Child Star’s Secret Struggle Ended In Tragedy

There are some tragic stories that are almost too outrageous to believe. The story of Judith Eva Barsi is one of these stories. While you may not recognize her name, you will no doubt know her voice. She was a very successful voice actress as a child, voicing so many of your favorite characters like Ann-Marie in “All Dogs Go To Heaven” and Ducky in “The Land Before Time”.

By only age 7 she had found something she loved to do and was able to make good money doing it. Apparently she was making in the upwards of $100,000 per year voicing characters and she enjoyed to do it.

Even though her life seemed like a dream, she was actually suffering greatly. While she loved getting to voice different characters, at home her father was a dangerous and scary man. Jozsef was an abusive alcoholic whose angry behavior increased as his daughters successful career started to take off.

As her career became the most important thing in their family, Judith’s father’s attitude continued to get worse.

Jozsef would routine threaten to kill himself and Judith along with her mother Maria. By 1986 Maria reported him to the police, but eventually dropped the charges because there were no physical signs of abuse. The violence continued with him throwing pots and pans and other objects at his young daughter. She began coping with unusual behavior like picking out all her eyelashes and her cat’s whiskers.

When Judith broke down in an audition for All Dogs Go To Heaven she was sent to a child psychologist who discovered the severe abuse she was facing and reported it to Child Protective Services. When Maria found out about the report, she claimed she was filing for a divorce so they wouldn’t take away her daughter. They had planned to move away from Jozsef but unfortunately she was too afraid.

On July 25, 1988 at the age of 10, Judith was seen riding her bike in the morning but later that night when she was sleeping Jozef shot her in the head closely followed by her mother.

Two days later her spoke with Judith’s agent and said he was moving out of the home after he “says goodbye to his little girl” but then poured gasoline over their bodies and around the house and set it on fire. While the house was burning he headed to the garage and took his own life.

She and her mother were buried in the Hollywood Hills in California without any markers until 2004 where a stone was added that had her signature catchphrase from The Land Before Time on it because it was her favorite role to play.

Hard to believe someone could do such a terrible thing to anyone, let alone their own daughter. If you think you see a child in need of help, speak up and call the authorities to help.

Movie Theaters With Indoor Playgrounds Are Coming To A City Near You

Streaming services like Netflix have probably taken over your household because you can’t be bothered to venture out to the cinema with kids who may find it hard to sit through anything that lasts longer than 30 minutes.

Cinépolis, a Mexican movie theater chain, has a solution that’ll turn trips to the movies into less of an ordeal.

The cinema operator announced that it will debut two kid-friendly theater concepts that feature full-sized playgrounds in the auditoriums.

“It’s really intended to make kids feel welcome and comfortable,” Cinépolis USA Chief Executive Adrian Mijares Elizondo told The LA Times. “The whole idea is to make it easier for parents to take their kids to the movies and let the kids have more fun.”


Each of the megaplexes are designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 12 and will feature a fenced jungle gym with slides, obstacle course, lounge chairs, beanbag chairs and more.


If you’re worried about the noise level during a showing, you can stop now because the theatre will only allow play before and after a movie and during a possible 15-minute intermission.

Strict playground rules will be implemented to ensure every child’s safety. Shoes, food, drinks and running will not be allowed in the designated play area.


This concept may seem new to the U.S but it has already taken off in Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Clearly the concept’s success in those countries has prompted Cinépolis to further expand.

Cinépolis Junior will launch at the Pico Rivera and Vista in Los Angeles and San Diego just in time for the premiere of the new live-action Beauty and the Beast on March 16.

Would you take your kids to this cinema?

Two Years After Scandal, Josh And Anna Duggar Have A Huge Announcement

It’s been two years since the Duggar family (and the world) was rocked by Josh Duggar’s confession about being a sex addict and molesting at least two of his sisters when he was a teenager.

He apologized for his wrong-doings, sought treatment, and returned to his family.

