After A Day Of Speculation, It’s True, Serena Williams Confirms She Is Pregnant!

Serena Williams shared what appeared to be a pregnancy announcement on Snapchat earlier in the day on Wednesday, April 19. As yet, there has been no official confirmation by her representatives.

However, the image ws later removed from her channel. The shot, featured below, showed Williams standing before a mirror in a gorgeous yellow one-piece bathing suit with the simple caption 20 weeks.

According to the New York Timse, congratulations were coming in from fellow tennis players and organizations on social media, but the Women’s Tennis Association later deleted its post.

If she is indeed pregnant, that would mean the 35-year-old was pregnant when she won the Australian Open in January.

Let that sink in…. she broke her own record of winning 23 Grand Slam singles titles while she was pregnant.

According to the New York Times, she has not played in a tournament since then. She is still on the entry list for the Madrid Open, a major clay-court tournament that begins on May 5.

Williams announced her engagement to fianceé, Alexis Ohanian, in December. They were engaged in Italy.

*Update: A spokesperson for Williams has confirmed that she is pregnant.

In a follow-up article posted by the New York times, spokesperson, Bush Novak says, “Serena said that I should make sure if anyone asks that that is clear.” Congratulations to Serena and her fianceé, Alexis!

The Internet Is Totally Baffled By This Girl’s Feet

A picture of a girl at the gym is confusing everyone on the internet. They have no idea what is going on with her feet!

The picture shows a girl taking a break from using a barbell resting on the bench but her feet look like they are on backwards! What is happening with this?

People are trying to figure out what’s going on because they tried to see if it was maybe a mirror but there is a bracelet only on one side. It doesn’t look like it was photoshopped but it obviously could be possible.

Sometimes dancers can turn out their feet really far so that is another possibility.

What do you think? Can you figure out what’s going on here?

What do you think is going on with this girl’s feet?

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8-Year-Old Goalie Stuns Crowd When He Does This, Becomes Internet Sensation

When you go to a youth hockey game, you don’t really expect to see something too exciting. There’s bound to be a couple trips, some whiffed pucks, or a couple angry parents.

But Noah Young in Brampton, Ontario gave everyone a great show when he started rocking out to the hit song “Juju On That Beat.”

“Everybody on the team knows him as a dancing goalie … when he’s on the bench, you will always see him dance,” says Noah’s mom with a laugh.

More than 3.5 million people have seen this video and it’s become an incredible viral sensation. You have to check it out! You go, Noah!

Penguins Fan’s Gesture Changed Homeless Man’s Life

Pittsburgh Penguins fan and newly minted police officer, Jimmy Mains was on his way to a game last week when he was stopped by a homeless man, Rob, asking for some spare change. Unfortunately, Mains didn’t have any money on him but instead of walking away like many folks do, he did something that Rob wouldn’t soon forget.

Mains offered Rob the extra ticket he had and the pair spent the evening together at the Penguins vs Tampa Bay Lightning game. Check out how happy they look!


Mains told that Rob couldn’t actually believe he was going to the game,”I don’t think it set in with him that we were going to the game until we went through the gate and through the metal detectors. He told me he had never been inside (the arena), only outside.”

Rob was fully immersed in the experience and “couldn’t stop smiling” Mains wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. He continued, “During the anthem, he stood there and sang every word,” Mains said. “He was yelling and cheering the whole game. It was just great to see a guy, who is obviously a little down on his luck, so happy.”

In his chat with, Mains said that his parents were the one’s who instilled the valued of kindness in him, “My parents always taught me to treat everyone how you wanted to be treated.” He continued,  “And if you have the opportunity to help someone, you do it. Just because someone is out on the street, doesn’t make you any better than them.

The new friends have exchanged contact information and Mains will be helping Rob with some expenses while he prepares for a potential new job. He didn’t share the story for recognition but he did it to “put some positivity on Facebook.”

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This New Dance Craze Mixes Two Unlikely Styles Into Something Amazing

When you think of ballerinas and ballet in general, you tend to get a vision of very poised and technical dancing. Hip hop however, has a more easy going feel with a lot more personality infused.

When you start to think of mixing up dance styles, these two probably would have been your last choice. But as it turns out, when you mix ballet and hip hop it turns into something truly amazing.

