There Are 3 Main Body Types – Here’s How To Know Which One You Are

Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom that observes the subtle energies of our minds and bodies. These energies express the particular patterns of our physical, emotional and mental characteristics.

Unlike our horoscopes, which are pretty well defined, our doshas are flexible and ever-changing according to the fluctuations in our personal state of being.

Each dosha is not unique to a particular person. Instead each of us is some special combination of degrees of dosha strength.

So, while you may generally fit the description of a Kapha, you have also got some Vata and Pitta qualities.

Read more about each Dosha and find out which is your dominant quality!

You might find it interesting to know that our understanding of the Doshas goes back as far as 6,000 years ago to ancient India.

While everyone has all three doshas, but only one or two of these energies dominate. Vatas are creative and quick, Kaphas are easygoing and relaxed, and Pittas are sharp-minded and assertive.

Which one are you?

Dominant Traits:

  • Quick to learn and grasp new knowledge
  • Can be forgetful
  • Slender, tall and a fast walker
  • Has cold hands, feet; doesn’t like cold climates
  • Changeable moods and an irregular daily routine
  • Has high energy in short bursts, but tires easily and tends to overexert themselves
  • Can be impulsive

When You Are Balanced:

  • Full of joy and enthusiasm
  • Lively, fun personality
  • Highly Creative

When You Are Out Of Balance:

Excessive levels of fear and anxiety

How To Regain Balance:

Meditate daily, go to sleep early, create a daily routine, exercise regularly and avoid alcohol/cigarettes.

Dominant Traits:

  • Medium, athletic physique
  • Strong and well-built
  • Excellent concentration powers
  • Confident
  • Competitive, loves challenges
  • Passionate and romantic
  • Can have fair or reddish skin

When You Are Balanced:

  • Strong digestion, healthy appetite
  • Good public speaker, manager
  • Assertive and entrepreneurial

When You Are Out Of Balance:

  • Easily irritated and angry, can be extremely impatient

How To Regain Balance:

Meditate daily, swim, spend more time in nature, slow down eating. Avoid overworking, alcohol and cigarettes.

Dominant Traits:

  • Physically strong with a sturdy, heavier build
  • Have the most energy, but it is steady and lasting
  • Self-sufficient
  • Gentle and undemanding
  • Excellent health and immune system
  • Thick hair and smooth skin
  • Soft eyes, low, soft voice

When You Are Balanced:

  • Stable, reliable and faithful
  • Not easily upset and are very grounding to others
  • Slower to learn, but outstanding long-term memory
  • Positive and calm

When You Are Out Of Balance:

  • Possessive, jealous, prone to depression. Tends to overeat or suffer from sluggish digestion.

How To Regain Balance:

  • meditate or write in a journal daily, sleep and wake up early, include lots of vegetables in your diet.

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People Have Been Posting Their Best Encounters With Celebrities, Proving We Can Still Love Some Of Our Heroes

The past have few weeks have left the world shaken, as many people have come forward to expose the terrible deeds of many members of the Hollywood elite. While it was a great thing for these details to come out, many people are left wondering if there are any decent celebrities left.

While the news cycle tends to focus on the negative aspects of our day-to-day lives, some people are speaking up about the positives that they have witnessed famous people doing.

Some of them are incredible, some are mundane, but they prove that there will always be some common decency in the world.

It turns out Anthony Hopkins just wants to talk about the deeper things like a regular person.

There was a lot of fighting on Married With Children, but the cast were sweethearts!

There are stars who forget basic manners when they get accustomed to a way of life, but it’s nice to see they don’t all fall for it.

When you spend so much time organizing benefit concerts, it must be nice to get a friendly wave and not a barrage of questions.

There was a reason it hurt so bad when we lost our Genie…

Even with busy schedules, it’s good to know that some musicians take the time to make other people’s days better!

Some celebrities have become know for their incredible deeds on such a large scale, that it’s actually sort of nice to hear about the small moments where they act like genuine human beings.

Keanu Reeves has had such a hard life, yet always does his best to be good.

A surprising reaction from a rapper who has such a tough reputation to keep up!

Just because they have a lot of money, doesn’t mean every celebrity is greedy with what they have.

Even just spending time with your colleagues shows that you can be famous and humble at the same time!

Sometimes though, some people can reach out and show that real kindness exists out there. There are no words for these acts of selflessness.

While our faith in famous individuals has been cut down, as long as there are people in show business still doing what is right, then I think we’ll be alright too.

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The Secrets To A Successful Marriage From “Married At First Sight” Power Couples

Love at first sight is a common movie trope that happens when two people are bound to be together forever, but would you honestly be ready to make a lifetime commitment right on the spot?

That’s what Married at First Sight wanted to find out, and most people were surprised at the results!

In the first season, six people were introduced and put into an unlikely, intimate position. They were matched based on relationship experts and agreed to get married as soon as they met their new partners.

They got to have a honeymoon, and then spent two months living together as a married couple, the real test of any marriage.

At the end of the two months, they had to decide if they would continue to remain married, or to file for divorce. Here are the couples who took a chance on each other, explaining how they made it work!

Cortney and Jason met on the pilot season of Married at First Sight and they haven’t looked back. Like any marriage, they have met with peaks and valleys in their time together, but it’s what they offer each other that means the most.

For Cortney, it was the way her husband lays down his life for others as a firefighter, and his loving personality.

For Jason, it came down to realizing his priorities. “I had to take a step back and re-evaluate what was most important in my life—my wife,” he said.

This couple had a rocky start on the show, but quickly came to discover exactly what they loved about each other. For them, love was held together by honesty and understanding.

