16 Secrets They Didn’t Want You To Know About Getting On A Game Show

So many people dream of one day competing on a game show. Going on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune seems like such a fun way to win a lot of money and test yourself. The problem is, how do you actually do it? It seems like one of those things that happens to other people but never to anyone you know.

The process of being on a game show is not as glamorous as you may have dreamed. Here are 16 secrets about the making of game shows that they don’t want you to know.

1. Anyone can take the online test to be on Jeopardy

There is an online test that has you answer 50 questions in 15 minutes. They don’t let you know how you did unless you get over their set percentage (rumor is 80-85) and then if you do you will be invited to an in-person audition.

2. Prize values tend to be inflated for effect

They tend to oversell items for effect but by doing so it will is actually making it worse for the winners because they will have to pay the taxes of the listed price. The contestants can try to argue for the real-market value in court but can take months to settle.

3. People will buy your prizes off you right after the show

Right after you leave the studio, there are apparently people who will offer you money for the stuff you just won. They however offer it at less than the inflated prices the game pretended it was worth but at least you won’t have to figure out how to get a year supply of Rice-A-Roni into your carry on.

4. The podiums for contestants are tricky

There is little adjustable platforms so everyone can be the same height. This will make the shooting a lot easier.

5. Taping the show is almost worse than jury duty.

When you are taping the show you are sequestered with your fellow contestants by network compliance officers who even follow you to the bathroom. You are not allowed to talk to audience member, the host or anyone. This is to prevent cheating but makes for a very long day.

6. They tape a weeks worth of shows PER DAY

Pat Sajak and Vanna White get little 15 minute breaks between shows so they can switch up their outfits and then they film some more.

7. You don’t always get the money right away.

Sure it looks like they hand the contestants a big wad of cash, but that is just for show. Instead they mail you a check after the fact.

8. And, they aren’t as surprised as they may seem

They are actually recruited to be on the show, it is all staged. They are often found at trivia nights and asked to be on the show.

9. The phone a friend option is kind of a huge deal.

You needed to have 5 different options of people who all had landlines and would be available for the entire day so it wouldn’t matter when your episode was filmed.

10. You CANNOT have a Plinko chip

Apparently there are only 10 in the world because they cost a lot to make. (Although I bet if Bob Barker asked for one they’d let him take one)

11. Even big shows like Jeopardy don’t pay for your stay

You don’t get any kind of compensation for your hotel or travel costs, so you better hope you win some money! At least even 2nd and 3rd prize get $2000 and $1000 respectively so there is something they can put towards flights.

12. Jeopardy will however do your makeup

They don’t want you to be shiny on camera so they will do your makeup. You do however have to do your own hair.

13. People get really angry at you whether you win or lose

People get REALLY invested in these games and will go after former contestants. After Ken Basin was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and got the $1 million question wrong he says people were emailing him at his work address with comments like “Kill yourself, you’re an arrogant douche and you give lawyers a bad name.” That’s quite the reaction for people who get no benefit from him winning. A female contestant who was on Jeopardy shared that she receives a lot of creepy messages still over a year later of people making vulgar statements about her body and proposing marriage.

14. Certain contestants make a living out of playing game shows

Some contestants hop from game to game as long at the contracts they sign allow. Every once and a while they will need to take a year or two off between appearances but a lot of people have been on many different shows. It is tricky for new contestants to try to compete to make it in because the veterans are more comfortable with the audition process and have an easier time making it onto the show.

15. Things aren’t the same at filming as they are on TV.

The questions aren’t actually showing up on the screens for the contestants so they have to actually listen to Alex careful while keeping in mind the timing for the buzzer. Also they edit out any fumbles or challenges of wrong answers.

16. Producers are looking for specific people to fill the roles.

They want people who are excited, but not too excited that it seems fake. They also want you to look “TV-Ready” whatever that means and they want you to have some fun facts ready to go.

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10 Surprising Secrets From The Set Of Little House On The Prairie

There is nothing quite like watching a classic television show, and one of the best of the bests was Little House On The Prairie. Something about that show resonated with everyone.

The show ran for an impressive nine seasons between 1974 to 1982 but its the behind the scenes secrets that are truly fascinating. Here are 10 interesting secrets from the set of Little House On The Prairie.

1. Laura and Mary did not get along

Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Anderson have never really bonded, even in the years since the show ended they never really made up.

