Healthy Giant Rabbit Mysteriously Dies On United Airlines Flight

United Airlines has had a rough couple of weeks following a slew of controversial incidents including the forcible removal of a customer from an overbooked flight and banning a pair of teens from boarding because they wore leggings.

The airline has barely had time to recover from the bad publicity and they’re already being hit with another public relations disaster.

Simon, a 10-month-old giant rabbit reportedly died during a trans-Atlantic flight between London’s Heathrow Airport and Chicago’s O’Hare airport.


The son of the world’s biggest rabbit was en route to meet his new celebrity owner when the unfortunate event took place.

Breeder Annette Edwards from Worcestershire, U.K told The Associated Press that prior to travelling the 35-inch bunny was given a clean bill of health by a vet.

“He was fit as a fiddle,” said Edwards. “Something very strange has happened and I want to know what. I’ve sent rabbits all around the world and nothing like this has happened before,” she added.

According to Edwards, Simon was expected to surpass his father Darius and become the world’s largest rabbit.

Edwards and Darius

United sent a statement to the BBC, it read: “We were saddened to hear this news. The safety and well-being of all the animals that travel with us is of the utmost importance to United Airlines and our PetSafe team.”

The company added that they have offered assistance to the involved parties and incident is under investigation.

Cop ‘Arrests’ A Pair of Baaa-d Boys After They Stir Up Trouble In A Neighborhood

A day in the life of a police officer can be anywhere from dangerous to routine. After receiving a call, officers often have no idea what situation they’ll encounter when they arrive at their destination. It was no different for Sergeant Daniel Fitzpatrick from Belfast, Maine.

While making his rounds, the Fitzpatrick got a strange call. A woman had captured two pygmy goats in her garage and they were eating all of the cat food.

According to the woman, she had spotted the runaway goats wandering the streets and shut them up in her garage until authorities could bring them back home.


“The woman who called had found them on High Street, and had somehow gotten them corralled into her garage, and she closed the garage door,” said Fitzpatrick. “She called the police department because we act as the animal control officers in Belfast.”

When he arrived and the woman opened the garage door, Fitzpatrick saw something bizarre.

“I saw two small goats jumping from one spot to another on a cat entertainment center, eating cat food,” he said.


The officer later discovered the culprit’s names were Louis and Mowgli. He took the unruly pair to his police cruiser and they settled into the back seat like a pair of true criminals.

Fitzpatrick didn’t expect to have a day like this. He cruised around with his adorable passengers, enjoying every minute.

Sgt. Daniel P. Fitzpatrick II/Belfast Police Department via AP

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“It was a nice day yesterday, and I rolled the windows down,” Fitzpatrick said. “Mowgli seemed pretty content just falling asleep in the back, while [Louis] went from window to window, sticking his head out and bleating like he was having a great time.”

To keep the mischievous pair happy, Fitzpatrick fed the goats bits of carrots and celery. He even opened the Plexiglas divider so the goats could see into the front of the vehicle.

Belfast Police Department

In an effort to find their owner, he circled the town for two hours. Every so often, he’d stop to take photos of the goats and uploaded them to the Police Department’s Facebook page.

Eventually, the daughter of the goats’ owner noticed the post and directed police where to drop the goats off. The owner, who lived right across the street from the woman who discovered the goats, didn’t even notice they had escaped.

Belfast Police Department

“[The owner] was very happy that nothing had happened to them, and she was just very glad that we took care of them while we could,” Fitzpatrick said.


After the goats were safely back in their pen, the officer said they were “good company” and joked that he would include goats as part of the police budget.

“I can tell you that the goats were a lot better behaved and cleaner than some of the [people] we’ve had on the back of our control cars as of late,” Fitzpatrick told The Dodo. “They were a pleasure to have along. We had a fantastic time.”

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Dog Goes Wild When A ‘Stranger’ Approaches. One Sniff And He Goes Nuts.

Shane Godfrey found his dog, Willie, sitting on his front porch last year. The pup was abandoned and Shane immediately fell in love.

Willie and Shane became inseparable, but when Shane was hit the with flu the two had to spend some time apart.

Shane’s health rapidly declined, with his flu turning into double pneumonia, kidney failure, and sepsis.

“They weren’t sure if I would make it for a while,” he said.

Shane Godfrey

Shane had to spend 5 weeks in the hospital fighting for his life, leaving Willie with family members while he was gone.