“True love grows over time,” Jamie explained. “It’s okay if you’re not smitten with each other from the get-go.”

Doug agrees, and looks for new ways to love his wife everyday. It’s not difficult, as they have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their lives and work together to raise it with compassion.

While not all relationships on the show have worked out, the ones that have prove that it is not the length of time you and your partner have shared together, it’s the depth of commitment.

Could you have married your partner the first time you met them? Let us know in the comments!

Her Surprise Phone Call Saved His Life, 10 Years Later They’re Married

“I was probably between five to 10 seconds away from taking my own life,” said Kevin Walsh.

About 10 years ago, Walsh was a 17-year-old high school senior in Chicago. Struggling with “earth-shattering” depression, he resolved to take his life. The utter loneliness he felt led him to write a final note before taking his life.

Seconds away from doing the deed, his flip-phone vibrated with an unknown number.

“I thought, if there’s a semblance of eternity, I cannot spend it wondering who was on the other end of that phone call,” Kevin told PEOPLE.

“When I picked up and heard the voice, I knew it was her.”

A few years earlier, Kevin met Blake at a Michigan Bible camp when she casually approached him saying “black is a good color on you.”

Since their first meeting the two maintained an easy friendship, but on the day that Kevin was ready to take his life, it had been about a year since the two last spoke.

“Knowing his personality, he’s very analytical, and I knew if he had ended up at that point, he had taken all the steps to get there and he wasn’t doing it for attention,” Blake said.

“Literally, all she said in that moment was, ‘What? Don’t do that,’” Kevin told Yahoo News.

For several years after their second fateful connection, the two maintained their friendship. Despite dating other people, the two continued to talk in the years following that fateful phone call.

When Blake was heartbroken by the breakup of a serious relationship, Kevin was there to support her. Eventually, he confessed his love for her and proposed in April 2016.

The ring was a black diamond, an homage to the comment Blake made on the first day they met.

Ten years after a phone call that would bond the two friends and form the foundation of their affection for one another, the couple tied the knot on Sept. 17, 2016.

It wasn’t until after they married that they realized Blake’s memory of their fated phone call was slightly different.

She remembers Kevin calling HER. But, he had a new phone and didn’t have her number. Since they hadn’t spoken in a year, he hadn’t given his new number to Blake.

“I think both of our recollections are true,” Blake says. “A force must have intervened to connect us and make it happen.”

Sometimes in our lives, there are magical moments that cannot be explained. Whoever made the call, it was that unexpected connection and perfect timing that saved Kevin’s life and will remain with the couple forever.

“Talk to someone,” Blake told People. “Saying things out loud gives it life, it lets you evaluate things in a different way than texting or writing. It applies a different layer of emotion.”

“I think there is something to be said for speaking something outloud,” Kevin adds. “To talk to somebody, and to give somebody the opportunity to care about you, is something that could save your life.”

If you or someone you know require support right now, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or text “START” to 741-741.

[h/t People / Yahoo News]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Cast-Iron Pans

You may have recently picked up a phenomenal new piece of kitchenware made from cast-iron and are wondering just how the heck you are supposed to use this heavy pan? Follow these tips and tricks to unleash the full potential of this awesome kitchen tool and ensure it lasts a lifetime!

We’re not talking pumpkin spice here. One of the many cool features of cast-iron is the natural build up of a seasoned base, meaning a type of oil that bonds to the bottom of the pan which changes the flavor of your dishes, forever.

First you need to scrub down to the iron bottom. Feel free to use soap here, and really, really, scrub it out. Make sure you get both sides of the pan and the handle! Finish by rinsing it under hot water and letting it dry out completely.

Now that your pan is thoroughly dry, you’ll want to add a thin layer of oil (preferably lard or bacon grease) to cover both sides of the pan. Wipe off any excess oil as this will make the surface sticky. Place the pan inside an oven at 450-500°F for approximately one hour before turning off your oven to allow the pan to cool.

NOTE: Put a layer of foil on the bottom of the oven to catch any oil drippings!

Next you’ll learn how to cook with your seasoned pan and make incredible home-style food!

Now that your pan is ready to go, you’re probably itching to try out your first recipe! First, make sure you preheat the pan by letting it sit at your desired temperature for 5-10 minutes so that the pan is evenly heated.

When cooking, try to let the food sit in one place, and keep flipping to a minimum to ensure it stays crispy. You can also try finishing it off in the oven on a broil setting!

Arguably one of the most important things to know about looking after your cast-iron equipment is the proper way to clean it while maintaining the seasoned base.

Make sure you begin cleaning while the pan is still relatively warm, otherwise food tends to stick to it. Next, rinsing it with hot water and gentle scrubbing with salt allows you to protect the seasoned base. While using soap isn’t the worst thing in the world, try to use it as little as possible!

Dry the cast-iron on a stove top or in the oven and repeat the seasoning process by adding a thin layer of oil and heating it in the oven.

While it seems like a bit of work to go through, the effect is enormous on cooking amazing meals with an incredibly handy tool!

What’s your favorite recipe to use with a cast-iron skillet?

6 Bizarre Diets Of Really Famous People

All of us know someone who has raved about their diet. Whether trying no-carb or low-carb, vegetarian or gluten-free, they talk about how the biggest change has been to their personality. Let’s take a look at these celebrities and see if history has proved if what we eat makes us who we are!

It should come as no surprise that the iconic entrepreneur and CEO of Apple rooted his diet on a largely fruit-based structure. In fact it is how he came up with the name for the company itself! Jobs was vegan for most of his life, but would often fast or eat only carrots and apples for weeks on end.

