The Company Behind Twinkies Just Unveiled 3 New And Delicious Products

If you’re obsessed with the delicious Hostess snacks – like Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos – then you’re in luck.

The company made a major announcement this week about 3 new products for you to fall in love with, along with a major change to their business.

For years you’re been able to buy boxes of individually sealed Hostess treats in the snack aisle of your grocery store. But starting soon you’ll be able to try some fresh upgrades to family favorites like Twinkies.

Chew Boom

The snack giant is introducing a separate line of products called the Hostess Bake Shop. They’re new and improved versions of the company’s famous products served fresh in your grocery store’s bakery section.

To start, there will be 3 updates to the company’s most well-known treats.

The Decorated Twinkies are the iconic, cream-filled cakes you love covered in a dash of rainbow sprinkles and white fudge.

Business Wire

The Triple Fudge Ding Dongs add two extra layers of chocolate to the classic snack cake: a dark chocolate coating and white fudge icing.

Business Wire

Finally, the Cupcake Cookies take inspiration from Hostess Cupcakes and their squiggly icing decorations.

Business Wire

Keep your eyes peeled for these delicious treats. They’ll be coming to all the major grocery stores and club stores in the next few weeks, but we’re guessing the demand will be pretty big!

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Watch What Happens When People Are Told They’re Beautiful

Shea Glover, a Chicago performing arts student, wanted to simply film things she found beautiful for her high school project but things took a turn for the unexpected.

As the project progressed, it blossomed into a social experiment that captured the instant reactions of random people after they’ve been called beautiful. Shea explains, “I want to clarify that my intentions were not to get a reaction out of people. I was simply filming beauty and this is the result.”

The powerful video caught a lot of people’s attention because almost everyone who appeared on camera was taken aback when told that they were beautiful. The reactions reveal a lot about the society we live in and how people view themselves in comparison to the socially constructed standards of beauty.

Our current beauty ideals are so unrealistic that people are genuinely surprised when they’re complimented on their looks.

One of the students actually got a little “angry” because she thought Shea was just playing a joke on her.

If there is one thing to learn from this video, it is that we should tell people more often that they are beautiful. A genuine compliment, especially if it’s from a stranger, could be the highlight of someone’s day, heck maybe even their year.

Watch the impactful and inspiring video below and you’ll see why it has gotten over 14 million views.

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17 Celebrities Who Live With Secret Fears Every Day

Everyone has something they’re afraid of. Heights? Spiders? Snakes?

For these celebrities they have fears too, though some are a little more strange than others.

The actor cannot stand antique furniture.

“Maybe it’s a past life thing and I got beat to death with an old chair,” Thornton once said. “But I’m totally serious. I can’t eat around antiques.” He claims they make him “gag.”

Need some minty-fresh breath before meeting Oprah? Try a Tic-Tac. The megastar is terrified of chewing gum. It’s banned from her studio, her crew, and she’s even thrown out a dinner plate where a guest had left a discarded piece of gum. That’s dedication.

Depp’s fear is the same as a lot of people…clowns. Can you blame him?

It may sound strange, but the Baywatch star is completely afraid of mirrors and her own reflection. She refuses to look at herself in the mirror and she won’t even watch herself on TV.

Eggs. Yes. Eggs scared Alfred Hitchcock.

“I’m frightened of eggs,” he once told an interviewer. “That white round thing without any holes…have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid?”

The Lord Of The Rings heartthrob is totally afraid of pigs. One got loose on the set of Kingdom of Heaven and Bloom ran away as fast as he could. I wonder if he still eats bacon?

According to her husband, Kevin Bacon, Sedgwick is terrified of talking food. If a commercial comes on that has a food item making conversation, she has to leave the room.

The America’s Got Talent host is terrified of dolphins.

“I’ve been afraid of [them] since I was 8 or 9,” she once told People magazine. “I have dreams that I am in a pool and there are dolphins bumping me and I’m frightened.”

Butterflies are the thing of nightmares for Kidman.

