Can You Find The Corgi In Each Of These Pictures?

Get ready for the best hide-and-seek game you’ve ever played in your life.

Franklin, an 8-year-old corgi, has become an internet sensation after deciding he didn’t want to end his walk one day.

“One day on our way home from our morning walk he ‘hid’ behind a light pole because he wasn’t ready to go home,” Melissa Looney, Franklin’s mom, said. “I took a photo and shared it with my friends, and then began sharing his daily attempts to hide on our walks, and the game was born.”

Now, the two play hide-and-seek on a daily basis, with Looney posting a picture of Franklin’s preferred hiding spot that day.

See if you can find Franklin in these pictures! Some are easier than others…

Where’s Franklin?
Where’s Franklin?

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“We have been playing the hide-and-seek game for around four years now and it has gotten more complex, so I often do show him where to hide now, but he fully understands the game and never misses an opportunity to peek around a tree or out from under a bush,” Looney said. “He loves the game too and waits until he hears the camera click!”

Where’s Franklin?
Where’s Franklin?
Where’s Franklin?

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“He’s very athletic and loves to play,” Looney said. “His favorite activities are hiking and camping. He loves adventure and there’s no mountain too high for his little legs! He also loves to play fetch and swim and get dirty. He’s part mud monster and part corgi.”

Where’s Franklin?
Where’s Franklin?
Where’s Franklin?
Where’s Franklin?

“Franklin is an extremely happy and outgoing boy,” Looney said. “I think he would be the happiest corgi alive if he knew the joy his little hide-and-seek game brings to so many people.”

Did you find all the Franklins?

A Man Saved This Dog From A Hot Car, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

A man from Cornwall, England is making headlines around the world after recording himself “rescuing” a dog from a hot car.

Clive Oxley was eating lunch when he first noticed the dog in the back of a Kia. The car, parked beside a laundromat, had been sitting in the sun for an hour and a half, according the the parking meter.

Oxley claims the dog was “minutes from death,” lying on its back with its paws in the air. With no one else willing to help, Oxley took drastic measures to protect the animal.

According to Oxley, the car was so warm that he couldn’t even leave his hand on the roof.

“I rang the police and they said not to do anything unless it was distressed,” he told Cornwall Live.

“The dog was lying on its back with its tongue hanging out. It couldn’t breathe. There was no way I was leaving it.”

Around 10 minutes after he filmed the rescue, the police and the dog’s owner arrived. The woman, who had been in a nearby pizza restaurant, screamed at Oxley for damaging her car, but he stands by his decision.

Cornwall Live

Cornwall’s police also say he did the right thing, explaining that “police have the right to break the window of a car to free the animal if they believe that a dog is in distress. If a member of public sees a dog in a car in a warm day please call the police immediately and we will advise from there.”

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Every year, hundreds of animals die in situations just like this. As temperatures get warmer, careless owners think they can get away with leaving their pet inside for a few minutes, without realizing how warm their vehicles get.

Britain’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Aimals (RSPCA) warns that a car can become “hot as an oven” even in milder temperatures.

“When it’s [71 degrees] in a car it can reach an unbearable [116 degrees] within the hour.” As you can see from this video, not even a pro athlete can stand up to temperatures like this:

If you notice a pet left in a hot car, experts say you should monitor the situation and call the authorities before taking action yourself

Signs to look out for include panting, drooling and unconsciousness. These could indicate that the animal is having trouble breathing, or is dehydrated.

While you may think leaving the AC on is enough to protect your pet, don’t take chances with their life.

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This Dog Was Abandoned Because He Was ‘Too Big’ But You Should See Him Now

A 5-month-old Pomeranian puppy named Bert was abandoned at an animal shelter for a ridiculous reason. Apparently, breeders decided he was “too big to sell.”

Luckily for the adorable pup, Kathy Grayson found Bert on PetFinder and decided to adopt him. She flew all the way from NYC, where she owns an art gallery, to Tulsa to pick up the dog and bring him to his forever home.

