bay, was determined to be about a year old. He was diagnosed with a fracture in his right leg as well as a few cuts on his paws and chest. He is now on the mend and will head to a kitty foster home when he’s ready.

Love Meow

Danga Bay is loving his safety now, and according to the vet workers he’s been purring up a storm!

So thankful that Masuri made the effort to rescue Danga Bay!!

She Trusted A Friend To Get Her Cat Groomed. That Was A Mistake.

Communication is key. It doesn’t matter what is being communicated, make sure it’s clear.

Know one knows this better than Xie Qian Qian, who owns a long-haired Persian cat named Jin Jin. Qian has Jin Jin’s coat shaved down once in a while to help him keep cool around the house. He usually comes back with a lion-esque cut, with the fur on his head and tail pretty much untouched.

This is what he usually looks like after the groomers:

The Dodo

This time around, Qian was too busy to bring Jin Jin to the groomer herself, so she asked a friend to drop him off. But there was some miscommunication in regards to just exactly what style Jin Jin was to receive.

When Qian went to pick her cat up, she was stunned…and rightfully so.

“I was surprised the groomer would shave him like that. I can’t be blamed for it,” she said.

The Dodo

It seems the words “face” and “head” were miscommunicated here. As in: “only leave hair on his face,” instead of “only leave hair on his head.”

The Dodo

Qian says she did find the whole thing humorous after getting over the shock of it, but it took her husband longer to warm up to the ‘cat mask’ Jin Jin seemed to be wearing.

As for the Jin Jin, he didn’t seem to care at all! Luckily, his hair is growing back in and he will be back to his normal, fluffy self in no time.

The Dodo

This Cat’s ‘Human Voice’ Has To Be Heard To Be Believed

And now, for the smooth jazz stylings of Jack the Cat. If I was ever a radio DJ that’s exactly how I would introduce the cat with the deepest meow on earth. He puts Barry White to shame with his rich baritone and you’re going to want to hear it.

His owner introduced Jack to the world and we couldn’t be more happy about it. The video went viral, with millions of people falling in love with Jack’s rich, deep voice.


The unnamed owner wrote that Jack’s vet said his strange meow was probably a result of laryngeal paralysis, a condition that affects the voice box of cats. While sometimes a disturbing indicator for a greater health threat, it seems that Jack has passed his physicals with flying colors.

Not everyone was so willing to believe this story however. While most of the comments on YouTube are positive (a miracle in itself) many pointed out that the meow sounds quite a bit like a human imitation.


Well I choose to believe, and whether or not it’s real doesn’t really matter because you’re sure to get a chuckle out of it anyway.

Meet Jack for yourself here:

The More Cats You Rescue, The More Money You Make From This Company

Imagine you got paid for saving animals…and you DIDN’T work for a rescue group.

An IT company in Japan, Ferray Corporation, does just that.

The firm truly believes high productivity and minimal stress lies in one thing: cats.

The office is filled with them!

People are encouraged to bring their rescue cats to work with them to make the office environment more relaxed.

For every rescue cat their employees adopt, Ferray will pay them a bonus. It’s a small incentive to not only help them stay relaxed, but also help keep the number of stray cats to a minimum.

Tokyo is know for its high demand on its employees, and many workers just don’t have the time to own a pet since they are rarely home. This company is trying to change the circumstances and let their employees have a pet without having to leave it at home!

Currently, there are 9 office cats…and they’re all really cute.

Love Meow
Love Meow
Love Meow
Love Meow
Love Meow
Love Meow
Love Meow

All the employees report higher levels of happiness and find having the cats around makes for a less stressful environment. When there’s always a cat to hug, I can see why!

Love Meow

5-yr-old Is Crushed When He Hears The News About His Best Friend, But Fate Gave Them A Second Chance

Ronnie’s best friend was a 10-year-old, orange tabby named Phoenix. Not only was the senior cat his best friend, but he was also the family’s most beloved pet.