When he was finally released, Shane had lost 50lbs and looked totally different. He wasn’t sure how Willie would react to seeing him again, but luckily his family caught it all on video.

When you have lost so much weight that your dog has to smell you to realize who you are. And being gone 5 weeks doesn’t help but the reaction as soon as he recognizes the smell is priceless. * Jukin Media Verified *
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Posted by Shane Godfrey on Sunday, April 2, 2017

“I had lost 50 pounds in the hospital and am sure I looked different,” he said. “At first he was unsure and barked at me but once he got close enough to smell me he recognized me immediately and totally went wild with excitement. It still makes me tear up when I see the video.”

Now that he’s back, Willie isn’t letting Shane out of his sight. 5 weeks was enough for him.

Shane Godfrey

“He won’t leave my side now that I’ve gotten back home.”

Now This Is A “Baby” Announcement Dog Lovers Want To See

The newest trend online is how great you can make your pregnancy announcement or gender reveal.

People have been going all out with creative announcements, but personally I think this one takes the cake.

Cristy Sartwell, a professional photographer, got a call from her daughter Kennedy and her boyfriend Jake, asking Cristy to help them with their announcement.

Cristy was obviously a little wary. Her daughter is only 19 and this is a pretty big deal. But then she realized the announcement they were making and things started to make a little more sense.

Infinite Smiles Photography
Infinite Smiles Photography

Kennedy and Jake had adopted a puppy together! The couple thought it would be a cute idea to do an ‘announcement’ photoshoot for their new addition, so who better to shoot it than your mom?

Cristy was still a little hesitant, being busy with other projects.

“She had to convince me actually,” Cristy Sartwell said.

Ultimately, she said yes, and the results are preeeeeety gosh darn adorable.

“We tried to do a posed family shoot, and she was having none of that, and that’s how the picture of her running toward me evolved,” Cristy said. “I said, ‘Just hold her, let me lay down.’ And I got her squeaker toy and got her attention.”

Infinite Smiles Photography
Infinite Smiles Photography

“I said, ‘I think if you guys kiss, she’s going to look up at you, so just hold your kiss and I’ll take pictures,'” Cristy Sartwell said.

Infinite Smiles Photography

“She seemed to have a good time,” Cristy Sartwell said. “She really likes to eat dandelions, so she was chasing all the little white dandelions that were blowing.”

Infinite Smiles Photography

“We are very excited to have a new family member and I’m extremely grateful that we were able to find the time to fit in this gender reveal,” Cristy Sartwell said. “I think it’s wonderful the way people have embraced owning dogs and cats. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this kind of thing — I think it’s absolutely darling.”

Infinite Smiles Photography

Woman’s Dog Was Stolen From Right Under Her Nose, And Now She’s Got A Warning For All Dog Owners

We’ve all done it before. When out for a walk with our furry friend we decide to stop into a store, restaurant, you name it. We tie the leash to something secure and go about our business. After all we’re just going to be a few minutes, what could possibly go wrong?

That’s what Stephanie Cooper thought when she tied her dog Kobe to a bench outside of a McDonald’s. She was in and out in less than 20 minutes, but that was long enough for someone to take her dog.

Global News

She came outside expecting to see Kobe, but instead there was nothing. Not even a leash or collar, which should have been there if her dog had managed to get loose.

“I was frantic,” she told Global News. “I thought ‘Did he get loose?'”

With no evidence that Kobe got out on his own Cooper became even more worried. She went back inside to ask a manager for help. There surveillance footage confirmed Cooper’s worst fear.

A man, broad shouldered and with a long brown ponytail, was plainly visible approaching Kobe. After a moment or two he undid the knot tying the dog to the bench and walked away with him.


Cooper said she was angry when she saw the footage, then she felt guilty about having left her dog unattended.

“I just really wanted to find my dog. I just wanted to know where he was.”

It was a harrowing few days, but Cooper wasn’t about to give up on her best friend…

Cooper went home and called the police, but she wasn’t content waiting for law enforcement to find her dog. She printed out fliers and began canvassing the neighborhood where Kobe was taken. She also shared her story on social media, pleading for help.

Sunday morning, 3 days after Kobe was abducted, Cooper got a call from police. Kobe had been found.

Someone had seen the fliers Cooper posted and noticed a dog matching Kobe’s description, ironically tied to a post outside a store, and called police. Kobe was finally reunited with Cooper after a harrowing 4 days.

