Student Used Her Photos To Raise Awareness For Her Terrible Condition

Many kids nowadays seem so detached from their peers. High school has never been an easy time for kids, as we begin to go through so many life changes and come into contact with the “real world”. While we should be helping each other get through it all, too often we find ourselves at odds.

Perhaps that is why this story is so amazing. Madisyn Babcock is a student in Kansas, and at only 17-years-old, is already very active in her studies and with different school clubs. She plays music in her school band, is an avid artist, and has a lot of friends.

Unfortunately, she also has a rare medical condition that made it hard for her to cope with her daily life.

Madisyn suffers from alopecia, which is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss all over her body, but most obviously on her scalp.

When she was first diagnosed, she was devastated, but found a way to bring positivity back into her life, and for others.

It is not easy to come to terms with a disease like this, especially as a young teenager.

“As time went on I realized I had no control over the hair loss, so I wanted to take more control of my life,” she said. “Each day I tried to wake up and tell myself I was beautiful.”

Eventually, she found that she had the strength to go out into public again, but was aware that not everyone with this condition is.

She decided to use her high school photo shoot to bring awareness to this disease in an absolutely beautiful way.

The flowers represent the happiness she finds in her life from her family and friends.

She hopes that everyone who sees them will see that it doesn’t matter about what we can’t control, because we can make our lives full of beauty.

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Ann Wedgeworth Of “Three’s Company” Fame Dead At 83

It was a hard weekend for famous TV legends, but one we were definitely not ready for was the loss of actress Ann Wedgeworth. The former star passed away peacefully surrounded by close family members at a nursing home in New York she had been residing in for some time.

A Texas native, Wedgeworth rose to fame by performing in a series of Broadway productions, with her debut in Make A Million in 1958 at the age of 24. She would continue her theater appearances for the next fifteen years, winning a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play, in Neil Simon’s Chapter Two.

After a successful career on Broadway, the actress began starring in major roles for popular daytime soap operas. Her appearances in The Edge of Night, Another World, and spin-off series Somerset gave her the experience to take on more complex roles.

However, it wasn’t until she was cast into the widely popular ABC sitcom Three’s Company that her name became headline worthy. It was also here that she got her first taste of showbiz drama!

Wedgeworth’s character in Three’s Company was Lana Shields, a divorcee that would try to seduce leading man Jack Tripper, played by John Ritter.

Ritter ended up getting into quarrels with the show’s writers for their intended plot device between the actor and actress. The writers believed that Jack Tripper would be repulsed by the advances of an older woman, however Ritter believed the opposite. Eventually, Wedgeworth’s character was simply removed from the show without mention.

She ended up landing a four year role as a main character in the CBS sitcom Evening Shade.

Wedgeworth married twice, her second husband (director Ernie Martin) and her having an immediate attraction – he proposed on the very first date! She said, “He’s so good to me. He’s a Sagittarius — fire — and I’m air.”

After battling a longtime illness, Wedgeworth finally succumbed. She is survived by her husband and two daughters.

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Her Mother Filled A Missing Person’s Report But She Was Actually Just On The Bachelor

What was at first a nightmare for any mom, became a hilarious story that will probably be told at every Thanksgiving dinner from now on.

When Rebekah Martinez’s mother hadn’t heard from her since November 12, 2017, she filled a missing person’s report on November 18th.

Martinez had originally called her mom on November 12 to tell her she would be working on a Marijuana farm and would see her in seven days. After some time had passed, her mother became worried and filled a missing person’s report.

What Martinez forgot to mention was that she was actually appearing on the reality show, The Bachelor.

Last Thursday, the newspaper, North Coast Journal printed 35 currently missing people in Humboldt County, California; This list included Rebekah Martinez.

The newspaper asked readers if they recognized anyone in their collection of missing people, and Martinez was quickly recognized as a contestant on The Bachelor.

The police involved in this case spoke to Martinez and said that she’s been removed from the missing and unidentified persons unit.

Martinez obviously sees the hilarity in this situation, after this story got out she quickly tweeted, “MOM. how many times do I have to tell you I don’t get cell service on The Bachelor??” and many other tweets laughing at the situation.

