Elvis Only Performed This Song Once In Concert, And It Might Be His Best Ever

It’s no secret that Elvis was a religious man. Despite his reputation for partying and his womanizing ways, he stood by his beliefs and wasn’t shy about sharing them during interviews.

“I believe in the Bible. I believe that all good things come from God. I don’t believe I’d sing the way I do if God hadn’t wanted me to,” Elvis said.

He rarely brought gospel music onstage, but The King of Rock n’ Roll was inspired on night in Montgomery, Alabama and decided to shake things up.

On February 16, 1977 he performed gospel song, Where No One Stands Alone and it was enough to leave us speechless.

During the performance Elvis turned to his bandmates and asked them to start up the music to the gospel song, they have only performed in studio.

Surprised by the request, the band started up the music and they played this song for the first time in front of an audience.

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Originally recorded in 1967, he rarely brought his gospel songs to the stage so this was  special moment for his fans to experience his love for the Lord.

The lyrics depict His love and that everyone is protected when they accept God’s existence.

Everyone should listen to this live performance- it gave me chills!

Are You A Compulsive Liar? Your Zodiac Sign Holds The Answer

Everyone lies a little now and then. For most of us, it’s nothing more than a white lie – usually told to avoid causing someone else pain.  

While many people are uncomfortable with the idea of outright lying to someone, for others, it’s just a matter of perspective. What some consider to be a lie, others think of as ‘bending the truth for the greater good.’ The trouble starts when that “greater good” serves no one but the liar.

Most people know a liar when you see one, but if you know their zodiac, you might have a better idea about where they stand on on the black and white (or grey) of truth telling.

See what your zodiac says about your truth-telling abilities below!

Aries : March 20 – April 19

Rarely a liar.  An Aries has no fear of confrontation and for the most part their confidence keeps them honest. If they have no reason to fear what another person thinks about their truth, why bother hiding behind a lie?

If they do lie, it’s usually to save someone else’s skin, rather than their own.

Taurus: April 19 – May 20

These people are fiercely honest. They aren’t afraid to hurt a person in the short-term with the truth because they know it is better than to hurt them in the long-term with a lie.

Are you a Gemini? Find out what your sign says about your lying ways…

Gemini: May 20 – June 20

Watch out for Geminis, they are very good liars. Although they justify it by operating in that infamous grey area.

For them, the truth has many facets, so what might be true for a Gemini, may not necessarily be true for someone else.

Nothing is black and white – you prefer to operate in shades of grey.

Cancer: June 20-July 22

Careful with a Cancer. They don’t lie, but they don’t always tell the whole truth either. They’re a little more mysterious than most, and some can resort to manipulating the truth to suit their needs.

They don’t necessarily do it out of malice, it’s just part of their character.

Leo: July 22 – August 22

Although not typically liars, but they definitely are know to exaggerate the truth. These are the people who tell fish tales – “it was THIS BIG!”

They lie to get other’s attention, or to get themselves out of a sticky situation. They’re not typically great liars either, so oftentimes, it backfires on them.

Are they as innocent as they seem? Find out if Virgos really do tell the truth…

Virgo: August 22 – September 22

Probably the least likely to lie. In fact, this sign hates to do it.

More often than not, this sign thinks of others before themselves, so if they lie, it will be to protect another person at the cost of their own integrity.

They’re terrible liars, they can be quite nervous doing it.

Libra: September 22 – October 23

Librans lie as a defense mechanism. They only do it to get out of a confrontation, or if they’re feeling indecisive.

Since this sign hates conflict, they’ll lie if it can get them out of a controversy. They often lie prematurely, before they’ve even thought about what they’re saying.

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

A Scorpio lies to protect themselves – especially their vulnerable, emotional centers. When they tell the truth, they often feel ‘naked’ and exposed to others. Like their Libra cousins, they lie to escape reality.

Sagittarius: November 21 – December 21

They’re optimists who believe in the mantra “fake it until you make it.” To them, it’s not exactly ‘lying’ as it is just manifesting destiny.