Hiplet (Hip hop +Ballet) was created by Homer Hans Bryant at the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center and it has taken off like crazy.

This style of dancing has become a huge hit and some of the girls even got to be in a commercial for Desidual jeans! The creator says that the clothing company reached out to some of the girls over Instagram after many of their videos went viral.

The girls were flown to Barcelona where they filmed an awesome ad, showing off their moves in the jeans.

Creator Bryant is trying to figure out the next moves for his dance style. He has been asked if they will take a show on the road so he might be setting up a travelling company for the dancers to continue this professionally!

Would you like to watch a Hiplet performance?

Ski Race Gets A Last Minute Entry That Catches Everyone Off Guard

One cross country ski race got a heck of a lot cuter when a rogue dog entry jumped in at the last second. The dog charges in while the competitors ski and tries to compete by throwing them off their game.

If the contest was based on most enthusiastic, obviously this happy pup would win! He bounds around the athletes, crossing their paths without a care in the world.

Where did he come from? Who knows!

Who does he belong to? Who cares!

This dog does however leave it to the athletes pretty quickly, but makes a reappearance right before the finish line.

No one crashed or got hurt, including the little snow-loving dog, but it made quite the impression on everyone watching.

You’ve got to watch the super happy snow-pup now!

They Had To Halt The Miami Open Because An Iguana Decided To Show Up

Major sporting events have to be cancelled for a variety of reasons – usually because of bad weather. I bet you’ve never heard of a game being put on hold because of an iguana. That’s exactly what happened at the tennis match at the Miami Open between Tommy Haas and Jiri Vesely.

The saucy and mischievous reptile wreaked a bit of havoc when he was seen peeking above the scoreboard at the baseline. Officials put a hold on the game until the dinosaur-like creature could be removed.  


At first, staff tried to capture the iguana by wrapping a towel around it, but it made a great escape and crawled across the edge of the tennis court. Then, with the crowd cheering him on, the reptile took off at an awkward run across the middle of the court!  

He didn’t stop there. After being herded by desperate staff, the iguana again climbed atop the scoreboard at the opposite zone.

“History [is] being made here at the Miami Open in the form of an iguana,” said the announcer. “He wants to watch!”


You need to see the full video captured by the ATP World Tour!  

While his opponent was upset the game had been halted, Haas took a selfie with the iguana in the background and later posted it on Instagram with the caption “Thanks for coming out to watch some tennis.”

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Tennis Players React To X-Rated Interuption

Next to golf, tennis is probably the most refined and serious sport there is, which only makes this crazy interruption more unbelievable.

At the Sarasota Open earlier this week, tennis pros Frances Tiafor and Mitchell Krueger had their match rudely interrupted by some very adult noises. Before they had their thunder stolen by Serena William’s pregnancy announcement, these players were going viral around the world for their great reactions.

The players seemed more confused than upset, with the announcer guessing that the sounds were coming from a couple in a nearby apartment building.

The game stopped long enough for the players to joke about the bizarre situation:

After a few minutes the baffled announcer couldn’t help but say to himself “I still hear it? It’s still going…”

Thankfully, the interruption didn’t break Tiafoe’s stride, as he went on to win the game, after having some fun and shouting “It can’t be that good!”

One poor mom in the crowd was even caught telling her son to cover his ears. She definitely wasn’t expecting anything like this at a tennis match!

Surprisingly, this wasn’t even the most exciting interruption at a match this year! Check the next page for another rude interruption.

The Miami Open had an unexpected guest earlier this year when a very scaly fan stopped by to watch a match between Tommy Haas and Jiri Vesely.

While a tennis-watching lizard is much more family-friendly kind of interruption, he still caused lots of chaos after refusing to leave the court.

Once again, tennis players proved they have a good sense of humor, laughing and taking selfies with the lizard.

As we’ve mentioned before, animals and sports competitions just don’t seem to go well together.

Except for viewers at home, because they do put on a pretty entertaining show while they’re ruining the game.

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Figure Skating Couple Hit The Ice, Have The Crowd On Their Feet In Minutes

It was one of the biggest Olympic controversies in recent history.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, two ice dancers from Canada, performed their short program routine to near perfection. At least, that’s what everyone thought.