Going on The Bachelor means that contestants have to leave their regular lives behind while they are on the show. This means no regular contact with anyone, and little social media activity.

It is unclear as to why Martinez lied to her mother about where she was going, but some are assuming that she was embarrassed to tell her family that she was going on a reality show to find love.

NYC Cab Drivers Have Released A Hilarious “Sexy” Calendar

The iconic yellow cabs are getting steamy as cabbies across the city took part in a scandalous photo-shoot that is giving passengers mixed feelings about their drivers!

A sexy romp through the Big Apple isn’t exactly the experience most tourists look for when they visit, but it’s quickly gaining traction because of the strangeness of seeing your chauffeur revealing more than their name.

Typically, it is police officers and firefighters that are the ones posing for pin-ups because of their built-up physique, but taxi drivers wanted to offer their customers the same intimate experience.

Phil and Shannon Kirkman, the project creators, said this was their desire when they approached cab drivers with the idea.

“No. 1, you rarely see the driver,” they said. “You get in a cab and they’re facing forward and that’s sort of your experience with the driver. And we saw that as an opportunity to shine a positive light on them and the industry that they work in.”

It’s also for a good cause. A piece of the calendars profits goes towards helping new immigrants to the city, which makes sense as many taxi drivers are themselves foreigners. The calendar has raised over $60,000 over the last five years to help immigrants from low-income situations go to school and get back on their feet.

So are people buying the calendar for a good cause, or because of the sex appeal? Let’s take a look…

Some of them are a little raunchy…

Others are…niche.

But who doesn’t appreciate good hair?

Well, maybe this guy.

It may be vain, but you can’t deny how sweet he looks. On the cake.

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Student Drops Out Of College To Complete Dying Friend’s Bucket List

What would you do for your loved ones? When it really matters, would you go the distance? Well, here’s at least one person in this world who truly lives up to the title “best friend”.

Chris Betancourt and Dillon Hill have been best buddies since their childhood, growing up together and sharing many memories and trials. As friends go, they’re closer than most, and have done some amazing things in the time that they have known each other.

They first met at 10 years of age, when Chris moved from North Carolina to California where the two of them grew up. They became fast friends, always hanging out at each other’s houses and finding new ways to get up to mischief.

But in the fifth grade, something happened. Chris hadn’t been feeling well, and went to the doctors to find out what was wrong. He and his family then got the worst news possible. Chris had cancer.

He was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, and his odds weren’t good. It was hard for the young boy to spend so much time in the hospital, but he had someone there to get him through the hard times.

Dillon would bring over video games to his friend’s hospital room and they would play for hours to distract each other from the negativity that was surrounding both of their lives. He also promised to become a doctor to figure out a way to cure his best friend.

Maybe it was the abundance of love and support he received, but Chris found out that his cancer had entered remission. For now, the two friends could focus on just being kids and having fun!

They did a lot with their time, and the next few years were filled with amazing accomplishments, but also greater tragedy.

The two best friends found themselves with a deep appreciation for life, and wanted to do what they could for those less fortunate than themselves.

They founded a non-profit organization designed to help other students with serious medical conditions to use video games and virtual reality technology to experience things that they would normally never get the chance to.

It is an amazing movement, and already so many young people have had happiness brought back into their lives thanks to their selfless work.

Chris and Dillon became even closer as they entered high school, and Dillon began dating his best friend’s sister. Unfortunately, after a battle against severe mental health issues, she took her own life in 2014.

The pair were devastated. They both lost someone incredibly close to them, but they knew now was the time when they needed each other more than ever.

Three years later, it seemed that things were beginning to get better. But now, life has taken another cruel turn.

The cancer suddenly returned and in full force. The doctors only gave Chris a year to live, and neither him nor Dillon are wasting any time.

They have a plan to do all the things that they wanted to get done in life, and little by little they have started to check them off the list.

They set up a website at that you should really see. Right now they have 79 items to start working on, but the list grows with every passing day.