Sagittarius will lie if they feel that the truth will hurt someone, or to make someone feel better about themselves. Like a few other signs, they’ll lie to get out of a sticky situation.

Capricorns are practical people, but are they susceptible to a fib?

Capricorn: December 21 – January 19

It’s not typically in their nature to lie, but a Capricorn will do it if they have to. They are a dutiful sign, so if their friends or family are at risk, a Cap will gladly like to protect them.

They won’t make up tall tails or exaggerate the truth in order to brag about their achievements though a Capricorn hasn’t got time for that.

Aquarius: January 19 – February 18

An Aquarius will lie if the ends justify the means. If lying gets things done, they’ll do it. These are the kinds of people who believe that all’s fair in love and war – including lying.

While not necessarily deceitful, this sign takes a more logical approach to lying: they usually believe that, if it is necessary for all parties to move on, a lie can be a good thing.

Pisces: February 18 – March 20

Being a bit on the dreamy side, Pisceans have a difficult time pinning down exactly what the truth is. They’re not outright liars, but they aren’t hard and fast truthers either.

Pisces people prefer to remain ambiguous – they’re open to multiple interpretations of the truth. This way of thinking can be great when it comes to group projects, but terrible when it comes to honesty in one-on-one relationships.

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Tom Hanks And His Wife Speak Out: Prayer Brought Us Together

We like to think that movie stars have it all: money, fame, and happiness. But the truth is a little more complicated. Take Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: these stars have been married for almost 30 years, and from the outside looking in their lives seem perfect.

They’re both movie stars and they have 2 children together (Hanks has another 2 from an earlier marriage), but dig a little under the surface and you’ll discover they have problems just like anyone else.

For starters, Rita revealed that she battled breast cancer, and had to undergo a double mastectomy. At the same time, Hanks was struggling with the complications of his own condition: type 2 diabetes.

While they supported each other through these medical crises, their son Chet was grappling with drug addiction. The actor and rapper entered rehab for his cocaine abuse in 2014, but didn’t stay clean long, and even briefly went missing.

Throughout these trials, Hanks and Wilson depended on their love for each other, but also their faith in God. As Wilson revealed, prayer has played a huge part in their lift.

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While Hanks isn’t as outspoken as other Christian celebrities, he’s a lifelong believer (he converted to the Greek Orthodox church to marry Wilson) since his teenage years. That’s when the actor experienced what he calls a “serious born again experience,” that turned him into a “Bible-toting Evangelical.”

Through the years, Hanks hasn’t shied away from discussing his faith, including at a press conference for his film Angels and Demons.

In the film, Hanks played a Harvard professor solving a mystery at the Vatican, and he took the opportunity to discuss his belief in God.

“I must say that when I go to church – and I do go to church – I ponder the mystery,” he said. “I meditate on the, ‘why?’ of ‘Why people are as they are,’ and ‘Why bad things happen to good people,’ and ‘Why good things happen to bad people.’ The mystery is what I think is, almost, the grand unifying theory of all mankind.”

He also praised the Catholic church for their good deeds around the world.

“The church does feed the poor. It does take care of the hungry. It heals the sick. I think that the grace of God seems to be not only in the eye of the believer, but also in the hands of the believer.”

Wilson even credits God with bringing her and Hanks together, revealing in a red carpet interview that she prayed “every single day” for God to bring her somebody that loved her the same way she loved them, and that Hanks was the answer to her prayers.

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A Religious Recap On Why The Duggar Women Don’t Wear Pants

It’s no secret that the Duggars live by a strict set of rules. Their beliefs are always front and center, and that’s totally okay. But because they’re in the public eye, they’re subjected to a lot of criticism. Granted, when your eldest son molests your younger daughters, it deserves to be criticized.

But one of the biggest questions that surrounds the Duggars is what religion they practice, exactly. We know they practice it to the extreme, but what set of guidelines are they following?


