20 Pop Culture Gems Turning 20 In 2017

It’s almost hard to believe that 1997 was two decades ago!

I mean, it really doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that Julia Roberts was Dermot Mulroney’s “best man” in My Best Friend’s Wedding or that J.K. Rowling debuted Harry Potter.

Feeling old yet? 1997 was an eventful year so there are a lot of things turning the big 2-0 this year.

Join me in taking a trip down memory lane with 20 things that will be celebrating a twentieth anniversary this year.

1) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

On June 26, 1997 J.K. Rowling made her debut with the iconic Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. What started out as a children’s literature book turned into a series of 7 novels that defined a generation.

2) Titanic

The award-winning film about the infamous shipwreck was released on December 19and made Leonardo DiCaprio and his co-star Kate Winslet household names.

3) Spiceworld (Album)

The Spice Girls made ‘girl power’ even cooler with their second album release on November 3rd. This gem of an album gave us some sweet guilty pleasures including “Spice Up Your Life” and “Stop.”


4) Phish Food by Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s introduced Phish Food, a chocolate ice cream with gooey marshmallow swirls, caramel swirls & fudge fish, on March 18. The ice cream experts collaborated with jam band Phish to create this flavor. They also held a special one-off show and ice cream bash in Vermont to celebrate the launch. You can even download the show’s EP here

5) Men In Black

It will be 20 years this July 2nd that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones joined forces to protect the earth from aliens. The movie still holds the record for the highest-grossing action buddy film ever! Also I can’t be the only one that thinks that for a late 90s movie, the CGI effects were out of this world, right?


6) Hercules

Disney’s Hercules was released on June 27, 1997 and I personally think it has one of the best soundtracks ever, it’s the gospel truth.


7) Princess Diana’s Death

Unfortunately, the world lost a gem when Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997.

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8) Surge Soda

Coca Cola’s citrus-flavoured soda, Surge, was released on February 7 , 1997 to compete with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew.

Although production temporarily ended in 2003, fans urged Coca Cola to re-release the soft drink in 2014. Surge can now be purchased on Amazon and in select stores.

9) Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams known for her role as the badass Arya Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones is celebrating a big birthday on April 15.

10) Lost World: Jurassic Park

The second installment in the Jurassic Park series was released on May 19 and had the biggest opening weekend at the time. It went on to become the second highest-grossing movie of that year.

11) Barbie Girl

Whether you hate it or love it, you can’t deny that Aqua’s Barbie Girl is pop perfection. The bubblegum pop hit was released on May 14, 1997 and 20 years later, it still is one of the catchiest songs out there.

12) Daria

The animated MTV series based on a smart but cynical teenager named Daria Morgendorffer premiered on March 3, 1997.


13) Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield

This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include one of the most talked about events of ’97: Mike Tyson taking a bite out of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a boxing match in Las Vegas on June 28th.

14) Ellen DeGeneres Coming Out

Ellen DeGeneres made headlines when she bravely came out as gay on the April cover of TIME Magazine.

15) My Best Friend’s Wedding

“Crème Brulee can never be Jell-O” is just one of the many quotes from one of the best Rom-Com movies of all time, My Best Friend’s Wedding. The movie was released on June 20 and stars the iconic Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Dermot Mulroney.

16) MmmBop

Hanson’s popular hit was released on April 15, 1997 and believe it or not the lyrics are more than just a mashup of words that sound fun at karaoke, they’re actually pretty deep!

17) Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Joss Whedon’s hit show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired its pilot on March 10, 1997 starring a fearless female heroine played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

18) Teletubbies

The British pre-school children’s TV show starring Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po first popped up on our screens in March 1997.

19) Selena

Based on the life of slain Tejano star, Selena Quintanilla, this movie is one of my favourite biopics ever. Selena, starring Jennifer Lopez was released on March 21, 1997.


20) Backstreet’s Back

The boy band’s second studio album was released on August 11, 1997 and nothing has been the same since. The album also featured hot hits like Everybody, As Long as You Love Me and All I Have to Give.

9 Facts You Never Knew About The Nature Boy Ric Flair

If you grew up as a wrestling fan in the 80s, the only person you idolized as much as Hulk Hogan was Ric Flair, the Nature Boy.

Over 40 years of wrestling history, Ric has entertained, and continues to thrill, millions of fans around the world. But even the most die-hard fans don’t know the whole story of this legendary wrestler’s career.

Check out this list of surprising facts about Flair’s life, and share it if you don’t know at least 5 of them!

1. He’s still in incredible shape

Well, Ric Flair isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. Last month he Tweeted the simple message “I. Will. Never. Retire,” along with an awesome video of him lifting 400 pounds.

2. Flair pulled in one of the biggest crowds of all time

For a special exhibition match in North Korea against the legendary Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki, Flair drew in 190,000 fans, easily beating Wrestlemania 32’s 101,000.

3. For Flair, wrestling is a family business

Flair’s daughter Charlotte says she never wanted to become a wrestler, but with her father’s encouragement she made it to the big leagues, winning WWE’s Women’s Champion belt 4 times.

4. He was also a great partier

According to Flair – so believe this or not – he once drank 106 beers in 5 hours with Andre the Giant, although most of those were probably thanks to Andre.

5. He almost gave up on his career

When Flair was starting out in the wrestling business, he almost quit during his harsh training with the famous wrestler Verne Gagne. Gagne literally dragged flair back into his barn, saving his career single-handedly.

