8 Gifts You Can Still Order For Your Loved Ones In Time For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the time for careful planning is here.

If you are in a new relationship, you’ll want to make sure you don’t go under or over board. If you haven’t heard your partner mention anything about it yet, then you may have to give them a bit of a clue.

No matter what your situation is, here are 8 awesome and affordable gifts for you, your partner, or those other loved ones you have in your life!

“I Love You To The Moon and Back” Pendant

This sterling silver piece from the Swarovski Zirconia collection is a beautiful necklace that comes with three separate units highlighting the romance that you feel for your lover.

Buy it here for only $33.94!

“You’re Awesome” Hallmark Card

A great addition to any gift you may be picking up!

What? Only $2.99? Snap it up quick while you can!

Love Balloon

What could be more romantic than watching your love float through the door?

Fill their heart with joy and buy it here for $8.59!

Tabasco Spicy Dark Chocolate

There’s always a weird one, right?

Get your lover something hot this year with these chocolates for only $6.49!

Red Valentines Day Pillow

This delicately embroidered throw pillow cover sets the theme for the evening and let’s your partner know that you’re thinking about where you want them to lay their head.

Pick up yours here!

Funny Cat Mug

This one is a little more risque, but also hilarious!

Get your handmade mug here, they’re ‘purrfect!’

Complete Wet Shave Kit

Is your man in need of a shave? Still got the Movember stache? Pick up this sturdy shave kit and watch the clean-cut man return!

Hurry, there’s only a few left here!

Pet And Owner Matching Shirts

Want to reward the real special mate in your life? Treat yourself and your friend when things get hairy with these matching shirts!

Only $30.99 here with many more options to choose from!

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Woman Becomes First Down Syndrome Contestant In Miss USA State Pageant

“When you focus on someone’s disability you’ll overlook their abilities, beauty and uniqueness,” Yvonne Pierre said about her child with Down Syndrome in her memoir The Day My Soul Cried.

And that’s just what a 22-year-old college student from Minnesota wanted to prove.

Mikayla Holmgren made history on Sunday night at the Arms Centre in Burnsville for the Miss Minnesota USA Pageant competition when she competed as the first woman with Down Syndrome.

Mikayla’s been a dancer since she was 6-years-old.

“Dancing is a good outlet for me. It’s how I express myself,” she said. “It’s my talent and I want to show people what I can do and how I can give more.”‘

She is currently studying at Bethel University’s Inclusive Learning and Development program. She’s an active campus member who interns at the university’s child care center, and is also an ambassador for a nonprofit that fosters relationships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Mikayla had competed in junior pageants and was crowned Miss Minnesota Junior Miss Amazing, a pageant for woman with disabilities, in 2015. That same year, she wanted to challenge herself even further.

She “bugged her mom” for days to let her apply to the Miss Minnesota USA 2018 pageant.

Mikayla knew she had to test her luck and apply because being on stage is her passion, and not only that, she wants to change the way society views people with disabilities.

Then the answer she had been waiting for finally arrived.

“I wrote that she had Down syndrome and thought they would pass her by but they decided they wanted her to be a part of it,” her mom, Sandi Holmgren, told BuzzFeed News. “It took me a few weeks to realize the enormity of it and what a big deal it was for her to be in.”

Here are some beautiful pictures of Mikayla during the competition on Sunday night.

Mikayla won the Spirit Award and the Director’s Award. As she received her special honors, she received a standing ovation from the audience.

Mikayla Holmgren, on the left, with the 2018 Miss Minnesota USA winner Kalie Wright, right.ABC News

The blond beauty is not stopping there!

“I want to do some modeling and more dancing,” she said, mentioning that she choreographs all her routines. “I have a big future.”

10 Apple Cider Vinegar Hacks That Will Save You Money

Regular vinegar has been used for thousands of years for all sorts of purposes.

The new healthy living and beauty craze is using apple cider vinegar to clean your home, wash your hair, keep your skin looking bright and healthy, among many more benefits.

The versatility of this natural, antibacterial liquid has led to it becoming a household item.

Here are 10 uses of apple cider vinegar that may make your life a whole lot easier.

Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar helps people feel full longer, which helps reduce calorie intake and belly fat.  We even made a Flat Belly Drink that helps to boost your workout results and keep you motivated to keep at it!

The antibacterial properties in apple cider vinegar eliminates foul-smelling odors. It’s become quite trendy to mix apple cider vinegar and water to create a deodorizing armpit spray.

The latest beauty craze has girls washing their hair with diluted apple cider vinegar. It’s said to detangle, clean, and add shine to hair.

Also, massaging diluted apple cider vinegar into your scalp may help get rid of dandruff.

In general, vinegar is great for preserving food. It’s so great that people have used vinegar for thousands of years to pickle their foods. The acidic nature of the liquid kills bacteria that causes food to spoil.

Dab a cotton pad soaked with diluted apple cider vinegar to remove those unwanted bumps.

These next apple cider vinegar hacks will make your day-to-day life so much easier!

Gargling water mixed with apple cider vinegar is proven to soothe a sore throat. Keep in mind that the vinegar must be diluted to prevent burning, and further damaging, your throat.

Many people use diluted apple cider vinegar to soften their wrinkles and brighten up their skin. The recipe is 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water (dilute the solution if you have sensitive skin), then gently dab your face with a cotton pad.

Fruit flies and fleas can wreak havoc in your home, but not anymore!

Trap fruit flies by pouring apple cider vinegar into a cup and add a few drops of dish soap. For fleas, combine 1 part water and 1 part apple cider vinegar and spray that solution onto your pet. This will make your pet undesirable to fleas.

Some studies suggest that consuming vinegar after a high-carb meal will reduce blood sugar levels significantly.  

As more people look for natural ways to clean their homes, they look for an ingredient that will get the work done while keeping their family safe from harmful chemicals.  

Mix 1 cup of water with a half a cup of apple cider vinegar to create an natural all-purpose cleaner.

Not only is apple cider vinegar effective for cleaning your home, it can also be used to wash dirt and pesticides off of your fruits and vegetables.

You can can also use it to clean dentures and your toothbrush.

What do you usually use apple cider vinegar for? Let us know!

10 Mistakes We All Make When Taking A Shower That Are Harming Our Bodies

The skin is the largest organ of your body, so you’d better take extra care of it.

Most of us shower on a daily basis, so we’d hate to learn that after all these decades of washing ourselves we’ve been doing it wrong.

If you suffer from any skin conditions like eczema, dry, itchy, or red skin, it may stem from your showering habits.

Here are 10 mistakes we all make when taking a shower that’s actually harming our bodies.

We all want to smell like our favorite body wash, but in doing so we’re harming the natural protective oil layer on our skin. Experts suggest washing your body thoroughly only once a week.

Hot water makes your skin defenseless. It removes your natural skin oils and leaves your skin red, dry, and flaky. It may feel soothing at first, but as your blood flow increases, your skin is at risk of inflammation and rashes.

The key is to leave your body moist, then after you step out the shower you should moisturize your skin to prevent wrinkles and to keep it looking soft and healthy. Make sure you don’t wait too long to moisturize your body!

Once you’re in a warm shower, it’s hard to convince yourself to leave. The optimal duration of a shower is said to be 10 minutes, anything longer will dry out your skin, which may result in that itchy sensation you feel soon after.

If you wash your hair every single day, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. Health professionals recommend washing your hair twice a week in order to achieve moisture balance. That being said, the coarser and thicker hair you have, the less you need to wash it.

These next ones are some of the most common showering mistakes.

Change these once every month so that you’re not scrubbing bacteria or mold on your skin.

The average woman applies about 100 chemicals a day on their skin. However, not all products that are listed “natural” or “organic” will avoid stripping your skin and hair of natural oils. That being said, if you stay away from artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, and other harsh ingredients, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Razors work best when there’s more than three blades, but that also means there are more sharp metal edges cutting into you skin. Using too many razor blades will damage your hair follicle, causing razor bumps.

The part you condition heavily are the brittle ends, but in fact, you’re supposed to be conditioning your scalp as well. The follicles in your hair are alive, so when you condition your scalp, you’re essentially moisturizing all of your hair. However, you should still be applying conditioner to the ends as well.