There has been a lot of speculation that the family is a part of the controversial “Quiverful” movement, which says contraception is bad and advocates for having as many children as possible. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have denied this, saying they are “”simply Bible-believing Christians who desire to follow God’s Word and apply it to our lives.”

It’s also been reported that they’re part of the Independent Funamental Baptists Church, and even as broadly recognized as “followers of the conservative patriarchal movement.” The only label the family has given themselves is “conservative Christians,” when Michelle Duggar spoke about miscarrying her second child after Josh was born. The family believes this was because of their use of birth control.

InTouch Weekly

“As conservative Christians, we believe every life is sacred, even the life of the unborn. Due to our lack of knowledge, we destroyed the precious life of our unborn child. We prayed and studied the Bible and found a host of references that told us God considered children a gift, a blessing, and a reward,” the family has explained. “Yet we had considered having another child an inconvenience during that busy time in our lives, and we had taken steps to prevent it from happening.”

While their exact religion may not be known, the family has been outspoken on their belief that women should not wear pants for modesty reasons. They have even referenced the Bible for this decision.

During an interview with TLC, Michelle Duggar explained the family’s choice.

“As we studied as a family, we found we could come up with our idea of what we thought modesty was, but we really wanted to see what the scriptures said about it,” the Mother Duggar said. “Our interpretation was that from the neck down to the knee should be covered. By keeping those private areas covered, there’s not any ‘defrauding’ going on. My kids are taught the definition of defrauding as stirring up desires that cannot be righteously fulfilled. We don’t believe in defrauding others by the way we dress.”


Fans of the show will know how strictly this rule is enforced, with trips to the beach requiring long skirts, no matter how how it was. Michelle Duggar also explained that dressing in skirts and dresses is her was of “defining who she is as a woman.”

Some of the sisters agree with this family rule, as noted in their book, Growing Up Duggar.

“We do not dress modestly because we are ashamed of the body God has given us; quite the contrary,” the book notes. “We realize that our body is a special gift from God and that He intends for it to be shared only with our future husband… We avoid low-cut, cleavage-showing, gaping, or bare-shouldered tops; and when needed, we wear an undershirt. We try to make it a habit to always cover the top of our shirt with our hand when we bend over. We don’t want to play the peekaboo game with our neckline.”


That being said, Jinger Duggar, who co-authored the book, seemed to change her mind on the subject after marrying her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Vuolo, a pastor, has been quoted in the past saying women should not have to wear skirts.

“Jesus does not save people to make them wear skirts,” he said in a sermon.

When Jinger was spotted out in pants, people thought perhaps it was her way of rebelling against the family.

Vuolo commented on Jinger’s choice when people began shaming her for going against the family’s rules.

“It is your liberty as to whether you dress modestly with a modest pair of pants, or with a skirt, or with a T-shirt, or with a blouse,” Vuolo said. “It is not your liberty, women, to wear sensual, seductive clothing that is designed to draw the attention of your brothers.”

Jinger is the only one of the Duggar sisters to stray from the family rules, but that’s not to say more won’t in the future!

What do you think about the Duggar rules?

Tim Tebow’s Inspiring Message To A Fan With Down Syndrome Is Going Viral

Star athlete Tim Tebow is no stranger to controversy and media attention. Throughout his long career as a college football player, a professional quarterback and later a baseball player, Tebow has seemed to attract headlines like a magnet. In the past he’s drawn attention for wearing Christian messages on his eye blacks, praying on the field and for his personal political beliefs.

But now, a fan’s account of Tebow and his interaction with a young woman have gone viral, revealing a side of the athlete’s life that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

Bystander Kevin Liddle shared the story on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Liddle describes the “Tebow Mania” waiting for the athlete, who’s now playing on a minor-league baseball team. Before the game, fans were lined up to take photos and get autographs from Tebow.

Kevin says he “would take some time to sign autographs and pose for a picture with anyone who asked him. He took more time to do this than any other athlete I have ever witnessed.”