It seems that this Hollywood bad boy even rebelled against his own bodily drives. Brando was known to struggle with an over-eating disorder, consuming breakfasts of cereals, sausages, and stacks of pancakes in one sitting. He had been known to break the locks off of refrigerators that his family installed, too.

Known for his peculiar journalism tactics and avid drug-use, Hunter S. Thompson listed his perfect breakfast in his autobiography as “a personal ritual that can only be properly observed alone, and in a spirit of genuine excess. The food factor should always be massive: four bloody marys, two grapefruits, a pot of coffee, Rangoon crepes, a half-pound of either sausage, bacon or corned beef hash with diced chillies, a Spanish omelette or eggs benedict, a quart of milk, a chopped lemon for random seasoning, and something like a slice of key lime pie, two margaritas, and six lines of the best cocaine for dessert.”

For many individuals, what they eat can be surprising based on their temperament, but here are the very weird diets of historical figures that make you say, “Oh, that makes sense”. Prepare yourself!

We’ve been told by our parents to always finish what is on our plates, but if we were raised by these famous individuals, could we really bring ourselves to do it?

The richest man in the world may be able to buy 5-star restaurants like we buy dinner, but it turns out his tastes are a lot less refined. The billionaire revealed that he loves cheap cheeseburgers paired with Diet Coke. For a snack he reaches for spray cheese and scoops of Tang powder! Who knew?

This novelist from the 1800’s was a renowned writer having produced 91 pieces of fiction in just 16 years, but claimed he was only able to complete such a task because of his other amazing ability. Balzac would reportedly drink up to 50 cups of coffee per day, sometimes eating the coffee grounds raw in order to have “ideas quick-march into motion like battalions” towards him.

Another author who veered towards the strange is noted essayist on nature and solitude Henry David Thoreau. Whereas other celebrities ate weird meals, Thoreau apparently didn’t like food too much at all. Some indulgences he steered clear from included meat, alcohol, coffee, tea, cranberries, salt, and even water – if he could avoid it. “The wonder is how … you and I can live this slimy, beastly life, eating and drinking.”

Do you eat any strange foods? Let us know in the comments!

The Five Year Anniversary Of Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Marked With Charity And Love

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and opened fire on the students and faculty in one of the worst mass shootings to ever occur in this country.

In the aftermath, the dead numbered 20 children, six adults, and Lanza, who turned the gun on himself after his spree had ended.

The country was struck by this horrific act of violence, the pain and trauma multiplied by the senseless loss of children who were just beginning their journey of life. The day it happened we stood frozen watching the TV screen as more information came in about the poor boys and girls who would never come home from school that day.

It was impossible to know the heart-wrenching pain that their parents were going through at the time, and it is something that I’m sure no one is capable of truly getting over.

Yet somehow, life must go on. It would be perfectly understandable for many family members and friends to give up and hide themselves away from the world. But instead, the community has done all it can to connect and provide support to each other in order to continue living without their little ones.

“You have two choices,” said Rebecca Kowalski, mother to 7-year-old Chase, who was killed in the attack. “I could be in the bottom of a bottle; I could not get out of my bed. Or, I could do what’s making us heal a little bit every day.”

In the months that followed the tragedy, the families of the twenty children killed in the shooting reached out to one another and shared stories about their sons and daughters on a website dedicated to preserving the memory of these innocent souls.

Their stories document the quirks and interests of these kids who would never grow up, but would remain in the hearts of their loved ones forever.

“She liked to snuggle on the couch and watch movies with us. Her favorites were The Chipmunks, Lemonade Mouth, and all of the Barbie movies,” reads the memorial to Josephine Gay, who had just turned six-years-old a few days before the gunman robbed her of her life.

After the shooting, a variety of support programs were opened up to the community, but it didn’t stop there. The families decided that the best way to remember the little angels they had lost was to keep the parts of them alive that they could.

A series of charities and campaigns were started in memorial to these kids, and they have gone on to change the lives of children everywhere.

The programs all incorporate some aspect of the children who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook shooting, and in a way, a small part of them lives on as people continue to take part.

They include mental health support programs, group activities for charities, and gun control campaigns.

The foundation dedicated to Chase Kowalski involves his love of sports. According to his memorial written by his family, Chase “was a fun-loving, energetic boy who had a true love of life.”

He ran races across Newton, loved baseball, and at the age of six had even finished his first triathlon. The CMAK Sandy Hook Memorial Foundation Inc., named in his honor is a way to offer mental health support and friendship to young kids going through a hard time, and includes a Race4Chase fun run for children to get invoked and stay active.

Others took the form of political lobbies, campaigning for changes to mental health care reform and gun control legislation.

Mark Barden pleaded with the country alongside former president Barrack Obama to take this tragedy serious so as not to waste the sacrifice of the poor children who were lost in the attack. His own son, Daniel, was among those who were killed in the shooting.

Barden is the co-founder of one of the most well-known non-profit organizations that arose form the Sandy Hook massacre. Sandy Hook Promise is dedicated to stopping future school shootings by developing mental health and wellness programs to education systems across the country.

Daniel also has his own memorial program, to inspire empathy among young children. Called “What Would Daniel Do?”, it promotes little acts of kindness in day-to-day life that make a huge difference to kids suffering from loneliness.

As the five year anniversary of the tragedy is upon us, we should look towards the good that has been accomplished in the name of these boys and girls who have left us, but have given us reasons to love one another all the more.

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A New Fasting Trend Has Doctors Speaking Out

Besides sleeping, how long do you think you could go without eating? Okay, well how long do you think you would want to go without eating?