Some of the items on there are pretty cool. Some are easier than others, and a few may take a bit of time, and while that’s not exactly something the two of them have a lot of, they are hopeful that they will make it to the end!

A few of their items include: break a world record, see a baseball game, meet with Johnny Depp, and finding love before Chris passes.

They have crossed off a few of them already. Yelling in a quiet place is one of the funnier ones, but they also want to do some good, like handing out food to homeless individuals.

Right now they are looking for donations for their next big adventure. Chris wants to take a road trip to see the sights and sounds of San Francisco, so they started a fundraiser to have a helping hand while sharing some positivity for those going through a similarly tough time.

In order to make sure his friend is able to get through to the end of the list, Dillon dropped out of college to help, and spend more time with Chris.

There’s also hope that they can find a bone marrow donor for Chris in time.

Dillon says, “If we can’t do that and it comes to the worst possible case, and we lose Chris – the last year of his life is going to be documented and it’s going to be shared with millions of people.”

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Production Halted After Blake Lively Suffered Injury On Set Of New Movie

Actress Blake Lively had sustained an injury while filming an action scene for her upcoming movie, The Rhythm Section.

The injury appears to be serious as the film studio released a statement that production on the spy thriller has ground to a halt while the actress receives medical attention.

Paramount Pictures provided further details on the actress’s injury in their statement saying, “filming has been temporarily suspended on The Rhythm Section as Blake Lively sustained an injury to her hand whilst shooting. Production will resume as soon as possible.”

There are no reports suggesting that the damage to her hand required emergency care, however, as of yet there is no mention of when the studio will continue filming.

The role was expected to be physically taxing due to the nature of the plot, based on British thriller writer Mark Burnell’s Stephanie Patrick spy series.

In the movie, Lively stars as a mother whose family is killed in a plane crash she was meant to be on, but has reason to believe that she was in fact the target of a high-profile assassination attempt. She assumes the identity of the suspected killers in order to uncover the truth of the tragedy.

This past weekend, Lively was seen with a dramatic change in appearance as she slips into her undercover role. With short, jet black hair, Lively already appears colder and more dangerous on set in Dublin, Ireland, where production has been ongoing.

We hope to hear of a speedy recovery for the actress.

Hollywood Director Fired Mid-Production After He Mysteriously Stopped Coming To The Set

Bryan Singer, who was working as the director for the upcoming movie based on the band Queen, has been ousted from his role in the production.

Many were expecting something to happen to Singer following weeks of drama on and off set, as rumors of misconduct have plagued the director of the X-Men series.

The movie revolves around the the popular British pop rock band who were brought to fame in the late 70s before becoming the most famous stadium rock band since The Beatles.

While the project was a special one for Singer, there were reports that he frequently had difficulties with other members of the production team. Tensions were at an all-time high when Singer and lead actor Rami Malek got into a physical altercation which resulted in the director throwing an object.

As it turns out, it wasn’t on-set problems that led to Singer’s dismissal.

There are currently some debate as to the actual reason for Singer being dropped from the rock epic, but there is common elements to each side of the story.

The official version from the studio is that Singer was routinely late for work and often did not show up at all.

“Twentieth Century Fox Film has temporarily halted production on Bohemian Rhapsody due to the unexpected unavailability of Bryan Singer,” read the statement by the studio.

Singer offered his own account to explain his absences.

“With fewer than three weeks to shoot remaining, I asked Fox for some time off so I could return to the U.S. to deal with pressing health matters concerning one of my parents,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the studio was unwilling to accommodate me and terminated my services. This was not my decision and it was beyond my control.”

The director has also come under heat in recent years with reports of sexual misconduct, however these instances were not mentioned in the fallout of of his dismissal.

Why do you think he was really fired?

Her Story Inspired A Young Boy So Much That Her Owners Arranged A Meeting, And Now We’re All Crying

The best of friends can be made in the worst of situations, and sometimes there is a greater purpose at work than we can know.

That seems to be the case with these two adorable buddies, who are finding ways to have fun even after terrible tragedies.