6. Flair was a record-setting champion

With a career that’s lasted for decades, it’s no surprise flair has come out on top a few times. The wrestler held the record for most championships with an amazing 16, but John Cena eventually beat his record.

7. His robes were serious business

One of the things Flair is most famous for are the colorful robes he wore while entering the ring. Each of these was handmade, with the sequins applied individually. They cost $20,000 in today’s money and weighed over 40 pounds!

8. He’s not the original nature boy

Flair borrowed his nickname, his gimmick, his signature move – the figure 4 leg lock – and everything else about his Nature Boy character from an older wrestler named Buddy Rogers.

9. He’s a VERY unlucky man

Flair was hit by lighting not once, but twice, once while boarding a plane and once when the plane he was in was struck. So if you’re flying next to him, switch seats!

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16 Times That Street Art Was More Clever Than You Thought Possible

A lot of people tend to think of street art as graffiti or vandalism, but sometimes it’s actually making something better and not just writing something offensive across a building.

These little pieces of street art are done in clever little ways that make everything just a little bit more fun. If you saw these while you were out and about it would definitely make you smile!

Check out the best 16 works of art that are too cool to be kept indoors!

1. Genius Marketing Tactics

Promo for the Ant Man movie really went above and beyond!

2. Who knew you could feel sad for a cinder block?

3. So simple and yet so wonderful.

4. This almost makes the snow enjoyable.

5. Maybe this was a bad witch… Looks like Dorothy already got those slippers.

6. Clever use of the environment!

7. He’s just doing his job!

8. This is not someone you would want to mess with.

There’s more where that came from! Check out the next page to see the rest!

9. Looks like this is a pipe to a video game world!

10. Make the best of a crocked pillar!

11. Here’s Johnny!

12. This is a very important plant.

13. And you thought your apartment was tiny…

14. E.T. phone home!

15. What a good friend

16. Those magic erasers really work!

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10 Things You Never Knew About The Sound Of Music

The Sound of Music is one of the all-time biggest musicals in cinematic history. It won many awards and deserved them all.

The story is based on the real von Trapp family but took many liberties to make the story what it became. There are a lot of interesting things you probably didn’t know about the classic movie so here are 10 facts that will give you a little bit of insight on how it got made!

1. The real Maria von Trapp wasn’t in love when she got married

Maria has been very open about her feelings toward her husband, saying that “I liked him but didn’t love him. However, I loved the children, so in a way I really married the children … [B]y and by I learned to love him more than I have ever loved before or after.”

2. One of the kids had a growth spurt that jeopardized the movie

Nicholas Hammond, who played Friedrick, had a 6 inch growth spurt in the 6 month shoot. He’s supposed to be shorter than Liesl but by the end of the movie, he was so tall they had to film him without shoes on while Charmian Carr (Liesl) stood on a box.

3. Julie Andrews couldn’t stop laughing during romantic scenes

The lights above their heads made hilarious noises while they sang “Something Good”  and Julie Andrews could not keep it together. “Christopher would be looking into my eyes and saying ‘Oh Maria I love you,’ and there’d be this awful raspberry coming from the lights above us,” Andrews said of the time. Eventually the director cut the lights and filmed in silhouette.

4. Christopher Plummer hated the movie

“Because it was so awful and sentimental and gooey,” he said. “You had to work terribly hard to try and infuse some minuscule bit of humor into it.”

5. Gretl found the boat scene especially traumatizing

Kym Karath played the 5-year-old and she could not swim. She was supposed to fall forwards so the older kids could catch her but she fell off the back. “I went under, I swallowed a lot of water, which I then vomited all over Heather [Menzies-Urich, who played Louisa],” she said.

6. They replaced one actress because she gained weight

Because she didn’t like the food on location, Kareth would only eat bread. She ended up gaining a fair bit of weight so Christopher Plummer asked for a lighter body double to do the piggyback scene.

7. They hated the movie in Austria

Austrian assistant director Georg Steinitz suspects the lack of success was because the movie didn’t really have much to do with Austria other than the landscape.

8. Critics originally hated the movie.

Even though it ended up winning the Oscar for best picture, critics originally were not fans. The New York Times called it “painfully mawkish” and Time Magazine said it “contains too much sugar, too little spice.”

9. The real von Trapps didn’t escape over a mountain

If they had, they would have ended up in Germany right near Hitler’s mountain retreat. Instead, they took a train to Italy.

10. The iconic opening scene was almost impossible to film

The helicopter that filmed this was so close that it kept knocking her over. “This was a jet helicopter, and the down draft from those jets was so strong that every time … the helicopter circled around me and the down draft just flattened me into the grass. And I mean flattened. It was fine for a couple of takes, but after that you begin to get just a little bit angry.”

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How One Man Cheated To Win Over $100,000 On A Game Show

We’ve all imagined it: competing on a game show, getting every answer right, winning a truckload of money and retiring to enjoy the rest of our lives.

The problem is that takes a lot of hard work and luck. Who has the time to memorize all the kings of England? Even if you did, what happens if you get a question about baseball instead?

That’s why Michael Larson’s story is so incredible. He was an ice cream truck driver who managed to beat a TV network at their own game and win a record-breaking amount of money.

Larson appeared on the CBS game show Press Your Luck in 1984, winning $110,237 ($254,000 in today’s money) by cheating. He didn’t use trivia knowledge any clever tricks to break the bank, just his VCR.