So when the old cat went missing, five-year-old Ronnie urged his mother, Michelle Humber to canvas the town and put up posters. They asked everyone to contact the family if Phoenix was spotted.

Sadly, after 18 months of searching, no one replied. Phoenix seemed to be gone for good.

Ronnie was devastated, so his mother suggested that they adopt a new furry friend – someone who desperately needs a forever home. They went to the local animal shelter to pick out a new buddy. They found one that they thought would be a good match and applied for the adoption.

The next time Ronnie and his mom went back, a familiar face in the next cage caught their eye…

It was Phoenix!

Ronnie couldn’t believe that he had found his best buddy – he was so overwhelmed with joy that he began to cry. As it turns out, two months earlier, Phoenix was dropped off at the animal shelter.

His tags were out of date and so worn down that the staff couldn’t contact Ronnie’s mom. The only reason Ronnie saw him that day was because Phoenix had just been put up for adoption!

Fate definitely intervened and brought these two together again at the right place, in the right time.

Animal lovers, it is moments like these that remind us how precious or pets truly are. If you haven’t updated your tags or microchips for your pet, consider doing it now – not all of us are as lucky as Ronnie and Phoenix!

[h/t WeLoveAnimals]

Blind And Deaf Cat Went Missing, But Her Reunion With Her Owner Will Leave You In Tears

After traveling across the country together, Raymond McNamara and his 20-year-old cat had a special bond that couldn’t be broken.

While on the road, his beloved cat wandered off alone in Florida, and was no where to be found.

Raymond did everything he could to try and find his feline friend. He organized search parties, contacted animal control and even reached out to the police, but no one was able to find her.

“Animal control and the police department were looking for her when she was first lost. He stirred up a lot of attention because he was frantic,” Bieniek told ABC News.

Shelters and rescues even pitched in a hand to look for the cat.

Lily, was both blind and deaf so finding her proved to be very challenging.

“Two months later I got a message on Facebook that a lady had found a cat at the construction site where she was lost. We pieced it together…that was definitely his cat,” said Kathy Bieniek, from Saving Sage Animal Rescue.

“She was laying where the electrical cord is,” said one rescue group volunteer.

The shelter staff took in the aged cat, gave her the medical attention she needed from being out in the heat and rain, alone and hungry.

“She was very dehydrated and very sick,” said Daniel Rayment, the hospital’s veterinary practice manager. “She had some liver issues. We hospitalized her, put her on IV fluids.”

See the touching reunion on the next page.

They kept her safe until the California man was able to make his way back to Florida to claim his family pet.

Choking back tears, Raymond was eager to get his furry friend back in his arms. And the feeling seemed to be mutual. Lily definitely remembered her human dad and was glad to be back with him again.

“She’s never going to get away from me again,” said Raymond.

“He broke down in tears and is never going to let her out of his sight again. She is his world,” said Bieniek. “He’s got her. He’s excited.”

Her Heart Leapt When She Saw His Furry Face Peeking Out Of A Discarded Backpack

His time was running out. No one knows what was going through his mind as he lay in the cramped, dark bag. The little orange tabby was severely injured and at death’s door when she found him.

The woman from Alberta, Canada had stepped out to dump her trash, when she noticed a large backpack in the garbage can. As she stepped closer to investigate, the bag moved slightly.

Startled, she leaned in closer and unzipped the knapsack. Inside was another bag, tied up tightly. She and her partner decided to open the second bag, but what they saw inside broke their hearts.

Looking back at them was an orange tabby, so badly broken and dehydrated that he could barely move. It was clear that he had been seriously abused and left to die.

Knowing that he was in bad shape, the woman and her partner called for help from the Alberta Animal Services. The agency members who came to his aid couldn’t believe how someone could have done this.

“[It] was one of the most devastating animal abuse cases Alberta Animal Services has seen,” the organization wrote in a post about the little orange cat.