2. Pa’s hair was not real

The show wanted him to look “more rugged” so his grey hair wouldn’t do.

3. At age 15, the actress who played Laura wasn’t ready for her first kiss so she changed it

She was supposed to kiss her love interest Manley, but she was too nervous. She instead decided she would kiss him on the cheek. When they eventually did film the kiss there had to be chaperones on set because of the large age difference.

4. The actress who plays Nellie was almost cast as Laura

She was originally auditioning for Laura, then as her sister Mary When she didn’t get either of those parts they hired her immediately to play Nellie because she was very good at being mean.

5. Michael Landon was a bit of a show off

He was super proud of his muscles and would use any opportunity to take off his shirt. He was however a little bit self conscious about his height and would wear 4″ platforms to try to appear taller.

What other secrets came from the set?

6. A lot of big stars got their start on Little House On The Prairie

The little boy on the left is actually Jason Bateman! Two other big stars who got their start on this show are Shannen Doherty and Sean Penn.

7. Their dinner was always finger-lickin’ good

KFC was often used when they were filming dinner scenes. The also used Dinty Moore brand beef stew for all other meals.

8. Melissa Gilbert was growing up too fast for the producers so they tried to slow it down

No one is really a fan of puberty, but when you are filming a television show it becomes extra tricky. The producers decided to bind her chest so she would continue to look younger for longer.

9. Nellie’s hair wasn’t actually that perfect

Another wig! And a fairly high maintenance one at that. The curls had to be held in place by a metal comb and sharp hairpins that dug into the actresses scalp and would sometimes cause it to bleed. No wonder she was so nasty!

10. Landon made the kids cry

He was actually helping them though, not just doing it for fun. There were a lot of scenes where the child actors needed to cry on cue but it wasn’t easy for them. He would make himself cry first and then look at the kids and say “do you know how much I love you?” and they would cry pretty much every time.

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One Of The Judges On The Voice Made A Terrible Mistake

On the U.K. version of The Voice, one of the judges has had an interesting mistake that made the entire audience laugh. Will.i.am was drawing on his buzzer before Lawrence Hill began to sing his song. The problem was, Will.i.am tried to wipe the marks off his buzzer as Hill began to sing but accidentally pressed down too hard on the button and caused his chair to turn.

The point of The Voice is to sing well enough to get the judges to show their interest by turning around, so you could only imagine how thrilled Hill was when Will.i.am turned around so soon into his number. The audience had seen Will.i.am’s awkward expression as he began to swivel, so they were a little bit worried.

When the song was finished Will.i.am was honest with the singer and told him how he was actually just rubbing off the face he drew, but just as Hill’s smile and hope started to fade, Will.i.am added that he thinks maybe it was destiny that caused him to turn around by accident because he actually liked his singing.

Check out this hilarious moment that will probably make Will.i.am a little more cautious around that button!

Bill Nye Is Back And He Is Ready To Save The World

When they first announced Bill Nye would be coming back to television, the world flipped out. Bill Nye was such a huge part of so many of our childhoods that we couldn’t wait to have him back.

Finally Netflix has given us a sneak peak at what we can expect when his new show “Bill Nye Saves The World” premieres on April 21st.

He is going to be talking about a lot more adult topics than he used to, including alternative medicine, sex, and global warming. He will have a variety of guests including Zach Braff, Rachel Bloom, Tim Gunn, Donald Faison, Wil Wheaton, Joel McHale and more. He has a team of correspondents who will help him go over all the topics and it just looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome.

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Happy Birthday Cancer! Here’s Your Year Ahead 2017

This year, Cancer, listen to the cues your body gives you about the changes that need to happen in your life.

If you notice that you’re feeling particularly tense lately, take a moment to step back and look at the situations surrounding that moment of tension. What were you thinking of? What needs to change?

You’ll notice that this year is one of clearing and purging. Take every opportunity to really get down to what matters most and simplify your relationships, work and home life.


You’ve had a rough start this year with mercury retrograde in the first few days of January, but don’t let that dampen your spirits, Cancer!

You’ll want to lay low for the first half of the year when it comes to love. Try to  focus more on the relationship you have with yourself in the meantime. Remember you can’t expect others to love you, if you don’t love yourself!

Lunar eclipse in August will give you the chance to clean house and eliminate negative people from your life.


You’ll notice a shift towards the positive for you in October, when Jupiter move into you love sector and Mars will join it in mid-December.