Press Your Luck was a trivia game that also included an electronic board.  Some of the board’s squares had prizes, or extra spins on the board, while others had “Whammys” which would erase your score.

After watching hours of the show and taping every episode, Larson managed to memorize the 5 patterns the board followed, meaning he would never land on a Whammy and could win as many prizes and extra spins as he wanted.

The Blog Is Right

CBS knew right away that something was up. Larson’s episode had to be aired over 2 days, because his winning streak made the game extra long.

He would also react as soon as he landed on the right square – before he actually “knew” he had won a prize.

Still, there was nothing in the rules that said Larson couldn’t memorize the board’s patterns. CBS had to pay him the $110,000, which set a record for the largest amount anyone had ever won in a day.

Mental Floss

While Larson’s success made him rich, it didn’t last long. Within 2 years all of his prize money had been spent, stolen or lost in illegal businesses.

Even if Larson was never a real “winner,” his success is legendary among game show fans. CBS kept his episode off of TV for 19 years after it originally aired, but even that couldn’t keep Larson’s incredible win from earning a place in TV history.

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Rejoice 90s Kids: MTV Is Rebooting Total Request Live!

If you grew up in the 90s, odds are the first thing you did after getting home from school was flipping on the TV to watch TRL.

The daily countdown show featured the 10 most requested songs of the day, and was a big hit for MTV between 1998 and 2008. It defined an era of popular music, making stars out of bands like the Backstreet Boys.

While there’s no word on whether Carson Daly will be returning, MTV has some very exciting changes planned for the new show.


The format of the show will stay the same – it’s already perfectly designed for our digitally connected world – and the show will be taped in a revamped version of the iconic Times Square studio.

The show might even be live this time. Yes, in case you didn’t know, the original Total Request Live was actually pre-taped.

The only thing that could make this announcement better is if classic guest hosts like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera came back.


Along with TRL, MTV plans to revive other popular shows including Fear Factor, Parental Control and My Super Sweet 16.

The only thing that’s missing now is a bag of pizza chips!

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Meet The Musical Genius Behind All Your Favorite 90s Songs

It’s easy to forget now, because the music of our youth is so iconic, but for most of the 90s pop music actually took a backseat to other genres like grunge and hip hop.

While some of the biggest acts of the last decade were fading into obscurity, a new generation of boy bands and pop singers were becoming popular. But you might not realize how much bands like *NSYNC and artist like Britney Spears owe to one Swedish heavy metal musician.

Max Martin, a music producer and songwriter from Sweden, is responsible for some of the decades biggest hits including “I Want It That Way” and “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” but that was just the start of his impressive career.

With 21 smash hits to his name, the only musicians who have written more #1 songs than Martin are John Lennon and Paul McCartney, so it’s safe to say he’s one of the all-time greats.

Growing up in Sweden, Martin learned to write music in the country’s free public music lessons. He was obsessed with American bands like Kiss, and played in a heavy metal band, but his career took off when he became a pop producer.

After producing the Backstreet Boys‘ debut album, he jump-started Britney Spears’ career by writing “Baby One More Time,” one of the best-selling songs of all time.

Working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, Martin cemented his legendary status by writing tracks like Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life,” Celine Dion’s “That’s The Way It Is” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.”

To this day, Martin continues to top the pop charts with hits like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.”

So what’s the secret to his incredible success? Martin says he starts with the melody first, making music guaranteed to stick in your brain for ever.

“A great pop song should be felt when you hear it,” he said.

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9 Out-Of-This-World Facts About ALF

There were lots of great TV families in the 80s, and one of the best was the Tanners. This happy family from San Fernando welcomed one of TV’s favorite aliens into their home, setting the stage for one of the funniest comedies of the decade.

ALF (short for Alien Life Form) was a visitor from the planet Melmac with a taste for stray cats and a nose for trouble.

Over 4 seasons his hilarious adventures brought Willie a lot of headaches and his audience a lot of laughs, but there are some secrets about the show only the biggest ALF fans will know!

1. He’s even bigger in Germany

While ALF has fans around the world, none are as passionate about this adorable alien as the Germans. Special merchandise, including ALF’s rock album “Now I Sing,” were only released in Germany.

The German town of Alf also had to stock up on extra signs, because ALF fans wouldn’t stop stealing them.

2. The show’s writers were music buffs

The title of almost every episode of the show referenced a song, and normally one that related to the episode somehow. A few examples include “Wild Thing,” “Take A Look At Me Now” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”

That may seem a little silly, but it’s impressive when you remember ALF ran for 102 episodes! That’s a lot of songs to come up with.

3. A reboot could be in the works

Nothing definite has been announced yet, but for years there have been rumors of ALF making his return to TV. ALF’s creator Paul Fusco even had a CGI movie planned with the space alien, but it seems like that’s off the table now.

4. The set was a nightmare

Paul Fusco, who was the show’s creator and also ALF’s puppeteer, was obsessed with keeping the show as “real” as possible.

To achieve this, he built a set four feet above the ground, full of holes and trap doors so the ALF puppet could interact naturally with the cast. Of course, a set with holes in it was totally unsafe, and it would sometimes take 18 hours to shoot one 30 minute episode.

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5. There are actually 3 ALFs

To make things easier on the cast and crew there were 2 ALF puppets, one that featured a full body and another from the chest up.