Virtue and Moir were locks for the gold medal, but their American counterparts, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, were somehow scored higher than them…much higher. Davis and White were given a world record score, despite the unanimous public (and professional) opinion that they had more flaws in their routine than Virtue and Moir.

Tessa and Scott kept pretty mum on the subject, opting to take the high road.

“It sort of comes with the territory. We knew what we were getting into when we signed on for this,” said Virtue. “We were hoping if we did our job and left no room for doubt that it would be hard to deny us the gold. But that said, we couldn’t have done any more. We were so excited about our performances and the feeling we had when we finished both programs. There’s nothing better than that. It’s priceless.”

The Star

After those Olympics, the Canadian sweethearts announced they most likely would not be back at the Olympic stage, or any stage at all.

Fans were left heartbroken, but as with all good stories…this one has a happy ending!

Tessa and Scott are skating once again, this time at the World Championships where they brought home that coveted gold medal.

Take a look at their most recent performance. I just love these two!

12 Super Bowl Controversies We’re Still Talking About Years Later

This year, Justin Timberlake made a triumphant return to America’s biggest stage with a Super Bowl performance that was (almost) scandal-free.

But of course, we remember that the last time the singer appeared at the Super Bowl things didn’t go so smoothly. Let’s revisit the classic wardrobe malfunction, and 11 other times controversy struck the big game.


Appearing alongside Madonna at Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, rapper M.I.A. stunned America when she flipped the camera the bird. NFL and NBC both apologized for the mishap, which drew more than 200 complaints.

The football league later tried to sue M.I.A. over the controversy, but settled with the rapper out of court.

CBS Sports

Super Bowl I, take two. Yes, the very first Super Bowl featured a blooper that makes us shake our heads to this day. NBC was still on commercial when Green Bay kicked off the game’s second half. The network made the players start the third quarter over again for the TV audience.

Sports Illustrated

Another unbelievable but true story from Super Bowl I: Green Bay’s backup receiver, Max McGee, spent the night before the game at the bar. “I hope you don’t get hurt. I’m not in very good shape,” he told starting receiver Boyd Dowler before the game.

Of course, Dowler was injured in the second play, and a severely hungover McGee had to play in his place. Thankfully this Super Bowl “fail” had a happy ending: he had seven receptions and scored two touchdowns to help Green bay win the game.

Rogers Photo Archive

Buffalo Bills player Thurman Thomas had a unique game day ritual: he left his helmet sitting on the 34-yard line before each game, a reference to his player number, 34.

Unfortunately, nobody told the running back where they moved his helmet during Harry Connick Jr.’s national anthem performance. Thomas missed the first two plays of the 1993 Super Bowl before he found the headgear.


Super Bowl viewers had a field day on social media during Katy Perry’s halftime show in 2016, when they noticed one of her backup dancers was moving to the beat of his own drum.

The infamous “left shark” and his funky dance moves made headlines the next day. But in a new interview, the man inside the costume, Bryan Gaw, says everything went according to plan.

“I’m in a 7-foot shark costume. There’s no cool in that. So what’s the other option? Well, I’m gonna play a different character,” Gaw said about his 15 minutes of fame.

NFL Films

Need proof that the Super Bowl halftime show has evolved over the decades? Just remember when we had to settle for Elvis Presto, the painfully bad stage magician who tried to wow audiences with “the world’s largest card trick.”

To pull off the stunt, millions of pairs of 3-D glasses were handed out across America, but even they couldn’t bring any magic to this terrible show.


To this day we’re still not sure if the infamous, original “wardrobe malfunction” that made headlines in 2004 was planned by MTV, Janet Jackson, or just happened by accident. What we do know is that for 9/16 of a second, more than 143 million people watching at home saw way more than they were expecting.

For the record, Janet Jackson isn’t banned from future Super Bowl appearances, but MTV (who designed the show) still are.

You can’t deny that Christina Aguilera is an incredibly talented singer, but maybe the pressure was getting to her before Super Bowl XLV. The singer famously swapped the lyric “O’er the ramparts we watched/ were so gallantly streaming” with her own creation, “What so proudly we watched/ at the twilight’s last reaming.”

The singer apologized for the mistake, saying, “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”


Some fans started saying there was a conspiracy at hand when the New Orleans Superdome lost power in 2013, delaying the game for 34 minutes. It turned out to be a routine electrical malfunction, and authorities say no one in the stadium panicked because they were too busy sharing the mishap on social media.