But one fan in particular caught Tebow’s eye, a teenage girl holding a sign that said “Night to Shine,” which holds a special meaning for Tebow.

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Tebow’s own charity foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation, keeps him very busy. The athlete is involved with lots of causes that are close to his heart, including Night To Shine. The annual event is a “prom night experience” designed to be safe and fun for teenagers with Down syndrome. Like everything else in Tebow’s life, it’s “centered on God’s love,” and meant to inspire others to do good.

Which is why Tebow turned on a dime and made a beeline for the young fan with Night to Shine written on her sign.

It turned out she had attended one of Tebow’s events.

Liddle says that the girl’s face seemed to “light up” as Tebow walked over. The star asked how she was doing and thanked her for coming to the game. He even looked at some photos of her from Night to Shine and told her how beautiful she looked.

“It was evident to me that these 30 seconds of interaction with her hero meant the world to her,” Liddle says, it even reminded him of a quote from scripture:

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:3-4

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Pope Francis Wants To Change The “Our Father” Prayer

Pope Francis, the current Pope of the Catholic Church, is perhaps one of the most liberal members the Vatican has ever seen.

He’s not afraid to state his opinions about his religion and suggest changes if necessary.

From the moment he stepped onto the balcony at St. Peter’s in Rome as Pope, he put a new emphasis on poverty and simplicity. He has embraced a man with severe facial disfigurement and washed the feet of a group of young offenders, things that have never been done by previous popes.  

He preaches mercy, and hopes that religion will be a way to unite and better people.

Last year, the Pope issued a worldwide survey of Catholics asking for their views on single parent families, contraception, and gay marriage.

Now he has a new task to enrich the lives of his religious followers.

Pope Francis wants to change a line in Christianity’s best-known prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer, also widely known as “Our Father,” has been updated several times.

It was first translated from Jesus’s language, Aramaic, which was then translated to ancient Greek, and then later to Latin vulgate, but now it stands as it’s read below.

The Pope believes that the prayer needs a better translation for the phrase about temptation.

He argues that the current wording that says “lead us not into temptation” strongly suggests that God leads people to sin.

“That is not a good translation,” he said.

The Pope suggests the phrase be changed to what France’s Roman Catholic Church uses: “do not let us fall into temptation.”

“I am the one who falls. It’s not him pushing me into temptation to then see how I have fallen,” he continued. “A father doesn’t do that, a father helps you to get up immediately. It’s Satan who leads us into temptation, that’s his department.”

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Waitress Denied Tip Due To Her “Bad Tattoo”

Serving staff at restaurants have a tough job. They are constantly on their feet, deal with with rude people all day, and make less than minimum wage. They count on their tips to supplement their income, which is why it’s always encouraged to tip a minimum of 10, with 15 being the average.

Awesome Jelly

However, one couple in Illinois felt their server, Samantha Heaton, didn’t deserve a tip, all because of a tattoo she had on her arm. The couple left a note on the receipt, claiming her “bad tattoo” was the reason she was being jilted.

“I went above and beyond for this couple, and for them to leave that (note) kind of hurt,” Heaton told the Rock River Times. “Like, I have bills to pay too.”

The bill came to $60, and by normal 15 tipping standards, should have come to $69 with the gratuity.

So what was so offensive about Heaton’s tattoo?

On her forearm, the Buffalo Wild Wing’s server has a tattoo of a rainbow colored equal sign, signifying her support for equal rights among LGBTQ members. The couple she was serving found this offensive, leaving a note that said “Can’t tip someone who doesn’t love Jesus! Bad tatoo [sic]”

Heaton was shocked to see the note, but stood by her beliefs. She was more concerned about the children of the couple.

“Someone asked me the other day if I would go back in time and get the same tattoo and I said, ‘No I would get it bigger,” she revealed. “The kids are going to be under the impression that it will be OK to discriminate against anybody.”

The big question on everyone’s mind was how could the couple tell that Heaton didn’t believe in God just by looking at her tattoo?