According to the owner of The Hair Management Group in San Antionio, Texas, if your hair is prone to breakage, you need to change your shampoo often.

“For people 50 and older, hair strands require more TLC. As you age, the hair loses protein, elasticity, and density. Safeguard your hair by using sulfate-free shampoos, which are much gentler, avoiding brittleness.”

How many of these mistakes are you guilty of? Let us know!

The Internet Is Divided Over This Viral Video Of A Girl Putting On Her Own Makeup

There has been a fierce debate over beauty and issues with women’s self-esteem these last few years, and it seems that the latest battleground was over a little girl’s video that went viral over the holidays.

When 3-year-old Liriana released a makeup tutorial shortly before Christmas, her biggest problem was whether or not her eye shadow was applied properly (it was).

Liraina is the daughter of Instagram user Suella, who has many videos of her playing with her brother, Dilan, and putting on makeup.

“She does her own makeup from start to finish,” says Suella. “I just sit there and record her while she does her own thing. She loves to copy everything that I do. Literally everything has to match with me: our outfits, makeup, hair.”

Liriana is certainly skillful at makeup application, expertly using her concealer, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick before blowing a kiss to her viewers. It was immediately popular across the social sharing network, with a ton of praise from users.

To Suella, it was just another amazing video that her daughter put out, and she could not have been more proud when other notable accounts asked if they could share her post on their feeds!

The post has amassed over 500,000 views and 1000 comments, however, not all of them are supportive. In fact, many of them are downright hurtful.

There are many people who believe that not only are women being manipulated by the makeup industry, but that they are making all women “objectified” by wearing it themselves.

Some of these people called the act “obsessive,” “sad,” or saying “Her parents are so stupid.” One user even went on a lengthy tirade about the video.

“A real “lady” doesn’t feel the need to change her own natural appearance in order to look beautiful,” he said. “It’s sick that this little girl is being taught that she has to put a load of makeup all over her face in order to be pretty. Disgusting.”

Liriana’s mother was hurt at first by their words, but said she has learned how to ignore them.

“In the beginning it used to bother me,” said Suella. “I just wanted to explain myself, that nothing that they were saying was true. My daughter does not wake up and put makeup on. She just loves to play with it from time to time and I have no problem allowing her to do it because we’ve all done it.”

Luckily, others came to the defense of this passionate little girl. Many people were amazed at her talent at such a young age, saying that she knew how to apply makeup better than themselves!

While some users focused on her age saying that she should be outside playing, others highlighted that beauty can be a hobby like anything else.

“Makeup is a fun creative outlet just like drawing and painting,” says one user.

Liriana still puts out videos, and is just as excited as ever to show off her skills!

It doesn’t seem like she is too bothered by the haters! She proves that she can do what she loves without focusing on those that try to bring her down.

What do you think about this 3-year-old doing her own makeup? Do you think she is too young?

No One Can Agree On The Right Way To Eat A Mango But We Might Know The Best Way

We’re back in mango season, which means a lot of deliciousness, but also a lot of confusion.

When your mango is finally ripe to eat, how do you go about eating it?

If you’ve paid close attention to strangers, friends, or other family members eating a mango, you’ve probably noticed that it’s quite different than how you eat yours.

There’s a lot of argument on social media forums on the right way to eat a mango, but in all honesty, there is no wrong or right way.

If you’re able to savor the fruit without wasting too much of the inside, you’re eating it the right way.

That being said, there are messy ways of eating a mango. And if you’re eating the skin, you should probably stop…

1. Squeeze it

Tagan’s Kitchen – Blogger

This way of eating a mango is convenient if you don’t have any utensils, but coming in contact with the skin of this fruit is not a good idea.

While the skin is edible, it may cause a mild or severe allergic reaction in some people.

2. Peel it

We all know biting into a mango like this is a bad idea! First, holding a slippery mango is nearly impossible and it will probably end up on the floor not just once, but twice.

Second, once you get to the core, your teeth are going to look like they’ve been growing yellow hairs.