Racy Super Bowl ads are nothing new, but website domain company Go Daddy crossed a line with this 2005 ad starring model and pro wrestler Candice Michelle.

Warning: this ad is not safe for the Super Bowl, or your workplace.

We’ll give you three guesses why the commercial which featured a wardrobe malfunction senate hearing rubbed the NFL the wrong way.

Sports Illustrated

They were at the height of their popularity in 1991, but fans of the boy band were disappointed by the group’s performance at Super Bowl XXV. Appearing alongside a children’s chorus, the band sang a cheery, family friendly tune instead of their hits.

Plus, this halftime show was more like a post-game show, since it was bumped in favor of Gulf War news coverage.

Total Pro Sports

The morning before Super Bowl XXXIII, Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Eugene Robinson was given the Bart Starr award for his philanthropic work and “high moral character.”

The night before the game, Robinson was arrested for trying to solicit a plain clothes cop posing as a prostitute. Oops. Robinson was forced to hand back his award, and to add insult to injury, the Falcons lost the game.

Did you remember these famous Super Bowl fails?

See The Emotional Moment Son Tells His Dad He’s Going To The Olympics

As the 2018 Olympics roll around, athletes are finding out if they’re making the cut. For some, it will be a return trip to the games, but for others, it will be the first time their Olympic dreams are coming true.


One of the most talked about sports this Olympics will be ice hockey, but it’s not for the reasons you’d might expect. Normally, professional hockey players from the National Hockey League attend the Olympic games for their respective countries. However, this year, the league and team owners decided that players who were under NHL contracts would not be allowed to attend the Olympic games, as insurance costs would be too high. This meant national teams would have to look at other options for their rosters.

While the NHL players may not like the decision, it does open the door for other players who, although they’re not in the big leagues, still have a lot of talent to offer.

That’s why when 30-year-old Bobby Butler told his dad he was going to the Olympics, there was not a dry eye in the house.

Butler went undrafted in the National Hockey League, but in 2010, he signed a contract with the Ottawa Senators of the NHL, who he played with for two years. After that, Butler played for a few other NHL teams, but he never found his groove. He went to play hockey in Sweden and Russia, then returned to North America and signed in the American Hockey League with the Milwaukee Admirals.

Because he doesn’t have an NHL contract, the Massachusetts native was eligible to be selected to the USA Men’s Hockey Team for the upcoming 2018 Olympics. Instead of calling his dad on the phone to let him know the good news, Butler invited his dad onto the bench to let him know the good news.

You can feel the sheer joy between Butler and his dad, both elated at the chance for Bobby to represent his country on the international stage.

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The Greatest Mascot In Sports Proves You Don’t Need A Costume When You’ve Got The Real Thing

There isn’t much that is more American than college football. It is a religion unto itself with its own rules and traditions. One of those great traditions is pride for a school’s team and the love of its mascot, and the University of Georgia takes the cake for both.

Uga I was first introduced to the college football world in 1956 when his owner, Sonny Seiler, brought him to Georgia’s first home game of the season. After the game, Georgia head-coach Wally Butts asked Seiler if Uga could become the team’s official mascot. Just like that, a beloved tradition was born.

Uga 1, the first of his nameWikipedia

Uga I served in his role from 1956-66 and was present for all of Georgia’s home games, most of their away games, and many other university functions. In his time on the sidelines he saw Georgia to a 53-48-6 record and one SEC title. Uga 2 took over from 1966-72 and oversaw the Bulldogs to two SEC titles and one National Championship. Thus it has gone, generation after generation of Ugas standing proud on the Georgia sideline – right up until now with Uga X (tenth) who was first introduced to the college football world in 2015.

Every successive Uga is from the same bloodline as the original, Uga X is actually a grandson of Uga IX. To this day every Uga still lives with, and is owned by decedents of Seiler family who are proud to be mainstays in such an important Georgia football tradition.  


Uga has become such an ingrained piece of Georgia football lore that when each dog passes away, they are interred in their own mausoleum located at the southwest entrance to Sanford Stadium. Each grave includes a bronze plaque depicting Uga’s tenure and also includes a unique epitaph. When the end-zone facing west was enclosed in 1992, the graves were all moved to their current location and a life-sized bronze statue was placed in front of the mausoleum.  