“It was sheer joy, such a relief. I had just been so stressed out and depressed,” Cooper said.

For his part, Kobe was in fine spirits. He was healthy and happy to be home with his proper owner.


The dognapper may have noticed the police presence after tying Kobe to a post, or perhaps he left him deliberately. In any event, police are still searching for an overweight man with long brown hair.

“We’re still in the situation where we would like to find the person that did take the dog,” said Cst. Craig Brister.

Although the story had a happy ending, Cooper says she learned a tough lesson.

“I won’t be tying him up outside anymore,” she said. “I didn’t think people would have the heart to do that.”

Fluffy Rescue Dog Is Not The Breed You’d Expect

You see a long-haired, fluffy dog at a shelter. What breed are you thinking of?

A golden retriever, maybe? A sheep dog? A collie?

Well if the dog you were looking at was Cassie, you would be wrong.

Cassie was rescued by Detroit Animal Care and Control (DACC) after being severely malnourished. She was so neglected, she couldn’t even stand up. Cassie’s brother Hellman also came to the shelter, but the two looked like totally different breeds!

The Dodo

Cassie and Hellman are both pit bulls! But Cassie is a little fluffier than most.

The Dodo

Hellman became available for adoption pretty soon, and he joined a family with an 8-year-old husky.

The Dodo

Cassie is still rehabilitating from her past and is partnered with Teacher’s Pet, Dogs and Kids Learning Together, a program that pairs troubled kids with shelter dogs. The kids learn empathy while the dogs learn patience.

Cassie is also working with a juvenile detention center to learn how to trust people and understand she will always have food, now. Cassie is being taught not to jump up on people out of excitement, and her human partner is learning self-confidence and gaining some pride.

The Dodo
The Dodo

“I am smitten by her scruffiness and everyone that comes to see her is intrigued,” Rachel Gentz of Teacher’s Pet said.

If you would like more information on how to adopt Cassie, you can get some here!

Startled Pup Is Positively Confused When Prickly Hedgehog Charges

When she set up an introduction between her sweet mixed-breed dog and a new roommate for Twitter user, @harikai_chiri from Tokyo, Japan knew this was something worth filming.

The confused pup is curious and a little apprehensive as she sniffed her new little buddy.

Things seemed to be going well as the pair get to know one another, but then the pup gets a little too close to her spiky new friend.

The dog jumps back in surprise as the hedgehog’s spiky back pricks her snout.

Undeterred by the dog’s hopping and barking, the little hedgehog scuttles forward towards for a closer look.

Watch their sweet first meeting below!

[Daily Mail]

This Homemade Dog De-Skunker is a Life Saver

If your dog regularly tries to make friends with skunks, then you need to try this homemade de-skunker! It’s easy to make and works better than tomato juice or anything you can buy at the store.

The ingredients in this mixture help to neutralize nasty odors. If the smell is really strong you may have to repeat the wash a few times until it’s completely gone. Your pooch will be smelling as fresh as a daisy in no time!

  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 32 oz hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tbsp dish soap

Mix all the ingredients together in a bottle and shake to combine.

Apply the solution directly onto your dog’s coat.

Let is soak for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off. Make sure not to pour on any cuts or open wounds and don’t let your dog drink the mixture.

Shelter Animals Are Getting These Cozy Gifts To Make Them Feel Safe

Living in a shelter is one of the most stressful things an animal will have to do.

They show up malnourished and scared, and are kept in an environment anyone would find cold and unwelcoming.

While the staff at shelters are usually incredibly caring and loving, it can never replace the comfrot of a forever home.

Enter: Jennifer Halpern, the founder of Pillows for Paws.

Halpern set out on a mission to make shelter animals feel more comfortable by creating blankets, beds, and toys for them!

“Since the shelter is a very stressful environment that has all types of noise, people, animals and scents, a blanket can make all the difference in making an animal feel better,” Cindy Lu, a feline behavior supervisor at Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) says. “Instead of just lying down on a cold surface, a cat [or dog] can sprawl out or roll over on these comfy blankets, rubbing their scent on them.”

The Dodo
The Dodo

“This piqued my interest since it was something I could organize on my own time, plus bring like-minded, animal-loving people together for a good cause,” Halpern said. “The idea of creating physical items that would go directly to the shelter felt fulfilling!”