His rescuers decided to name him Hiro Stanley, although they did everything they could to save him, no one was sure he would survive the night…

Little Hero endured multiple surgeries and spent weeks recovering in the hospital. Throughout his entire experience, he never gave up the will to fight – to survive.

Little by little, he grew stronger. Soon, he was standing and eating on his own under the watchful eye of his caregivers.

As soon as he was able to stand, he walked up to his caregivers to give them snuggles of gratitude.

“He is so affectionate despite all that he has gone through. As soon as he hears or sees the animal nurses he starts purring and demands cuddles,” Alberta Animal Services tells Love Meow.

Hiro would remain in the care of Alberta Animal Services for 50 days, and against all odds, he survived.  “Together we got Hiro through hell and back,” writes the agency.

In less than two months, Hiro made a full recovery and was finally ready for his forever home. With happy tears in their eyes, the caregivers at Alberta Animal Services said goodbye to their sweet ginger boy.

After careful screening, a new family has adopted sweet Hiro Stanley and even donated 25 of the next 10 feline adoption fees to give back to the community.

Now, one year later, Hiro is a happy, healthy kitty. He is surrounded by the love and affection of his family who give him constant kitty cuddles.

A special party for Hiro is being planned by Alberta Animal Services to celebrate his journey to recovery on June 17 2017 from 12-5 pm.

If you want to know more about Hiro’s story and get updates, visit his Facebook page here. Learn more about the work being done by Alberta Animal Services here.

[h/t LoveMeow]

Owner Leaves Cat-Sitter A Guide To Her Cats, And We Can’t Stop Laughing

One of the most stressful parts of planning a vacation as a pet owner is getting someone to watch your animals when you’re gone.

If you have one dog, one cat, or one anything it’s pretty straightforward. It requires just one list of instructions, but once you start adding in multiple animals, especially of the same type, things get tricky.

For one Tumblr user named Amanda, she was tasked with watching friend’s FOUR cats while the friend went on vacation. Instead of leaving Amanda in the dark, the friend left her a note identifying each cat giving extremely accurate descriptions.

Accurate to the point where it’s almost freaky. These were the descriptions:


And these are the cats.

– All gray.

-The most handsome cat you have ever seen.

-Looks like a cat that was drawn by a Disney Animator.


– All black.

-No tail.

-Looks like a cat that was drawn by a person who has a vague idea of what cats look like but in reality has never seen one.


Continue to the next page to see the other cats and how accurate they are!

– Calico. Looks like she would speak with a squeaky voice.

-Very short.

-Will use her nails to love you.


– Gray and white.

– Obese

– Still adorable.

– Looks like Tony Soprano. Probably the mob boss.


Pretty hilarious right? Amanda shared the note and has received hundreds of thousands of shares, likes, and comments. Of course, the real hero here is her friend who left the note. She has a way with words!

Need A Job? This Clinic Is Hiring Someone Just To Cuddle Cats

If anyone ever tells you there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect job’ kindly tell them they are wrong. This job allows you to cuddle cats all day and get paid to do so.

Sounds pretty perfect to me!

Just Cats Veterinary Clinic is looking for a professional Cat Cuddler for those “working with cats as a full-time job.” Isn’t that everyone?

The cat-only vet clinic says they’ll only discriminate against one type of potential employee…dogs.

“We are an equal opportunities employer, however we do discriminate against dogs attending our veterinary clinic as patients.”

Just Cats

This is the job posting:

  • Are you a crazy cat person and loves cats?
  • Does cattitude come naturally to you?
  • Have you counted kittens before you go asleep?
  • Do you feed the stray cats in your locality?
  • Does petting cats make you feel warm and fuzzy?

If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, how about working with cats as a full time job at Just Cats Veterinary Clinic?


