They Cancelled Her Insurance Over These Facebook Pictures

Melina Efthimiadis and her husband had a homeowner’s insurance policy with Nationwide and recently decided to add a personal umbrella liability to it.

The couple from North Carolina were shocked when Nationwide Insurance rejected their request and then totally cancelled their entire policy. The reason? A picture of their dog on her Facebook page.

News station, ABC11 reports that as part of the application process, Melina and her husband were to provide information about their dogs – most importantly, their breeds and how many they have of each breed. The couple complied and were shocked when they were informed that their entire policy had been cancelled.

Someone at Nationwide had searched Melina’s Facebook page and decided that one of their dogs, Zeus was part Rotweiler – a breed of dog listed as potentially dangerous rendering them ineligible for insurance.

Zeus and his buddies. This is the photo of Zeus that was on Facebook when Nationwide investigated the couple’s coverage request.

Melina Efthimiadis

Zeus is a lab/hound mix

Melina Efthimiadis

Nationwide sent the pictures that they had taken from her Facebook page as proof that she had ‘lied’ to them about his breed. When Melina advised them that he was, in fact, not a Rotweiler, but a lab/houd mix, they requested veterinary proof. Lucky for Melina, she’s a vet.

Even though Nationwide offered to reinstate their coverage, Melina and her husband decided to insure with another company.

According to a representative at Nationwide, the proper steps were not followed in Melina’s case:

“Nationwide’s policy is to contact the member and agent to gather more information if there is uncertainty about a dog breed selection on an insurance application. Unfortunately, that policy was not followed in this instance. We have taken steps to rectify the situation to ensure a better experience for future Nationwide applicants.”

What do you think? Should insurance companies be allowed to surf our social media? Is anything we post really private anymore?

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Little People, Big World Star Molly Roloff Said “I Do” In Stunning Wedding [PHOTOS]

The Roloff family have had a lot of reason to celebrate as of late. Zach and his wife Tori welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Jackson Kyle, in May.

Zach and Tori with baby JacksonPeople

In the following month his twin brother, Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, shared that they were expecting a baby girl in September.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff pregnancy announcementTLC

Last week, the stars of the TLC hit reality series, Little People, Big World, once again gathered together to celebrate one more special occasion – Molly Jo Roloff’s wedding.

The 23-year-old bride and her groom were surrounded by their closest family, friends and some of their beloved goats as they exchanged their vows at the family’s farm in Oregon.

“We feel blessed to have been able to celebrate our marriage surrounded by so many people we love,” the couple told People.

Molly Jo and Joel met when they were both undergrads at Whitworth University and appear to have been together for a few years. The couple have maintained a very low profile (Molly left the show), but last December their engagement was mentioned during one of the episodes.

Amy Roloff then shared a photo on Instagram confirming her daughter’s engagement.

Molly Jo married her fiance Joel Silvius in an intimate ceremony on Saturday, August 5. See the stunning photos on the next page.

The couple had a gorgeous rustic wedding complete with custom-designed wooden benches for the outdoor ceremony.

The stage was set.

A post shared by Matt Roloff (@mattroloff) on

“I can’t believe my only baby girl Molly is getting married,” Amy Roloff wrote on social media before the wedding. “I’m so truly very happy for her my heart over flows…I’m so blessed by Molly and so honored to have Joel a part of the family. It’s going to be a beautiful day on the farm.”

Matt Roloff, walked his only daughter down the aisle. He later shared a post on Instagram about the nuptials, “We gave away our Amazing Molly Jo … the most gorgeous bride ever!” Matt wrote in the caption. “Molly is the apple of her mother and MY eyes … Amy and I are gushing with pride of her character, faith, heart for God, wisdom and judgment … especially her choice in picking her life mate.”

Of course the rest of the Roloff clan were present and they all shared memories from the day on their Instagram pages.

Molly Jo’s in-laws, Tori and Audrey were both a part of the bridal party as bridesmaids.

Even the youngest Roloff, Jacob, also shared sweet sentiments about his sister’s big day.

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Grandma Puts This On Her Eyes, But What She Saw Had Her Screaming Bloody Murder

If you’ve ever been on a real roller coaster, you know the exhilarating feeling of the climb and the stomach-dropping fear of the fall. The wind whistling past your ears, the rolling rise and rapid fall of the coaster as it clacks along the rails – you can’t help but scream out!

Well, you would think that it wouldn’t be the same in virtual reality, after all, you know you’re safe at home on your couch. At least, that’s what this 83 year-old grandmother thought.