Owen Mahan is a young boy from Indiana, who unfortunately lost his both of his legs after a tragic accident when he was only two-years-old. He fell into a hot water bath and suffered burns on 98 of his body. At the time, doctors did not expect him to live.

Luckily for him, he was soon after adopted by his new mother, and she has done everything to make his life happy.

Now ten, he had been through many surgeries over the years, and recently had both of his legs amputated. It has been hard for Owen, but one thing that got him through the pain were videos of a dog found in a trash bin, rescued, and then needed all four legs to be amputated.

The dog, whose name is Chi Chi, was a source of inspiration to Owen, and when the owners found out about Chi Chi’s biggest fan, they decided to act.

Instead of simply reaching out to Owen, Chi Chi’s owners decided to coordinate the best day ever for the two souls who needed happiness more than anything,

They contacted NASCAR star Tony Howard, who gave them his private jet to use. They worked with others to create the best day for both Owen and Chi Chi!

Owen was flown from Indiana to Arizona, really excited, but not knowing what to expect…

Owen was overjoyed to see his furry hero! They even got to play sports with a professional team!

Take a look at how happy the two of them are together!


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8-Year-Old Holds Toy Drive For Victims Of The Hurricane

Christmas: it is the season of giving, of love and appreciation, and helping those less fortunate. We all hope to instill some of that magic in our children as they grow up so that they can discover the joys of spreading goodwill across the world.

It seems that this was taken to heart by Jayden Perez, an eight-year-old boy from New Jersey who wanted to do his part to help the children in Puerto Rico after seeing the destruction from the hurricanes this past year.

It all started back in September when his mother’s boss gave them tickets to go see the New York Giants, his favorite team. They were overjoyed, as Jayden was a huge fan of the team and football in general.

Jayden was particularly struck by this act of kindness. So when Hurricane Maria rolled over Puerto Rico and caused a lot of destruction, he convinced his mother that they had to go around and collect donations.

They managed to ship out 40 boxes when they were finished, but this was only the beginning for Jayden.

We all hear about children who choose to donate their birthday or Christmas presents to less fortunate children. These saintly kids remind us of the important things in life, but some of them manage to take it another step further.

At Thanksgiving, when the spirit of appreciation was everywhere, Jayden said he not only wanted to donate his own gifts to the children of Puerto Rico, but also wanted to have a toy drive.

They put the word out in the neighborhood and online where it went viral. In no time at all, the drive accumulated more than 1,000 donations, with more on the way!

Originally, two family friends were going to fly to Puerto Rico to distribute the toys, but with the response they received, his mother said Jayden should be there to see the joy his efforts helped create.

“He has such a great heart,” she said. “I know that my son is doing good out there.”

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The Heartbreaking Reason Fallen Soldiers May Not Receive A Wreath This Christmas

We all want to do all we can for our fallen heroes. They gave their lives to protect us against the evils of the world, making the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, and expecting nothing in return.

The very least we can do is take some time out of our lives to remember the names and actions of those brave souls who made sure we can live with the freedoms we enjoy today.

Unfortunately, not every soldier that is buried on American soil will get the traditional remembrance token this holiday season.

Wreaths Across America is a donation-based nonprofit that has been supplying the graves of veterans at Arlington National Cemetery with wreaths and memorabilia for 25 years.

The group also services more than 1,200 locations across the United States to make sure these patriots receive the honors due to them for their gallantry.

However, they recently announced that they will not be able to provide their usual gifts this year.

Since the group is donation-based, it means that the rely on support from the public to maintain the work that they do across the country.

A spokesperson for the group has released a notification saying that due to a lack of funds, they will be short approximately 25,000 wreaths for the Christmas season for the 400,000 member cemetery.

“When we walk the rows of Arlington Cemetery, they’re not necessarily well-known names,” says member Bre Kingsbury. “So when they make that ultimate sacrifice, we think it’s time for the American people to stand up and make sure their legacy and … their service is honored and respected.”

If you believe there should be enough wreaths available for our fallen veterans, consider donating or offering to volunteer on their website here.