Grayson’s one problem with having a new puppy was that she spent so much time at the gallery. Since she couldn’t leave Bert alone while he was still adjusting to his new life, she decided to do something unusual.


Grayson brought Bert with her to work, and surprisingly the puppy was well-behaved and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings of the art gallery.


“There was just something about the look in his eyes,” Grayson said in an interview with The Dodo. “I think that next day in NYC we had an opening at my art gallery with hundreds of people and a dinner and after-party. From day one, Bert was ready to join the art world!”

For Grayson and Bert, every day is “bring your dog to work day.” The two of them are inseparable pals and the chocolate Pomeranian has made many friends while at work. People come regularly not just to see the art, but to spend time with Bert.

“Bertie has become our unofficial mascot,” Grayson said.


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Bert isn’t just a pet anymore. He’s almost 4 years old and has an unofficial “job” at the gallery. He attracts customers and helps make gallery a unique art-viewing experience for people.

“A lot of people bring their dogs too!” Grayson said. “They know that I am always there with Bert in my office with treats, ready to play.”


Grayson claims that Bert helps keep her grounded and is more than willing to go with her when she has special events to attend. He loves the laid-back atmosphere of the art community.

“He is so calm and like … introspective,” Grayson said. “He’s been to dozens of openings, scores of art fairs in NYC, Miami, L.A. and the Hamptons even. He’s been to…clubs, restaurants, bars, even the opera once! His motto is ‘Happy to be included!'”

Although the rescue pup was unwanted at first, Grayson has made a home for him at the gallery where he’s surrounded by viewers who love to see the cute bear-like dog. And who could blame them?


Would you have adopted this little guy? Let us know in the comments!

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Violet The Pitbull Is Happy And Healthy After Being Abandoned By Her Owner

Leaving a dog chained up outdoors is one of the worst things a pet owner can do. For some reason, certain owners still think it’s acceptable to leave your dog vulnerable to the weather and totally alone.

Violet the pitbull was left in just this kind of situation. When her rescuers found her she was sunburned and infected with maggots from living in a filthy doghouse.

The rubber collar on her chain leash had even left a black mark around her neck.

Angela Stell, whose organization NMDog rescued Violet and 5 other dogs from the same property, says that Violet probably wore that heavy chain her entire life.

NMDog specializes in rescuing New Mexico’s “forgotten dogs,” which is exactly what Violet was.

Her owner had been sent to jail, leaving the property owner to care for his dogs. It’s doubtful that anyone was even feeding Violet every day.

But there were other signs poor Violet hadn’t been cared for. She would duck when anyone raised their hand near her.

“I can’t imagine what somebody did to maker her do that,” Stell told the Dodo.

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With help from a team of loving vets and volunteers, Violet is slowly adjusting to the big wide world she’s been kept away from her whole life.

She still needs lots of medical attention, and to be spayed, but in a few months she’ll be looking for a new forever home with a lucky adoptive family.

Until then, she’s learning to socialize, and “just learning about the world around her, and not being chained anymore,” says Stell.

Violet even has an adorable friend, her stuffed raccoon friend. Although, she’s still “shy,” and won’t let anybody watch her play with it.

If you want to learn more about NMDog or support them, check their website. You can also adopt Violet soon, if you live in New Mexico.

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Who Made The Mess? Dogs Prove There’s No Honor Among Thieves

When you’ve got two dogs, they keep each other company, share food and toys, and help each other out of difficult situations. Not only are they best friends, but they tend to also become partners in crime. But when it comes to getting in trouble, friendship might go out the window.

That’s what happened when a Chinese owner discovered her two dogs in a kitchen corner with a pile of ripped-up papers at their feet.

In the adorable video captured by the owner, a Samoyed and Golden Retriever sit side by side, looking expectantly at the woman.

People’s Daily, China

“Which one of you made the mess?” she asks.

While the Retriever turns his head away, the Samoyed growls in a low murmur as if to say: “It was him!” and points his paw towards his friend.