She straps on the virtual reality headset and hesitantly asks her grand kids if anything will jump out at her. They assure her that nothing will, but as she begins to “climb” she tells them that she’s got to close her eyes.

Watch her experience below:

Well, that’s one way to give your grandmother a heart attack! Should they have done this? Would you try virtual reality? Let us know in the comments below.

The Paper Airplane Cocktail Has Been Cleared for Take off to Flavor Town!

Raise your hand if you love wine (careful not to spill, though!)

A glass or two (or three) of red wine can really turn an okay evening into a great night. Any of you out there who love their wine will know what I’m talking about.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a huge community of wine lovers out there, so much so that we even have our own quotes!

A Gas Station Gave This Stay Dog A Job And A Snazzy Uniform

At a certain gas station in Brazil there’s a friendly attendant waiting to greet you. He can’t pump your gas, but he’s always ready to make your day better with his friendly smile.

Negão isn’t your average gas station employee, and he didn’t get the job because of his impressive resume. His boss (and owner) Sabrina Plannerer gave him the job after she found him wandering around the station.

His former owner abandoned him there, and with nowhere else to go he was lost and alone. But now he’s working for a living and loving every minute of it.

Plannerer took Negão to a vet and bought him a doghouse, which she keeps at the station. Her four-legged employee greets customers, and some regulars even bring him toys.

It can be hectic at a gas station that’s open 24 hours, but Negão loves the company, and it means there’s always someone to look after him.

He even has his own employee badge, so everyone can see that this is serious business!

Negão has taken to his job so well that he’s become a celebrity spokesman for Grupo FERA, a charity that encourages businessmen to adopt dogs.

Hopefully, they can convince lots more companies to give dogs a chance in the workplace. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a Pomeranian behind the counter at my local bank.

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If You’re Not Using A Wooden BBQ Brush, You Could Be Putting Your Family In Danger

As the spring and summer seasons approach, more and more people will be using their BBQ.

But there’s a common BBQ tool that could end up causing serious harm to you and your family members.

Your BBQ brush.

Doctors are urging people to stay away from metal-bristled BBQ brushes, as they are seeing an increase in patients who have gotten fragments of sharp wires stuck in their throats.


The small bristles break off the cleaning brush and get stuck on the grill. When you put your food on the grill, it picks up the wires and then you consume it.

If a metal bristle does get lodged in your tongue or throat, surgery is tricky.

“It’s a needle in a haystack, but the haystack is your tongue,’ said otolaryngologist Dr. Ian Dempsey. “It’s not an easy structure to go fishing around in, especially when it gets embedded in deeply.”

So how do you avoid this dangerous situation? Keep reading to find out.

The Grommet

Wooden BBQ scrapers are a safe, efficient alternative to cleaning your BBQ this summer, without risking your safety.

The paddle comes with a flat edge that you burn to fit your grill directly.

To get your own wooden BBQ scraper you can purchase one here.

Bill O’Reilly Debuts His New Show, Announces His First Ever CNN Appearance

One of America’s most popular TV hosts is ready to stage a comeback after being off the air for almost 4 months.

Bill O’Reilly’s cable news show The O’Reilly Factor was one of the most popular shows on Fox News, regularly drawing more than 3 million viewers and consistently ranking as the #1 most-watched cable news show.

But the hugely popular talk show host has been off the air since April, after news broke that Fox News has paid millions to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against O’Reilly.

Protesters outside of Fox headquarters in April.VOA News

While O’Reilly denied all allegations, he was fired by Fox in April and his show was cancelled. Since then fans have been waiting to see what the host would do next, and O’Reilly has revealed he received “a lot of offers” from Fox’s competition.

Now, O’Reilly has finally revealed his next project, and along with his new show he’s announced another historic step for his career: his first ever appearance on CNN.

Find out how you can watch the new show on the next page!

While Fox host Tucker Carlson has taken over O’Reilly’s slot, fans will still be able to watch the newsman in a new nightly show.

Carlson replaced O’Reilly when his show ended after 11 years on the air.Business Insider

Since leaving Fox O’Reilly has been covering the news in a daily podcast on his No Spin News website. This week, he surprised fans with a special video version of the show, announcing that would be the show’s new format from now on.

O’Reilly films his No Spin News show in the new studio.Daily Mail

O’Reilly is back behind a desk in a new studio wearing a suit again, in a nightly 30-minute news and interview show. To stream the online show you’ll have to pay a subscription fee, which also unlocks podcasts and articles from O’Reilly.