Based in Clonsilla, Dublin 15, we are Dublin’s only veterinary clinic for just cats. We are looking for someone to work with our feline friendly staff in a ‘no dogs’ veterinary clinic.We are an equal opportunities employer, however we do discriminate against dogs attending our veterinary clinic as patients.

The ideal candidate must have gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time.They need to be softly spoke and capable of cat whispering to calm the nerves of some of our in patients.An ability to understand different types of purring is a distinct added advantage in helping you secure this position with us.

If this sounds like you, email us your cover letter, CV to [email protected]

A veterinary council of Ireland recognised qualification is essential for this role.

Just Cats veterinary Clinic, Coolmine Road, Clonsilla, Dublin 15

Basically, this sounds like the world’s most purr-fect job.

Well, unless you’re allergic to cats I guess. But hey, that means less competition for me!

4 Years After Her Cat Ran Away, She Got A Call That Reunite Her With Beloved Pet

Pets feel like family, and many of us who have gone to choose a new cat or dog know that fateful feeling of picking up your new family member. It feels right, like it came into your life for a reason, and from that day on your bond is strong and everlasting. Shonet du Plessis was lucky enough to have the same loving cat come into her life not once, but twice.

Too many of us know the heartbreak of losing a pet. It feels like losing a family member, and when they go, either run away, given up or died, we know we have to say goodbye forever. That’s what Shonet thought when her cat Honda was chased out of her home over 4-years ago.

North Glen News

Shonet had two cats, Honda and another male cat, but the other, larger, cat didn’t take well to Honda. As they do sometimes, the cat chased Honda out of the home. Shonet was devastated.

For months she searched for Honda, by all accounts a sweet and affectionate short-hair, but couldn’t find him. She posted pictures and canvassed the neighborhood, but no one had seen him. To make matters worse Shonet knew she had only a limited time to find Honda; in a few months she would be moving across town.

North Glen News

She didn’t find him in time, and when she packed up her home she gave up hope on ever seeing her beloved cat again.

Their reunion is truly amazing!

If you’ve ever lost a pet you know that the years pass, and the memories may fade, but they never truly go away. Especially when you were forced to say goodbye too soon. The same was true for Shonet.

Four years after losing Honda she would bring him up in conversation whenever she was talking to other cat lovers, one such person was Tracey Hartley.

Hartley works with the Feral Cat Rescue Trust, a foundation that tries to help make the lives of feral cats better. They’ll routinely trap, spay/neuter, and feed feral cats – they’ll also treat injured and sick felines.

Feral Cat Rescue Trust

“Last week I had a phone call from someone who told me they had a black cat coming to them and would feed them twice a day,” Hartley told North Glen News.

Believing the cat feral, Hartley set out to try and trap him, eventually she succeeded. While taking him to the vet she realized the cat was incredibly affectionate, which is not typical in a feral cat.

She immediately thought of Shonet.

“I said, ‘you have to look at this cat, I think it’s Honda.'”

North Glen News

After 4 years Shonet wasn’t sure, but agreed to check out the mystery cat. She couldn’t believe her eyes when Honda greeted her. Now the pair are back in Shonet’s new home on a farm outside of the city.

“He has done amazingly well on his own. I am so happy that this rescue has had such an amazing ending,” Hartley said.

5 Ways To Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

As we gear up for tank top and flip flop season, it is important to remember that we aren’t the only ones who experience overheating as temperatures rise.

Our furry companions can also experience the side effects of the heat and unlike humans, dogs and cats don’t have the ability to sweat so it takes a lot more to keep their bodies cool during the summer months.

While cats aren’t the first to come to mind when talking about keeping pets cool when the sun’s ablaze, they are totally capable of being in danger of overheating and risk of heat stroke, which can be fatal.

There are several things you can do to ensure your indoor or outdoor cat remains safe from heat exposure. Here are some tips you can put to use as soon as temperatures start to climb.  