You’ll get your second chance at romance in December, when Saturn in your relationship sector lines up beautifully with Jupiter. This makes for an excellent time to enter into a serious relationship – you’re focusing on taking an existing partnership to the next level, or you’re looking for the one.

Focus on having healthy relationships this time around.



Saturn is in your work sector until December. This can be the year when you see your project through – making smarter, work-life choices that bring balance and solid success.

Mars drives your career plans forward in February, so get everything into gear this month – line all your ducks up in a row and get as much done as you can. You’ll need the cushion to get you through the coming retrogrades next month.

The February 11 lunar eclipse in you money sector is a great time to eliminate bad financial habits and settle financial issues.

Venus retrograde in march can make things difficult and muck up your career plans. You might find that you’re lacking drive, energy and enthusiasm. You’ll experience waves of laziness, be careful not to make a bad impression on the wrong people.

Watch out for similar setbacks when Venus goes retrograde in this area at the end of April.

Mars in you financial sector in late July to early August as well as the solar eclipse on August 7 gives you the opportunity to really push forward with your finances.

You might see another delay in this area during the first week of September when Mercury goes retrograde. Watch out for delays in getting paid or troubles with bank cards and credit cards.


Jupiter will be ruling your emotions until mid-October. The planet of expansion will help you to maintain an optimistic and positive outlook on life this year. Focus on strengthening your emotional foundation and getting a clear grasp about what you feel and why.

You’ll want to try to channel that energy when you need it most during the Mercury retrograde in the second half of August. You’ll find that there are some moments of struggle with communications, expressing yourself clearly and maintaining focus.

Mars moves into the sector of your mind from September to mid-October, which will put you back on track and finding all the right words to say. You’ll be your old self in no time!

After all is said and done, this year is going to give you the opportunity to make concrete decisions about your direction in life and, for some, to rewrite your story!

Simon Breaks Down During Emotional Audition On X Factor

When you need to impress Simon Cowell, you have to pull out all the stops and give it your all. This contestant on X Factor back in 2015 is still considered one of the best auditions ever after his moving performance that actually brought Simon to tears.

Josh Daniels performed the song “Jealous” by Labrinth and when he began to sing, Simon’s eyes immediately started to water. He tried to gather himself before the judging but he just couldn’t do it. He had to get the other judges to move the process along to the vote without giving his feedback.

Josh made it through with a unanimous yes, not that anyone was questioning it, but when Simon walked off stage and didn’t say anything to the other judges they got concerned.

Turns out the reason that he was crying was that Josh’s beautiful song reminded him of his mother who had recently passed away.  

“It was quite near when it all happened and I think it was the last audition and I wasn’t really expecting what happened,” Simon said of the emotional moment.

His mother was always a fan of the show and he wanted to go back to work as soon as he could because it’s what she would have wanted.

Check out the performance below.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Molly Ringwald

If you grew up in the ’70s and ’80s then Molly Ringwald was a household name. She was one of the infamous ‘Brat Pack’ whose star shot straight to the top of teen idols in Hollywood.

Her signature red hair and sassy, no-holds-barred attitude was what every teenage girl aspired to. There was something about the way she portrayed our angst on the big screen that had us all nodding our heads in agreement.

Now that she’s grown up and out of the teenage angst, just what has she been up to since?

Find out how much you really know about the Pretty In Pink actress:

1. She hated THE. DRESS.

Molly tells Teen Vogue that at the time, she hated it. “If I’d had it my way, I would have burned the dress on the Paramount back lot as soon as they yelled the last “Cut! Print!”

2.  She made a Jazz album.

Her father was a jazz musician, so it seems only natural to her that she would turn to the same kind of music she grew up listening to as a child. She released the record in early 2013 to generally positive reviews, but critics suggested that she had some growing to do as a musician.

3. She turned down two major roles

Allegedly, she was first choice for two of the biggest movies of the ’90s: “Pretty Woman” and “Ghost,” but she turned them down and the roles went to Julia Roberts and Demi Moore respectively.

4. She’s a stage mom

Now that her 13-year-old daughter, Mathilda, is getting into the modelling business, Molly proudly shares her daughter’s hard work with these snaps:

5. She speaks French fluently

She attended school at a French academy as a child. In the 90s, she moved to France where she starred in several films.

6. She still has a substantial net worth

You might be surprised to know that Molly’s still worth quite a bit of money. Even though she hasn’t enjoyed the same surge of fame as she did in her teens, she’s still worth about $11 million USD.