3. Get artsy

The only problem with this way is that it’s still messy! Yes, you’ve cut the mango in cubes, but you still have to bite into it.

And even if you think about scooping out the cubes, you probably can’t, because you’ve likely already cut the skin.

So by now you’re familiar with a few common ways people eat a mango.

Here’s a pretty clever way of taking advantage of this delicious summer fruit.

The website Serious Eats has a pretty savvy way of making most of this summer fruit without getting the corners of your mouth yellow.

First, cut the mango with a sharp knife from the pit.

Then scoop up all the good stuff using a glass. Another way to do this is using a spoon!

No more mess. No more mango skin contact with your mouth. No more hairy teeth.

Will you try this way of eating a mango? How do you cut or eat your mango?

It’s easy to spot a ripe mango, but how about a ripe watermelon? Here’s everything you need to know to pick the perfect watermelon.

L’Oreal Makes History By Casting First Hijab-Wearing Ambassador

L’Oreal has made beauty industry history by casting a hijab-wearing ambassador for their latest campaign.

The beauty company has hired British beauty blogger Amena Khan to show its inclusivity for anyone who wants to wear makeup. L’Oreal has previously shown its stance on diversity by featuring male makeup ambassadors, extending its foundation shade range, and other products to compliment all skin tones.

While many people in society associate hair with beauty, Khan said beauty is more about how you feel, as opposed to how you look.

“Whether or not your hair is on display doesn’t affect how much you care about it,” Khan said.

L’Oreal’s newest ambassador is also promoting Elvive, a line of hair products that revitalizes damaged tresses. Khan told Vogue it’s a massive deal a Muslim woman has been cast in the campaign.

“You have to wonder – why is it presumed that women (who) don’t show their hair don’t look after it?” Khan said. “The opposite of that would be that everyone who does show their hair only looks after it for the sake of showing it to others. And that mindset strips us of our autonomy and our sense of independence. Hair is a big part of self-care.”

After announcing she a part of L’Oreal’s latest campaign, Khan said it’s a move in the right direction.

As one of the first hijab-wearing ambassadors for a beauty campaign, Khan said she’s pleased at L’Oreal’s inclusive behavior, as it’ll give young girls to a sense of belonging.

“I didn’t start wearing a headscarf until I was in my twenties, but even prior to that I didn’t see anyone I could relate to in the media. It was always a cause of celebration when you saw a brown face on television!” Khan said.

“I always wanted to be somehow in television or in media but it felt like a pipe dream and that’s why I didn’t pursue it, because I didn’t think there would be anything for me,” she added. “Which is a shame. I think seeing a campaign like this would have given me more of a sense of belonging. I trusted L’Oreal that they would communicate the message well. If the message is authentic and the voice behind it is authentic, you can’t deny what’s being said.”

Khan said while she always wears her hijab in public, she lets her hair be shown around family members and at home. She said despite her hair not being shown to the public, it’s a crucial part to her identity.

“For me, my hair is an extension of my femininity. I love styling my hair, I love putting products in it, and I love it to smell nice. It’s an expression of who I am,” Khan said.

Amena Khan
Amena Khan/Instagram

How do you feel about Khan being chosen as L’Oreal’s latest ambassador?

These 4 Signs Prove That You Are Already In Perfect Health

By now, many of your friends will be stressed out about keeping up with their New Years Resolutions.

A lot of them may have signed onto gyms, running groups, or high-activity sports teams in the hopes that they can bring themselves into their healthiest state.

Some people will get depressed in their attempts to try and reach impossible standards that they set for themselves. But what is healthy, really?

Turns out, good health has very little to do with your appearance or how often you go to the gym. In fact, pushing yourself too hard for too long can lead to problems with your overall well-being.

Here are the definitive signs of good health for eveyone!

Too many people are obsessed with what foods they are eating, and limiting how many calories they intake in a day.

But really, the sign of good health is when you only eat when you start to get hungry, and then stop when you feel full.

This is a sure-fire sign that you are in touch with your body’s internal signals, and not forcing it from external cues.

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to be in good shape. The benchmark that most doctors use for good health is the ability to make it up two flights of stairs.