The Uga Mausoleum

Though some Ugas leave their job after dying suddenly (Uga VII 2008-09) some are retired in elaborate pregame ceremonies that mark their transition into the next phase of their doggy lives.

Uga cooling off on the sidelinePinterest

10 NCAA Colleges That Put The Animal In Animal House

American universities are known for the pride each student has towards their school or Alma mater. This pride goes deeper than the degree you receive upon graduation, it translates directly onto the field of play. Sports teams, and just as importantly, their accompanying mascots are as important to the culture and pride on campus as the academics.

Here are ten mascots that represent their school’s pride to the fullest, and those that illicit the strongest reactions from the home crowds.

Handsome Dan is the adorable English bulldog that represents the Ivy League school. The name and title as mascot is transferred from dog to dog as the predecessor either retires or passes away.


Colorado State is currently being served by the 25th coming of Cam The Ram. He was named by an alumnus of Colorado State who won a contest in 1946.

Aurora Sentinel

Lady is a black bear who represents the University of Baylor, in Texas. Lady was named after the former President of Baylor, Dr. Robert B. Sloan Jr’s wife. Mrs. Sloan was often referred to as, the “First Lady” of Baylor.

Baylor University

Uga is the second bulldog to make it onto this list, but as bulldogs are the most popular university mascot, it’s not surprising. Uga is a long-standing tradition at Georgia, each dog succeeding the one that came before it. There is actually a mausoleum in the stadium where Uga is interred upon their death.


Nowhere are symbols and traditions more important than in the U.S. military. Bill the Goat is the school mascot for the U.S. Naval Academy. Goats have been placed on ships as a food source (fresh dairy) for many years, since they will eat just about anything. It spared the military from having to stock expensive cow feed on-board. The Naval Academy is currently represented by Bill the Goat XXXIII.

U.S. Naval Academy

Tusk, is the live mascot for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Tusk attends all home football games, and even some away games. He also makes some random appearances at basketball and baseball games. Tusk IV is currently serving in the capacity of school mascot. All versions of Tusk have been male, because female swine don’t have the ability to grow tusks. You can give Tusk a kiss, if you’re brave enough.


The University of South Carolina Gamecocks might have a funny name, but Sir Big Spur, the current Gamecock’s live mascot, he doesn’t appreciate being laughed at. These birds are aggressive and ready to fight, and Sir Big Spur is no different. He has been trained so that he does not attack the people he comes into contact with. Sir Big Spur, and the birds that came before him have been watching over USC sports for 16 years.

The State

I don’t know if there could be something more intimidating than a buffalo stampeding across a football field towards the opposing team. But that is what happens at University of Colorado home football games. Ralphie as he has been fondly dubbed, is lead onto the field by his handlers and runs about, helping to turn the volume up from the fans. Don’t mess with a wild buffalo.


In Texas, football is its own religion, and the University of Texas takes its football program seriously. Bevo, the longhorn, is just as much a part of that culture as the pigskin itself.

“Bevo has embodied Longhorn pride and Texas spirit for 100 years,” UT president Gregory L. Fenves said. “He is part of our campus culture and has watched our football team’s successes for decades. I’m looking forward to seeing Bevo XV in his place of honor on the field this coming season.”

Uptown Valet and Transportation

Ranger and Stryker, the Army mules are well trained animals. They lead the football team onto the field, carry flags, and interact with the legions of Army football fans. They don’t even mind the occasional cannon blast when the team scores a touchdown.


Did we miss any? Let us know which you think is the best live animal mascot in NCAA sports.

Pizza Hut Could Give Everyone In America A Free Pizza On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl LII and the historic match-up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots is approaching fast, and if you haven’t started planning your game day snacks, we have good news.

Pizza Hut loves to go all out for the big game. In the past, the chain has staged special promotions for Super Bowl Sunday including limited edition golden pizzas. But this year, they’re offering a huge giveaway that could come back to bite them.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut and the Super Bowl obviously go together like peanut butter and jelly. The nationwide chain says the game day is the single busiest day of their entire year, with their drivers covering 5 million miles while delivering pies to hungry fans.

Fans are hoping the stars align for a free pizza at this year’s game.AP

This year, if everything goes just right during the game, everyone in America could win a free medium two-topping pizza. There’s a catch – of course – but there’s still good chance we could win the free pie.