She’s not know for being extravagant, but lives comfortably with her husband and three children.

7. She had a role in The Facts of Life

The first season, which ran from 1979-1980, Ringwald was cast as one of the students on the show. Sadly, the second season brought cast cuts in an effort to boost ratings and she was among those let go from the show.

8. She dated Frank Zappa’s son

Molly and Dweezil Zappa dated while she was filming “Pretty In Pink” and he even made a cameo during a scene at Andie’s favorite hangout, Cats.

9. She hated her freckles

Molly told Us Magazine that she hated her freckles so much, she tried to scrape them off with sandpaper when she was 12 years old. Ouch!

10. She’s Archie’s Mom

Well, not really. But she will appear on The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ as Archie’s mother, Mary Andrews. She will appear in episodes 10 and 11 of the show that takes a surprisingly subversive spin on the traditional Archie comics.

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Ordinary Dad Walks In With His Baby, But What Happens When The Music Starts Is Extraordinary!

Moms have a nurturing, gentle instinct that protects and wraps up our babies in tender love. When it comes to dads, though, having a baby is an excuse to let out their inner child!

Take dad, Adam Ballard, for example. In what has now become a viral video “When It’s Just The Dudes At Home,” Adam and his young son Miles bust out some of the baddest moves we’ve ever seen! Together they go full-on King of Pop to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”  

Miles totally rocks his Mickey Mouse bib and onesie, while safely strapped to his dad’s chest in a Baby Bjorn.

“Home alone with my son Miles, we find ‘creative’ ways to pass the time,” writes BAllard on YouTube. Just watch:

Smooth moves, boys!

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Simon Can’t Believe How Bullied Boy Sings With The Voice Of An Angel

Young Andrew steps out onto the stage and speaks with the softest voice. He’s timid and wide-eyed standing before Simon Cowell and the judges of Britain’s Got Talent.

He shyly tells Simon that he’s been singing since he was 6 years old and bullied for just as long. He tells them that his friends bullied him for of his choice of music, but he refuses to give up singing.

Simon tells him to sing and then Andrew brings the audience to tears just two lines into this gorgeous of this stunning song.

He was shaking like a leaf, but Simon tells him to have confidence. A voice like that doesn’t come around every day.

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Country Star Aaron Watson Shares How Faith And Hope Shaped His Career

The music industry is a cutthroat business, and that goes double for the country music business. Finding success as a county singer takes talent, determination and hard work, but sometimes even that’s not enough.

Aaron Watson found that out the hard way. While today he’s a popular and successful musician who has toured all over the world, his path to success has been long and winding.

In a video he shared with his fans on social media, Watson shares the story of his career through his 13 albums and all of the trials in between them. It’s an important reminder to never give up on your dreams!

18 years, this is my story…
GET VAQUERO: smarturl.it/Vaquero

Posted by Aaron Watson on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Starting in 1999 and traveling up to today, Aaron shares how his hard work was never good enough for the music industry executives.

But the man who worked two jobs in college to pay for his first album wouldn’t give up that easily. Even after the labels told him he wasn’t good enough, he kept playing hundreds of shows a year, drawing strength from his faith when times were tough.

“They always said we wouldn’t,” he writes, summing up his long career, “here we are 18 years, 13 albums & 2000+ shows later.”

“Never let someone discourage you from chasing your dreams,” he tells his fans.

“Let their doubt fuel your fire.”

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Star Trek Actor Shares The Incredible Story Of How He Saved A Fan’s life

Celebrities and TV stars receive more fan mail than anyone could ever dream of opening, so it’s lucky that James Doohan happened to open the one letter that would change his life.

You might recognize Doohan from the original series of Star Trek, where he played the spaceship’s engineer Scotty. The science-fiction show was one of the biggest hits of the 1960s, so Doohan was used to receiving letters and autograph requests from fans, but this was something different.

Doohan says that the letter, from a young woman, was a suicide note. Who knows why she chose to reach out to the actor, but he did the right thing and wrote back right away, asking her to meet him at a fan convention.

While Doohan says that the fan obviously looked troubled, he spoke with her and tried to cheer her up. Then, he asked her to meet him again at his next appearance, and again, and again, so she always had something to look forward to.

Eventually Doohan lost touch with the young woman, but years later she wrote to him with a happy ending to her story.