“I do believe in Jesus and God. I myself am a Christian,” she said. “And, as a Christian, thou shall not judge. No matter how someone looks, you should love them for what’s in their heart and how they treat you—not for what is on the outside. As someone who came out when it was still a battle for the LGBTQ community, that’s just plain rude and uncalled for. What if one day their kids grow up and want to be with the same sex, are they going to disown them? Throw them on the street?”

Buffalo Wild Wing’s has not released a statement on the controversy as of yet.

What do you think of the note left for Samantha Heaton?

Scientists Find Evidence That Chimps Might Have Their Own Religion

The world is filled with many religions. You can have your own opinions on that if you like, but religions are a way that bring people together. What we haven’t seen before is how it can bring animals together, and that’s because we assume they don’t have religion at all.

However, new evidence coming out of some West African countries suggest that chimpanzees have developed their own worship system and it’s actually pretty fascinating.

Côte d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast), Liberia, and Guinea Bissau are the locations where chimpanzees have been witnessed developing spiritual tendencies. A team of 80 scientists set out to study the behavior and revealed their findings.

“No chimps east of these countries have been observed doing this. What’s more, there seems to be no reason for it tied to survival. It has nothing to do with acquiring food, mating, or furthering one’s status. Researchers say it might be a unique display of male power, marking the border of their troop’s territory, or even a spiritual ritual.”

So what exactly are these chimps doing to suggest a religion forming? Find out on the next page!

Cameras were set up in 4 remote locations in an effort to find out the exact regiments the chimps were completing. This is what they found.

The camera captured chimpanzees bringing rocks to a hollowed out tree and storing them there. Then one of the chimps takes a rock, walks an certain distance, grunts, and throws the rock at the tree. The rock gets put back, and the same thing happens later. The distance is the same, the grunt is the same, and the rock is always put back. The scientists believe the grunt could be a type of prayer the chimps are using as part of their budding religion.

“Maybe we found the first evidence of chimpanzees creating a kind of shrine that could indicate sacred trees,” Laura Kehoe of the Humboldt University of Berline wrote.

“The ritualized behavioral display and collection of artifacts at particular locations observed in chimpanzee accumulative stone throwing may have implications for the inferences that can be drawn from archaeological stone assemblages and the origins of ritual sites,” the study states.

Chimps also seem to be aware of a Higher Power that controls the universe. During rain, certain groups of chimps do a ritual rain dance to worship the rainfall. They also acknowledge the power that fire has, doing “a really exaggerated slow-motion display” in front of brush fires. Jill Pruetz of Iowa State University witnessed the “fire dance” in 2006 says she believes chimps have a conceptual understanding of fire, and do the ritual to pay respect to it.

“If chimps with their small brain size can conceptually deal with fire, then maybe we should rethink some of the earliest evidence for fire usage,” Pruetz says.

Aside from the grunting noises during their stone-throwing ritual, chimps in the studied areas have started banging stones together to communicate and start traditions.

“It does seem to be a tradition found in some groups,” Pruetz says. “If that fits the definition of proto-ritualistic, I have no problem with it.”

“It’s such a cool observation,” says primate cognitive psychologist Laurie Santos of Yale University. “But I worry that we don’t yet know how to interpret it.” In my monkey behavior experience, low noises often serve a communicative function – males trying to act dominant, etc. – so my instinct is that this behavior might work a lot like that,” she says.

In all, researchers believe these behaviors, especially the ‘sacred trees’ are indicators that chimpanzees are starting to develop their own religion.

“Stone accumulation shrines at ‘sacred’ trees are well described for indigenous West African peoples. Superficially, these cairns appear very similar to what has been described here for chimpanzee accumulative stone throwing sites, thus it would be interesting to explore whether there are any parallels between chimpanzee accumulative stone throwing and human cairn building, especially in regions of West Africa where the local environment is similar.”