For most people, we could probably go half a day without a meal before it got too uncomfortable, and we wouldn’t want to do it anytime soon again either.

But there’s a disturbing new trend where young people are purposely depriving themselves of food in order to gain some sort of benefits for their mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Many high-profile business and technology executives have been recommending fasting to their employees as a form of productivity boosting.

They claim that by deciding not to eat for long periods throughout the day, you will not only gain more willpower but become healthier because, they believe, fasting prevents illnesses from getting worse.

There is even an app that has been developed called Zero, that keeps track of your non-eating habits.

But doctors and nutritionists are not having any of it.

Even though it has been trending recently, the idea that regular fasting can be beneficial to your overall health has been around for a while, and medical practitioners have time and time again stood up to dispel the rumors surrounding this holistic approach.

First and foremost, there is no Elvia study that proves the claims of Althea improvement from regular fasting. In fact, the only ones that have come close were performed on mice, not people.

The biggest problem that doctors have with this fad is that it promotes eating disorders among people at risk for them.

Claire Mysko is the CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, and speaks about the issues of having a workplace culture that influences people on their diets using professional and social pressure.

“The connection between achievements and food and eating is very alarming,” she says. “Not everybody who gets into this is necessarily going to spiral into a eating disorder, but if you are at risk, this is a really triggering framing.”

We shouldn’t rush to put our bodies through traumatic extremes in order to satisfy some idea of productivity. Good diet and exercise is always enough!

Now here’s a recipe for Cinnamon & Chocolate Pull Apart Bread that you need in your life!

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7 Household Hacks That You Could Have Been Using All This Time

We all want to be living our most effective lives, putting ourselves dutifully into every task without hesitation or tiring out. But let’s face it, no one can act so robotically all the time.

Luckily, you can put the things around you to use in a way to make your daily routine easy and efficient!  

Don’t go out and spend your money! Save time and energy with these awesome life hacks!

Got a tough stain that you can’t get rid of? Before you throw out as ruined, try spraying hairspray on the item! Watch as it fizzes up and begins to dissolve the stain.

Make sure you dab it with a damp towel after, and if the stain is particularly bad, throw it in the washing machine right after to finish it off.  

Next time you pour yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade, add a little to your flowers on the windowsill! The citrus juice has antibacterial qualities that protect the flowers, and the high sugar content actually feeds them and makes them look fresh and happy!

Want to get rid of the ashy smell that cigarettes leave behind? Add two tablespoons of malt vinegar from the pantry to a small bowl and leave in the room overnight.

Don’t you hate having to wipe your mirror after a shower to see yourself before getting ready? Tired of needing to clean up all those streaks? The answer is simple!

Just wipe the surface with a bit of shaving foam before hand and you’ll enjoy a clean, clear reflection even after a steamy shower!

Want more tips? These next three hacks are all about clothing!

Have you got a zipper that keeps getting stuck? Just grad your soap from the bathroom and give it a rub in the affected area and it’ll glide right through!

Accidentally knock a candle over onto your clothes or tablecloth? Don’t throw it in the washing machine just yet!

First, scrape off as much as you can, then cover with a piece of paper towel. Gentle place a warm iron over top of the stain and let the wax bond to the paper. There! Now you can wash it!

Static electricity is cool, except when it wakes you up in the morning as you pull on your tights. To avoid this, rub some fabric softener on your hands and apply to your tights before pulling them up. Give it a try, it really works!

What are some other hacks that you use in your daily life?

South Carolina Wants To Honor Black Confederate Soldiers But Experts Disagree

The Civil War is a tricky subject in any part of the United States of America, a reminder of state sovereignty and the capability of mankind to betray and fight against their own brothers and sisters. We are where we are today because of the sacrifices of subjects who fought against injustices and demanded a better future for their families.

No matter if you are from the North or South of the country, you’ll agree that there is no place where the war is as hotly debated as South Carolina. The state played a prominent role in the war for the Confederate army, and now, lawmakers want to honor some of the members who they say have gone unrecognized for too long.

State representatives Bill Chumley and Mike Burns have created legislation that would establish a monument to black soldiers who served in the Confederate Army. They both previously voted against removing the Confederate flag from the State House in 2015, until it was taken down after a white supremacist shot nine members of a Charleston church to death.

Their efforts are borne out of a desire to see the loyal contributions of soldiers recognized for their willingness to lay down their lives in support of the Confederacy.

“While there is representation of those African-Americans from South Carolina who took up arms for the Union, there is nothing to show the contributions, sacrifices and honor of their Confederate counterparts,” the bill states.

However, many individuals have stepped up to criticize this move. In particular is Walter Edgar, who served as director of the University of South Carolina’s Institute for Southern Studies for 32 years, and has even authored a book on the history of the state.

“In all my years of research, I can say I have seen no documentation of black South Carolina soldiers fighting for the Confederacy,” he says. “In fact, when secession came, the state turned down free (blacks) who wanted to volunteer because they didn’t want armed persons of color.”

The facts seem to support this claim. Records from the South Carolina Department of History and Archives offer no evidence that any African-Americans ever received payment for fighting on the Confederate side.

But what it does mention is a relatively unknown tidbit that Chumley and Burns intend to utilize in order to pass their legislation.

The archival records do list a series of payments to black people who served in the Civil War. Just not for anyone who fought, it seems.

Over 300 black people from South Carolina apparently received pension payments from the Confederate army, for positions such as body servants and kitchen staff.

The reason for this may be the many laws that prevented African-Americans from fighting, or even bearing arms. This law wasn’t repealed until the very end of the war in 1865, and there was much prejudice concerning equality amidst the ranks.