People’s Daily, China

“Was it him?” the owner asks.

The innocent dog makes a noise low in his throat and again points out the culprit. Just look at that smug face!

People’s Daily, China

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Can you imagine a friend snitching on you like this? The big white dog has no problem pointing out his companion’s mistake. There’s no loyalty between these friends when they risk losing their treats for the day!

“He said is was you,” the owner says, while turning to the guilty-looking Retriever. He’s been betrayed and he avoids eye contact with his owner.

“Was it really him?” the woman asks, just to be sure.

People’s Daily, China

The adorable Samoyed eagerly points at his buddy a third time while the Retriever hangs his head in shame. He has no way out of this one!

The video, which was originally posted on Twitter by People’s Daily, has since had thousands of views, and it’s no wonder.

Watch the full video below:

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Animal Control Workers Had To Act Fast When They Found This Dog In a Dangerous Situation

After a stray dog was seen wandering the streets of this Texas town, animal control was forced to step in.

Animal Control workers responded to a call in the Forth Worth neighborhood after concerns about seeing the terrified canine in distress.

In the dramatic video, you can see rescue workers sneak up behind the dog and pinning him to the ground while a control noose was put around his neck.

Once the noose was in place, the workers were able to pull the obstruction away.

A plastic jar that was estimated to have been stuck on the dog’s head for 3 days, was removed with a few good tugs.

The jar was the kind that used to hold cheese balls, so the dog had probably gotten stuck while licking up the remains of the snack.

The dog was extremely dehydrated, and had a few lesions but was otherwise in good condition.

He is now at a shelter healing but will soon be on his way to finding his forever home.

“Pickle still needs some time to heal and gain back his confidence, but after that, he will be more than ready to find his loving forever home.

This Puppy Passes Out Every Day, But It’s Fine

Who doesn’t love puppies? You’ll have one more reason to love them if you watch this video by 23-year-old pet owner Amy Horton from McKinney, Texas!

Amy compiled video clips of her adorable Corgi named Maggie, who is extra-special. Maggie loves to wander around the house and play with her toys like any other dog, but she has a unique condition that causes her to do something most pups don’t.

In the middle of playing with a toy or running around the house, Maggie’s legs give out under her without warning, causing her to “splat” onto the ground. But it doesn’t hurt her at all. The cute little corgi splays out on the floor for just a moment before getting up again like nothing happened.

Caters News Agency

“I have never seen any corgi sploot that much, that often, and that cute,” says Amy. “It’s definitely a corgi thing, I’ve seen other dogs do similar sploots, but I haven’t seen anything as adorable as Maggie doing it.”

Caters News Agency

While other dogs occasionally pass out randomly, Maggie has a health issue that causes her “sploots” to happen more frequently. She tires very fast so her body gives her an instant nap whenever she needs it!

Caters News Agency

“Maggie was born with a heart defect which resulted in her body being less active, thankfully she had heart surgery and she has recovered, but she still splits around the house,” the dog’s owner says.

Caters News Agency

We think Maggie the corgi is the cutest puppy ever and she’s perfect just the way she is! What do you think?

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This Pedigree Ad About Dog Adoption Will Pull At Your Heartstrings

Pedigree’s latest ad from their “Feel the Good” campaign is turning the tables to cast a spotlight on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

The pet food brand is shying away from the familiar animal shelter ad narrative that portray sad-looking pets in cages waiting to be chosen by a human.

The new advert serves us a dose of role-reversal where the dog gets to pick its human companion. In a little over a minute, Pedigree manages to show that sometimes we need our pets just as much as they need us.

Watch the moving ad below and see what happens as soon as one dog walks through the doors of a very special kennel.

This isn’t the first time that Pedigree is highlighting the positive impact of having animals in our lives. You can check out more of their heartwarming ads on the next page.

Since the “Feel the Good” campaign was launched in 2015, Pedigree has been using the platform to tell us some touching stories about the ways in which dogs bring out the best in people.