Now, after rekindling his marriage, Josh and Anna Duggar have announced they are expected baby #5!

The couple chose to announce the news in a blog post on the family website.


“For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family. Doing so is never easy after a breach of trust. We’ve learned that a life of faith and rebuilding a life together is simply done one day at a time. As we continue our journey as a family and rebuild our lives, we are delighted to share with you that we are expecting a new baby boy later this year. Beauty comes from ashes and we cannot wait to see and kiss the face of this sweet new boy!”

The news comes a few weeks after Josh made a very rare public appearance for his 29th birthday.

The reality TV star has kept a low-profile since his scandal broke, trying to keep his family together and heal through the power and love of the Lord.

Josh and Anna already have four children, Mackynzie Renée Duggar (7), Michael James Duggar (5), Marcus Anthony Duggar (3), and Meredith Grace Duggar (18 months.)

OK Magazine

Try Not To Cry When You Hear Young Mr. Rogers Defend PBS

Many children in America grew up watching Mr. Rogers on the television between the ’60s and ’90s. We looked up to him and turned to him for answers to all the questions we had about growing up.

So when it came to whether programs like his should be given funding on PBS, he took to the stand to argue passionately for the cause. He tells the judge that his show touches on the importance of the “inner dramas” of childhood. His program is teaching children to deal with their emotions and feelings in constructive ways.

What he says next gave the tough judge goosebumps – and it’s likely you’ll feel them too!

The Trump administration’s recent budget plans to eliminate four independent cultural agencies, including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

It would seem that we are right back at square one – only this time, we haven’t got Mr. Rogers to defend independent television.

There never was and never will be anyone quite as special as Mr. Rogers. We miss him still!

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Adoptive Parents

It may not be for everyone but adoption is a beautiful thing. Voluntarily accepting someone else’s child as your own and showering them with unconditional love is amazing, but the process can be complicated and expensive.

Wealthy people such as Hollywood celebrities have an advantage because they are able to afford the costs associated with adoption.

Angelina Jolie and Madonna may be the most famous for adopting multiple children but they aren’t the only well-known adoptive parents around. Check out this list of five amazing celebrities who also became parents through through adoption.

1. Cate Blanchett

The actress already has three biological sons when she adopted her daughter, Edith Vivian Patricia in 2015. She told Women in the World that the decision had nothing to do with gender or biology, “I felt we had space, enough emotional room in our hearts and were privileged enough to have the capacity to have another child, so it wasn’t about biology. It wasn’t about a desire to have a girl, the gender of the children was never particularly important to me.”

2. Hugh Jackman

Jackman’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness unfortunately suffered two miscarriages and as a result they opted for adoption. The couple are proud parents to Oscar Maximillian, 17 and Ava Eliot, 12.

3. Viola Davis

The How to Get Away With Murder star and her husband welcomed their first child, Genesis Tennon, through domestic adoption in 2011. She didn’t want another child to experience the “poverty and dysfunction” that filled her childhood.

4. Katherine Heigl

Heigl and her hubby Josh Kelley brought home their first daughter, Nancy Leigh “Naleigh” from South Korea. She had congenital heart defect but Heigl told Harper’s Bazaar in 2010 that her daughter is fine now. The couple expanded their family by adopting a second girl, Adalaide Marie Hope in 2012.

5. Mariska Hargitay

In 2011, Hargitay and her husband, actor Peter Hermann adopted two children in a span of six months, a daughter Amaya Josephine and a son Andrew Nicolas. Although Hargitay already had a biological son, August, adoption was always part of their plan because both her and her husband come from big families. “It was a no-brainer,” Hargitay told Good Housekeeping. “It was like … a miracle. And I don’t use that word lightly. I’ve never made a bigger decision so quickly,” she added.

6. Sandra Bullock

Both of Sandra’s kids, Louis, 6 and Laila, 3 are adopted from New Orleans and Louisiana respectively. The Miss Congeniality actress tells People that building a family is the best decision she has made, “My family is blended and diverse, nutty, and loving and understanding.”