You’re also allowed to be tired afterwards!

Some people have the urge to swim across lakes, or climb mountains, but your aspirations could be a walk around the block and still count yourself among the fit clique.

If you have the energy to walk the dog or take the stairs and that is all you want to do, then you’re already healthy enough.

Getting a good night’s sleep is your best bet to improving your health, but a sign that you’re already in good standing is if you can wake up on your own time!

While most people on unhealthy sleep cycles need an alarm (or several) to wake up, if you can rise when you need to it means you are resting at your optimal level!

Are you in good health standing? Share your secrets with us in the comments!

No One Wanted This Kitten But One Kind Soul Took Him In

Zeke is too gosh-darned cute to handle.

The tiny tuxedo kitten has a disorder commonly referred to as “water on the brain,” which causes a build up of cerebral spinal fluid in his brain. Zeke has a blockage which prevents the fluid from draining properly, which results in him having a different appearance. He also had some skeletal disorders and two twisted legs.

This made Zeke very unlikely to be adopted.

When Lisa Jones heard about Zeke and his story, she arranged for him to fly from Texas to New York. She worked for Super Heros Animals Hydrocephalus Society and knew she had to do something.

Super Hero The Hydrocephalic Cat and Zeke

Jones adopted Zeke as her own, and she made sure that he was getting the care he deserved.

When Zeke got to New York, he was just 14oz. But that didn’t stop the little guy from getting around! He had figured out how to either hop around or walk on his elbows.

Super Hero The Hydrocephalic Cat and Zeke

“Zeke is hysterical, behaving as any normal kitten should, and despite all of his disabilities, he has a heck of A LOT OF ABILITIES!!!” Lisa wrote on Facebook.

According to Lisa, Zeke definitely knows how to get himself into trouble! He’s a smart kitty and already responds to his name. Lisa says that Zeke sometimes gets frustrated when he can’t get his legs to work, but he just naps and it’s all fine.

Super Hero The Hydrocephalic Cat and Zeke

“He’s figured out that he can climb the mesh laundry basket or screen door and has managed to get all 4 feet off the floor but does not have the strength to climb yet,” Jones said. “But I know he’ll get it eventually as he grows.”

Super Hero The Hydrocephalic Cat and Zeke

Lisa has another cat name Super Hero, who also had hydrocephalus like Zeke. The two have become best friends and now Zeke has someone to look up to!

Super Hero The Hydrocephalic Cat and Zeke

We’re so happy Zeke has a new home, and we can’t wait to see how he progresses!

[h/t: Love Meow]

Girl Adopts Sickly Runt Of The Litter, But What He Becomes Surprised Them Both!

When Justina Strumilaite met Brownie, it was pretty much love at first sight. The fuzzy little kitten had only two toes on his right paw and had difficulty eating.

They were certain that little Brownie, the runt of the litter, would not survive beyond a few weeks. Justina believed in him though encouraged him to climb over his siblings and nurse properly.

Justina Strumliate

Eventually, Brownie began to eat properly and gained weight. Take a scroll through his incredible transformation below!

Justina Strumliate

More on the next page!

He kind of looks like an angry Ewok…

Justina Strumliate

He’s getting fluffier!

As a kitten, Justina says he was a “hyper little ball of fur.”  Now he is a majestic beast:

Justina Strumliate

Just LOOK at all that fur!

Justina Strumliate

Brownie went from sickly runt to giant floof! He’s even bigger than some dogs!

Justina Strumliate

He knows he’s fabulous! Lookin’ good, Brownie!

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Stephen Hawking Predicted The “End Of The World” Just Days Before He Died, And We Should Be Worried

The news of Stephen Hawking’s death last week rocked the world. The world-renowned theoretical physicist died at his home in Cambridge, England at the age of 76.

It suddenly dawned on us that we lost one of the greatest scientific minds of the last century.

In the midst of mourning, we celebrated the mastermind by remembering his life and accomplishments.  

At the age of 21, Hawking was diagnosed with ALS, a motor neuron disease that gradually paralyzes the body.