So check out the details of the contest just in case.

The Hut is offering their customers a free pizza only on the condition that this year’s game breaks a really tough Super Bowl record.

You’ll know in the first 15 seconds of the game if you’ve won the free pie or not.

A touchdown in 13 seconds or less, and your pizza is free.AP

The record to be broken is Chicago Bear player Devin Hester’s. At Super Bowl XLI in 2007, Hester returned a 92-yard kickoff to score a touchdown in the game’s first 14 seconds.

If an Eagles or Patriots player can break his record by scoring a touchdown in 13 seconds or less, anyone signed up for Pizza Hut’s loyalty program, Hut Rewards, will win a free pizza.

It also has to be a touchdown that scores, not a safety or a kick

Even if the record isn’t broken (it probably won’t be) the loyalty program still gives you discounts and redeemable points for free food, so signing up is a win-win.


Pizza Hut is gambling that the first quarter of a minute of the Super Bowl will be boring, but there’s is a chance the record will be broken.

McDonald’s famously wound up handing out thousands of free burgers, fries, and drinks when their contest for the 1984 Olympics backfired.

After the Soviet Union boycotted the games, America scooped up piles of gold medals, which meant way more customers qualified for free burgers than the chain expected.

Here’s hoping we see a touchdown in 13 seconds or less!

Ducks, Dogs and Other Animals Have Started Riding The Waves

While it’s well-known that chickens can’t fly, it doesn’t mean they have to be stuck as landlubbers all the time!

Karly Venezia (human) lives in the southernmost part of the Florida Keys and loves to take her paddleboard out for a jaunt on the water. However, she discovered that she wasn’t the only one who wanted to ride the waves.

Turns out, her one-year-old pet chicken, Loretta, shares her love of the sea and one day decided to join her for a paddle around the islands.

“Loretta’s very curious and follows us around the yard,” said Venezia, “it only seemed natural to us to take Loretta paddleboarding and boating and things that we do with our dogs.”

Venezia says she just loves to hang out with Loretta and that the activity calms them both down after a long day. “For us, I think, coming out here and getting to enjoy the beautiful sunsets is what makes living in the Keys so special.” she says.

Loretta isn’t alone in her curiosity of the great blue sea, as it turns out there’s a lot more animals that believe in the benefits of this fun exercise!

For some animals, the love of the water runs deep. When humans are able to share in that connection the result is amazing (and often hilarious to watch).

Here’s a few times people have been out SUPing and nature decided to tag along for the ride!

Like when ‘Beep Beep’ the duck decided he didn’t want to get his feet wet

Or when this adorable puppy wanted to see what all the fuss was about

And an incredibly close encounter with a wild orca that will send shivers down your spine

Whether they’re in or out of the water, it seems that the animal kingdom has a fascination with people out on paddleboards.

What has been your craziest experience on a paddleboard? Let us know below!

Alex Trebek Heckles Contestants On ‘Jeopardy!’ When They Fail To Answer Questions

We’ve all wondered how hard it would actually be to become a contestant on Jeopardy!. Maybe if we studied really hard, we would be able to go on and not make a complete fool of ourselves. Some people claim that if you watch enough of the hit quiz show you will be able to pick up on certain patterns, but there is always going to be some categories that you just can’t master.

Usually, you would expect that one of the other contestants would be able to answer the questions that you wouldn’t know. However on February 1st, 2018, the show experienced an unprecedented lapse in knowledge from all three contestants, and Alex Trebek’s reaction has everyone laughing.


This is the first time Trebek’s reactions to his contestants has caught people’s attention. He’s made fun of contestants before, getting into hot water after calling one a “loser” because of the type of music she liked. And another time he was surprised when all three contestants lost all of their money in the final question and was completely unsympathetic to their loss.


His latest group of contestants that got called out by Trebek are probably a little bit embarrassed, but honestly it made for some great TV. Who knew that three people not knowing things could be so hilarious…

When you go on Jeopardy!, it’s safe to assume that you won’t know all of the answers. But when there is an entire category that is so far out of your knowledge base it’ll make you a little uneasy. For three contestants on the February 1st episode, they all had the same fear, over the same category.