Sometimes a 3-foot-tall dwarf actor named Mihaly Meszaros would also suit up in an ALF costume. There was even an ALF puppet specifically for rehearsals named RALF (Rehearsal Alien Life Form).

Meszaros in and out of costume.

6. The show’s finale was controversial

Fusco landed himself in hot water when he ended ALF’s 4th season with a cliffhanger. The finale episode ended with ALF being catured by the US Army, a plot line that was supposed to be resolved in the next season.

Unfortunately ALF was cancelled, and fans had to wait 6 years to find out what happened to ALF in the (less popular) spinoff series Project: ALF.

7. ALF’s career is still going strong

This alien is no one-hit-wonder. Along with his own show, he had guest appearances on Matlock, Blossom and Hollywood Squares.

He also hosted his own talk show on the TV Land network. His career isn’t stopping either – he even appeared on Mr. Robot last year.

8. He had his own spinoff cartoon

Set before his home planet of Melmac exploded, ALF: The Animated Series explored the alien’s life before he met the Tanner family.

If you remember anything about this show, it’s probably this intro:

9. Baby Eric was a surprise addition to the show

In season 3, Mrs. Tanner (Anne Schedeen) got pregnant, giving birth to baby Eric, who became a regular character for the rest of the show’s run.

But the writers didn’t just come up with this idea. Schedeen actually got pregnant, leading them to write in Mrs. Tanner’s pregnancy.

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John Goodman Reveals How And Why He Lost Over 100 Pounds

Americans know John Goodman best as Dan Conner, the lovable husband and father from Roseanne. Throughout Goodman’s long career, which stretches back more than 30 years, his big frame and even bigger personality have helped make him famous.

But in 2013 the star decided it was time for a change. Over the years he had tried fad diets and had some success, but never for very long. At his heaviest in 2010, the actor says he was nearly 400 pounds.

With the help of Serena Williams’ trainer Mackie Shilstone, the actor has managed to pull off a dramatic transformation, looking like half the man he used to be.

But there’s a painful reason for the shocking change.

While there’s no telling how much he lost exactly (Goodman doesn’t use a scale) his trainer says it’s over 100 pounds at least.

Goodman has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction in the past, and says he found changing his diet to be just as hard as giving up drugs.

“I was just eating all the time. I was just eating alcoholically,” he told ABC News.

“In the old days, I would take three months out, lose 60 or 70 pounds, and then reward myself with a 6-pack of bud or whatever and just go back to my old habits.”

After struggling to lose weight for decades, something changed in Goodman’s life a few years ago that has made him stick to a healthy lifestyle ever since.

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It turns out the only thing that could motivate Goodman to change his life for the better was his own sense of disappointment.

“I just got tired, sick and tired of looking at myself,” he said, “you’re shaving in the mirror and you don’t want to look at yourself. It gets dangerous.”

Since then he’s started exercising 6 days a week, making sure he gets 10,000 steps a day, and sticking to a Mediterranean diet of veggies and healthy protein.

Goodman also says that he’s been limiting his sugar intake.

The star jokes that his life hasn’t been totally perfect since losing the weight – he had to replace his whole wardrobe, after all – but he’s feeling much better about himself.

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Long Lost Photos Of The Beatles Finally Revealed After Fifty Years

You’ve never seen The Beatles like this.

In a series of exclusive shots, friend and photographer, David Magnus, captures intimate and candid moments of The Beatles during a historic television gig.

On June 25, 1967, performers from 19 countries from around the world appeared together for the first time on Our World – the first international television production broadcast made by satellite.

About 400 million people watched as The Beatles closed out the show with a stellar performance of “All You Need Is Love.”

Magnus was on hand to capture the moment in stunning color and classic black and white shots. The images were lost over the years, but now, 50 years later, they will be on display for the first time ever in the United States at New York City’s Morrison Hotel Gallery on June 1.

Here’s a quick peek at the candid, never-before-seen photos:

[h/t CNN / Esquire]

13 Electrifyin’ Facts About Grease You Probably Didn’t Know

Try not to feel old when we tell you this, but it’s been almost 40 years since Sandy, Danny and the rest of Rydell High first appeared on the big screen.

Since then Grease has become a global phenomenon, cementing Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta‘s celebrity status.

To this day fans are still re-watching the film and arguing over which classic song is the best, but unless you’re a true Grease fanatic there are some secrets about the movie you might not know.

1. Jan was really a Gray Lady

The actress who played Jan, Jamie Donnelly, started going gray in her late 20s, so she had to dye her hair during filming. But as we’ll learn, she wasn’t the only cast member who was a little too old to be in school….

2. The cast was almost very different

A number of actresses were in the running to play Sandy, including Marie Osmond, but princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, came the closest to almost getting the starring role. Henry Winkler was also almost cast as Danny. Leia and the Fonz in Grease? What a different movie that would have been!

3. These students should have graduated a LONG time ago

Most people know that Stockard Channing was really 33 years old when she played Rizzo, but the rest of the cast weren’t actually kids either. Maybe they were all held back? Here’s the real ages of Rydell High’s students:

4. Olivia Newton-John had a wardrobe malfunction

Sandy’s transformation at the end of the film surprised the audience, but the actress got a surprise of her own. The zipper on Sandy’s extremely tight leather pants (which John actually owned) broke, and she had to be sewn into them before every take.