One of the more recent ads is about a wounded veteran and his service dog:

While this one takes us back to the Civil War with George Washington and his troops:

Craig Neely, VP-marketing for Mars Petcare said that the ads “directly reflects the core of our Feed the Good campaign, which is that universal truth that dogs bring out the good in us, and that our job at Pedigree is to bring out the good in them.”

They’re doing a fantastic job! What do you think of these ads?

Dog Left To Die By Previous Owner Because She Is Different, Gets Second Chance At Life

What started out as an ordinary day for veterinary school student Adhara Talamantes, very quickly turned into anything but. The Mexican woman was on her way to school when she came across something that forever changed her life.

Lying on the ground was a disabled dog left behind to fight for her life. Almendra was born without her two-front legs so she had no choice but to drag herself around with her hind legs in search of shelter and food.

However, the open wounds along her body meant she would soon be unable to move.

Adhara couldn’t handle the dog’s suffering and knew she had to act quick before the poor pup succumbs to her injuries. In that moment, she decided to help little Almendra get a second chance at life.

After a few weeks of treatment, Almendra was on the mend and Adhara started to see hope return to the abandoned dog’s eyes.

Adhara started teaching the adorable pooch how to walk by training her hind legs with water therapy. When she was strong enough, she got her a wheelchair so she could run easily get around.

“When it arrived, I put her in it, and she started running. That was one of the happiest moments of my life, when all the therapy I did with her – all the days we spent using the running machine and all the cleaning and tending of her wounds – finally paid off.” she told Mirror.

Almendra now has a forever home that she shares with her new owner and 3 other fur babies. She loves to run and acts no different than any other dog. Proud Adhara doesn’t see anything wrong with her dog as she believes that  “the only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

Adhara created an Instagram account for her precious two-legged dog so everyone can follow along her progress and adorable adventures. You can check it out here.

We’re so glad Alemendra found a loving home where she can be herself.

Dog Walks To School By Himself Every Day For This Unusual Reason

It’s common knowledge that dogs are the best. Sorry, not sorry.

They love unconditionally, are always excited to see you, and provide constant entertainment.

But this dog in particular is just the most pure being to ever exist.

Lucky, a rescue dog from Ireland, just loves to be loved, so every day she trots her way over to a local school so people will pet her.

“It doesn’t surprise me that she visits the school!” Lucky’s owner Ciara Clarke said. “She’s incredibly sweet and affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle! She is very much loved at home, which is very close to the school, in the quiet Cavan countryside.”

Local resident Sean Conway has seen the dog at school events before and says it’s not unusual.

“I noticed that the dog was waiting at the wall outside, and some kids were coming over to pet him,” Conway says. “He waited patiently and was there for about 10 minutes before he left. It’s a regular thing and the kids were used to it.”

The Dodo
The Dodo

While her name may be Lucky, it’s the rest of us who are blessed to have this dog exist!

A-List Star Gets Tough on Dog Fighting After Fostering a Pit Bull

Fostering an animal can be one of life’s greatest joys, because you are changing the life of an animal for the better and they could change your whole perspective as well.

That is what happened to this actor when he brought home a 2-year-old Pitbull, Ginger.

Many people have spoken out to protect dogs, like Ginger, from being the target of abuse.  

With the help of the ASPCA, they are urging people to help end the cruel practice of dog fighting.

Best Friends Animal Society

Patrick Stewart’s dog fostering journey has been well documented on Twitter and Instagram, and how it has changed the life of the 76-year-old actor.

“I find that my relationship to the world and to the news every day in the papers and on the television has been changed by Ginger, because she has brought such a quality of patience and tolerance and fun into our lives, that it has, in a very short space of time, shifted my sense of where our world might be going,” Stewart told PEOPLE.

He and his partner Sunny Ozell are fostering Ginger through L.A.’s Wags and Walks, with help from the ASPCA.

This has caused the Star Trek and X-Men star to take up arms in the fight against animal abuse.