Not only had the fan managed to turn her life around, she actually became an electronics engineer, just like Scotty, the character Doohan played.

Remembering the moment later while filming a documentary, the actor called his encounter with the fan “the best thing I’ve ever done in my life,” and he can’t help but tear up when he mentions it.

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Rare Celebrity Photos That Are Barely Recognizable

We see photos of celebrities almost every day, whether in the news, on the covers of magazines or on commercials. People have spotted them walking down the street, buying groceries and ordering ice cream.

Celebrities have some of the most recognizable faces in society today, but would you know who you were looking at if someone handed you a rare, childhood photo?

Scan through the images, do their younger selves look like they do now?


Neil Patrick Harris

Angelina Jolie

Leonardo DiCaprio

George Clooney

Jennifer Aniston

Elijah Wood

Brooke Shields

Amy Winehouse

Justin Timberlake

Harrison Ford

Sandra Bullock

Jim Carrey

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Do you think they look like their older selves?

Dad In Live Interview Tries To Hold It Together When Kids Bust In Unexpectedly

BBC World correspondent Robert E. Kelly was reporting from Busan on the impeachment of the President of South Korea and the crisis that followed, when his young children burst into the room.

Just a few seconds into the interview, an adorable toddler comes trotting into the room and happily plunks herself down next to Kelly. Then, seconds later, a baby comes rolling in on a bouncer.

Just take a moment to absorb everything that’s happening here:

Dad: exasperated, Mom: panic, Toddler: oblivious. This family is all of us.

Mom is a hero though, she slides into the room, grabs both kids and ushers them out in record time. Then, she army-crawls back to the door and closes it almost as silently as she came in.

Someone get that lady a drink.

As for dad, you can tell that he’s just trying to keep the interview going and perhaps even keep from laughing a little.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to watch this clip in all its glory:

What do you think? Is this adorable, or should he have held the interview somewhere else?

[Source: Fuse ]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Put A Fan In His Place After He Left A Hateful Comment On Facebook

After playing dozens of tough guys, armed commandos and killer robots in his movies, you would think people would know better than to mess with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The award-winning bodybuilder and former governor of California has kept himself busy since he left office, hosting The Celebrity Apprentice and using his fame to raise money for charity.

The Terminator star even stopped by the Special Olympics World Winter Games in his home country of Austria last week and shared a video of the event on Facebook. While most of the comments were positive, one particularly nasty one caught Schwarzenegger’s eye.

Warning: this post contains some rude language.

So inspired by the athletes I’m meeting at Special Olympics World Games 2017 in Austria.

Posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Special Olympics is an organization that lets athletes with intellectual disabilities compete on the world stage. Most people are inspired by the determination these athletes show, but one person commented on the video saying that these games “make no sense.”

“The Olympics are for the best athletes in the entire world…having r-s competing is doing the opposite.”

Lots of the actor’s fans shut down this commenter immediately, but by far the most well-written and thought-out response came from Schwarzenegger himself.


Schwarzenegger’s full comment reads:

As stupid and evil as this comment is, I’m not going to delete it or ban you (yet) because it’s a teachable moment. You have two possible paths ahead. Right now, I guarantee you that these athletes have more courage, compassion, brains, skill – actually more of every positive human quality than you. So take their path – you could learn from them, and try to challenge yourself, to give back, to add something from the world. Or you can stay on your path, and keep being a sad, pitiful, jealous internet troll who adds nothing to the world but mocks anyone who does out of small-minded jealousy. I know what you really want is attention, so let me be clear; if you choose to keep going this way, no one will ever remember you.

People loved the way Schwarzenegger managed to correct the nasty commenter while praising the athletes in his video.


It’s no surprise that Schwarzenegger has a long history of supporting the Special Olympics, the event was founded by his former mother-in-law Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the actor’s 4 children with Maria Shriver have all volunteered at Special Olympics events.

From the way the star put this hateful commenter in his place, it’s clear that Schwarzenegger is a great spokesman for this event.

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Denzel Washington Tells The Truth About Hollywood And The Sacrifices Made In War

When Denzel Washington was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, he was asked about his worst job – you know, before he won an Oscar.

Before Washington was an award-winning actor, he worked as a garbage man and at a post office. He compared the jobs and admitted that he liked being a garbage man better:

“I was a garbage man… you get eight hours of work, but you can do it in three. So you can go home as soon as you finish. Post office, you get three hours of work, and you make it last eight. I did both. I liked being a garbage man better,” he said.