5. Frankie Avalon almost dropped out of the film

The 3-story set for “Beauty School Dropout” and Frankie Avalon’s performance are both highlights of the film, but they didn’t go well together. Avalon is terrified of heights and the steps were very slippery.

The singer threatened to leave the film, but changed his tune after the crew piled mattresses next to the stage.

It’s a good thing they saved this scene, because its one of my favorites!

6. There were lots of injuries on set

The “Hand Jive” dance number was filmed during a heat wave in a window-less gym, and lots of dancers passed out during the 2-week shoot.

Filming the drag race scene in the L.A. culvert also sent cast and crew members to the hospital, because the stagnant water was full of bacteria.

7.  Marty never dances

In every musical number there’s always one Pink Lady who doesn’t get on her feet and dance: Marty, played by Dinah Manoff. Why not? The actress simply couldn’t dance, so she sat on the sidelines.

8. Ever wonder about these blurry pictures?

Grease had a deal with Coca-Cola to add product placement into the movie, but the company backed out at the last minute. The filmmakers actually blurred out some of the ads instead of leaving them in, confusing a generation of movie fans who wondered what exactly was in this picture.

9. Remember Bart, Bubba and Moose?

While they don’t show up in the credits, each of the film’s background dancers had their own name, some of which were pretty creative, like “Sauce.”

10. One of the songs was an afterthought

After the movie had finished shooting, the filmmakers realized that Sandy didn’t have her own solo ballad.

They called back Olivia Newton-John to film a new composition, “Hopelessly Devoted To You,” which went on to become the only song from the movie to be nominated for an Oscar.

We’re lucky Olivia wasn’t too busy to do re-shoots, or else this amazing song would never have been recorded!

11. Grease 2 wasn’t the only sequel that was planned

Remember when Coach Calhoun shouted “See you in summer school!” at the end of the film? A sequel set in summer school with the same characters was planned, but it fell through and we got Grease 2 instead.

12. Yuck!

The “hickeys from Kenickie” on Rizzo’s neck? Those were real! Jeff Conaway, the actor who plays Kenickie, insisted on making them “authentic.”

13. The movie almost looked VERY different

The original plan for Grease was to make an animated movie based on the hit Broadway show. The producers realized it was better suited to being a live-action film, but their first idea still survives in the film’s animated opening.

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15 Trivia Facts You Probably Don’t Know About The Parent Trap (Original)

Everyone knows that the original production is the best one. Like most fans, we get excited when the TV Guide announces that it’ll be on, then utterly disappointed when we realize it’s not the original featuring our beloved Hayley Mills!

If you grew up in the 60s, you probably watched this movie hundreds of times and likely know every detail about the story. In this hilarious film, teenage twin sisters, discover that they had separated at birth and scheme to bring their parents back together

But how well do you remember details?

Test your trivia knowledge of this Disney classic with our trivia questions below. Once you’ve answered them all, check our answers against ours at the bottom!

Rotten Tomatoes

1. When the layer cake falls off the totem pole, who’s face does it fall on?

2. What was Susan’s last name?

3. What was the name of the summer camp where the girls meet?

4. What garment does Mitch find hanging in the shower?

5. Who gives Mitch a black eye?

6. Where were the girls from?

7. What musical instrument does Sharon play?

8. What song do the girls sing for their parents on their date?

9. What is the name of Mitch’s fiancée?

10. When Susan first meets her grandfather, what does he smell like?

11. When is the twins’ birthday?

12. What bad habit does Susan have that Sharon must adopt?

13. What is their mother’s first and last name?

14. What breed of dog does Susan have?

15. What’s the name of the boy that Susan dances with?


  1. Miss Inch
  2. Evers
  3. Camp Inch
  4. A bra
  5. Maggie
  6. California and Boston
  7. Piano
  8. Let’s Get Together
  9. Vicki Robinson
  10. Peppermint and tobacco
  11. November 12
  12. Biting nails
  13. Maggie McKendrick
  14. German Shepherd
  15. Wilfred

[h/t Funtrivia.com / IMDB / Moviemistakes]

11 Celebrities You Never Noticed On Boy Meets World

For kids growing up in the 90s, no show captured your experience better than Boy Meets World. Through laughter and tears, over 7 seasons we grew up alongside Cory, Shawn and Topanga. While we never had a teacher as great as Mr. Feeny, there were so many classic moments that were totally relatable. We spent so much time with these characters that it can feel like we grew up knowing them.

But odds are you never realized some Hollywood A-listers had bit parts on the show. See if you recognize any of big stars from their small parts on the show.

1. Mena Suvari

The American Pie star began her career in a much more PG teen comedy. She actually appeared on Boy Meets World twice, as a pair of different characters in very small roles.

2. Julia Benz

The Hawaii 5-0 and Dexter star looks almost the same today as when she appeared on the show over 20 years ago as one of Eric’s dates.

3. Candace Cameron Bure and Melissa Joan Hart

Bure, who was already a household name for her role as D.J. Tanner on Full House, had a cameo as a witch in the show’s 5th season.

Also making a special appearance in the same episode? The original teenage witch herself, Melissa Joan Hart.

4. Adam Scott

It’s hard to take the Parks and Recreation star seriously now, but in the 90s nobody wanted to mess with Griff, the toughest guy at Cory and Shawn’s school.