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Identical Twin Sisters Spent Hilarious 24 Hours In A Conjoined Christmas Sweater

How well do you get on with your brothers and sisters? If you’re like me, chances are you love them to pieces and would walk to the ends of the earth for them – but spending 24 hours with them non-stop? Well, that’s a different story…

People may say that twins get along better with one another, but if you have one yourself, you might know that this isn’t always the case. So when you take two polar opposite sisters who share nothing except their DNA and stick them inside a conjoined Christmas sweater for a day, you know things aren’t going to go smoothly.

YouTube stars Niki and Gabi DeMartino decided that they would give this the ol’ college try and see if they could stand to be so close together for a whole day and night.

They recorded the most entertaining point of their day, and quickly realized that whether they were going to fight or not, it was not going to be easy!

“Let the fights begin!”

The day starts with them slipping into the the festive double-bodied sweater and wanting to go get some Starbucks. That is, until they realize that driving would be impossible.

Luckily, they called an Uber and go grab their coffee fix. When they walked into the cafe, heads were definitely turning, but they didn’t seem to care. “You gotta just own it,” was their reply.

It was clearly the little things that would cause the most trouble. Such as going to the bathroom, which took a hilariously long time with many shouts of “Ew!” behind closed doors.

Over dinner, it was much easier for Niki to use her fork and switch to using her phone, which really started to bug Gabi, but Niki fired back with her own complaints.

“I get that were doing this for a video but I’m really pissed right now and I’m frustrated and I just want my other hand,” she said.

Tempers were beginning to flair, so they decided that it was time to end the day and head to bed. Putting on makeup in the morning was another trial, but they made it through it all, and got to rip off the sweater once the 24 hour mark was reached.

They may have had some hard moments, but ultimately, they enjoyed the experience.

“Honestly I thought it was good for sister bonding,” said Niki.

Watch the full video here!

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Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova Welcome Twins After Secret Pregnancy

Get ready folks, because our favorite starry-eyed singer-songwriter is finally a dad! Enrique Iglesias, who became our hero in 2001 with the release of the widely popular studio album, Escape, has finally begun the next chapter in his life with his long-time girlfriend, Anna Kournikova.  

The two of them actually met on set of the music video for the song Escape, and according to the lovers, there was an instant connection.

“No, no, I’ve never met her before. But I’m a big fan,” he said at the time. “She’s beautiful, talented, great tennis player. And I’m sure she’s going to be great in the video.”

Their first kiss was captured while filming the video, and the rest was history! They have since shared 16 rock-solid years together, and mostly out of the spotlight.

They have done such a good job of keeping their personal lives private, that no one knew about the pregnancy until the announcement came today, and it’s a doozy!

Or should we say, two-zy?

The announcement came today that Kournikova gave birth this Saturday to two beautiful twins, without so much as a baby bump to give us warning!

Sources say the two young of them are now the proud parents of a son and a daughter. Their names are apparently Nicholas and Lucy.

Iglesias and Kournikova are not married, but have been together for 16 years. There was a brief point in time when the two split up in 2013, but were quickly reconciled.

We wish them the best in raising their wonderful children together!

Garbage Truck Driver And 2-Year-Old Boy Are Fighting Terminal Cancer Together

It’s hard enough to be a garbage man on most days. You spend your mornings going from house to house, having to pick up the trash from peoples driveways, hoping that everything is in its right place and that nothing will leak today.

For Rick Neatherlin, it’s much harder. When his wife and mother were diagnosed with cancer, he must have thought he was the unluckiest person in the world. But then he met Isaac.

Isaac Williams is no ordinary boy. With stage four cancer of the nervous system, his family has exhausted many of the traditional forms of treatment, and he will be starting radiation therapy soon. He also loves to watch the garbage trucks come up and down his block.

For many, it’s a day that requires extra chores, but for Isaac, it’s a reason to get excited. When Neatherlin found out that Isaac was also fighting this disease, it shook his understanding of the world.

“Man, he’s two years old; never had that chance to even be a kid yet, you know, and to see him go through this…” Neatherlin said. “That hit home.”

So he talked it over with his crew and they decided to do something for this strong boy.