But, after reflecting on his own past and others’ curiosity about the work he puts into his roles, he continues:

“… people say: ‘Oh, the difficulty of making a movie.’ I’m like, listen, send your son to Iraq – that’s difficult. It’s just a movie….Your son got shot in the face? That’s difficult.”

In a world where it can be easy for celebrities to get carried away with their own fame, Washington brings it back down to reality and takes this opportunity to offer us all a little perspective:

“Making a movie is a luxury; it’s a gift. It’s an opportunity, and most importantly, it’s a gift. Obviously, everybody here is talented enough to do that, but don’t get it twisted. It’s just a movie. It ain’t that big a deal.”

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94-Year-Old Woman Has Dedicated 44 Years Of Her Life To McDonald’s ‘Friends’

Loraine Maurer started working for McDonald’s in 1973 and has been a loyal employee ever since.

The 94-year-old customer service savant has worked at a variety of locations in Evansville, Indiana in her 44-year career. Although she loves the food, it’s not what keeps her clocking in every day.

“If you don’t like your job, it’s a job, but I love it,” she tells PEOPLE. “The people, the clientele, that’s why I stuck with it.”

It’s no surprise that her customers have become a kind of extended family. After 44 years of serving the community, you can’t help but become an important part of people’s lives:

“I know what goes on with them,” she says, ” I know some of their children. Some ask me to say a prayer and I do, I know their lives.

Dozens of people stopped by the restaurant to celebrate Loraine’s long service. ““After all these years, she remains committed to serving her customers with one of the most delightful smiles around,” said Chip and Katie Kenworthy, owners of the McDonald’s store Mauer works at.

Mauer, a mother of four, eats McDonald’s for every shift since she started in ’73. Staff even deliver it to her home on days she can’t come into work.

Although she loves the food, she loves her customers more:

“My customers make my life,” she says. “I have traveled with them, gone to ball games with them. They’re friends, not just customers.”

Miss Loraine, you could offer a master class in customer service – job well done!

Three Best Friends Don’t See Much Of Each Other After One Moves Away, But What She Did When They Met Up Brought The Others To Tears

This is a story of true love and absolute kindness. When your best friend moves away, it can be hard to stay as connected as you were when you both lived in the same city.

When 21-year-old Heidi Paat moved away to Riverside, California to attend college, she left behind her two best friends, Vanessa Mendoza and Norma Bates. The other girls stayed in Montclair, California, which meant they didn’t spend as much time together as they used to.

It was especially difficult when Mendoza and Bates both lost a parent. Although Paat couldn’t be there, she never stopped thinking about her best friends.

So, when she came home to celebrate their belated birthdays, she presented the girls with two very special gifts:

Heidi Paat

“I thought something that they’d love could be something related to their parents because I know how much they miss them,” she told BuzzFeed News.

Paat arranged to get recordings of Bate’s late mother and Mendoza’s late father. She installed them into Build-A-Bears for each woman and saved the gifts for last.

When Bates and Mendoza (the green hat) realized what they were listening to, they were speechless.

The recording of Bates’ late mother was her singing “Happy Birthday” and the clip of Mendoza’s dad is telling her how pretty she looks.

Watch the emotional video below:

Heidi Paat

What an incredible friend! They’re lucky to have eachother!

[Source: Buzzfeed]

John Cena Made A Young Fan’s Dream Come True

Lots of young kids look up to John Cena, but 12-year-old Payton Marion has more reasons than most to idolize the world-champion professional wrestler.

Payton is living with cerebral palsy, and has to do physical therapy to keep his muscles strong. This is a lot of hard work for someone so young, and to get through it Payton lives by Cena’s motto: never give up.

Thanks to his father, Payton had a moment he will never forget this weekend when he actually got to meet his hero in person. With help from another wrestler, AJ Styles, Payton’s dad Justin was able to arrange this heartwarming moment backstage at a recent show.

Payton and his dad were both very grateful that Cena took the time to greet them, especially because he hadn’t been asked beforehand and he had wrestled in a match earlier that night.

“It means a lot to these kids that they take time out of their day to meet with them,” Justin told WJHL, “especially after he had just got done with a big event, and I’m sure he was tired.”

Then again, Cena is known for being generous with his time. He actually holds the record for the most Make-A-Wishes granted by a celebrity, personally meeting with more than 500 children with terminal diseases.