In 1860, South Carolina was populated with over 291,000 white people, while host to a further 400,000 slaves. As 45 of white families in the state owned slaves, one could understand their fear of an armed rebellion should they offer weapons to the population they had traditionally controlled.

This doesn’t change the minds of the two lawmakers, who say that every member of the force is valued, and deserve to be recognized.

Other historians have pointed out the attempts made by members of the free, mixed-race South Carolinian population to join the ranks of the army. A book on the subject quotes four individuals of the “brown elite” who petitioned the governor at the time.

They wrote, “in our veins flows the blood of the white race, in some half, in others much more than half white blood … our allegiance is due to South Carolina and in her defense, we will offer up our lives, and all that is dear to us.”

Their pleas were ignored, and a law was passed that allowed military commanders to reap 10 days of labor from “free” black and mixed-race persons.

The bill to erect the statue is tied to another piece of legislation that would work towards cataloging the various contributions of these black members of the Confederacy and introduce these moments of history into the public school curriculum.

“We are all learning a lot,” they said. “The purpose of the bill is education.”

However the lawmakers are facing strong opposition by those who say they are trying to rewrite history and draw the focus away from the fact that many members of the Confederate army supported slavery and actively thwarted attempts of black people trying to gain civil rights.

What do you think about the statue?

How One Cow Became A Legend After Her ‘Udderly’ Thrilling Escape

You may remember reading about “The World’s Fastest Cow” and the most daring escape ever made by a brave bovine.

Cincinnati Freedom made headlines when she escaped a slaughterhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio back in 2002.

The snow white Charolais cow took a giant leap of faith and cleared a 6-foot-high fence, before engaging citizens on a dramatic 11-day chase.

Time and time again, Cincinnati Freedom managed to evade capture. During her 11-day escapade, the beautiful bovine managed to stay hidden in a park where she foraged and rested when she could.

Her incredible fight for survival and unbreakable will captured the hearts of millions and resonated with so many animal lovers….

By the time she was finally captured, countless calls for mercy poured into the city from all across America.

She had become a legend and no one could bear to see her slaughtered.

Cincinnati Freedom had earned her right to life, and renowned artist, Peter Max, would be the one to give it to her.

He arranged for the brave bovine to have safe passage to Farm Sanctuary, a New York City Shelter.

The beautiful beast was officially named Cincinnati Freedom and welcomed warmly into a herd of cattle already living on the property.

Cinci, as she was lovingly nicknamed, formed a strong bond with other slaughterhouse escapees.

The gentle cow made fast friends and became inseparable companions with Queenie, Annie Dodge and Maxine.

After six happy years of living free with her herd, Cinci suddenly lost the use of her back legs and became immobile.

After several tests, the veterinarian delivered heartbreaking news: Cinci had spinal cancer.

The terminal illness had progressed quickly and developed into a tumor that caused pressure on her spine.

Her illness had progressed beyond repair.

When it was time to say goodbye, the herd gathered around her.

One of the eldest steers, Kevin, stepped forward and gently licked her face. Iris, one of the older females, licked Cinci’s back to keep her calm right until her final breath.

Volunteers at The Farm Sanctuary watched in awe as one-by-one the cattle of the herd stepped forward to say goodbye with a final moment of affection.

The heartbreaking ritual was no doubt a testament to how sensitive and intelligent cattle truly are. Rest in peace, Cincinnati Freedom.

Who else remembers her daring escape?!

[h/t One Green Planet]

Cancer Stole Her Hair But Her Adorable Kitten Knew Just What To Do

Sometimes heaven sends angels to help us get through our toughest times. For one brave woman, her little angel came in the form of a sweet grey kitten.

The special little lady was born in a barn early in the spring and when she was discovered playing with three other litter mates, they had no idea of the special role she was about to play.

Say hello to little Totoro!

Imgur user mykittentotoro, was diagnosed with breast cancer and as the disease progressed and treatment became more aggressive, she began to look for ways to help her cope.

That’s when a friend suggested kitten therapy!

Deciding that it was worth a try, she and her fiancé paid a visit to a nearby farm after hearing about the new litter of kittens.

Every few days since, they went back to visit the kittens. She instantly fell head over heels for one very special fur baby – Totoro!

“It was really therapeutic for me while I was wrapping my head around everything going in my life,” she told Love Meow

Right after she had her lumpectomy, her fiancé drove out to the barn and adopted little Totoro. As if she knew that she was destined to be part of the family, the little cat settled into the home and was easily accepted by their two older cats.

“She took to our home immediately, even though she had lived in a barn and free-roaming her entire life,”  the new kitten mama gushed.

Totoro gets along with everyone in the family, but she especially loves her human mom. As the cancer treatment progressed, the little kitten made sure to keep her new mama company.

“She loves perching on shoulders, kneading, purring loudly… and batting your eyelashes while you’re sleeping,” Totoro’s human mom said.

As if she can truly sense her human mother’s struggle, little Totoro keeps a close watch over her at bedtime.

Every night, Totoro climbs up onto the bed and snuggles down on the pillow right next to her human mama’s head to keep her warm.

“She has been such a positive healing force in my life, even in the short time she has been in it. The timing was somehow perfect, and we are so lucky to have found her,” Totoro’s human mom said.

We wish her all the best and a speedy recovery!

The Real Answers To Men’s Secret Questions About Sex

What do men really wonder about throughout the day? What keeps us up at night? Do we often ponder the deeper meaning of life?

Probably, but most of the time it’s just about sex, and everything to do with it.