The Dodo

“[Toys] engage cats, dogs and rabbits so potential adopters can see these sweet babies show off their personalities,” Halpern said. “And, of course, the beds keep them cozy and warm.”

The Dodo

“I believe they make our adoption rooms brighter and more vibrant, which I think helps make adopters feel happier and optimistic when they visit our care centers,” Lu said. “I think it helps them visualize these animals in their home on top of their own furniture.”

Pillows for Paws also runs workshops through schools and summer camps to teach kids about the importance of helping shelter animals.

“While we make our handmade toys with the kids, we can have a very organic conversation about what we are doing for shelter animals, the importance of adoption and compassion for animals,” Halpern said. “It’s a fun, crafty event so the kids love it and it’s educational at the same time. These kids will be in charge one day, so the more animal-loving people we have out there, the better!”

The Dodo

Pillows for Paws volunteers meet up at a local church each month to create 100 beds, 350-400 catnip toys, 100 tug toys, 100-150 rabbit rolls and 50-60 rabbit toys to donate.

The Dodo

If you’d like to get involved, you can do so here!

19 Dog Photos Every Mom Can Relate To

Moms – we can say with authority – do not get enough credit for everything they do. Aside from the fact that none of us would even exist without one, they do all the hard work of keeping everyone in their family happy and healthy.

As it turns out, motherhood in the animal kingdom is very similar. Loving parents are protective, adorable and exhausted, whether  they’re humans, elephants or dogs.

To prove just how much we have in common with canines, we’ve collected 19 photos that will be very relatable to anyone who’s done the hard work of raising a family.

1. That exciting feeling when you take your maternity photos…

2. …compared to taking your newborn photos

3. When your kids fall asleep in your arms

4. Then it’s naptime for mommy too

5. But your new sleep schedule will take some getting used to

6. Volunteering to take the neighborhood kids to the park

7. Realizing you don’t have everything under control like you thought

8. Then later you take the kids home, but they STILL have energy

9. That’s when you need some quiet time…in a different part of the house

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10. Enjoying the quiet time during a family meal….while it lasts

By the way, if you need any quick and easy meal ideas for this week’s family dinner, you can’t go wrong with these slow cooker recipes.

Or if you just need something to keep your little ones occupied for a while, you can’t go wrong with these fun retro crafts.

Whatever your method is, don’t forget to plan some “me-time” every day!

11. “One more story mom, pleeeeease!”

12. You have to hand it to your kids…they inherited all your good looks

13. Maybe you should take one of those sweet, artsy photos for Facebook

14. As if all your friends don’t know the truth

15. You never expected how hectic shopping with kids could be

16. But at least it’s a good workout

17. And you have to admit, you love every moment you spend with your children…

18. …even when they just won’t stop talking!

“Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!”

19. “Don’t forget! We’re taking pictures with your grandparents today!”

So remember to be proud of your kids – they owe all their success to you!

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New Law Will Change Pet Families Forever

When we die, families usually makes plans to be buried together. Whether it’s in the same area of a cemetery or in the same plot, we can rest easier knowing that we are together after we die.

They say all dogs go to heaven, but can they really rest in peace with their owner in a completely different cemetery?

A new state law will now address this concern that many pet lovers have.

In the state of New York people can now make arrangements to have their pets buried with them after their passing.

Previously, pet parents who refused to be separated from their furry friend by their side resorted to being buried in a pet cemetery.

Edward C. Martin Jr., director of the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, said that every year, 5-7 people are laid to rest there.

This didn’t mean that people didn’t often break the rules by sneaking the urn of a passed companion into a family members casket, but the new law now no longer requires people to sneak around.

This also means that if a pet outlives their owner, they can be sure that a resting spot has been saved for them when it’s their time.

“For many New Yorkers, their pets are members of the family,” Cuomo said. “This legislation will roll back this unnecessary regulation and give cemeteries the option to honor the last wishes of pet lovers across New York.”

What do you think of the new law? Would you make arrangements for your pets?

How An Astronaut Snuck His Dogs Into NASA For The Cutest Photo Ever Taken

Leland Melvin has been a professional football player and an astronaut on the space shuttle, but he’s probably most famous for a single photo of him and his two rescue dogs, Jake and Scout. You probably recognize this adorable snapshot, it’s been shared endlessly since a reporter uncovered it a few years ago, but there’s an incredible story behind the picture you might not know.