“Sometimes when I would come home from school the biggest butterfly or moth you’d ever seen would be just sitting on our front gate. I would climb over the fence, crawl around to the side of the house – anything to avoid having to go through the front gate. I have tried to get over it… I walked into the big butterfly cage at the American Museum Of Natural History and had the butterflies on me, but that didn’t work. I jump out of planes, I could be covered in cockroaches, I do all sorts of things, but I just don’t like the feel of butterflies’ bodies,” she said.

The international soccer star is deathly afraid of flocks of birds attacking in public spaces. Totally legit, David. That would be terrifying.

The Hollywood heartthrob is not ‘alright, alright, alright’ with revolving doors.

“I get anxious just being near them,” the actor has said.

“I am afraid of the dark,” admits Keanu Reeves. “But I mean that in a real philosophical way.”

Whatever that means.

Never, EVER call Helen Mirren on the phone.

“I’m definitely frightened of the phone,” Mirren was quoted saying. “It makes me so nervous. I always avoid picking it up if I can… The invention of the answering machine was amazing.”

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT wear sandals around Diddy. The man hates toes. Diddy says he has “this foot thing. I really fear a second long toe.”

The music superstar is terrified of thunderstorms, which is a legitimate thing.

The famous actress refuses to touch doorknobs. She has someone else do it, or if she’s alone she’ll use her elbows.

It’s rumored that Hollywood tough guy Robert De Niro is terrified of the dentist, believing the equipment can and will cause diseases and death.

What’s your worst fear?

Add Pie Filling And A Cake Mix To Your Slow Cooker. Then Wait For Perfection.

Finding an easy, tasty summer dessert can be pretty tricky.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to mess up a ton of dishes making one batch of brownies or cookies.

Get ready for the easiest cherry cake you’ve ever seen in your life. All it takes is 4 ingredients and 3 hours and you’ve got yourself a cherry pie dump cake. I know, it sounds amazing, right?

This is the perfect dish for a summer potluck or just when you want something fresh and sweet! The best part about this recipe is that you can play around with the flavors to make it something you’ll just love.

What You’ll Need

  • 1 large can of cherry pie filling
  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • 1 stick butter, melted
  • 1 cup white chocolate chips (optional)

How You Make It

  1. Spray a 3.5 quart or larger slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Spread cherry pie filling on bottom of slow cooker.
  3. Next sprinkle entire box of yellow cake mix on top of filling.
  4. Drizzle melted butter over cake mix.
  5. Sprinkle the white chocolate chips (1 cup) over the butter.
  6. Put the lid on, and cook for 2½ to 3 hours on HIGH, or until set in the middle.
  7. Set slow cooker to warm until ready to serve.
  8. Ladle into bowls, and serve with vanilla ice cream.

Other flavor options:

  1. Chocolate Raspberry: chocolate cake mix and raspberry jam
  2. Apple Cinnamon: apple pie filling with cinammon chips
  3. PB+J: your favorite jam flavor with peanut butter chips

Will you be trying this recipe out? Let us know!

Bon Jovi Brings His Daughter On Stage For A Special Moment

Every time 80s rocker John Bon Jovi performs his song “I’ve Got The Girl” while on tour, he plays home videos of his daughter on the screen behind him.

That’s because Stephanie Bongiovi, the oldest of the musician’s four kids with his high school sweetheart Dorothea, was the inspiration behind the song. Written when she was just seven years old, the song obviously still means a lot to Bon Jovi, because last week he treated fans to a very special performance.

At a performance in Las Vegas Bon Jovi brought out Stephanie, who’s now 23, to share a dance to their song. It was a touching moment that one fan caught on camera.

Before bringing Stephanie on stage, Bon Jovi shared a heartfelt message with his fans.

“Everybody’s got a little girl in their life,” he said, “their daughter, their girlfriend, their wife, their mamma…” And while his “little girl” is getting older, Bon Jovi is definitely a proud parent.

“They start out as little bitty babies and their future’s looking bright.”

For the singer’s fans, it was also nice to see Stephanie is happy and doing well. His family has never been very public, but Stephanie has struggled with drugs, and was even arrested in 2012 after a suspected overdose.