7. Ty Burrell

Modern Family star Ty Burrell is not just an onscreen dad, he is also father to two daughters, Frances, 7 and Greta, 4. Ty and his wife, Holly, adopted the girls in 2010 and 2012. “I guess if Phil can raise kids, so can I!” he told E! News.

8. Kristin Davis

Davis, who played Samantha in the hit show Sex and the City, became a mom to Gemma Rose Davis through adoption in 2011. “This is something I have wanted for a very long time,” Davis told People. “Having this wish come true is even more gratifying than I ever had imagined. I feel so blessed.”

9. Julie Andrews

The legendary Julie Andrews raised 5 children including her biological daughter, 2 step-children and 2 adopted daughters. Amy Leigh and Joanna Lynne, were adopted from an orphanage in Vietnam after the war.

10. Ewan McGregor

Just Jared

Towards the end of 2016, Ewan McGregor and his wife, Eve Mavrakis adopted their fourth child. The new baby girl’s siblings include Jamiyan, 9, who was adopted from Mongolia and the couple’s biological daughters, Clara, 15 and Esther, 9.  

Did any of these surprise you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Is This The Deadliest Little Girl In America?

Did Annie Oakley come back? According to these videos she just might have.

Little Addysson Soltau, or Alpha Addy, has become internet famous with her sharpshooting skills. It’s even more impressive considering the young Texan is only 8 years old.

Shooting might be considered a strange hobby for a child, but when Addy saw sharpshooter Katelyn Francis on a YouTube video she knew it was what she wanted to do.

“I looked at all her videos and here was a girl a little older than me having fun shooting firearms. I didn’t think girls could do stuff like that,” said Addy.


Two years later she’s been making videos of her own, firing handguns, rifles and even machine guns.

This is not a little girl you want to mess with. She also holds a first degree purple belt in Karate and wont the state championship in that sport.

Even as skilled as she is, Addy says that safety is always the first priority.

“We go over all the safety rules, plus a few extra every single day before I am allowed to even touch my gun.”

The girl is fully committed to the sport of competitive shooting, but she has another goal in mind too.

Daily Mail

“I really hope that a little girl sees my YouTube videos and is inspired the same way I was by Katelyn Francis.”

11 Craziest Cakes From Cake Boss

Buddy Valastro is a cake master. Or, cake BOSS, I guess.

Either way, he’s good at cakes.

Have you ever been watching Cake Boss and thought to yourself “it can’t be THAT hard” but then you see the final product and feel terrible about your baking skills? Ya, me too.

It’s incredible to see how Buddy and his team of bakers are able to create these cakes using just food items! Plus, is there anything more fun than counting how many times the phrase “dirty ice” is used per episode?

Take a look at some of our favorite cakes from Cake Boss!

1. The Alligator Cake

2. Dylan’s Candy Bar

3. The Medieval Times Cake

4. The NYC Skyline

5. The Mount Rushmore Cake

6. The Sandwich That Is Actually A Cake

Continue reading to see more!

7. The Sesame Street Cake

8. The Shark Cake

9. The Submarine Cake

10. The Transformers Cake

11. The Wrigley Field Cake

6 Pantry Staples Everybody Should Keep

Consider your cooking habits for a moment: do you always reach for the salt? Are you a spice master?

Take stock of what exactly you use most often in your go-to recipes and the buy two of everything to store in your pantry. But, before you go shopping, consider adding these basics to your list:

1. Sea Salt

Salt is an amplifier, it binds flavor molecules and helps to build a delicious profile in every bite. Try a larger grain sea salt, or some kosher salt in your next dish.

2. Freshly Ground Pepper

Either invest in a pepper mill and stock whole peppercorns, or you can purchase the kind that comes with a grinder built into the lid. For fuller flavor, go with dark peppercorns.