When Leland rescued the two dogs years ago they became a huge part of his life, and he didn’t let anything stop him from including them in his official NASA photo.

Leland adopted Jake, who had spent most of his life with an abusive family who kept him locked in a closet-sized room. Then, Scout wandered onto Melvin’s property one day. Melvin thinks he was abandoned because he had caught heartworms.

The trio quickly became inseparable. In fact, Jake was so protective of Melvin that they had to ask for help from Cesar Milan to make him friendlier. Melvin took his pets hiking and traveled the country with them, so of course he wanted to include them in his official NASA photo.

But dogs weren’t allowed on NASA property, so Melvin had to sneak them in.

“I kept the window up…and I had the stereo blasting because the dogs were barking,” he told Gizmodo.

“So I gunned it and the [security guard] didn’t chase me or anything.”

Sadly, since the photo was taken in 2009, both Jake and Scout have passed away.

But looking at his photo with them still makes Melvin happy.

“If you look at the picture, all of us are holding hands, all of us are connected,” he says, “and it was just incredible.”

Melvin says that as soon as he can he plans to adopt new dogs and name them Scout and Jake.

“Our animals make us better people,” Melvin told the TODAY show.

“And if we’re better people, the world’s a better place.”

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Pets Get Their Own Diplomas At This Special College (Photos)

It’s that time of year when everyone is sharing heartwarming graduation stories, but we guarantee this is the cutest one of them all. Going to college used to be a pretty demanding experience. It involved staying up late to hit the books and eating lots of cheap ramen noodles, but today lots of colleges offer all the luxuries of home.

Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida even lets students bring their pets to live with them on campus.

In fact, every year the school holds a special ceremony for the pets of graduating students, to thank them for supporting their owners.

Lisa Presnail
Lisa Presnail
Lisa Presnail
Lisa Presnail

Since the tradition started in 2013, the school says more than 190 animals have “graduated” from the school. This year’s graduating class of 30 pets includes dogs and cats (of course) but also a guinea pig, snake and rats.

First there was a reception with treats for the pets, then speeches from the school chaplain and president. Finally, each pet got to cross the stage with their owner to take a photo with the president. They also received a certificate, a college ID and a cap and gown.

When Eckerd started allowing pets on campus in the 1970s they were the first college in the country to do so. The school’s dean of students told the Dodo it’s part of the college’s focus on “living in responsible empathy with all beings, including animals.”

Eckerd College
Lisa Presnail

Eckerd students are allowed to keep 1 “large” animal (like a dog or cat) or 2 small ones.

According to one of this year’s graduating students, the ceremony is a great way to honor the pets and the school’s tradition.

“We are all dorks who love animals and we want to celebrate their wonderful companionship throughout one of the weirdest times in our lives,” she said.

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Cat And Dog Prove To Be The Best Travel Companions You’ll Ever Meet

When you’re asked to think of an iconic duo, odd animal pairings rarely come to mind. However, one cat and dog duo from Colorado are breaking the mold by having their adorable friendship broadcast on Instagram.

In 2014, adventure enthusiast Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend first adopted their dog Henry – a Shepherd, Husky, Boxer, Aussie, and Staffordshire Terrier mix – after instantly falling in love with him at their local animal shelter.

“He just curled up into my lap and went belly up and flipped his head over my arm,” Bennett told the dodo. “And from then, I decided that he was coming home with us.”

It wasn’t long until the couple took Henry out hiking, a pastime the dog quickly took a liking to.

“I think we only had him for three days when we took him on our first hike, which was to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs,” Bennett said. “He found the steepest, tallest rock around, and he ran up to the top of it to look over the edge.”

“We call him our little mountain goat. He scares us to death, because he goes up to the highest cliff or the highest rock to climb up and look over it,” she added.

A few months later, Bennett and her boyfriend decided to expand their family by adding a feline into the mix. They wanted a rescue cat who they could also take on camping and hiking adventures.

The couple went to the shelter and adopted a Siamese kitten mix named Baloo, who took an immediate liking for his surrogate big brother.

“I call them brothers but I think Baloo thinks that Henry’s his mum because he constantly looks for a teet. He’ll go in and you can tell he’s looking because he’s nuzzling under Henry’s armpit,” Bennett said.

When Bennett started noticing Baloo’s despair every time Henry left to go on an adventure, she decided to see if she would be able to bring her cat along.