Thankfully, today the future is “looking bright” for both Stephanie and her father.

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Has Some Serious Feelings About Canada

The Rock has made his way into the hearts of…well, basically everyone at this point.

From his professional wrestling days, when he really wanted us to smell what he was cooking:

To when he started acting in The Mummy Returns:

To when he was in the Baywatch reboot:

To when he was in the new Disney movie Moana:

And of course, his famed fanny pack picture.

Though many people think wrestling was his first gig, it was actually doing something totally different up in Canada.

In 1995, Dwayne Johnson was playing football in the Canadian Football league for the Calgary Stampeders.

22 years after his Canadian adventure, Dwayne Johnson posted a video on Instagram about his true feelings for our neighbors to the north.

Seems like Dwayne still holds great memories of the country. We’re so glad he got cut from that CFL, because now we get to see him become a big star!

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He’s The Youngest Contestant Ever, And No One Can Believe His Voice

The Voice has only been on for a week and it’s already given us more to talk about than we could ever dream of!

From controversy between judges to emotional auditions, we’ve been on a roller coaster ride every episode.

The most recent jaw-dropper comes courtesy of Quizz Swanigan, who sang Michael Jackson’s Who’s Loving You?

If you thought there was something new and fresh about his performance, it’s probably because he’s just 13 years old!

Quizz catches the audience’s attention immediately with his rhythmic runs and catchy charisma. It takes the judges a little longer to get into it, however. But eventually Alicia and Gwen fight to have the young singer on their team.

You really have to watch this performance. I’ve been watching The Voice for years and this is one of those performances I’ll never forget!

The Voice that comes out of our youngest artist ever will shock you.

Posted by The Voice on Thursday, March 2, 2017

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11 Facts About “Price Is Right” That Will Leave You Yelling “$1 Bob!!”

“Come on down! You’re the next contestant onnnnnnnnn The Price Is Right!”

You’re lying if you say you never dreamed about hearing these words. Price Is Right was a part of everyone’s childhood, and frankly still holds a special place in our hearts.

There are many things you probably didn’t know about the show, though.

The game show’s ratings actually improved once Bob Barker started going gray.

“I was prematurely gray,” Barkers told the Los Angeles Times. “I began to gray at my temples, and I guess it could be that technology at that time was not what it is today, but I didn’t look good. It looked like I had no hair at my temples, so they suggested I tint it. We taped ahead. So let’s say on the Wednesday show I had dark hair, but when we taped the next show I had gray hair, and that show aired on Thursday. I got a letter from a fellow who said, ‘Bob, you must have had one hell of a night.’”  

Once they realized fans responded better to Barker’s gray locks, he was given permission to stop dying his hair in 1987.

There’s one man in charge of screening every single person who’s vying to be on their favorite show. “I am looking for energy, sincerity, and potential humor,” he says. “And if they can equal my energy or exceed it and maintain it, they are at the top of the list.”

No bribing with gifts, though. And don’t get too aggressive.

Two years before Wheel Of Fortune came around, Vanna White was a contestant on Price Is Right. Though she didn’t make it on stage, contestant’s row is just as fun!

Yes, winning all those things is fun, but you still have to pay taxes on everything you win. Just ask Aurora De Lucia, who won a car on the show. She ended up having to pay $2067 in sales tax, plus federal tax, which all added up to about $9000.

“I think it’s slightly silly to complain about netting many thousands of dollars for one day of work, which is ultimately super crazy fun,” she says. “But I also think that sometimes people can be a little in the face of game show winners if the winners mention taxes at all. And it’s like, well, this is kind of a legit problem that you do have to think about, especially if you want to keep the car.”

In 1977, a contestant named Yolanda had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. She got so excited to be called that she started jumping up and down. On her run down to contestant’s row, her tube top slipped completely off.

“She began jumping up and down and out they came,” Barker told Larry King about “the most talked about single incident in the history of the show.”