1. Keep your cat hydrated

Dehydration is one of the first signs of overheating. When hot, a cat’s blood temperature rises and heavy panting to cool their bodies off isn’t always enough. You can help with the cooling process by making fresh, cool water available all at all times. If you have an outdoor cat, it’s a good idea to have multiple drinking bowls in and around your home including the garden and porch. Since cats enjoy running water, introducing them to a cat drinking fountain could do wonders.


2. Keep indoor temperatures cool

Many people like to reduce their energy usage and costs by shutting off air conditioners and fans when they’re not home, but this is a dangerous practice for pet owners. The temperature inside your home will soar along with the outside which means your pet is likely to be trapped in a warm house with no cooling options. So before you step out of the house, make sure you you have a few windows open at the very least to create a cross breeze.

3. Make your home’s ‘cool spots’ accessible

Your cat will seek out the cooler spots throughout your home as the weather warms up. Shady rooms, areas with tiles, under furnitures and boxes are more likely to be your cat’s go-to, so always make sure they’re clean, clutter-free and easily accessible.

Blazing Cat Fur

4. Limit playtime hours

The heat will take a toll on your cat’s energy levels, so it is wise to designate early mornings and evenings as playtime hours. This is particularly important for kittens and senior cats who tend to be at higher risk for heatstroke.

5. Groom your cat

Brushing your cat daily is key to preventing matted fur from trapping heat especially for cats with longer hairs. A well-groomed coat will increase airflow which is crucial for your cat’s health.

Does your cat have a special way of staying cool? Share its secret in the comments!

[h/t: Petfinder]

State Is Invoking Legal Advocates For Abused Animals In Courts

Since 2006, Connecticut saw 3,723 charges of animal abuse or cruelty roll through their court systems.

80 of these cases were dismissed or not prosecuted.

19 resulted in convictions and 1 resulted in the defendant being found not guilty.

But the state wants to see the number of cases that are prosecuted go up, because they believe the animals deserve justice. That’s why they implemented a new animal advocate program that will give more animals a voice.

8 volunteers, 7 lawyers and one law professor along with her students, are part of an experimental system that will allow prosecutors and defenders request an animal advocate for their cases. The hope is that the advocates will give animals a voice they wouldn’t otherwise have, and make animal cruelty charges more likely.

“Every state has the problem of overburdened courts that understandably prioritize human cases over animal cases in allocating resources,” said University of Connecticut professor Jessica Rubin, a specialist in animal law. “Here’s a way to help.”

The volunteers are considered an official part of the investigation and are able to conduct interviews with witnesses or professionals who are relevant to the case. This can save the prosecutors time and end up helping the case.

Jessica Rubin and her student Taylor Hansen prepare to present arguments as animal advocates in a dog fighting case.Fox News

States across the country are watching this Connecticut program to see if it will have positive results.

Jessica Rubin and her student Taylor Hansen were the first to testify in court as advocates for three pit bulls thrown into a dogfighting ring. The dogs were found emaciated with scars all over their bodies. One of the dogs had to be euthanized.

Hansen argued that the accused, Raabbi Ismail, should not be allowed to participate in the Accelerated Rehabilitation program because of his horrific crimes. She argued that if his record was ultimately wiped clean, there would be nothing to stop him from getting back into dogfighting.

Desmond, a dog who was beaten, strangled, and starved by his owner. Fox News

The judge listened to all of Hansen’s points, but ultimately decided to allow Ismail to participate in Accelerated Rehabilitation. However, he did take her points into consideration and put conditions that will prevent him from owning, breeding, or having dogs in his home for the next two years. He will also be required to complete 200 hours of community service.

“It showed the animals do have a voice,” Hansen said. “We are able to have an impact on the proceedings.”

“Just having the advocate in court represents a sea change in the handling of animal abuse cases,” said Annie Hornish, the Connecticut director for the Humane Society of the United States. “We hope with this law in place, we will start to see much better procedural outcomes. We are very excited that judges seem to be taking advantage of it.”

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