3. Olive Oil

A good quality olive oil can change your live. It’s all about versatility, so the oil you buy should be delicious as a bread dip, a salad dressing or a sauce. You’ll want to buy the extra virgin variety that has a buttery, fruity and peppery flavor.

4. White Wine Vinegar

Maybe you use red vinegar, but we promise that if you stock up on this staple, you’ll be glad you did. The white wine variety is slightly fruity, a little sweeter and fresher than it’s darker cousin. Use it as a deglazing agent, in braises and vinaigrettes.

5. Long-Grain White Rice

With a higher starch level than shorter grains, this rice will help to make thicker soups and is one of the most versatile carbohydrates you can cook with. Toss it with some stir-fried veggies, or blend it into a tasty pilaf.

6. Canned Tomatoes

Normally, the advice would be to always buy fresh, but sometimes they’re just not ripe enough. If you’re in a pinch for what to make with dinner, tossing a can of diced tomatoes together with your favorite spices and some chopped veg makes for a hearty ragout that’s sure to fill you up. Just make sure to buy the unsalted variety.

Do you have any pantry staples that you can’t live without?

Let us know in the comments below – Like & Share!

Jessica Chastain’s Marriage To An Italian Count Is A Real-Life Fairy Tale

From Grace Kelly‘s marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco to Zsa Zsa Gabor‘s nuptials with Hungary’s prince Frédéric, Hollywood celebrities have a long history of tying the knot with royalty. The latest actress to take up this long tradition is Jessica Chastain, best known for her roles in The Help and The Martian. The star has just realized every little girl’s dream, saying “I do” at a lavish ceremony at a beautiful Italian villa.

The star’s new husband is Count Gian Luca Passi De Proposulo. The couple have been dating since 2012, but like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle they like to keep their relationship very hush-hush.

But Chastain did talk candidly at the Oscars a few years ago about her fairy tale romance, saying she’s “very, very happy” with her new husband.

“It’s a wonderful thing when a career does so well and your personal life goes so well,” she said.

The couple had their ceremony on the count’s own property outside of the gorgeous Italian city of Trevisio, with other celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt in attendance.

Despite trying to keep the ceremony private, enterprising photographers managed to snap a few pictures of the beautiful outdoor ceremony, where Chastain sported a strapless white dress.

Click the next page to learn more about the Count!

Count Passi’s family have very deep roots in Italy, stretching back to the 10th century. While Italy doesn’t officially recognize noble families anymore, Passi still uses the title of count – and Chastain is still a countess, at least in our hearts! The well-dressed Passi works in the fashion industry, and he’s represented some big names including Armani and Moncler.

He also rubs shoulders with famous friends including George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, so he’s no stranger to Hollywood.

The count’s family also owns many successful businesses, including their own prosecco distillery.

Passi’s last name is Italian for peace, and it was actually awarded to his ancestor for stopping a long-running feud between 2 noble houses.

While Chastain has more film projects lined up, we wouldn’t blame her if she decided to give up her career and spend the rest of her days in one of the Count’s luxurious Italian properties.

Hopefully we’ll hear more happy announcements from this couple very soon!

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Wife Comes Home To Flowers. But Her Husband Didn’t Send Them To Her

Debbie Cardone’s husband, Vincent, works overseas, so when Debbie came home to see a bouquet of flowers waiting for her she was over the moon.

Until, that is, she realizes the flowers aren’t actually for her. They’re for the other love of Vincent’s life…

The dog.

Sebastian, a lovable bulldog, had just been through a recent surgery and Vincent wanted to make sure the little guy was doing okay.

“He had both knees operated on almost two weeks ago, and my husband works over in the Middle East, so he sent him flowers,” Debbie says. “He has about an eight-week recovery.”

While Debbie says she wasn’t expecting Sebastian to get flowers instead of her, she’s got no bad feelings about it.

