Court Rules That Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder Caused Her Ovarian Cancer, Now They Have To Pay

In a record-setting decision, a St. Louis jury has just awarded a Virginia woman $110.5 million US in the most recent lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder.

Lois Slemp sued Johnson & Johnson for millions based on the allegations that their baby powder product was the cause of her ovarian cancer.

Slemp, a long-time user of the product, was diagnosed in 2012 and she blames the company’s talcum products for causing the disease. Since her diagnosis, the cancer has spread to her liver rendering her too ill to attend the trial.

Lois Slemp sued Johnson & Jonson and won after jurors determined the company’s baby powder had caused her ovarian cancer.

Slemp was a devoted consumer of Johnson’s baby powder for over 40 years before her ovarian cancer diagnosis. The popular baby product contains Talc, a soft mineral that has been used in personal care products as early as 1894.

Besides its most common use of treating diaper rash, many women still use it as a product for feminine hygiene.

Although research has only found a weak link between ovarian cancer and the use of baby powder for feminine hygiene, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies genital use of talc as “possibly carcinogenic.”


Slemp’s attorneys cited one study in particular that confirmed women who were regular users of talc on their genitals, face up to a 40 percent higher risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson said in a statement that hat they would appeal the allegations, but the company is already facing about 2,000 state and federal lawsuits concerning the health problems dealing with long term use of talcum powder in their products.

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The Queen Uses a Drugstore Brand For Her Go-To Nail Polish Color

Royalty or not, we all like to have manicured finger nails. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly has a favorite nail polish and it’s not what you would expect.

This sheer, powder-pink hue from Essie has been her go-to color since 1989 when the monarch’s hairdresser wrote a letter to the brand founder Essie Weingarten to request a bottle of the elegant, best-selling polish.

The flattering color works well with most of the Queen’s wardrobe, which often consists of 2-piece outfits and coats with notable punchy tones.

Queen Elizabeth always looks so put together, with elaborate outfits that must cost a fortune. Surprisingly her manicure doesn’t. The bottle of Essie in the color “Ballet Slippers” has served her well over the last 30 years and can be bought at any local drug store.

The Queen is not the only royal known to be a fan of the drugstore brand Essie. When the Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William in 2011, her manicurist blended Essie’s popular Allure shade with Bourjois So Laque Nail Enamel in “Rose Lounge” to create the lovely, timeless color.  

Will you be running out to the store to grab a bottle of this royal color choice?

She Went From Homeless To Working With Celebrities All Because Of Her Makeup

In a time where unicorn and mermaid colors are trending, makeup with a lot of pigment is getting attention. Whether its clear-to-rainbow highlighter or color-changing mood cream that catches your eye, this Texas-based beauty brand is rising to the top because of their viral products.

Chaos Makeup has gone from under-the-radar to the one to watch in just the past couple of months.

Megan Martinez, the 28-year-old founder of Chaos Makeup makes everything by hand in a small lab in south Texas with the help of only 2 other people.

While she keeps the secrets to her formulas under wraps, she shared her experience with Allure on how this colorful makeup company came to be.

The name Chaos Makeup was once part Megan’s makeup artist profile when she was a teen doing freelance makeup to make ends meet. At 14 she was homeless and worked at Whataburger while doing classmates’ makeup for school dances.

“Makeup was not something I did because I love it,” Megan says. “It was something that I was just good at. At the time, it was a means of survival.”

By 15, Megan considered herself a full-time makeup artist and that’s when ChaosMakeupArtist was created on her Myspace profile. She became well-known for her ‘chaotic’ style, in both her appearance and work.

She was known for using a lot of shine and overall highlighting, and ended up creating her own colored highlighters for her clients.

“That was my thing,” she says. “I was rebelling. If it was not cool, I wanted to do it. If it was not normal, I wanted to do it. If it was neutral, I wanted to make it colorful. I had to be the opposite of everything.”

Find out on the next page how she went from a homeless teen to having a successful beauty company.

“I couldn’t find anything that would make the skin look wet,” she says. “That was my goal at the time. I wanted something with a super dewy, wet finish, but at the time, there was nothing like that.”

That’s when she decided to get creative and come up with her own. She used highlighting powder from M.A.C., shimmery eye shadow and alcohol.

“I was like a little chemist,” she says. “I would weigh it out and trial-and-error it. Once I made what I wanted, I would stir it all up and press it.”

Once she came up with the perfect formula she would sell them on the side. Eventually beauty brands began to seek her out in order to collaborate.

A few years later, Chaos Makeup was born. She perfected her colored highlighters with a clear base, which was the hardest part of the formula.

“The idea was to make colors that you can wear out,” she says. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. You shouldn’t feel like you’ve got a bruise on your face. You shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing eye shadow on your cheeks. You should feel beautiful, confident, and could go anywhere. The only time that this highlighter would show its color is when it hits the light. Even then, it should be beautiful, not like Halloween.”

Megan started by selling 6 individual highlighters.

Last year when rainbow highlights became a popular trend on the Internet, the Texas beauty brand took off. With permission of one of the popular brands Megan created a rainbow highligher.

“I don’t typically do that, but I just wanted to do that out of respect,” she says. “I got a blessing from them, and we went ahead and made our prototype.

This isn’t the only trend that Chaos Makeup is picking up on. They now also have a range of color-changing products that will give you nostalgia from growing up in the 90s.

Testing out shades 💓 Mood cream coming soon❣️

Posted by ChaosMakeupArtist on Thursday, June 1, 2017

She was honored for her success for her makeup artistry by her hometown of Corpus Christi.