It’s pretty cool to think chimpanzees are developing their own religion, but it’s also a little scary. The rituals sound familiar to when humans began evolving. Who knows? Maybe Planet of the Apes wasn’t so far off!

Pope Francis Performs Wedding Ceremony On Plane For First Time In History

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most magical moments in their lifetime. It marks the end of one chapter, and reveals the promise and magic that a future full of shared memories has to offer.

For some, it happens at a church, or a local landmark that means something to them both. However, for two young partners flying over South America, it was a moment, and place, that neither of them would ever forget!

Two flight attendants found themselves in the history books after a spontaneous offer by Pope Francis became reality.

While Francis was flying between cities in Chile, he got to talking to the two attendants serving the passengers.

Paula Podest and Carlos Ciuffardi work together on the same airline, and have been in a civil union for years. They tried to marry back in 2010, but an earthquake disrupted their plans, and it seemed like they would never get around to having their special day.

When his Holiness found out about this, he knew there was no need for a miracle to give this couple what they needed.

At first, they asked Francis if he could bless their marriage, a rather simple procedure. They were shocked when he decided to go one further.

“Do you want me to marry you?” he asked. “Here?” was their reply. Francis saw no reason for them to not have it done, and so the couple prepared themselves.

Another member of the airline staff acted as a witness and Francis officiated over the union.

“It was a great surprise and great joy,” said Greg Burke, the Vatican spokesman. “Everything is valid. Everything is official.”

For their wedding gifts, Francis offered them a black and white rosary, and spoke some celebratory words to them.

“This is what’s missing in the world, the sacrament of marriage,” he said. “I hope this motivates couples to marry.”

The union marks the first ever ceremony performed by a Pope on a plane.

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Pastor Gives An Envelope Full Of Money To Everyone In His Congregation, With One Simple Instruction

Most Sundays, worshipers at the Preston Meadow Lutheran Church dig into their pocket as the collection plate is passed around.

But last week, they held out their hands for a surprising gift from the church that has everyone talking.

Pastor Paul Mussachio invited everyone in attendance to take a numbered envelope from a pile at the front of the church.

Each one was full of money – a blank check signed by the church with a value ranging from $250 to $1,000.

The pastor sent his flock home with the money as part of a project called Preston Meadow Gives, but of course there was a catch.

One of the envelopes.Rene Walls / Twitter

In a YouTube video about the event, Mussachio explains he wants to spread “joyful generosity” through the community.

“We gave them no direction over [the money,] other than to follow the lead of God and to participate in Christ’s mission of grace for this world.”

Yes, as long as they cash the check within a month and don’t give any money back to the church, the lucky men and women are free to do what they like with it.

“We are blessed to be a blessing, so look for those around you who are in need of this kind of blessing right now,” a pamphlet for the event suggests.

“People near or far to you, strangers, organizations close to your heart or our church.”

But the event isn’t just about “paying it forward” to local charities.

Mussachio revealed the surprising inspiration behind the season of giving, and it may inspire you too.

Before handing out money to its worshipers, Preston Meadow tried a similar project with a group of fourth graders.

The children were given a much smaller amount of money, but managed to make it “grow” through generosity.

As the children gave to needy neighbors and charities, they asked other community members to do the same.

By the end of the project, the church says the children had raised four times their original amount.

The Preston Meadow church.Google Maps

But, of course, there’s inspiration for the generosity in the Bible as well.

The church quotes Luke 6:38:

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.

In this case, a small group of donors gave the church the $125,000, which will hopefully continue to grow as it spreads through the community,

There’s no question that the church’s members are excited about the opportunity to give back.

“Best surprise ever!” one person wrote on Twitter about receiving their envelope.

“Our church gave us money so we could use it to bless others. I can’t wait to figure out how to spend it to bless others. What a great lesson on giving for my kids.”

What would you do with a gift like this?

[H/T: Fox News]

Chris Pratt Preaches About His Faith And God During Award Show Acceptance Speech

Ever since we saw Chris Pratt play the role of the lovable but dimwitted Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreations, people couldn’t help but fall in love with the funnyman.