CNN host Michael Smerconish.CNN

One of the first guests on O’Reilly’s new show, CNN host Michael Smerconish, has also shared some exciting news. Next month, O’Reilly will be a gust on Smerconish’s Saturday morning show, marking O’Reilly’s first appearance on CNN.

O’Reilly has appeared on other networks, including NBC and CBS, but never CNN.CBS

Along with the new web-show and interviews, O’Reilly has continued to publish his bestselling history book series, including the newest entry Killing England, which goes on sale in September.

On a recent show O’Reilly said that the TV business is a “nasty, dirty game” and he’s “not in a hurry” to get back into it, no matter what his fans say.

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Bullets Started Flying, But This Cat Did Something No One Expected

When Angelica Sipe heard gunshots, she could barely even realize what was happening.

Sipe, her son Daemire, and their cat Opie were all at home on a Thursday morning when Angelica heard bullets firing.

“It took me a second to realize what just happened. The first thing I did was check on my son and he was sound asleep,” she says.

But when Angelica looked to Opie, she noticed something was wrong. Opie was laying on the floor motionless. He had stood in the way to protect Daemire from danger, and had gotten himself injured.

“[The bullet] came in the top of his head, out the bottom of his neck, and back into his shoulder and out his armpit rib area,” said Sipe.

“It could have been my son…He was my son’s little hero, so I need to keep him around,” she said. Opie’s vet bills weren’t cheap, though. He required surgery, a drainage tube, and stitches. The costs were over $1,000, but Angelica knew it was a small price to pay for her son’s life.

A GoFundMe page was created to help pay for Opie’s medical costs, and within a week it raised more than $2,000. Angelica Sipe can never fully explain the gratitude she feels towards her cat.

“I am thankful for my cat and am in any way possible going to make sure he comes back home where he belongs,” Sipa wrote. “He is my hero.”

These Ice Cream Sundaes Look Just Like the Real Thing…Until You Take a Bite! Yum!

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Do you love peanut butter? Cookie dough? Brownies? Yes? Well you’re in luck, because this dessert has it all!

Peanut Butter Brownie Bars are the sweet treat that lets you have it all. No more eating plain old brownies, cookies, or peanut butter – those days are over! This recipe has literally combined everything delicious into one irresistible bar so every bite is more amazing than the last.

For anyone who doesn’t like

KFC’s Newest Marketing Campaign Left Everyone Scratching Their Heads

When you think KFC, you aren’t exactly thinking “health food” but KFC UK and Ireland decided to play a little prank on their fans.

They released an image of their brand new “Clean-Eating Burger” which was complete with a chia-seeded cauliflower bun, unsweetened almond yogurt, ice cube relish, “spiralised” chicken breast and 100{49382ccf8aa3307257579caf6f867159d328eca730a0976815a1bacefc5bc6ee} British kale.  

The picture also says that it was made in collaboration with Figgy Poppleton-Rice whose Twitter profile (made this month) says she is a “Clean-eating fanatic, development ched, cauliflower connoisseur. Proud mummy to Julian, the micro-teacup Pomeranian”

A spokesperson for KFC was asked to comment and their reply was “The KFC spokesperson isn’t available to comment as they are currently looking into an increased cauliflower demand.”

Pretty clever marketing campaign, they are even responding to some of the comments on Facebook.

What do you think of the new sassy KFC?

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25 Puppy Parents Who Are Way Too Proud

In today’s day and age, the fear of losing your child has never been more rampant.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, about 800,000 individuals are reported missing every year, which means there’s more than 2,000 missing persons a day.

The only thing that could make this matter worse is if nobody’s aware that a child went missing, and that’s exactly what happened when a five-month-old baby was found

This Spaghetti With Chicken Bolognese Recipe Will Be a New Family Favorite

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Everyone loves a good shrimp boil! It’s a favorite southern recipe that’s perfect for summertime eating. Not only is this dish effortless to make but it’s irresistibly delicious and perfect for feeding a BBQ crowd.

Now, what if I told you that this mouthwatering recipe just got even easier? I know, it doesn’t sound possible, but it is!

This Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil cooks all the ingredients together on a baking sheet in

The Simple Gesture Of These Young Boys Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Most of us learn that important life lesson in kindergarten, but apparently one teacher from Miami, Florida never did.