He was willing to live in pain, confined to a wheelchair, only able to communicate through a speech-generating device for more than 50 years if it meant that he would be able to change the world with his theories.

And that’s just what he did. Hawking’s search to find the “theory of everything” inspired millions of people around the world.

His fascinating life inspired the 2014 biopic The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne.

Those of us who went back and listened to Hawking’s speeches after he passed discovered a startling predication he made not too long before he died.

Whether it was fate or coincidence, we shouldn’t throw caution to the wind…

Two weeks before his death, Hawking was working on a mathematical paper to prove the theory of multiple universes, and predicted that our universe would eventually “fade to darkness” as the stars run out of energy.

Some believe that the brilliant mind had figured out a way to find another universe if all else fails in ours.

“Somewhere in the cosmos, perhaps, intelligent life may be watching these lights of ours aware of what they mean,” Hawking said. “Or do our lights wander a lifeless cosmos, unseen beacons announcing that here on our rock, the universe discovered its existence?”

The Sunday Times reported that if there’s overwhelming evidence to prove Hawking’s theory, he would be entitled to receive a Nobel prize, but only if he was alive.

His final paper on the topic is titled, “A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation,” and is currently being reviewed for publication.

That’s not the only recent prediction Hawking has made about the end of the world. This one has got a lot of people worried.

Just a few months ago, the theoretical physicist warned us about the dangers of overpopulation.

“This exponential growth cannot continue into the next millennium,” he said, according to GeekWire. “By the year 2600, the world’s population would be standing shoulder to shoulder, and the electricity consumption would make the Earth glow red-hot.”

He suggested we find a way to inhabit other planets, like Mars, to ensure our survival.

CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, is planning to do just that in the near future. If Hawking’s prediction is true, let’s hope Musk and his team succeed.

Do you believe in parallel universes?

After A Pilot’s Sexy Selfie Went Viral, We Made A List Of The Hottest Men In Uniform

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but sometimes the beholder is almost every single person on this planet.

We all have our celebrity crushes, but, in my opinion, some of the most irresistible men are those in uniform.

And if you think about it, we fall in love with certain celebrities because of the characters they play.

For example, Chris Evans may be able to deflect thousands of bullets and save lives when he’s playing the character Captain America, but in real life, he doesn’t have any military skills.

Uniforms symbolize status, sacrifice, value, and other hero-like qualities. You see a man with a uniform in a crowd and they’ll stand out immediately.

Isai Ortiz is no exception.

Ortiz is originally from Puerto Rico and works as a pilot for ExpressJet Airlines.

While we do love his breathtaking landscape photos, I don’t think anyone’s going to complain seeing a few photos of the man himself on his personal Instagram page.

He’s become so popular that he even has pictures with celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, and Rita Ora!

Those two photos above are not the only ones getting a lot of attention…

We’re not exactly sure how Ortiz is able to meet these A-list celebrities, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s given access to their high profile social events.  

Ortiz currently has more than 450 posts and 180,000 followers on his Instagram page.

While his work adventures are eye catching, what he does in his personal time is getting even more likes and comments.

I have to say though, it’s his photos where he’s wearing his pilot’s uniform that I find to be the most attractive.

Now that you’ve seen what people are calling the “Sexiest Pilot In The World,” take a look at some jaw-dropping men with different professions.

Ortiz isn’t the only guy in the skies that makes you want to daydream.

Instagram user Mr. Stradi is a flight attendant for Ryan Air, which is an Irish budget airline.

He has more than 10,000 followers who are absolutely obsessed with every single one of his selfies – and most of them are taken when he’s wearing his uniform!

I’ve got to say, Ryan Air really knows how to dress their flight attendants.

Believe me, this hot doctor will not appear on the next season of Grey’s Anatomy. He’s the real deal.

Mike Varshavski is a family physician located in New York City. He has more than 2.7 million followers on his Instagram page, and trust me, people are not following him for medical advice.

He was crowned the “Sexiest Doctor Alive” by People Magazine after his selfies with his husky went viral.

His newfound fame is also encouraging people to see set up appointments with him, which has proven to be a good thing.