There’s no real surprise there, but what sort of things do we wonder about, exactly? While some of them may be obvious, the answers to the questions are quite surprising for guys to hear!

Here are the top seven questions men wish they could just ask you about sex, as well as the answers you just wish your man would understand!

Believe me, this is the unspoken worry that almost every man has, especially if they feel they are less than average. While science (and experience) has proven that girth is way more important for women than length, it doesn’t stop men from feeling nervous about their size.

There are surgeries that will enlarge the penis, however the easiest and safest way to build “fuller” erections is also the most fun. Regular exercise is the best bet!

If your man has ever been unable to perform for whatever reason, it can seriously alter their self esteem. If you both make a big deal out of it when it happens, it can cause performance anxiety the next time around.

Besides overcoming nervousness, other tips include lowering alcohol intake, eating healthily, jogging, and improving one’s confidence in other areas of life.

Perhaps this is among the most frustrating of problems, because it can make someone feel like a failure when they spend time with a partner.

There is no “right” time for sex, and this likely comes from an unconscious sense of inadequacy. It doesn’t matter how long you and your partner spend between the sheets, as long as you are meeting each other’s needs.

But if you are looking to prevent premature ejaculation, then try taking breaks during coitus to recharge and relax. Although, having sex more often will also desensitize your loins and allow you to last longer together!

If you feel that you aren’t being fulfilled by your partner because of mismatched libidos, the very first thing you should be doing is talking to them about it. Communication is the saving grace of almost every issue inside the bedroom, and a great starting point.

The most common problem that men and women seem to run into is technique. While men require very little to achieve climax, women usually need a fair bit of “special attention” to orgasm.

Talking about what each of you need in order to enjoy yourselves will help you have better sex, and more of it!

These are fairly easy to answer questions, but what about those wild and bizarre things that men have in the back of their minds?

First of all, there’s no “talking” anyone into anything. Sex can only be enjoyed between two willing participants, and you may find that you hate what you wished for most.

There is literally no other way for a threesome to occur without first knowing that you and your partner are comfortable with the situation, before openly seeking out someone who is okay with respecting your boundaries.

This common fantasy has the potential to really hurt both parties, as the man might get performance anxiety or even feelings of jealousy when another person give their lover pleasure without them.

Yes. Yes they do. However, if the bulk of your knowledge comes from porn, then you may get the idea that it’s as easy as walking in the door holding an Italian-style XL pizza.

Seriously though, in reality it is not a common occurrence for women to achieve orgasm. This is because of the lack of communication that we talked about earlier.

A sure sign that a woman is enjoying herself is when fluid builds up from the vagina, allowing the partner to penetrate more easily.

If you want your lady-friend to see fireworks, then stimulating the G-spot is the best bet. Typically found on the front wall (or ‘ceiling,’ if your partner is lying down) both parties should spend some time exploring one another to find what works best, and gives her the pleasure she needs!

Well, probably.

Sorry to say, but as I mentioned, a real orgasm isn’t as common as you might think. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy herself! If there was no noticeable reaction every time you had sex, you might go a little crazy.

The best way to know if she orgasmed or not would be an unwillingness to continue because of sensitivity.

Always remember to communicate!

If you have any more questions that you want answered, message us or post them in the comments!

10 Reasons You Should Make Friends With An Aries Immediately

If you’re lucky enough to know someone born between March 21st and April 20th, then congratulations, you belong to an exclusive club that contains only the best and brightest of friends: those born under the Zodiac sign of Aries, the ram.

Sure, everybody who sees this is going to argue that THEIR Zodiac sign is so much better, but let’s get real here, we all know who’s really going to improve your life. Don’t believe me? Check out these facts.

1) Aries is the first of the signs. Y’know what #1 means right? That means you’re hanging out with a winner, not a loser.


2) We’re some of the most adventurous of the Zodiac signs, meaning we’re guaranteed to show you a good time.


3) Aries is the only Fire sign that can get along with our own sign, because we bolster our partner’s fire. Eat it, Leo and Sagittarius.

Relationship Advice

4) Aries are naturally positive and outgoing, so we lift your spirits up, unlike some of those other Debbie Downer signs.

Science Daily

Still not convinced? Then keep reading!

5) We’re also optimistic, so we’ll make sure your glass stays half-full at the very least!


6) Aries are very ambitious, and we don’t believe in getting anything but the best, for us or our friends. After all, we deserve it.


7) We’re incredibly generous people, and we don’t expect the same things in return. Seriously, just let us pick up the check the next time we go out. We’ve got this.


8) Aries are independent. Tired of friends that are always bumming cash off you, calling you at the worst hours to complain about nothing, and expecting you to devote your life to them? Not a problem here.

The man himself agrees!Ignited Quotes

9) We’re also completely straightforward. We won’t beat around the bush about something, but we’re also not rude about it either (unlike SOME signs).

Live Happy Magazine

10) Aries are just a ton of fun. Why don’t you have one in your life already?


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5 Award-Winning Experiments That Will Make You Burst Out Laughing But Then Make You Say “Hmm”

The Nobel Prizes are known as the gold standard for intelligence and human achievement. Some of the best and brightest individuals in the world have been awarded the symbolic medal of the prize’s founder. These however, not so much.

The Ig Nobel Prize was created as a parody by scientific humor magazine, the Annals of Improbable Research to “honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think.”

Here’s a list of some of the more wacky and almost pointless winners of this less-than-distinguished prize.

The first ever Ig Nobel Prize was given to researchers Andre Geim and Sir Michael Berry for their uplifting study of – yes – magnetically levitating a living frog. While technically it was more focused on repulsing the water in a field, but the amphibian was a nice touch.