In 1988, Barker Beauty Janice Pennington was accidentally hit by a camera during a taping, and she fell right into contestant’s row. She was knocked unconscious and required two surgeries. One of her shoulders needed reconstruction, which left it an inch shorter than the other. Price Is Right wouldn’t allow her to wear a swimsuit on the show anymore because of the scars. After 29 years on the show in October 2000, Pennington was fired. She believes it was because she gave a deposition in a wrongful termination suit for another one of Barker’s Beauty.

Terry Kniess literally changed the game with his bids in 2008. The contestant made it to the final Showcase Showdown and stunned everyone when he guessed the exact amount that his showcase was worth. Production had to be stopped for 45 minutes to confirm he wasn’t cheating (he wasn’t.) Terry says he just studied the rotation of all the prizes on the show and memorized their values.

When Drew Carey took over for Bob Barker, fans were upset. As a way of trying to keep the show popular, long-time producer Roger Dobkowitz would make the games easier so more people would win.

“It was extremely important for the first couple of months of the show to have plenty of winners,” Dobkowitz wrote in a blog post. “Such a situation would maintain a real positive and upbeat feel to the show and help viewers, hopefully, to accept Drew as the new host.”

In order to achieve this, he ignored the prize budget and scheduled easy games with easy combinations so more people would win.

“However, my plan to give away plenty of prizes went a little too well,” Dobkowitz said. “By January 2008, I was about $700,000 over budget.”

Comedian Danielle Perez lost her legs in an accident in 2004. When she went on Price Is Right, things got a little awkward when her prize was revealed: a treadmill.

“It’s funny though, they edited out a little bit,” Perez told People. “When they revealed the prizes, the audience hesitated. There was a feeling of, ‘Oh no, they’re not really serious. They’re not gonna do this, they’re not gonna put this woman through this.’”

Sheree Heil won the most expensive car on the show, an Audi R8 V-8 Spyder valued at $157,300. She also won $10,000 cash and a pair of Prada shoes valued at $3,045.

“The reason it was so popular originally and why it is still popular is because of the powerful basic premise of the show—everything is based on prices,” Barker told the Los Angeles Times of the secret to the game show’s success. “Everyone identifies with prices. The minute we put something up for bid and the contestant makes a bid, the viewer is involved. Once you become involved, we have accomplished what the producer of every game show wants: viewer involvement. The Price is Right has that to the nth degree.”

Did you know any of these things?

The Perfect Barbeque Crock Pot Chicken

Print Recipe

Is there anything better than a sweet, moist pulled meat sandwich? Probably not!

There is something so comforting about a delicious pulled-chicken sandwich dripping in BBQ sauce. Serve this delicious dish on a toasted kaiser bun with a side of sweet potato fries, corn on the cob, or a garden salad.

We promise, you’ll be reaching for seconds!

  • 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 cup BBQ sauce
  • 1/4 cup Zesty Italian dressing
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • salt to taste
  1. Season chicken breast lightly (small pinch) with sea salt and place in crockpot
  2. In a mixing bowl: combine BBQ sauce, Italian dressing, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce.
  3. Pour over chicken, cover and cook on HIGH for 3-4 hours
  4. Once time is up, serve whole or shred with two forks. If you shred, re-cover the pot and let cook in the sauce for 10-15 more minutes to soak up all the flavor!

Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter Are Going To Be Co-Stars Again

Most of us grew up with Family Ties or we remember tuning in to watch a solid hour of hilarious comedy on Thursday night thanks for The Cosby Show and the antics of The Keating Family. Any memories you have from the 80s probably involve Family Ties.

While some shows went on to be cult classics, Family Ties never seemed to enjoy the long-running staying power of other sitcoms. Bill Cosby’s show was still airing re-runs until recently, and Gilligan’s Island is a show known even to people that haven’t seen a single episode.

Random Episode Generator

That said, Ties did launch the career of one of Hollywood’s most likable movie stars: Michael J. Fox. He went on to do huge movies, and become a bona fide money machine thanks to the Back To The Future franchise. With his star power it’s easy to forget that the show actually revolved around two of Television’s greatest: Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter.