“It’s crazy because you would never think social media would push people to go get physicals and checkups. Now I’m catching cancer early because of my selfies—that’s crazy to say but that’s happened,” he told Covetuer.

It’s hard not to love every single one of our veterans. They give up their freedoms so that we can have a more peaceful life. But some of them are attracting a little more attention.

Instagram user navyjack has served in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He has more than 180,000 followers on the social media platform, and for good reason. He’s done a lot of good for America, but he also has many gym selfies that I’m sure many women wouldn’t mind seeing.

If you’re wondering, he’s taken ladies by an equally handsome man known as aclowe89 on Instagram.

This is officer Chris Kohrs from San Francisco. He’s known as “The Hot Cop of Castro” on the internet.

He rose to fame in 2014 and further built his online presence by participating in events such as San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s Big Gay 10K Race and the ice bucket challenge.

Kohrs was mostly famous in his hometown, but there are some cops who’ve become a viral sensation…

survivor hot cop
Gainesville Police Department

Following Hurricane Irma in Florida, a trio of police officers snapped a photo that captured the hearts of millions around the world.

The handsome men were dubbed the “hot cops,” and this photo garnered more than 100,000 comments on social media platforms.

The cop on the right, Daniel Rengering, used this attention to his advantage. He opened a Facebook fan page that now has more than 45,000 followers, and he also released a #HotCop Calendar.

According to TMZ, Daniel will also appear on the new season of Survivor. Good looks can definitely take you places!

The University of Warwick in England released the 2018 edition of their rowing calendar and we’re all still googly-eyed.

This is the first time the Warwick Rowers have posed basically naked, but they did it for a good cause!

“We are embracing other people’s sexuality and in this case the sexuality of LGBT+ people. Once you know the reason, it makes sense getting naked,” Rower Jorge Tallo Soria told PinkNews.

“If you’re a gay person who hasn’t come out, people using the word gay in a negative way can have a negative impact on you,” Rower Jacob Howard-Park added.

Even with their rowing uniforms these boys are equally as charming.

The Australian Firefighter’s Calendar for 2017 featured quite the eye candy, which is probably why they sell thousands of copies of their smoking hot calendar every year.

There’s only a win-win that comes out of this: We buy these gorgeous photos of men in uniform AND we raise money for burn victim charities.

These firefighters have become worldwide celebrities and have even gone on tours to meet fans.

That year, they included shirtless photos with rescue puppies.

I’m not even embarrassed to say that I still have all of these photos, even though the calendar is of no use to me anymore.

Which uniform do you like the most?

Koko The Gorilla Left A Message For Humankind Before She Died

The world was struck with grief once again when the beloved gorilla, Koko, passed away at the age of 46.

Koko’s ability to use sign language to communicate with people warmed the hearts of millions worldwide.

She even became best friends with Robin Williams, and felt tremendous grief after learning about his tragic death in 2014.

The Gorilla Foundation/Koko.org

It wasn’t just Koko’s ability to learn American Sign Language that stunned the world, it was her empathetic personality and worldview that everyone found to be so fascinating.

As Koko got better at communicating, thanks to the efforts of animal psychologist Francine “Penny” Patterson, many people wondered, “What could ape say to mankind?”

The former San Francisco Zoo resident actually had a lot of important things to say.

Gorillas may not be smarter than humans, but we sure could learn a lot from them.

A few years before Koko passed away, she shared an important message to humankind that needs to be heard now more than ever.

For the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Koko had an important message for world leaders.

“I am gorilla. I am flowers, animals. I am nature,” she began signing in front of a dark background.

“Man Koko love. Earth Koko love,” she continued. “But man stupid, stupid! Koko sorry. Koko cry. Time hurry.”

Then she looked down in deep thought, before finishing off her message. “Fix Earth. Help Earth. Hurry! Protect Earth. Nature see you. Thank you.”

Watch the full video below:

As much as many people would like to deny the existence of climate change, it’s only doing a disservice to the world by thinking that the burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of the environment is not making a negative impact on the world.

As Koko said, she’s part of nature, and so are we.

It’s humankind that has a powerful impact on this world, and it’s up to us to change the world for the better.

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