When the category “Talkin’ Football” came up, everyone watching was probably itching to get their hands on the questions, but the contestants kept avoiding it. It wasn’t until the entire board was cleared of every other category that the contestant reluctantly chose the first question.

But no one knew the answer so it timed out. Okay, seems normal. But then, for every single question in the football category, no one hit their buzzer.


Trebek joked with the contestants “I can tell you guys are big football fans.” And when they couldn’t answer the second question, he said “do you think we should go to commercial?”


When they finally made it to the final clue he said “let’s look at the $1,000 clue, just for fun.” After it was read out, he made his final jab at the three contestants.  “If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die.”

No one got it and they finally took a break but it’s nice to know that even after all these years, there are still a few things that Trebek hasn’t experienced yet! Even if it just all three contestants freezing completely. Watch it for yourself below!

Source- NYPost

“Sound Of Silence” Starts Playing, Then These Skaters Take Everyone’s Breath Away

Figure skating is such a stunning sport than can be presented in so many different ways. From the classical styles we’re all used to, to the newer, more energetic styles that are becoming more prominent, a good skating routine can send chills down your spine.

After the 2018 Olympics, figure skating became even more popular thanks to the likes of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, who battled against a presumed judging scandal to win the gold medal in ice dancing. The duo also caught everyone’s attention with their off-ice relationship.

But one routine that deserves more attention is that of French figure skaters Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres, who competed at the International Skating Union’s World Team Trophy in 2017. Held in Japan, the French skaters were gunning for first place and hoped their stunning routine would get them there.

The choreography, the music, the chemistry, and the execution of the whole routine is simply beautiful, and it’s no wonder these skaters received a standing ovation from the crown in Japan. If the routine seems familiar, it’s because the duo also performed at the Olympics in the team event to the same song. They finished sixth in the team event with a score of 75.34.

“It was our coaches who found it,” James told the Associated Press about the song. “They were like, ‘We really think it could be a hit.’”

And a hit it was. Take a look at the breathtaking routine! You won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Ted Cruz During Heated Charity Basketball Game

If you’ve ever had the unlikely dream of watching late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and Texas Senator Ted Cruz play basketball against each other, last Monday was your chance.

The odd pair faced off in a one-on-one basketball game, and even before the game started, the smack talk had already began.

During the NBA’s Western Conference finals Kimmel tweeted out a picture which compared Cruz’s appearance to that of a blob fish.

Once Cruz caught wind of the comedian’s mockery, he challenged him to a charity game of their own. They humorously dubbed it the “Blobfish Basketball Classic.”

Of course, once both men entered the court, Kimmel was the first one to get a jab in after he took an early lead.

“Did you spend more time this week practicing basketball than trying to get those kids out of that detention center?” he asked Cruz in reference to Donald Trump’s controversial family separating policy.

Not one to take an insult lying down, Cruz quipped back: “What about all the kids Obama detained?”

“Yeah, if there were any, you should have done something about that, too,” Kimmel rebutted.

Later, Cruz taunted Kimmel for voting for Hilary Clinton during the 2016 presidental election, asking, “How’d that work out for you?”

“Badly,” Kimmel genuinely replied.

“Can I be honest? You’re right. It worked out terribly. I mean, nothing has ever worked out worse than that worked out. But I’m glad to see you’ve forgiven Donald Trump for all the horrible things he said about your family, your father. I commend Ted for putting business first and his balls on a shelf somewhere.”

Eventually Cruz took the lead and beat Kimmel with a score of 11 to nine.

Although it was a close match, Kimmel revealed he and the senator were severely out of shape.

“Just like a blobfish, the game was sloppy, and within moments we were gasping for air,” he said before showing a a clip of the highly anticipated match. “We played one on one. It took almost an hour to get to six points — which would be a lot if this was a World Cup soccer game. But it was not.”

In the end, Cruz decided to match Kimmel’s charitable donation of $10,000 to the Texas Children’s Hospital and Generation One, a Houston-based non-profit, education organization.

In total, a whopping $80,000 was raised.

“You’re a good sport,” Kimmel admitted to his rival. “I still think you’re a terrible senator.”

But Kimmel and Cruz aren’t the only celebrities who’ve been involved with charities. Take a look at these stars who went out of their way to help the less fortunate.

[H/T: CNN, Rolling Stone]

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