Gross and Baxter played Steven and Elyse Keaton, two ex-hippies trying to do right by their children. Their eldest son, played by Fox, was a staunch Republican, and it’s almost surreal to remember a time where politics could be funny, and not so contentious.

The Reformed Broker

Both went on to great acting careers, but have largely kept out of the public eye. They had undeniable chemistry together, and that’s not strange considering how much they have in common. The two friends are even born on the exact same day, June 21, 1947.


Family Ties ran for 7 years, and while every cast-member got along there was never a call for a reunion, spin-off or reboot. Fans of the show might be happy to hear of a mini-reunion however. Gross and Baxter will be co-stars again, but this time on the stage.

The pair will be performing Love Letters at the Totem Playhouse in Fayetteville, PA. The show has received rave reviews and will rely heavily on the stars. The two-person performance consists entirely of the couple reading each other’s love letters.


Something like that is going to need chemistry like Gross and Baxter displayed during their time on Family Ties.

“I trust him on the stage,” Baxter said. “It makes me happy to be working with Michael because I trust his instincts. He’s a kind man.”

The show will start performing in late August and run for a week. With only 327 seats in the theater it’s going to be hard to get tickets. Those looking to try can do so here.

She Found Her Cat’s Lost Sibling Through A Dating Site

When Cathleen Cavin took her daughter to adopt a kitten in 2014, they came home with an orange fluff ball named Ozzy.

Ozzy and his brother, Butter, were at the shelter together, but Cathleen was only ready to take one kitten home. But she promised her daughter that Ozzy and Butter would be reunited one day.

“I felt horrible. Who makes a promise like that? Needles in a haystack (is what) I was telling her I was going to find,” Cathleen remembers.

Cathleen looked high and low for two years for some trace of Ozzy’s brother with no luck.

Around the same time, Cathleen had met Brian Herrera on a dating website where the two hit it off. Cathleen went over to Brian’s house and was shocked to see Ozzy there…or so she thought.

Cathleen and Brian

Brian remembers the day like it was yesterday.

“(Cathleen) notices a cat scurry by and she stops everything and says, ‘that’s my cat!’ And I say, ‘no way, that’s MY cat, what are you talking about?’– thinking she’s this crazy cat lady. And she just kept going, ‘that’s my cat!’ So, I’m thinking ‘OK, red flags! What’s going on?'”

Cathleen wasn’t crazy, though. They checked with the local shelter and adoption records confirmed that Ozzy and Butter were, in fact, brothers!

Lucky for Ozzy and Butter, Cathleen and Brian hit it off and are moving in together, so the brothers will have time to reconnect.

Cathleen and Brian also happened to live in the same small towns and various points in their lives (at the same time!) and never met. They believe it was all meant to be.

“With so much in common, it’s just bizarre and then to have our cats be brothers … it’s total destiny. Yeah, it’s fate,” Cathleen said.

Baby Loses It After Trying Bacon For The First Time

There is always a first for everything but it isn’t everyday that the experience is documented and likened to a spiritual awakening.

Lucky for us, when Tyler and Melissa Beach decided to let their son, Easton, have his first taste of bacon on Christmas morning, his priceless reaction was all caught on tape

Easton’s mom, Melissa Beach shared the video on Facebook, captioned “That first time you try bacon.” It has since gone viral and it really isn’t hard to see why.

Whether we remember it or not, this kid’s reaction is how we all felt when we tried bacon for the first time. Note when he couldn’t help but close his eyes to savour every taste. It’s the moment when he realizes his life has now been changed forever.

All it took was one bite for baby Easton to slip into a state of euphoria. He could barely contain his excitement as he repeatedly screams out the ‘bacon’ each time louder than the last.

I bet this is a Christmas present he will always remember. Check out the video below and watch his adorable appreciation for bacon unfold.

You Should Avoid These Dangerous Food Additives At The Grocery Store

You may double check every product you put in your grocery cart to keep junk food out of your home, but do you really know what’s in your food?