“I laughed,” Cardone says. “I was having a bad day, so I just chalked it up to the continuation of my day. It was very cute though.”

Since her story was posted online, Debbie says Sebastian has gotten an influx of flowers from people all over…including 1-800-Flowers!

What a great few days of Sebastian! All dogs deserve to be pampered like this. Although I hope Vincent at least sent something along for Debbie after this whole ordeal!

This Daycare Left A Scathing Note To Parents, And People Are Livid

This daycare has taken a stance on cell phone usage in their facility and parents have been sharing it all over Facebook. With over a million shares, parents each have their own opinion on whether this daycare was out of line commenting on this issue or if it is a fair assessment.

The sign is a notice for parents to get off their phones when they are picking up their kids. There are thousands of people arguing in the comments, some agreeing with the sign and others claiming that it is unfair.

This is the controversial sign posted on the door:

It reads:

“You are picking up your child! GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!!! Your child is happy to see you! Are you happy to see your child?? We have seen children trying to hand their parents their work they completed and the parent is on the phone. We have heard a child say “Mommy, mommy, mommy…” and the parent is paying more attention to their phone than their own child. It is appalling. Get off your phone!!”

What do you think of the message in the note? Many people have agreed with the sentiment.

While the post has gotten a lot of positive attention, many people are offended by the suggestion that parents should be judged by others.

So what do you think? Did the daycare have the right to tell parents to get off their phones, or should they mind their own business unless they see signs of neglect?

Share in the comments.

The Great American Eclipse Is Happening This Month, Here Are The Best Places To See It

It is the first total solar eclipse to pass over the continental United States in 99 years.

So many people are looking forward to witnessing this incredible moment that experts are saying this special solar eclipse could be the most viewed celestial event in history!

About 12 million people live in its main path and about 88 million more Americans live within 200 miles of the eclipse’s trajectory.

If you live this close to the “path of totality,” it just might be worth hoping in your car for an eclipse road trip.

If you’re an enthusiastic sky watcher, or if you’ve got little ones, why not pack up your tent and make an adventure out of it!

NASA officials explain that a single spot on Earth will only get to witness a solar eclipse every 375 years. That makes this a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

Find out where to go and how to safely watch an eclipse on the next page!

Eclipse chasers will travel all over the world to put themselves in the path of the moon’s shadow. While there is a solar eclipse about every 18 months, each one is only viewable from less than half of a percent of the Earth’s surface.

According to, seeing a total solar eclipse from a specific location is truly a rare event. This is because the moon’s inner shadow is pretty small, so it limits the total area (on Earth) from which the total eclipse can be seen.

Americans who live anywhere near these following locations are in for an amazing show:

  • Sandhills of western Nebraska
  • Carbondale, Illinois
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Madras, Oregon
  • Snake River Valley, Idaho
  • Casper, Wyoming
  • St. Joseph, Missouri
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Columbia, South Carolina

You’ll want to be sure you’ve picked the best spot, because this total eclipse will only last for two precious minutes!

Anyone in the United States will see at least a partial solar eclipse. But those people who are lucky enough to be in the “path of totality” will see the total solar eclipse.

This path extends from Oregon to South Carolina and the sun could be completely obscured by the moon for as many as 2 minutes and 40 seconds!

While there are many good places to witness this incredible phenomenon, there really is only one place to be on August 21, 2017. That place is Hopskinville, Kentucky.

This tiny town, is in a prime eclipse-viewing location. Witnesses within a few miles east and west of the town will also have about 2 minutes and 40 seconds of total visible eclipse.

Hopskinville Kentucky has been marketing itself as Eclipseville. Its prime location makes it the perfect spot to witness over 2 minutes of the incredible solar eclipse. The town of 33,000 could balloon to 150,000 people on eclipse day.Wikimedia Commons

Now that you know why and where, find out how to watch a total solar eclipse on the next page!

Eclipses happen quite regularly, but it is quite a special event to witness a total solar eclipse.