There once was a time when we didn’t know that people suffered more when looking at ugly art compared to less ugly art. Well actually, we had a good idea of it, but not while shooting some poor art critic with a laser! Thanks to Marina de Tommaso, Michele Sardaro and Paolo Livrea, we now know that the better art looks, the less pain we feel while looking at it (unless it’s

Now, these discovery’s are actually somewhat useful, but then there are winners that have us straight-up questioning who let these scientists into the lab in the first place.

It takes years to go through school with many long nights, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, and all for the prestige and advantages that come from working with the best and brightest. So what we’d like to know is, how did this lot make it through?

When Japan’s Kiyoshi Mabuchi and colleagues won the Ig Nobel Prize for physics, they were more than just happy to see their work come to fruition. The researchers decided to set their sights on the age-old gimmick of slipping on a banana peel and actually found out that there is a specific equation for it to take place.

The next time you embarrass yourself, just remember you’re doing math.

If you’ve ever had to walk a distracted dog before, you’ll know it’s no easy task. They can pick up on even the faintest smells but it always seems that our canine companions have a direction of their own, especially when ‘taking care of business’.

As it turns out, dogs can actually detect small variations in magnetic sensitivity and prefer to orient themselves North-South when leaving their mark!

It’s the argument that no one could ever win, until now. Sure, all your friends with dogs believe it is better than owning a cat, but now they have the proof to back it up.

Yep, it has been scientifically confirmed that our supposed feline friends are in fact a cause in the decline of mental health. As if you needed another reason…

Do you think that the world is a more informed place because of these discoveries? Let us know your conclusions below!

New Controversial Kentucky Law To Protect Pets Trapped Inside Cars

We have all heard about animals being trapped inside sealed vehicles on the news, and we all hope we never see this infuriating situation happening ourselves. Finally, it appears one state is making an effort to crack down on this neglectful behavior.

It always seems to crop up from time to time, and despite the media firestorm that surrounds it each time, it appears that not everyone understands how dangerous this can be.

The biggest issue with dogs being stuck inside cars is the fact that they have difficulty regulating their body temperature. They rely on panting instead of sweating due to their fur, and this greatly reduces their moisture content and increases their overall body heat.

Often, owners who forget to open a window for their canine companions also do not leave a bowl of water for them to drink from. This is a serious problem, as it only takes a few minutes before the heat can begin to have a negative effect on their vital organs.

So what is Kentucky doing to protect pets who have been left defenseless?

Imagine you see an animal in a car on the hottest day of the year, with no air ventilation, no drinking water, and the owner is no where in sight. What would you do?

As we have seen many time, there are a large number of people who have decided to take matters into their own hands and use physical force to rescue them, even going so far as to damage the car.

Now, Kentucky has introduced a bill that aims to protect individuals who do so from having to pay for the damage to the vehicle. It comes as an amendment to the existing law which ensures those who save children from the same situation are not charged.

State Senator Morgan McGarvey, who is sponsoring the bill says that there will be limitations based on what constitutes ‘danger’ and what reasonable force can be used.

“As long as you’ve called the authorities, you’ve tried other ways to rescue the dog,” McGarvey said. “You won’t be held civilly responsible.”

What would you do in this situation? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Which Star From The Golden Age Of Hollywood Embodies Your Zodiac Sign?

I don’t mean to knock today’s celebrities, but I’ve always been more interested in the stars who made the Hollywood classics I grew up watching with my family.

They were talented and stylish, but they also had that “X factor” that today’s stars just don’t share.

Another big passion of mine is astrology, and it turns out the celebrities of Hollywood’s Golden Age are great examples for their zodiac signs.

Do you relate to the star who shares your birth sign?

Elvis Presley
The Grammys

It takes talent and guts to be both the King of Rock and Roll and a Hollywood star, but Capricorns like Elvis are ambitious by nature.

Like the famous rocker, they’re also known for being shy and reserved  – when they’re not on stage letting their inner performer shine.

The King found success by nurturing his patience and discipline, and you will too. But you’ll get in trouble when you let your bad habits slide for too long.

Set goals to help channel your strong personality towards something productive, and don’t get caught resting on your laurels.

Clark Gable

As a movie star who enlisted to fight in World War Two, it should be no surprise that Gable was an Aquarius. They’re famously selfless and compassionate.

Gable was also a devoted husband to actress Carole Lombard before her untimely death.

But like the actor, this sign also has a fierce creative streak and an independent spirit.

Aquariuses are dependable and loyal friends, but not exactly in touch with their emotions. The director of Gone With the Wind had to trick Gable into crying for one of his most famous scenes.

Elizabeth Taylor
Dr. Macro – Wikimedia

The daughter of an heiress, Taylor left her cushy lifestyle as a young woman for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Pisces can let their imaginations get ahead of them that way, but the choice obviously paid off for Taylor. They’re also known for being compassionate, sensitive, and devoted friends.

But don’t let your friendly nature make you naive. Taylor was married eight times – including twice to Richard Burton – so it’s safe to say the actress let her heart overrule her head a few times.

Bette Davis

Davis was more than just a pair of big, blue eyes. Her incredible career – with more than 100 acting credits – owes as much to her bold personality as her looks and acting skills.

Aries are known for butting heads with anyone who challenges their vision, and that fits Davis to a tee. But she was also a lively, upbeat person when things went her way.

Fight for what you believe in, but don’t insist that it’s your way or the highway. Aries can be versatile and adventurous too, so show off that side of your personality.