“No one should profit off animal cruelty and torture,” he writes in a Tweet. “Join me and @ASPA to #GetTough on dog fighting.”

As part of a campaign that kicked off on April 8, Stewart and the ASPCA are urging animal lovers across the country to #GetTough on this cruel practice by posting selfies with their pets.

Stewart admits that he also believed the negative stereotypes that claims pit bulls are violent and dangerous, until 5 years ago when he lived next door to a pit bull named Sadie in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

“I had a reaction to that, which I am now significantly ashamed of, because pit bulls to me meant only one thing: aggression, hostility, violence. I was uncomfortable with the idea of meeting this dog,” Stewart shared.

Unfortunately due to breed legislation in the U.K., the British actor would be unable to take Ginger home too England, so they are focusing their efforts on finding the perfect forever home for the pit bull.

Even though Ginger won’t be able to stay in his family permanently, she has made an impact on Stewart’s life. In addition to his work to end dog fighting, the actor is now moving to fight discriminatory breed legislation that is preventing him from taking Ginger abroad.  

“I am very happy to be part of the campaign that is speaking out against this and the urgent need for the law and organizations to intervene whenever they can,” he said.

“Fostering #GingerGurl is one of the best things I’ve ever done,” writes Stewart in a Tweet.

“I literally find myself more optimistic than I was, and there is only Ginger to account for this,” he continued. “It is the impact of sharing my life for only seven or eight days with Ginger.

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They fought for pit bulls’ rights, but they were hiding a secret that left officials shaking

The called themselves  pit bull advocates, and argued against a pit bull breeding ban, but they were also the perpetrators of one of the worst cases of animal abuse authorities had ever seen.

Early in 2016 Carl Dixon was arrested and held in Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles, authorities couldn’t have known the damage that this simple arrest was about to cause.

Dixon was the owner of nearly 50 pit bull dogs on a property he shared with his wife, Kim Gallegos. Unknown to anyone but the pair, the dogs were already living in substandard conditions. When Dixon was arrested it got even worse.


On July of that year investigators were called to the home after neighbors complained about a “stench” from the house. What they found left even the most senior officials shaking their heads.

Eleven dead dogs, dozens more undernourished and dehydrated. Animal Services was called and. in some cases, raced against time to try to save the abused animals.

Vet Dr. Sara Strongin described one dog.

Press Enterprise

“We approached and he wouldn’t lift his head, didn’t respond to anything we were doing for him,” she recounted to media.

“We got him on the exam table and started to treat him…he crashed so fast.”

In the end two more dogs had to be put down because they were beyond saving, shelters were filled to their limit with the sudden influx of so many dogs in need.

Gallegos was no where to be found.

“This is one of the worst cases of abuse we’ve seen in a long time,” said Animal Services commander Chris Mayer. “They died of starvation, or from the extreme heat. These animals were left in such shameful conditions.”


Dogs were found dead both inside and outside the home. Inside there were signs that Gallegos tried to make improvised dog runs for the animals, even using kiddie pools for the dogs to use as bathrooms.

Kennels lined the homes, everywhere there were starving dogs.

At the house police found evidence that Gallegos, and Dixon’ sister Christian, knew about the plight of the poor dogs, but made no effort to care for them. A warrant was issued for the arrest of both women, but authorities had no idea where to look.

After nearly a year Gallegos was arrested in Las Vegas, Christian Dixon remains on the run.

Press Enterprise

Gallegos is facing 38 felony charges of Animal abuse, which should lead to some jail time and a life time ban on owning pets. It’s unknown if Carl Dixon will face any charges since he was unable to care for the dogs at the time.

Before his imprisonment Carl Dixon was known as a fighter for pit bull’s rights. He attended town halls when the county was considering banning the breeding of the dogs. He even brandished his ribbons and medals he said his show dogs had won.

Infuriatingly he even said that certain considerations should be made for pit bull owners who do things “the right way”.

With the way things have unfolded his comments are hypocrisy in the worst way, and underscore how much we need stronger laws to protect animals from humans who would do them harm.