“He’s definitely not the kind of cat we can leave home alone on the weekend anymore,” she said. “I think he thinks he’s more a dog than anything.”

Bennett began taking pictures of her pets on their family adventures, and folks on the internet can’t get enough of them.

But how couldn’t you? They’re adorable!

Are your pets best friends? Let us know!

15 Cats With Serious Cattitude

Cats are complicated animals. They can be friendly, comforting and sweet, but sometimes they’re also total jerks. Unlike dogs, who tend to be happy-go-lucky 24/7, cats can change their minds on a dime. One minute they’re cuddling with you on the couch, the next minute they’re knocking your lamp off the coffee table.

Animal behavior experts call this “cattitude” – well, at least I do, and I’ve looked at enough cat pictures to qualify as an expert.

Look through these 15 examples of cats that need a serious attitude adjustment. If you own a cat, you’ll definitely recognize some of the behavior on display here.

1. “Yes, you caught me, but I don’t care.”

2. I hope you weren’t planning to use that.

3. Rejected

4. Oh, so NOW you want to cuddle?!

5. “Oh, that’s fine, I guess we can share…or not…”

6. If cats could tuck themselves in, this would definitely happen

7. In case you’re not convinced that cats simply don’t care, just look at this video evidence

8. Okay, this one is just rude

Click the next page for more cats with bad attitudes!

While it’s normal for cats to be rude, if your pet is wrecking your home that’s a little more serious. A grumpy pet can be a sign of boredom, because animals like to take all heir pent-up energy and use it to get into trouble.

We all enjoy our pet’s antics when their “bad” behavior is just silly, but if things get more serious it’s important to find out why.

That being said, science proves that cats are just weird, so really there’s no explaining some of this behavior.

9. “See dog? This is fair, we both have 1 bed.”

10. At least he looks a little regretful…

11. He doesn’t even pay rent and now he’s drinking my beer?

12. Now kids if you can’t play nice you’re both going in time-out

13. “Gee, this new toy is lots of fun!”

14. Things cats love: 1. playing with boxes, 2. being jerks

15. Loving a pet is easy, but getting them to love you back…

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Anxious Rescue Dog Could Barely See, But Her Attitude Changed When They Found A Way To Save Her Eyes

Gremlin the pit bull hasn’t lived a very easy life. She was raised from birth to be a fighting dog, before she was rescued, but that wasn’t the end of her troubles. Gremlin has had a string of medical problems, including cancer, a blood disease, and even irritable bowl syndrome. Throughout them all, her adoptive owners Chris and Mariesa Hughes have done everything they can to make Gremlin comfortable.

Chis and Mariesa are famous for going the extra mile to help their pets. They run a nonprofit that helps keep senior dogs out of shelters, and they ordered a giant custom bed to fit their 9 rescue dogs.

So when Gremlin started losing her eyesight, they wanted to do something to help her.

Gremlin started slowly losing her eyesight with age, then cataracts and a surgery made her vision much worse. The Hugheses say that Gremlin could spot a squirrel across the street, but she would bump into walls and other dogs.

This caused a change in Gremlin’s behavior. Chris and Mariesa noticed she was withdrawing and anxious all the time.

“They are our family and we have made a promise to them to give them the best life we can,” Mariesa said, so they had to help her somehow.

Click the next page to learn about “doggles” and contact lenses for pets!

It turns out that there are actually lots of solutions for pets who are losing there eyesight, including Doggles. Doggie contact lenses have existed for decades, and versions for other animals are pretty common – try and spot the shortsighted animals the next time you visit your local zoo.

There’s even special equipment to make sure your dog gets the right prescription. After getting Gremlin tested the Hugheses started buying her special contact lenses.

But it turned out that the cheap human contacts they bought on the internet worked just fined.

Chris and Mariesa say the change in Gremlin’s behavior has been like night and day, and it’s like their dog has been “waking up from a daze.”

The dog actually laid down in front of a mirror in their house to stare at herself, and gives her owners “kisses” after they change her contacts once a week.

To learn more about Gremlin and the Hugheses other dogs, you can follow Gremlin on Facebook.

[H/T: Today]

5 Things Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About Stinky Breath, And How To Fix It

We all love walking through the door after a long day to find a happy dog waiting for us with some slobbery kisses, but you’ve probably learned to ignore Fido’s bad breath. From time to time even humans get a bad case of halitosis, so we assume it’s no big deal, and it normally isn’t. But responsible dog owners should know that stinky breath is sometimes a sign of serious medical problems.