Audrey Hepburn
Paramount Pictures

The best-known qualities of a Taurus sound like a description of a classic Audrey Hepburn performance: down to earth and understated, but with a strong personality shining through.

Tauruses are recognized for their steady, dependable nature. They work hard, and wait for their chance to shine, the way Hepburn carefully picked her roles.

On the other hand, this sign is known for being stubborn and self-centered. Hepburn was an exception for sure – she devoted the last thirty years of her life to charity work.

Marilyn Monroe
Corpus-Christi Times Caller

While she died at just age 36, Monroe left an indelible mark on Hollywood, and is still one of the movie industry’s biggest stars.

A girl from a humble background who grew up in foster homes around Los Angeles, Monroe’s movie persona and “the real Marilyn” were two completely different people.

But that’s not a bad thing: Gemini are criticized for being superficial and two-faced, but that also makes them versatile and adaptable.

Block out the anxiety and sensitivity that often gets the best of you. Let your inner light shine and people will line up to meat the real you.

James Cagney

Cagney was a rare star known for both his dramatic acting skills and his comic timing.

He could bounce from tragedy to comedy in a heartbeat, which plenty of Cancers can relate to – for better or worse.

This sign is home to friendly, loving people, but their strong emotions make them prone to mood swings.

If you can rein in your feelings and channel them towards something useful, the way Cagney did, then you’ll be a star for sure.

Lucille Ball

I Love Lucy is still cracking up audiences to this day, and that’s all thanks to Ball’s incredible comic chops.

She was so funny, it’s easy to forget she was also a trailblazer. Her TV show sometimes tackled taboo topics, mostly because Ball refused to give her audience anything but the plain truth.

That’s a typical Leo: bold, brash, and straightforward. Just be careful not to let your ego take control of you.

Leo is also known as one of the most loyal signs, and Ball’s heartbreaking love story with Desi Arnaz is proof of that.

Greta Garbo

Garbo was a true Virgo: crafty, intelligent, and a little judgmental.

A hit actress in the silent movie era, Garbo managed to keep her career alive in “the talkies,” and even outlasted being branded “Box Office Poison.”

But when Garbo had enough of Hollywood, she had enough. She retired from acting to collect art, and made a small fortune for herself. How’s that for a practical, thoughtful Virgo?

Although, the actress also had a serious perfectionist streak, dropping projects altogether if the smallest thing upset her.

Julie Andrews
Walt Disney Pictures

Tactful, charming, and sweet. Does that sound like anyone you know?

The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins star is world famous, but well-known for her self-effacing personality, which has won her a lot of fans.

While this sign is known for “over-balancing,” making them unreliable, indecisive, and superficial, Andrews shows off the sign’s best qualities.

She puts things her way, but nicely. After all, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Hedy Lamarr
AustinMini1275 – Flickr

Scorpios are described as focused, brave, and ambitious. And there’s no Hollywood star who embodied those qualities quite like Lamarr.

She fled an unhappy marriage in Austria, became a film star in America, and quickly became one of the most famous actresses of all time.

Scorpios have a reputation for being jealous and manipulative partners, but they make up for their emotional weakness in other ways.

Many have an unusual combination of skills. Lamarr was an actress and an inventor, who invented radio technology which was eventually used to make Bluetooth.

Frank Sinatra
Chicago Sun-Times

Straightforward, generous, but a little careless. Yep, that sure sounds like ‘Ol Blue Eyes.

After a hit music career – he’s still one of the best-selling musicians of all time – Sinatra made a name for himself in Hollywood.

His versatile personality, a typical Sagittarius trait, helped him play the leading man in dramas, musicals, and lighthearted comedies.

But just ask any of Sinatra’s four wives and they’ll tell you, he also had a typically Sagittarius knack for being selfish, rude, and uncaring.

Can you relate to the celebrity from your sign? Here are more connections between celebrities and star signs:

20,000 Bees Swarm Pregnant Mother During Photo Shoot

When Emily Mueller began planning her special pregnancy photo shoot, she knew that she wanted to pay tribute to a two important aspects of the pregnancy.

Honey bees are central to Mueller Honey Bee Co., the business she operates with her husband, Ryan. But they have an even deeper meaning for the couple…

“Bees represent life and death,” she said. “We’ve had three miscarriages, so these pictures are dedicated to life and death, to all of the children we’ve had.”

The photos, while sentimental, have caused quite a lot of controversy on the internet. Some people wonder if she took an unnecessary risk by posing with that many bees. After the photos were posted, they went viral…

As she sits in a flowing, white, summer dress, Emily Mueller is swarmed by 20,000 bees. They cover her thighs, pregnant belly and hand as she smiles peacefully for the camera.

It just might be the most unusual pregnancy photo anyone has taken. Mueller admits that she wasn’t as peaceful as she appeared to be:

“It was a little nerve-wracking. It was my first experience with them being on my body, and wearing a dress, which posed a lot of threats.”

Preparing for the arrival of their her fourth child in November, Mueller sat down with a four-pound swarm of bees to take the stunning photo.

The couple hope that their new baby will join their three other children, Cadyn, 10, Madelynn, 3 and Westyn, 1, in running the family business someday.

“It’s number done,” she told “We wanted four, we have our four and (now) we’re ready to let them grow up and help run our business.”

Their family business, Mueller Honey Bee Co. removes bee colonies from homes and businesses without causing harm to the bees or their hives.

They also sell honey and natural remedies made from honey and elderberries through the Mueller Honey Bee store.

Want to know how they got all those bees onto her belly? Watch the video below:

[h/t / Love What Matters]