Experts Warn More Dogs Are Catching “Hard Pad Disease” – Here’s How To Protect Your Pet

Veterinarians and government departments in multiple states are warning about an increase in the number of cases of canine distemper, also known as “hard pad disease.”

An outbreak of cases in Minnesota has gotten so bad that the state’s Department of Natural Resources is telling dog owners to be cautious and learn how to recognize the disease. Hard pad is caused by a virus that’s usually spread by wild animals like foxes and raccoons.

While most dogs are vaccinated for distemper, older and younger dogs are still vulnerable to the disease.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your pets safe from this nasty virus.

The most common way dogs catch distemper is from wild animals, but unlike rabies your pet doesn’t need to come in contact to catch it.

Bodily fluids from infected animals and even the air around them can spread the virus to your dog. It’s also important to dispose or bury any dead wild animals you find in your neighborhood, because their bodies can spread the virus.

You’ll known your pet has caught distemper if you notice these symptoms:

  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Excess mucus and eye fluid
  • Fever
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Loss of apetite
  • Seizures
Racooons, foxes and roadkill are common sources of distemper.

If you suspect your dog has distemper, take them to see a vet right away. Also, keep your other pets away from them, because you don’t want the disease to spread while your dog is being treated.

Unfortunately there’s no “cure” for distemper, but with medication to manage the symptoms dogs can make a full recovery in a few months.

As the weather gets nicer there will be even more diseases threatening your pet, so it’s important to know how to protect them.

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Dog Covered In Glue And Left To Die Proves Love Always Wins

On a crisp fall day last year, rescuers from He’Art of Rescue stumbled upon a despondent pup left to die on their doorstep in a box.

Upon closer inspection, the rescuers noticed that the little dog couldn’t move because his entire body was covered in industrial strength glue.

The thick glue hardened and became “like a second skin in time and as thick as the cement, preventing blood flow to several points in his body,” explained the rescuers. He also appeared to have two broken legs.

Aware that they did not have much time left to help the poor dog, the staff immediately took him to their facility and began the treatment process.

Apparently, the thick glue covering Pascal the dog’s fur was poured on by children.

Pascal initially distanced himself from the veterinarians but once he realized that he was no longer in harm’s way, he gradually warmed up.

He went through “thorough examination and specialized treatment” and his fur had to be completely shaved off. The skin underneath showed “extreme damage” due to chemical burn.

His course of treatment included “medical baths” and “special homeopathic medicines” to heal the burns and regrow his fur.

Thankfully, Pascal has since made amazing strides in his recovery and you can see what he looks like on the next page.

After Pascal’s heartbreaking story spread online, people from across the world came to his aid by donating money towards his treatment.

Soon after his fur began to grow back and hope returned to his eyes.

This past March, the Istanbul based He’art Institute shared an update on Facebook regarding Pascal’s health and he is unrecognizable! He also found a forever home with no shortage of love.

The post was accompanied by the caption: “HAPPY TIMES AFTER EVERYTHING HE WENT THROUGH FINALLY !!! PASCAL is spending the week-end with his family in Spain by the beach! Breathtaking view!”

You can see more pictures of a healthy Pascal enjoying another go at life below:

Loving Dog Helps Push His Disabled Owner Down The Street (Photos)

Break out the tissues before you start this story, because this is one of the most touching cases of animal friendship we’ve ever come across.

If you visit the market in the city of Luoyang, China, you’ll find a cobbler named Laoma Yen and his dog. While Laoma hasn’t given his dog a name, the locals call her Big Yellow, and know her by sight because of the incredible thing she does every day.

Laoma is a widower with no children. Since he was paralyzed in a car accident he has lived on the street, traveling 2 kilometers to work and back every day using his homemade wheelchair.

Whenever he gets stuck, Big yellow knows just what to do, giving her owner a helpful push.

The first time his dog helped him along, Laoma told local news he was shocked.

“I got stuck once, and was trying to move forward up a slippery and muddy incline when I suddenly felt someone pushing me from behind,” he said.