5. Brittany Murphy

Unfortunately, she left us too soon, but this Clueless star managed to steal every scene as Topanga’s unusual friend friend Trini.

6. Chris Hardwick

These days he’s known for hosting The Walking Dead’s recap show The Talking Dead, as well as game shows like The Wall. But in the 90s Hardwick was an MTV host on shows like Singled Out. Hardwick played himself when Cory’s brother Eric went on Singled Out looking for love.

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The Matthews family was definitely one of our all-time favorite TV families, but these great ones also deserve some recognition.

And in case you need to scratch your 90s nostalgia itch a little more, here are some surprising facts about another classic show.

But first, here are some more celebrity appearances on Boy Meets World.

7. Shane West

Topanga stuck with Cory through thick and thin over 7 years, so it would take something pretty drastic to break them up. Unfortunately Shane West, the heartthrob from E.R. and A Walk To Remember, was up to the task.

8. Linda Cardellini

Another E.R. star had her own memorable appearance on Boy Meets World. Cardellini played Lauren, the ski-lodge girl who almost came between Cory and Topanga.

9. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Will Friedle, who played Eric on the show, actually dated Love Hewitt in real life, which explains her guest appearance (as “Jennifer Love Fefferman”) on the horror-themed episode “And Then There Was Shawn.”

10. Keri Russell

Before she starred in TV shows like Felicity and The Americans, Keri Russell played Mr. Feeny’s attractive niece, who caught Eric’s eye.

11. Rue McClanahan

This actress, who’s best known for playing Blanche Deveraux on The Golden Girls played Cory’s grandmother on the show. Remember her RV? The horn played “La Cucaracha!”

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Billy Ray Cyrus Pays Tribute To The Veteran Who Changed His Life

Billy Ray Cyrus is almost as well known for his dedication to honoring America’s veterans as he is for his musical career.

For years he’s performed at the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom, a motorcycle rally that ends at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and radio stations across the country still play his song “Some Gave All” on Veterans Day.

Now, Cyrus has revealed why recognizing America’s military heroes is such a point of pride for him, telling his fans that he owes his career to one Vietnam vet in particular.

You might know that “Some Gave All” was inspired by a real encounter Cyrus had with a Vietnam vet. The man told him “all gave some, but some gave all,” inspiring Cyrus to write the song overnight.

The song was a huge hit for Cyrus, spending 17 weeks at #1 on the country charts and earning him 2 Grammy nominations. But Cyrus says he owes the success of another one of his smash hits to a Vietnam vet.

“Achy Breaky Heart” was one of the biggest songs of the 90s, becoming the first country song since Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s “Islands In The Stream” to go platinum. But not many people know it was written by Don Von Tress, a country music writer who piloted helicopters in the Vietnam war.

Don Von Tress and Cyrus in the 90s.

Cyrus makes it his mission to recognize America’s fallen heroes at his concerts, including his most recent performance at the Opry.

He dedicated his show to Weston C. Lee, a US soldier who died fighting ISIS in April.

Cyrus calls his upcoming performance at Rolling Thunder a “full-circle moment,” as he’ll get to perform “Some Gave All” and “Achy Breaky Heart” in front of the Veterans Memorial one more time.

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11 Forgotten TV Shows From The 1980s

Nostalgia is a funny thing, when we look back at our childhood we tend to remember the really great moments and the really awful ones, but not much in between. It’s the same with TV shows. When you think of watching TV in the ’80s, only hits like Cheers and The A-Team come to mind, but the truth is for every memorable show there were at least a dozen we’d rather forget.

This list doesn’t collect the worst TV shows from the 80s, but it does include 11 that most people have forgotten about.

It’s a real mix of the good, the bad and the ugly, but there are definitely a few diamonds in the rough. Read this list and see how many you remember.

1. She’s The Sheriff

Suzanne Somers (Chrissy from Three’s Company) starred in this comedy about a woman who takes over her late husband’s job as the sheriff of a small Nevada town. The show made TV Guide’s list of the “50 Worst TV Shows of All Time,” which explains why there hasn’t been any hooplah over the show’s 30th anniversary this year.

2. Slim Goodbody’s Inside Story

Goodbody (played by actor John Burstein) got his own show on PBS after appearing as an educational skit on morning news shows as “the superhero of health.” While he peaked in the 80s, Goodbody and his creepy human anatomy suit are still doing public appearances at schools and hospitals.

3. The Powers of Matthew Star

This sci-fi show about an alien prince from the planet Quadris pretending to be a regular high school student actually has some impressive special effects, but not much else going for it. To add injury to insult, lead actor Peter Barton was badly burned in a pyrotechnics mishap while filming.

4. Voyagers!

Don’t forget to include the exclamation mark! Voyagers! was something like a low-rent Quantum Leap, with character Phineas and Jeffrey jumping through history using a magic pocket watch called the Omni. You could probably get more laughs out of a history textbook than the average episode of this show.

5. It’s Your Move

This forgot gem starred a young Jason Bateman as a teenaged con man who came up with a different hustle each episode. It actually got great reviews, but it aired at the same time as Dynasty, so it was doomed to low ratings from the start.

Click the next page for more forgotten ’80s shows, including Double Trouble!

6. Three’s a Crowd

If you weren’t tired of Three’s Company after 8 seasons of the same joke, then you were in luck because this spinoff debuted a week after the original series ended. John Ritter returned but Joyce DeWitt and Suzanna Somers didn’t, so unless you were really invested in Jack Tripper’s new girlfriend Vicky, there was no reason to watch this show.