A new study by natural food brand Arla has revealed some surprising facts about the food we all buy. It’s no surprise that lots of foods have additives, chemicals or natural products that make them stay fresh longer, or give them a nice color.

But the number of additives in even the simplest food is surprising. Ketchup can have as many as 12, while gluten-free breads can include as many as 26. What’s worse, some of these have been proven to be bad for your health.

The Christian Science Monitor

The next time you go grocery shopping, keep an eye out for these 5 ingredients and try your best to keep them out of your grocery cart.

Partially Hydrogenated Oils: This additive might as well be called “trans fats,” because that’s pretty much all they are. They keep food fresh, but they’re been proven to raise your cholesterol.

Sodium Nitrates and Nitrites: How do hot dogs and bacon keep their tasty colors while they sit in the grocery store? It’s thanks to these chemicals. They can form cancer-causing cells called nitrosamines when they mix with your stomach acid, so look for meat products that are additive-free.

Potassium Bromate: You’ll find this in your breads and dinner rolls because it makes them extra thick. Here’s the thing: it’s been banned in every country but Japan and the US because it has been proven to cause cancer in lab animals.

High Fructose Corn Syrup: This is just sugar by another name, but with one extra downside. It can block leptin, the hormone that tells your brain your stomach is full, making you eat more.

MSG or Monosodium Glutamate: You may remember when people were scared to eat Chinese food because this additive would cause headaches. Those fears were overblown, but MSG can cause obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndromes. Look other for sneaky names to disguise MSG, like maltodextrin, sodium caseinate or autolyzed vegetable protein.

Grounded Nutrition

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone! Arla’s survey also found that over half of the 4,000 people they spoke with felt food is too complicated these days.

Hopefully with this new information you’ll be able to spot these risky additives the next time you go shopping!

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10 Vintage Vinyl Records You Might Own That Are Worth A Fortune

Do you have a vintage vinyl collection? When was the last time you played them? If they’ve just been sitting in boxes in your basement or attic and collecting dust, it might be time to bring them out because some of them could be worth way more than their original sticker price.  

“Items that were cherished by the demographic which grew up in the ’60s and ’70s is at its peak currently, with items like Pyrex, rock LPs, modern furniture, toys, etc.—all of which are in high demand,” John Neiheisel, Art & Antique Specialist at EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE (EBTH), told


If you were an avid collector of vinyls from some of the most iconic artists and bands then you could be sitting on a gold mine.

“Rock albums are all over the place, but The Beatles is always highest,” Neiheisel explains. Records released by artists like “The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Michael Jackson, etc.,” can also help you earn big cash, especially if they’re an original.

Here are 10 vintage vinyl records that can bring you some serious cash:

The original “butcher” cover from 1966 was recalled by Capitol Records after the public found it to be of poor taste. At the time of the recall, 750,000 copies had already been shipped to stores, which means that a few fans managed to get their hands on it. Today, the copies with the original cover are worth between $20,000-$45,000.

The Beatles

The iconic band’s self-titled double album was released in 1968 and some of the earliest copies were stamped with serial numbers that started with A00000. If your copy has a low serial number then you could be sitting on a small fortune. In 2013, the very first copy sold for $35,000 and in 2014, a copy with the serial number A0000023 was auctioned off for $13,750.

Blank Archives

Four tracks on Dylan’s 1963 release were replaced with newly recorded songs, but during the pressing process a number of copies were accidentally created with the old version of the songs. These original stereo copies of Freewheelin make the album one of the rarest and most valuable records in the world. A copy has once been sold for $35,000. You have an original copy if the matrix number ends in -1A and plays these four songs: Rocks and Gravel/Let Me Die In My Footsteps/Gamblin’ Willie’s Dead Man’s Hand/Talkin’ John Birch Blues.


Less than 1,000 copies of Mobley’s jazz record were released in 1957, and among them are a few that have a small change that makes them much more valuable. Apparently, Blue Note Records ran out of labels during pressing, so the rare copies with the original mono pressing were labelled with “47 West 63rd NYC” on side 1 and the rare “47 West 63rd New York 23” on side 2. If you have the record with the special label, it could be worth upwards of $10,000.