A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, but it only partially covers the sun’s disc.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the Sun’s center and the Sun’s outer edges form a visible “ring of fire.”

A total eclipse occurs when the moon fully blocks the Sun.

If you want to view the sun directly, NASA recommends wearing “solar-viewing glasses, eclipse glasses or personal solar filters” (pretty much all the same thing).

The lenses on these glasses are hundreds of thousands of times darker than regular sunglasses.

They are so dark that when you look through them, the face of the sun is the only thing you can see. Amazon currently sells eclipse glasses for 40 off the regular price.

If you don’t want to order a pair, you can always make your own pinhole projector. That way, you’re not actually looking at the eclipse, but a projection of it.

Not only is this much safer for children, but it can be a fun activity to do as a family!

Watch this video from Boys’ Life magazine, then make your own!

Where will you be during a total eclipse of the sun?

[h/t Vox / Mental Floss / / Great American Eclipse]

Teen Can’t Believe What This Company Sent Her After Her Job Interview

Megan Dixon was interviewing for a job at a steakhouse in Leceister called Miller and Carter. She received a confirmation that she would be attending via text so she confirmed, headed to the interview and did her best.

Shortly after the interview was over her phone buzzed and she received a surprising message. “It’s a no” was all it said from the person who conducted her interview.

Surprised by the method of rejection, she replied “Okay. How come?” so she could perhaps get some insight as to where she went wrong but the answer she got was truly unexpected.

The reply said that she was “just not engaging. And answers we’re “like” basic” with a laughing crying emoji. That is a pretty brutal way to tell someone they didn’t get a job. Turns out there was a bit more to the story.

Megan was interviewed by a woman named Shantell who apparently was unprepared for the interview and had her phone buzzing throughout the interview.

The restaurant has responded to the incident after Megan shared it on Twitter and received all kinds of support from friends and strangers vowing not the visit the establishment.

“We can’t apologize enough to Megan. It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate.” – Spokesperson for Miller and Carter

What do you think about this incident? Is there anything the company should do to make it up for this?

Share your opinion in the comments!

Man Sees Jesus In His Breakfast, Selling It For $25K USD

When George Maley was perparing his morning breakfast, his thoughts had turned to the losses he had suffered in his life. He was missing relatives and feeling a little lost.

Then, he looked down at his toast and it was as if a message from God appeared.

He couldn’t believe it at first, but it’s hard to deny that there, in cinnamon and butter, was the face of Jesus himself.

The father of two sons says he plans to sell the piece of toast on eBay as a religious item. He tells local news that he will use the profits to help his sons.

“It was an answer to a lot of questions I had,” Maley said. “Even if it was just a brief image, it’s still a sign, and it points in the right direction.”

What do you think? A sign or just some butter?

Man Sees Jesus In His Breakfast, Selling It For $25K USD

When George Maley was perparing his morning breakfast, his thoughts had turned to the losses he had suffered in his life. He was missing relatives and feeling a little lost.

Then, he looked down at his toast and it was as if a message from God appeared.

He couldn’t believe it at first, but it’s hard to deny that there, in cinnamon and butter, was the face of Jesus himself.

The father of two sons says he plans to sell the piece of toast on eBay as a religious item. He tells local news that he will use the profits to help his sons.

“It was an answer to a lot of questions I had,” Maley said. “Even if it was just a brief image, it’s still a sign, and it points in the right direction.”

What do you think? A sign or just some butter?

Teacher Was Suspended After Showing This Anti-Bullying Video

A teacher in North Carolina was suspended after showing her high school students a video about the danger of bullying.

The film, called “Love Is All You Need,” draws a parallel between LGBTQ students being bullied and what would happen if it was straight kids being bullied instead. The film shows a young girl being bullied because of her heterosexual orientation.

A staggering 20 minutes long, the film ends with the girl graphically cuts herself and commits suicide.