7. Jennifer Slept Here

This sitcom (although the comedy part is a stretch) focused on a family haunted by the ghost of an actress who lived in their apartment. The ghost (Ann Jillian) could only be seen by the family’s teenaged son, while this show was only seen by people with absolutely nothing better to do.

8. Double Trouble

Did you know Katey Sagal from Married With Children has twin sisters? They both starred in this comedy about a pair of twins – one serious, one silly – and the hijinks they got into. It was actually pretty decent, but you need to have a high tolerance for twin humor to watch more than 1 episode.

9. Life With Lucy

I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and Here’s Lucy were all huge successes, so ABC didn’t think twice about giving Lucille Ball creative control for Life With Lucy. Unfortunately it was a flop, and only 8 of the 13 episodes they made ever aired. Turns out people would rather watch Lucy on reruns in the ’80s!

10. Manimal

This fantasy series about a man who could transform into any animal – and used his strange powers to fight crime – was ahead of its time. The CGI transformations were too expensive and had to be recycled, so Dr. Chase mainly turned into a panther or hawk. Only 8 episodes aired, but we can’t help but think if the show aired 5 years later it would have been a hit.

11. Archie Bunker’s Place

Like Three’s a Crowd, this spinoff overstayed its character’s welcome. After 9 seasons of All In The Family, Archie Bunker and his bar became the focus of the show. It’s hard to believe anyone wanted to spend 4 more seasons with Archie Bunker, but it actually had good ratings when it originally aired.

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13 Fads From The 90s That Are Due For A Comeback

As the saying goes: everything old is new again. Companies understand that, which is why there’s been such a huge surge in reboots, remakes and revivals of everything we loved when we were kids.  Old TV shows are coming back, old video games, and even boy bands. But it turns out we have a very selective memory.

While lots of great ’90s fads and trends are coming back, some of the best have been totally forgotten.

Sure, the ’90s were an embarrassing and outrageous decade, but we think these 13 fads deserve to be remembered!

1. Mood rings

Imagine how much simpler our lives would be today if we could instantly tell how we’re feeling. There’s no app for that yet, and it wouldn’t look as cool as these even if it existed.

2. Bop It

The original version of this toy only had three commands, but no amount of bells and whistles could improve on the endless fun it brought us. Bop It deserves to be a televised sport by now.

3. LA Gear

With the dream team of Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul promoting them, everyone wanted a pair of these bad boys. Light up shoes shouldn’t just be for kids!

4. Trapper Keepers

Why was it acceptable for every kid in the ’90s to carry their school supplies in this, but not for me to walk around using one like a briefcase at work? It’s just not fair!

5. Hacky sack

This was the perfect way to kill time with your friends and get some exercise. I remember when every store had a display of these at the cash register, and now they’ve almost disappeared.

6. Big hats

It’s pretty common to look back through history and shake our head at the silly fashion choices people used to make, but we forget that just a few decades ago people were walking around with these on their head.

Click to the next page for more blasts from the past, including the decade’s biggest fitness craze!

7. Tae Bo

If your parents tried to lose weight any time in the ’90s, you’ll remember Billy Blanks and his killer workouts. The moves looked tough, but they were basically a dance routine, so if you tried them in a real fight you were in for a world of hurt.

Of course in the ’80s and ’90s was a little more extravagant than we’re used to today, but you would think that in our fitness-obsessed culture there would be room for Tae Bo to make a comeback.

8. Starter Clothing

If you didn’t own a Starter jacket with your favorite sports team’s logo on it, were you even a real fan? The company still exits, but the classic style they were famous for is gone now.

9. Polly Pocket

Obviously there’s a market for this, because a new line of Polly Pocket-themed purses marketed towards adults is coming out soon.

10. Saying “Wasssuppp”

There was a time when it seemed like a friendly “wazzzupppp” was ready to replace “hello” as America’s most common greeting. You don’t see many commercials this good anymore.

11. Big Dog Shirts

Just looking at these designs is enough to conjure up vivid memories of wandering around the mall on the weekends to kill time. Throw in a few No Fear shirts and some JNCO jeans and you had a complete wardrobe.

12. Giga Pets

Like Gobots and Transformers, Giga Pets were the second fiddle to Tamagotchis during the virtual pet craze. Surprisingly, they actually relaunched in 2006, but didn’t catch on like they did the first time.

13. The Macarena

Before the Soulja Boy dance, Gangnam Style or Whipping and Nae-Naeing, there was the ultimate dance craze. And now it’s stuck in your head for the next week. Enjoy!

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11 Times Things Went Horribly Wrong On The Set Of Your Favorite Movies

We all dream of working in the movie business, but it’s not as glamorous as you think. The actors and actresses we see on movie screens have to wake up early, stay late and do some pretty demanding things to get the perfect shot. And if everything doesn’t work out just right, it could cost them their career or their life.

Some of our favorite movies had pretty shocking accidents on set, and a few big names suffered terrible accidents that were kept secret for years..

Take a look at this list and see if there are any you didn’t know about:

1. Back to the Future Part III

While filming the scene where Marty McFly is hanged, Michael J. Fox did the first few takes standing on a box. To make the shot more “real,” they took the box away. Almost immediately, the star was choked out by the noose.