The original cover of the record caused some controversy upon its release in 1968, so the sleeves were withdrawn shortly after. There are still ten to 18 copies that didn’t make their way back to the label, and in 2011 one of them sold for $17,000, according to Bonhams. If you have this rare Rolling Stones memorabilia, it’s time to dust it off and make some serious cash.

If you don’t own any of these albums, don’t worry, there are more records on this list.


Most people are familiar with the orange cover of Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut, but did you know that there was an earlier version that looked different? The iconic album featured the famous Hindenburg airship disaster on its original sleeve with the band name and Atlantic logo in Turquoise. Later that year, the color was switched to orange, and the turquoise-printed sleeve became a collector’s item. These days a copy of the album with the aqua lettering can cost from $3,000-$5,000.

Ultimate Classic Rock

Bowie’s 1974 release had to be taken off the shelves to correct the artwork because the original version featured a dog’s genitals. Some RCA employees kept some of the non-airbrushed copies, and back in 2003, one was sold on eBay for $3,550. The record’s value has gone up since Bowie’s passing and could probably sell for up to $5,000.


The jazz multi-instrumentalist’s 1956 album was largely unknown until a few years prior to his death. The record is very rare as it was a limited release and featured a self-invented technique that was unheard of before Kirk’s debut, which makes it worth between $1,000- $5,000 today.

Also known as The Funk Bible, Prince’s sixteenth album had no title or credited artist when it was released in 1987. Despite sending promotional copies to DJs and clubs, Prince shelved the album a week before its nationwide release. The promo copies were recalled and scheduled to be destroyed, but there were a few that ended up being saved until its official release in 1994. One of these extremely rare copies of The Black Album was sold in 2016 for $15,000 after the singer’s death. It was the most expensive record ever sold on Discogs, an online vinyl reseller.

Promotional copies of the King of Rock and Roll’s 1968 album, Speedway, were released as mono LPs during a time when this type of format was virtually extinct. Only a few hundred mono copies exist, the rest were all issued in stereo. Today, the rare mono editions are valued at $1,000 to $3,000.

Do you own any of these records? Let us know in the comments!

People Can’t Figure Out Which Direction This Cat Is Going

There is something about this picture that just isn’t right. Is this cat going up the stairs, or coming down them? It seems like a question that should be simple enough to answer, but when you see the picture you will understand.

Something about the low res photo and the way the stairs are designed makes it pretty tricky to tell if this fancy feline is coming upstairs or going downstairs. Can you figure it out?

The more you look at it, the more it changes directions?!

What do you think?

Share with your friends and see if you can come up with a solution!

Olivia Newton-John Breaks Her Silence For The First Time Since Cancer Diagnosis

Back in May, we shared the news that Olivia Newton-John had to postpone a few of her tour dates due to a sciatica flare up. Unfortunately, a few weeks after that news, her camp released a statement announcing that the entertainer’s recent health problems were a result of cancer.

After more than 20 years in remission, the 68-year-old Grease star’s breast cancer relapsed for the second time and has “metastasized to the sacrum.” In the announcement posted on her Facebook page, she was seeking “natural wellness therapies” and “a short course of photon radiation therapy” to fight the cancer.

Hello Magazine

Now, three months after her shocking revelation, Newton-John has spoken out about her battle for the first time.

The singer released a video message in which she not only gave fans an update about her health, she also thanked them for their support and shared details about The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre’s new campaign.

So how is she doing?

Newton-John reassured fans that she is recovering well and “feeling great” since we last heard from her.

“Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you who sent such kind and loving messages of support over the past few months,” the Physical singer said in the emotional video.

“Your prayers and well wishes have truly helped me, and continued to lift my spirits,” she continued. “I’m feeling great and so look forward to seeing you soon!”

ESC United

Newton-John also added that her Melbourne-based cancer and wellness centre launched a new campaign called “We Go Together”, in hopes of raising $1 million to “continue to grow our critical research, pioneer trials and deliver holistic care to all who are in need.”