Since the popular show ended, Pratt, 39, has had leading roles in several popular films including Passengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s at the height of his career and it seems like nobody deserves the attention more.

On June 18, Pratt was honored with the Generation Award at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, and while it’s normal for winners to give heartwarming speeches, Pratt took it up a notch when he preached the message of the Lord.

Pratt was presented the award by his Jurassic World costar Bryce Dallas Howard and his former Parks and Recreations love interest Aubrey Plaza. He started off his speech thanking family, friends and his son, Jack, before he divulged in the “Nine Rules from Chris Pratt.”

Although all nine rules can be considered valuable pieces of advice, three stood out to the public as they were based on religion.

For his sixth rule, Pratt said: “God is real. God loves you, God wants the best for you. Believe that; I do.”

“Learn to pray. It’s easy, and it is so good for your soul,” the actor added for number eight.

And last but not least, the most notable rule came in at number nine, where Pratt elaborated on the gift of grace.

“Nobody is perfect. People are going to tell you you’re perfect just the way you are – you’re not. You’re imperfect,” he said.

“You always will be. But, there is a powerful force that designed you that way. And if you’re willing to accept that, you will have grace,” he continued. “And grace is a gift. And like the freedom that we enjoy in this country that grace was paid for with somebody else’s blood. Don’t forget it. Don’t take it for granted.”

Pratt also shared his stance on bullying to the younger generation, warning them not to be a “turd.”

“Don’t be a turd. If you are strong, be a protector. If you are smart, be a humble influencer. Strength and intelligence can be weapons, so do not wield them against the weak. That makes you a bully. Be bigger than that,” he explained.

When viewers at home saw Pratt’s speech, they immediately jumped to Twitter to praise the actor for preaching his religious beliefs.  

Regardless of Pratt’s or any other celebrity’s religion, it’s incredible when they use their public platform to share the importance of staying true to yourself and loving thy neighbor.

For more on celebrities and their religious beliefs, take a look at these interesting articles:

[H/T: Fox News, People]

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Woman’s Footage of God “Walking” In Clouds Goes Viral

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it GOD?

That’s what a woman in Alabama asked himself many times when she captured live footage of “someone walking in the clouds.”

The viral video has been viewed more than one million times, just on Facebook, and garnered more than 7,000 comments.

While some people are blown away by this footage, others are skeptical…

At first, Facebook user Solo Dolo was watching a storm gather in her hometown of Tuscaloosa when suddenly a bright light caught her attention.

“Hey, we’ve got a storm over here. We got no power, everything blowing over here, boxes, trees,” she said to her camera. “Look at that hole right in the sky… that’s who’s got the power.”

“He got us covered at least, we’re alright,” she added.

After posting the video, a friend of Solo pointed out that it appeared as if someone, possibly God, was walking in the clouds.

She wrote, “If you are a non believer in the Lord don’t even worry about it. Now I want y’all to take a closer look at this video around 2:38 and tell me what y’all see in this hole in this cloud.”

This isn’t the first time someone has claimed to see a Holy Figure in the sky.

Last year, many claimed they witnessed the Virgin Mary in the clouds at a shrine in Ireland.

Thousands of people shared footage of the spectacular moment when the sun beamed through clouds.

While some people claimed it was the Madonna, other observers didn’t see this sight as anything close to a miracle.

Some were simply amazed by the video

“Can’t tell me my God ain’t real! Thank you God for using Lisa Stand Alone Baker to reveal this to me. Too see this is to believe this.”

“I can definitely see there are two figures in this video and it does give me hope that some day I’ll get my calling and have faith. Thank you so much for sharing.”

Others were skeptical about its authenticity

“So millions of people with phones and only one person caught it on camera … you are kidding right?”

“How did these people come to the conclusion that it was a man walking in the clouds? To me that looks like a cloud passing thru the light.”

[H/T: The Sun]

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