Last week, it was a very special garbage day for the Williams family. Instead of just picking up their trash, Neatherlin and his coworkers decided to give something to this struggling family.

When they rolled up to the the driveway and saw Isaac, they hopped out of their trucks and unloaded an assortment of presents for the two-year-old.

“I just wanted to do something for that little boy and their family; that’s just how we are,” said Neatherlin.

The toys included a toy garbage truck for Isaac to play with during the rest of the week. The whole crew spent the morning playing with Isaac and talking to his parents.

“The support. That’s what it’s about, this little man here. I want to support him, I want to see him go through his graduation. That’s what I told his mom,” Neatherlin said. “Anything I can do to help him get that far, I’m there for him.”

His mother was overwhelmed with the generosity from the workers. “It means the world,” she said.

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Father Gives His Son A Toy That Lets Him Hear His Deceased Mother’s Voice

The holidays are an emotional time for everyone, because of the joy that comes from being around your loved ones, and the grief from remembering those who aren’t with us any longer.

For one family, this was an especially painful time of the year. Only six months before, Antonio Vargas Sr. lost his wife, leaving him and his son Antonio Jr. on their own.

This was going to be their first Christmas without her, but they weren’t alone. The two of them had other loved ones around them while they were opening presents in order to keep everyone happy and to bring out that feeling of togetherness.

But Antonio Sr. had a surprise in store for his son. He knew that the year had been hard for him, and that no amount of toys or presents could fill the void in his son’s heart for his mother.

This father went above and beyond to give his son a unique experience that only he would understand.

When his mother was still alive, her nickname for her son was “little monkey.” Antonio Sr. wanted to reflect that in his gift, but decided to go one step further.

He went to Build-A-Bear, a workshop where anyone can design their own stuffed animal, and had some help with a very special design.

He had recorded his wife saying a variety of messages for her son before she passed away, and put the recordings inside the animal.

Antonio Sr. made his son a monkey at the workshop and gave it to him at Christmas morning.

At first, Antonio Jr. wasn’t sure what to make of it, but when he squeezed his paw and heard his mother’s voice, he was completely overwhelmed.

The toy has several different recordings on it, including “I love you to the world and back,” “Give me a big hug, I love you,” “I love you guys so much and I will always love you,” and “Tell him Mommy loves him.”

Even though his mother may be gone, Antonio Jr. can now hear his mother comfort him whenever he misses her.

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6 Reasons The Pioneer Woman Is Not To Be Messed With

It’s not always easy to be a woman in America, especially in the business world where men often take the lead. However, Ree Drummond is not only turning that stereotype upside down, she’s keeping close to her Heartland faith and family values!

Here is what happens when country spirit meets city-slicker attitude!

She may be living it out on the land, but she got her education in the big cities of Chicago and Los Angeles!

Despite her humble beginnings as a blogger back in 2006, Drummond has amassed a huge amount of wealth, and that has translated into expansions of property. She is currently the 23rd largest land-owner in the United States with 433,000 acres where wild horses are known to roam free.

Among the many skills that Drummond has acquired over the years, one of her favorites is her ability to dance. She used to do ballet when she was a teenager, and although she praises it for keeping her flexible, she also points to it as something that saved her life as a youth.

She was nearly the victim of an abduction one night walking back to her car, and it was her agility that got her out of their grasp and away from the criminals.

She could never have imagined how her life would have turned out, and what she had in store in the years to come.

Drummond rose to popularity with her blog The Pioneer Woman, but her fame has now spread across many platforms. She has her own show on the Food Network, an online food community called Tasty Kitchen, a lifestyle magazine, and even a children’s book based on her late Basset Hound, Charlie.

Tim, Todd, Red, and me.

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Her husband works the family ranch during the day, and Drummond isn’t one to shy away from some hard work! She says she often wakes up with him at 5 a.m. to help out with getting the cattle together, and sometimes even wrestle with them herself!

Perhaps her greatest accomplishment has been raising a happy and healthy family of four children with her devoted husband. She home-schooled them herself, and has even published a ton of material to help other mothers do the same with their families.