A lot of parents were in uproar due to the graphic nature of the film, claiming it was inappropriate to show in a high school class. Other parents, however, think it was a great message to show the reality of bullying.

“I don’t think it was vulgar or anything. I think it’s better to be aware and to know the possibility of what kids’ actions could do,” one student’s family member said.

Even the students felt it was okay.

“I think it’s a great message to get out in the school,” he said. “I personally have dealt with bullying, so I think it’s good to get the point across that ‘Hey, it’s not OK to pick on somebody.'”

The teacher has since be reinstated, but it’s not the first time this short film has gotten an educator in trouble.

In 2015, a teacher in Kansas was also suspended (and again re-instated) after showing this video at school.

You can watch the whole film here. It’s very raw and emotional, but it delivers a powerful message. Do you think the teacher was right to talk about the deadly consequences of bullying?

This Couple Is Having A Spam-Themed Wedding

Mark Benson loves Spam. I mean, he REALLY loves Spam.

He’s such a big fan of the canned meat, that, in 2015, he legally changed his name to Mark “I Love SPAM” Benson.

In 2016, his fiancee, Anne Mousley, asked the Spam brand if they would consider hosting their wedding at the new Spam museum in Austin, Minnesota.

The happy couple will be married on April 25 and guests will get to eat plenty of Spam-inspired dishes, probably Spam sandwiches.

After the wedding, Spam has offered to send the couple to Hawaii, self-proclaimed Spam capital of the world, where they can experience the Spam Jam Festival in all its glory.

To each their own – Congratulations to Mark “I Love SPAM” and his future wife, Anne Mousley!

Source: The Daily Meal

Sesame Street Adds Another New Character To Address A Common Family Theme

Sesame Street has been a staple in many households for almost 50 years, teaching young kids not only educational lessons, but also lessons surrounding every day life.

The PBS show made headlines this past year when they conducted a study asking parents if they’d rather their kids be polite or empathetic. Most parents wished their kids would be polite, which researchers believed was the reason for the growing lack of empathy in college-age kids.

Sesame Street also stirred up emotion when they introduced Julia, a muppet with autism.

“Bringing Julia to life as a Sesame Street Muppet is the centerpiece of all of our new materials to support families of children with autism,” said Sherrie Westin, EVP of Global Impact and Philanthropy, Sesame Workshop in a press release.

Now, in an effort to keep up with changing family trends, Sesame Street is introducing another new muppet to help kids identify what’s happening in their lives.

Continue reading to find out who is being added to the cast!

The iconic kids show will be adding Rudy, a 3-year-old orange monster, to the crew.

Rudy is Abby Cadabby’s step-brother. Although they are different (Abby is a fairy), the two accept each other with open arms.

Rudy is there to help children understand “stories about siblings, blended families, and conflict resolution,” Sesame Street released in a statement.

“Families come in many forms — including newly-blended families, which can present unique challenges for kids. As part of Sesame Street‘s kindness curriculum, kids will watch as Abby and Rudy meet for the first time, get to know each other, and overcome their differences to embrace their new sibling relationship,” Sesame continues in the press release.

Rudy and Abby “love each other very much” despite not being blood siblings, according to an interview with the new characters.

“Rudy is a monster and Elmo is a monster and we all get along, we are best friends,” says Abby.

Adds Elmo: “Elmo thinks they’re both really cool! They’re so nice to each other, Elmo doesn’t have brothers or sisters, but he feels like he does with Abby and Rudy.”

“We’re thrilled to introduce a new neighbor on Sesame Street — Abby Cadabby’s stepbrother Rudy!” Brown Johnson, EVP and Creative Director, Sesame Workshop, says. “The addition of Rudy to the family gives us a wonderful opportunity to explore sibling relationships — the good and the challenging, as well as the idea that kids can come from blended families. Rudy is cute and funny, and loves a little mischief — especially when he borrows his step-sister’s wand!”

Do you think this new character is a good idea? Let us know!