“Most people end up moving out, but I’m pretty rebellious, to be quite honest,” Martinez said. “I tend to go against the stream, so if society says to go to L.A. or New York, or you’ve got to move to make your dreams happen, or you’ve got to have this or that — I basically had nothing. I had not even a dollar to my name, so I was going to really push toward something that wasn’t done yet.”

Megan spends her time travelling between LA and New York for work on high-profile magazine and well-known celebrities, but she refuses to move to a bigger city and away from her hometown.

At 28-years-old Megan is completely self-taught. She reads chemistry textbooks to learn how to create the next Chaos Makeup products, but one day aspires to become a chemist.

“I don’t make them because I want to, ” she explains. “I make them because there is nothing over here. We had no choice. If we were in a bigger city or near any labs, I wouldn’t have handmade everything. I just don’t have a choice. Our biggest goal is to have someone else do pretty much the majority of the production.”

She is currently working on a holographic highlighter, but with demand increasing for her makeup, she is hoping to mass-produce her products to make things easier.

“We are looking into mass production, but we don’t want to lose the quality of the products. We are being very picky about it,” she said.

When she was a teen, makeup was a means to an end for Megan, the same is true today with the makeup company.

“My dream is to be a humanitarian and an animal activist,” she says. “I needed something to fund my humanitarian efforts. All of this is really to fund my dream, and my dream to be a scientist/humanitarian/animal activist. I want to fight for the planet.”

These New High Heels Are More Neck-Breaking Than Usual

If you can walk in a pair of heels, I greatly applaud your balance. Most women find heels to be uncomfortable and dangerous, not being able to walk more than a few feet before experiencing sore feet and wobbly ankles.

Even though I don’t do heels myself, I can understand and appreciate people who do. I’m far from a fashion expert, so I can’t judge too harshly.

But unfortunately, there seems to be a new, troubling trend where fashion is being taken one step too far. For example, designer crocs.

If you’ve got $400 to blow, you can own a pair of these.

And if you’ve got $2500 to blow, you can get these new heels that are more or less guaranteed to break at least one of your ankles.

Continue reading to find out why they’re so dangerous!

Designer Yves Saint Laurent has released a new line of heels that are roller skates. Yes. Roller skates.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “how are these practical?” Well, they are not. Not even a little bit. But they’re all the rage and will certainly make runway shows a little more interesting.

Do you think you could last in these roller skate heels? Let us know!

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Credits A Bizarre Fall Fruit For Her Good Looks

We all know that pumpkin-everything is coming! But did you ever think it could be part of your beauty routine?

While you may be adding this popular seasonal fruit to your drinks, desserts and home decor, you may be surprised to learn that some people have been adding it to their skin-care routine, as well.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, recently shared her beauty routine that helps her continue to look great as she ages.

The 48-year-old actress has a signature look when it comes to her hair and makeup. She wears her hair long, with dark waves and prefers a neutral lip and smokey eye makeup. In order to keep her appearances looking great throughout the years, she follows a consistent skincare and fitness routine.


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Before applying makeup the Mask of Zorro star applies the pumpkin-based formula, Rhonda Allison’s Pumpkin E Serum to her skin, and if you think about it, it make sense.

Pumpkin is a powerful super-food and contains antioxidants and enzymes that are proven to improve skin’s texture and appearance. The enzymes promote cell turnover, which helps to give your skin that healthy looking appearance.

Of course, a pumpkin-infused serum alone isn’t the only thing that the Hollywood leading lady uses to keep her skin looking great.

“Water, maintaining my PH balance, no alcohol and through diet keeping my body free of any inflammation inside and out,” she said.

She also revealed her go-to products including Mac Spice Lip Liner, Marc Jacobs Slow Burn lip color, Cle de Peau Intensive Eye Contour Cream. She admits that, “the truth is nothing can be done properly in five minutes.”

If this doesn’t get you in the mood for pumpkin, what will?

Source: E Online / W Magazine

Light Therapy Can Totally Change Your Skin

If you’ve never heard of LED light therapy, listen up. LED light therapy has been growing in popularity for several years, but there was never an easy way to access it. Used as a way to combat acne and signs of aging, the new treatment requires a machine that looks like it’s out of The Jetsons…until now, that is.

There’s a new mask which is promising to give you all the benefits of light therapy, but from the comfort of your own home. So how does light therapy work?

“It works by emitting infrared lights (causing heat) in different wavelengths/ spectrums, which have different skincare benefits,” says dermatologist Dendy Engelman in an interview with Byrdie.

“After microneedling or microdermabrasion, we place LED panels a few inches away from the patient’s face,” says plastic surgeon Sheila Nazarian. “Eye protection is also placed as the lights are quite bright. We treat [the skin] for about 15 minutes. At first, it feels warm, but patients report really liking the feeling of relaxation.”

Don’t worry though, the at-home version doesn’t involve microneedling. The mask uses different colored lights to treat your skin.

  • Helps build collagen
  • Fight wrinkles
  • Reduces eczema and rosacea
  • Decreases inflammation

“If [the light is] red, your skin responds by building, strengthening, and maximizing cellular structure. Red light is also believed to target oil glands to reduce cytokines, which cause inflammation and play a role in chronic acne. In the case of blue light, specific wavelengths stimulate production of oxygen radicals that kill P. acnes bacteria, all without damaging skin,” Engelman says.

  • Minimizes acne
  • Destroys bacteria
  • Decreases inflammation

“Blue light kills bacteria,” Engelman simply states.

  • Helps to heal
  • Fades redness
  • Evens out skin tone

“Amber light stimulates collagen and elastin,” says Engelman.

  • Calms the skin
  • Reduces redness
  • Lightens hyper-pigmentation
  • Prevents breakouts
  • Plumps fine lines
  • Combines the benefits of red and blue
  • Adds energy to skin cells
  • Assists digestion
  • Enhances immune function
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