“During this healing time — recovering from my breast cancer relapse — I’ve had time to reflect on how proud I am of this centre, and the important contributions it makes to the lives of the communities it serves,” she said. “The Wellness Centre programs are improving the lives of people going through cancer. This was my dream, and it’s now a reality.”

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The entertainer has been an advocate for breast cancer awareness since her first bout with the disease in 1992. Her battle included nine months of chemotherapy, a partial mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

We’re so glad that the star is doing well and once again winning her battle against cancer.

You can watch Newton-John’s video message in its entirety below:

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5-Year-Old Boy Shaves His Head To Look Like His Friend

We all know about the innocence of children. From questions about how things work, to why things happen, they aren’t shy about things that adults would deem to be inappropriate.

Well, 5-year-old Jax wanted to shave his head so that he could look more like his friend from school, Reddy.

“This morning Jax and I were discussing his wild hair. I told him that he needed a haircut this weekend. He said that he wanted his head shaved really short so he could look like his friend Reddy,” said Lydia Stith Rosebush in a Facebook post last week.

Jax was so excited to go to school on Monday to trick his teacher into trying to tell them apart.

“He thought it would be so hilarious to confuse his teacher with the same haircut.” his mom wrote.

She then displayed a picture of the two boys from Christmas, and the resemblance – or lack there of, was obvious.

Jax is white, where Reddy is black.

“If this isn’t proof that hate and prejudice is something that is taught I don’t know what is. The only difference Jax sees in the two of them is their hair.” Lydia concluded.

It’s amazing to see how kids don’t see the things we find so obvious. Good for you Jax!  Hopefully more people start seeing things from your perspective.

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Matching Tattoos

Getting a tattoo can be a big decision, especially if you’re getting it to match someone else. Whether you want the relationship to be inked forever on your body, or you want to commemorate a special time in your lives, a tattoo is a great piece of art to symbolize special meanings.

Whether it’s the birth of a child, an anniversary, your spouse’s name or something of a more ‘secret’ meaning, these celebrities headed into the tattoo parlor to get inked together.

While they may not be dating anymore, Drake got the same camouflage shark tattoo Rihanna had gotten in 2016. It represents a date they had at the aquarium.

Orlando Bloom and the rest of the cast honored their time shooting The Fellowship of the Ring with the word “nine” written in Elvish on different parts of their bodies.

These Stark sisters got the dates they found out that they were being cast on the hit HBO show tattooed on their arms.

They both got 07.08.09. tattooed to remind themselves of the date they first met.

“That date always meant a lot to us and we always said we were gonna get it done,” Sophie said.

The musical power couple has the Roman numeral for the number 4 tattooed on their fingers. This number holds special significance because it’s their anniversary date, and both of their birthdays. Their first daughter’s middle name is also Ivy, which gives their tattoo even more meaning.

💙 4.4.17 💙

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The singer actress gave us all a fright when she and her best friend Alanna, who is best known for her role as Tara on The Walking Dead, got adorable ghosts tattooed on their forearms. These BFFs also have matching hearts on their wrists.

These musicians got matching Pingu tattoos, a popular claymation show about a penguin from the 90’s.

Yes this forever couple has gotten under each other’s skin with tattoos of their spouse’s name. After 17 years of marriage, 4 children it seems like these tattoos are way less impulsive than many other couples.  

The only daughter of Michael Jackson is very close with her godfather Macaulay Culkin that they even sport matching tattoos. They both got matching striped tattoos on their forearms. It’s believed that the spoons in tattoo art represent a struggle with chronic illness or pain.

The Suicide Squad actresses tattooed each other’s big toes with smilie faces after shooting wrapped up.

“That moment when you realize the silly joke tattoo you got with your band 8 years ago means that your sweet stunt double has to have it drawn on too,” she wrote on Instagram. She even used the hashtag #babiesonmy feet meaning that squiggle is exactly what it looks like.

Do you have a matching tattoo with someone? What would you get done and who with?

Source: Wet Paint / Diply