Even if you’re not worried, there are lots of safe, easy and effective ways to sweeten your pooch’s breath, so what do you have to lose by trying them?

Everything you need to know about your pet’s garlic breath is in this list:

1. Check your dog’s teeth

Bad breath can be caused by plaque or tartar buildups in your dog’s mouth, but usually it’s a sign that their teeth are a little worse-for-wear.

You should check your dog’s teeth and gums about once a week. Healthy gums are bright pink, while red ones and brown teeth should be checked out.

2. You actually need to  brush your dog’s teeth

Dogs are just like kids: they hate to brush their teeth, but you need to make sure they do. Let them lick a little dog-safe toothpaste off your finger so they’ll be less apprehensive.

Handing out a few treats during your weekly brushing will also improve their mood.

Click the next page to learn which serious conditions can cause bad breath!

3. Be generous with treats and toys

A firm chew-toy like a tug-of-war rope isn’t just fun for your dog, it will also freshen their breath. Chewing works excess plaque and tartar off your dog’s teeth, and so will chewier dog treats or dental sticks. Look out for treats that have cinnamon, chlorophyll or clove in the ingredients, because these will really freshen their breath.

If your dog’s teeth look healthy but their breath is still smelly, you could consider changing their food to a different brand.

4. Drink more water

Like humans, dogs can easily freshen their breath by drinking water, so keep their bowl filled. If you want to give them some extra help,  a teaspoon of coconut oil will work wonders.

For more drastic cases, try mixing in pet-safe dental water, which is sort of like doggie mouthwash.

5. Know what to look out for

Most pets have nothing to worry about besides bothering their owners, but in certain cases bad breath means something more.

Fruity (sweet-smelling) breath could be a sign of canine diabetes, a urine smell signals kidney problems and yellow gums could mean they have a liver condition.

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7 Foods (Besides Chocolate) That Your Dog Should Never Eat

One of the best parts of owning a dog is sitting on the couch with them and sharing a snack, but while everyone knows not to feed their dog chocolate, there’s a surprisingly long list of other foods your pet should avoid. A good owner will always check online if something is safe for their dog to snack on, but sometimes this doesn’t occur to us until after we’ve shared it. Don’t make that mistake!

We’ve collected 7 foods that your dog should not eat under any circumstances. While some are obvious, others can seem completely random.

Learn this list from top to bottom so you never feed these to your dog again!

1. Xylitol (sugar-free gum and other treats)

We’ve shared stories in the past about dog owners who had scary experiences after their pet swallowed some of their sugar-free gum. Xylitol, one of the most common sweeteners in gum and other candies, is deadly to dogs. If you notice coordination problems and lethargy after they eat some, get them to the vet.

2. Popcorn

Regular popcorn is normally a fine snack for dogs, but they shouldn’t have any of the buttered or flavored kind. Salty foods in general are dangerous, because dogs can get dehydrated quickly. Corn kernels can also stick in their teeth and cause nasty oral health issues.  

3. Macadamia nuts

People mainly enjoy these nuts in chocolate, so they wouldn’t share with their pooch anyways, but they’re just as dangerous on their own. While most dogs won’t die from Macadamia nut poisoning, they can suffer from fits, weakness and high fevers.

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4. Avocado

This is a tricky one, because only certain parts of the avocado are a risk to dogs. The skin of the avocado contains a chemical called persin, which is harmless to humans but deadly to dogs. The avocado plant is also full of persin, so if you grow your own avocados keep them out of reach for your four-legged friends. Strangely, the inside of the avocado is persin-free, so if you feel like sharing a bite with your pooch go right ahead.

5. Grapes

They might seem harmless, but dogs should avoid grapes and raisins at all cost. These fruits can cause kidney failure and even death for your pet. Be careful about any spilled grape juice too, because it can be even deadlier.

6. Caffeine

It may seem like a no-brainer that your dog shouldn’t share your cappuccino, but some people need to be reminded. Caffeine is just too much for our pets, causing diarrhea, muscle spasms and a dangerously elevated heart rate. Rush them to the vet ASAP if you notice they’ve had any.

7. Garlic and Onions

Both these vegetables are from the same family of “allium” plants, and should not be shared with your pets. A few tasty onion rings can leave your dog with organ damage and breathing problems, so it’s not worth it!

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