According to Fox, he was passed out for 30 seconds before the film’s director realized something was wrong and saved his life. “Bob Zemeckis, a fan of mine though he was, realized that I wasn’t that good of an actor.”

2. Titanic

Kate Winslet took a few bumps filming this blockbuster romance, but most injuries came after the shoot ended. Two chefs who had a grudge against James Cameron for firing them spiked the wrap party’s lobster chowder with PCP.

Cast and crew members hallucinated and were rushed to the hospital, but Bill Paxton says he only felt “a little weird” and assumed he had food poisoning.

3. Rocky IV

Sylvester Stallone directed the 4th entry in this series, which fans still say is the best. To make the final fight seem realistic, he invited Dolph Lundgren to “go at it” and spar for real.

Within 15 seconds Lundgren punched Stallone so hard his breastbone hit his heart. To add insult to injury, Stallone’s insurance company refused to pay out at first, insisting it looked like the star had been in a car crash, not a fight.

4. The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers

There were lots of on-set injuries filming this fantasy series. Viggo Mortensen lost a tooth, while Orlando Bloom was thrown off a horse.

But one accident made it into the movie: Viggo broke his toe kicking this helmet, but his angry cry was perfect for the scene, so it was left in.

5. Roar

Over more than a decade, 70 cast and crew members were injured shooting this film about a family attacked by wild lions and tigers. Over 150 untrained animals were used, and star Melanie Griffith needed facial reconstruction surgery after filming was done.

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6. Police Story

After decades of doing his own stunts, Jackie Chan has broken nearly every bone in his body. He’s fallen off buildings, been attacked by lions, and been trapped between cars. But his most dangerous stunt of all was in Police Story.

Jackie slid down a metal pole wired with real, working lights, burning his hands, dislocating his pelvis and cracking 2 vertebrae. Talk about dedication!

Warning: This is a seriously scary stunt!

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey brought us a lot of laughs filming this comedy classic, but says his own experience was “hellish.” The star spent 2 1/2 hours in the makeup chair every day, feeling “buried alive” in his costume with contact lenses that stabbed his eyes.

The star had to use advice from a real NAVY Seal to keep from having panic attacks while filming.

8. Back to the Future Part II

To film the hoverboard chase scene, Griff’s gang was suspended from a crane and swung through the fake glass window.

Unfortunately the setup was wrong, and stuntwoman Cheryl Wheeler Duncan was launched into a pillar and dropped 20 feet onto concrete. She made a full recovery, but doesn’t remember much about the 2 weeks after her crash. You can still see her hit the pillar at the very end of this clip.

9. The Abyss

To film the scene where Ed Harris runs out of air underwater, director James Cameron made things way too real. He actually gave Harris a tank without enough air, and the actor almost drowned.

Harris punched Cameron in the face when he found out, and to this day he refuses to discuss The Abyss at all.

10. Gangs of New York

Daniel Day-Lewis, who plays Bill the Butcher, is a famous method actor. That means while playing the character from 1862, he refused to wear any modern clothes.

Even after catching pneumonia while filming during the New York winter, Lewis refused to take modern medicine so he could stay in character. His doctor had to warn him he was about to die before he finally gave in.

11. Twilight Zone: The Movie

While filming this movie adaptation of the classic TV show, miscommunication between the pyrotechnics crew and a helicopter resulted in a crash that killed actor Vic Morrow and two child actors.

Later, it turned out the children were working illegally, and the film’s safety officer didn’t know they were part of the shoot – oops! Director John Landis was almost charged with manslaughter for the tragic incident.

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Judy Garland’s Ex-Husband Reveals New, Troubling Details About “Wizard of Oz” Filming

Wizard of Oz is a classic movie, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen at least part of the movie.

Judy Garland quickly became the nation’s sweetheart as she sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” and we all have tried tapping our shoes together to get home.

Garland was just 16 years old when she starred in Wizard of Oz, but now her ex-husband Sid Luft is revealing she experienced some terrible treatment at the hands of some of the munchkin actors on set.

There has been no lack of coverage regarding the treatment of the actors playing the munchkins on set. Poor conditions, abuse, limited pay, etc. There were also many allegations of inappropriate behavior on behalf of the munchkin actors, most notably due to excessive drinking.

However, according to the last surviving Munchkin, Jerry Maren, this simply wasn’t true.

“How could you get drunk on $50 a week?” he asked. “There were a couple of kids from Germany who liked to drink beer. They drank beer morning, noon and night, and got in a little trouble. They wanted to meet the girls, but they were the only ones.”

Sid Luft, ex-husband of Judy Garland, disagrees. And his new memoir sheds some light on the terrible treatment Garland received while on set.

Continue to the next page to read what Luft had to say about Garland’s experience.

Sid Luft was married to Garland from 1952-1965, and has posthumously released a memoir called Judy and I: My Life with Judy Garland. In the book, he describes how Judy Garland was sexually assaulted by many of the munchkin actors.

“They would make Judy’s life miserable on set by putting their hands under her dress … The men were 40 or more years old,” he wrote. “They thought they could get away with anything because they were so small.”

Garland was not silent about her dislike of these actors, who in 1969 she described as “little drunks.”

“They got smashed every night, and they picked them up in butterfly nets,” she said in an interview.

The allegations really can’t be confirmed or denied at this point, with everyone involved having since passed away. However, there is always room for speculation.