When concerned mom Kandy Escotto noticed that her five-year-old son, Aaron, was not his usual self, she took extraordinary steps to confront his teacher.


Last year, a few weeks after

NBC Announces Another ‘Munsters’ Reboot And We Don’t Know How To Feel About It

If you love classic television, then this might be good news for you.

“The Munsters” could be returning to NBC according to a source close to the network. TheWrap reports that a reboot featuring our favorite ghoulish family is in the works.

The original comedy show was about a lovable family of docile monsters living in suburban USA. They lived in their creepy/cozy haunted house on Mockingbird Lane with their “normal” niece, Marilyn Munster.

Fans of the original monster movie-meets-family-sitcom are a little wary of the news though – they’ve heard this song before…

While some people are celebrating the possible return of “The Munsters,” others are more cautious.

In 2012, NBC tried to bring the sitcom back when they aired a pilot for a Munster reboot called Mockingbird Lane. The cost alone to make the pilot was a staggering $10 million.

They had signed on some big names like Eddie Izzard to play Grandpa, Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster and Portia de Rossi to play his wife, Lily Munster.

It didn’t take off.

“We just decided that it didn’t hold together well enough to yield a series,” NBC Chief Bob Greenblatt said at the time. “It looked beautiful and original and creative, but it just all ultimately didn’t come together…, it just didn’t ultimately creatively all work.”

Now, five years later, they’re trying again.

The newest attempt at a reboot will feature a similarly offbeat family attempting to fit into hipster-crowded Brooklyn.

Actress and writer, Jill Kargman from “Odd Mom Out” is expected to write and executive produce along with late-night host Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker.

Although not much is else is known about the new “Munsters” reboot, they have confirmed that it’ll at least be a comedy.

What do you think? Can they pull it off with this new concept, or should they follow the old philosophy: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?’

Let us know in the comments below!

[h/t The Wrap / Mental Floss]

19 Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Are Absolutely Fed Up

If you’ve had any doubts that a dog was a man’s best friend, you haven’t met Ranger the corgi and his owner Brooke Ellington from Midland, Texas.

For her entire life, Ellington has had a special place in her heart for corgis, who’ve always returned her affection, and Ranger was no exception – especially when Ellington was about to give birth.

Before Ranger came along, Ellington and her husband Steve had another corgi named Ryder,

The Easter Egg Mirror Glazed Cake Is the Cake You Can Really See Yourself Eating, Literally!

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Do you love peanut butter? Cookie dough? Brownies? Yes? Well you’re in luck, because this dessert has it all!

Peanut Butter Brownie Bars are the sweet treat that lets you have it all. No more eating plain old brownies, cookies, or peanut butter – those days are over! This recipe has literally combined everything delicious into one irresistible bar so every bite is more amazing than the last.

For anyone who doesn’t like

Simon Stops His Audition And Says He’s No Good, But Then He Stuns Them All

Everyone knows that Simon Cowell can be a bit of a jerk when it comes to contestants on Britain’s Got Talent. Usually, though, he doesn’t direct his nastiness towards younger performers.

But Shaheen Jafargholi found out the hard way that Cowell doesn’t let age stop him from being a critic.

Shaheen took to the Britain’s Got Talent stage in 2009 and started singing the song Valerie, as made famous by Amy Winehouse. The crowd seemed to love it, but Simon stopped him pretty quickly.

“You’ve got this really wrong,” says Simon. The crowd and Shaheen are both equally stunned, wondering what was going to happen next.

Simon showed a tiny bit of compassion and asked if there was another song he could sing. Shaheen suggested Who’s Lovin’ You by Michael Jackson, and Simon obliges.

Within 4 seconds of starting the new song, everyone in the audience is stunned. You have to see this incredible audition!

Shaheen’s performance was so incredible, he sky-rocketed to fame. The young singer was even asked to sing at Michael Jackson’s funeral as tribute to the late-singer.

Since the audition in 2009, Shaheen has released two albums and has appeared on multiple British television shows. He currently has a regular role on the soap opera, EastEnders.

The Rock’s Iconic Look Just Got A Huge Makeover

Move over Oprah, there’s another A-list star coming for your title of “Queen of Daytime TV,” because Reese Witherspoon is set to debut her own television network, and talk show.

On July 10, Witherspoon’s  production company Hello Sunshine and AT&T announced they would be partnering up to launch the Hello Sunshine Video on Demand channel.

The unscripted series, titled Shine On With Reese, will premiere July 17 and include interviews with