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Divorced Father Takes A Chance With His Ex-Wife In Risky Christmas Surprise

Love isn’t always easy. Two people with a limitless emotional connection may just be with each other at the wrong time in their lives, or be in a rough patch that threatens to rip them apart for good.

While there are plenty of stories of partners finding themselves unable to ever be around each other again, sometimes, true love finds it’s way back, no matter the distance.

For Jeffrey Agan Sr., he knew that when he was divorced from his ex-wife Lorrie, his life had taken an abrupt wrong turn.

He did a lot of soul-searching, realized that he had mental health issues that had now become a problem not just for himself, but for his whole family. He found poetry, and used it to come to terms with his problems and used it to heal.

The couple were apart for three years, after a terrible falling out. However, six months ago, they managed to reconcile some differences and tried dating again.

This Christmas, surrounded by their family, Jeffrey knew he had to take a chance. His son started recording and captured every moment.

Everyone was nervous about being in the same room. Their children had been through a lot over the past few years while they were in the middle of the messy divorce, and they could still feel the tension in the room.

Jeffrey had taken a lot of time to think about what he really wanted in life and wrote a poem to read to his found-again partner.

Hint: She said yes!

They are living proof that love takes hard work, compromise, and eventually, a little bit of courage to make it work.

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What Body Language Experts Have To Say About The ‘Fixer Upper’ Couple’s PDA

Despite the vows you may have taken, it takes a lot to work alongside your significant other for any extended period of time. Now imagine how much more difficult it would be if it was all televised on national television?

That’s the sort of pressure that Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines are under constantly, yet they are somehow able to keep it all together. How do they do it?

A group of body language experts sat down to figure out just how this power couple stay on top of their image, and each other.

They looked at how they act with each other on the show, as well as the pictures that they publicly post on their social media.

While there was a lot of good news, they all agreed that there are some undertones of control at work between the happily married co-hosts.

First things first, they are almost always locked together in their pictures. Body language expert Patti Wood sees this as a sign of stability.

“It’s clear that this is a desire to be connected and viewed as a unit,” says Wood. “While this can be a type of ownership, there’s also a sweetness to this gesture.”

But she says she has also seen the gesture used to tone down the excessive behavior that Chip sometimes (often) displays.

“This is her way to reel him back in. It’s a grounding move,” Wood says.

Their more romantic embraces also tell us about how they view each other’s role in the relationship.

Here we see Chip kissing Joanna on the forehead, which subtly asserts dominance. But Wood believes there’s more to it than that.

If this was the only way that they kissed each other, then it would be a sign of narcissism, but luckily, they mix it up often enough to show that they see each other as equals.

“When Joanna becomes the center of attention, it’s clear that Chip doesn’t mind,” says Wood. “He always responds to her actions with a smile, indicating that he’s fine — and proud — of his wife’s behavior.”

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Willie Nelson Forced To Cancel Tour After Health Complications

Even if you aren’t the biggest country music fan, you have definitely heard of Willie Nelson, the legendary musician and singer. At 84 years of age, he has been recording and performing music for over 60 years, and continues to release new albums each year.

However, fans are concerned about his future in the industry and his health overall after he walked offstage just as he was beginning his set at a concert in California.

Nelson has dealt with health concerns before in his elderly age and taxing work schedule, including last year when a cold forced him to cancel a handful of shows across the States.

However, no one is sure what prompted the artist to suspend his upcoming tour after a coughing fit caused him to end his show early and stagger off of stage last weekend.

Attendees shared their accounts of the night with local news stations and why they are worried about Nelson’s health.

The country music legend had just started playing his hit song “Whiskey River” from his 1973 album “Shotgun Willie” when several people in the audience noticed that the singer was beginning to cough heavily.

He left the stage and the venue announced that the show was over, and that they would be refunded for their tickets.

Ticketmaster made a statement that vaguely explains that the cancellations are due to an undisclosed medical condition.

“Unfortunately, due to illness, Willie Nelson’s performance concluded early,” it reads.

His publicist offered a more personal response, saying that the singer has lately been battling either “a bad cold or the flu” and will be returning to his home in Texas to recover.

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