“When I looked round to say thanks, I saw my dog pushing me and was really amazed but also grateful.”

While he struggles to make ends meet, Laoma’s clever dog even managed to feed itself. While the cobbler was working at his stall, Big Yellow roams around the market begging for scraps.

Thankfully this dog-lover and his pet got the happy ending they deserved.

After getting some media coverage, their story went viral on the Chinese social media site Weibo. Once they attracted enough attention, the government stepped in.

They gave Laoma the disability benefits he should have been receiving for the past 20 years, and even a new wheelchair (though he says he prefers the old one).

We’re glad Laoma and Big Yellow won’t go hungry, but they already have the best thing they can ask for: each other!

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[H/T: The Daily Mail]

Can You See What This Dog Is Doing Wrong? Soon As You Spot It You’ll Laugh Out Loud

Puppies are little bundles of joy. Sure they are a lot of work, but it’s worth it when you’ve been drowned in puppy kisses. They love unconditionally and will be your best friend, sometimes it’s hard to remember that buried deep down they are also fearsome predators.

A dog has instinctive hunting skills…or at least they’re supposed to.

One Imgur user posted what might possibly be the cutest gif on the internet. His baby lab chased a squirrel up a tree and decided to wait out the little rascal.

There’s only one problem, can you spot it?

You’d think that with one of the best noses in nature that something might alert this proud hunter. Well you’d be wrong. If you missed it too here’s what the puppy predator should have seen:

Red Circle

I’m pretty sure you can actually see the squirrel break out into a smile. Watch the full gif here:

She’s Using Her Power in Washington To Help Save Dogs

Animals in the wild have defense mechanisms that give them a chance at life. Whether it’s blending in with camouflage or fighting tooth and nail, a wild animal can defend itself. Not so in a lab.

To help stop the mistreatment of animals in laboratories, people who believe in animal rights will need to step up, the higher their profile the better. While there are a number of celebrities who use their fame to draw attention to the plight of abused animals, like Pamela Anderson, one not-so-famous person has been given a big chance to help out. And she’s doing just that.

Lana and Eric

Lara Trump is the daughter-in-law of the President of the United States. Her husband Eric has routinely been seen with the President, and is considered to be in his inner circle of family advisers. It doesn’t get a lot closer to power than that, and Lara isn’ letting her new found influence go to waste.

She and her husband are the proud pet parents of 2 rescued beagles, one of which was found abandoned in horrific condition. Now she’s going even further and helping out the Beagle Freedom Project.

Lana Beagles
Donald Trump Buzz

The project aims to help free the close to 70,000 beagles that are used for laboratory testing in the United States. They’re working Congress to pass the Beagle Freedom Bill which would release all lab tested animals willing homes. Five states currently have similar laws in place.

Lara also recently spoke at Beagle Freedom’s annual fundraiser, and has taken to the internet to try to motivate people to push for stronger animal protections.


If we want to have a world where animals aren’t abused anymore, we’re going to need a lot more people like her!

One Magic Phrase Makes This Puppy Go Wild And It’s Too Much For Our Hearts to Handle

It’s no secret that most pets love attention, and you can really get a dog’s tail wagging when it’s time to get out of the house.

From car rides, to a walk to the park, leaving the house is often a highlight of your furry friend’s day.

This tiny pup from Austin, Texas reacts with even more theatrics than most pets.

Poppy is a mixed breed dog. “We think [she’s] chihuahua meets pug meets something else…woods fairy, maybe??” one of her owners, Michael Tully, said on his Instagram feed.

Poppy’s enthusiasm is unmatched and it makes our heart melt every time he appears on Tully’s Instagram page.

As a filmmaker Tully has created multiple videos of Poppy in action.

This particular video is a must-watch for any dog lover. When he hears the magical phrase, “Do you want to go for a… walk??” Poppy goes from calm to hysterical in a fraction of a second, and it’s adorable.

Watch the video:

What do you think of this pups excitement?