Bride Unites 4 Generations By Modeling Her Family’s Vintage Wedding Dresses (Photos)

Every bride needs 5 things to make sure her special day goes just as planned: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and finally – the hardest one to find – the perfect wedding dress.

Colleen Dejno, a 33-year-old museum worker from Minneapolis, found the perfect “something old” to include in her ceremony, and she has the remarkable photos to prove it. In a photo shoot at the historic Semple Mansion, she modeled 4 of her family’s vintage dresses that have been passed down through the years.

In these photos from photographer Jeannine Pohl of Jeannine Marie Photography, you can watch 100 years of wedding style change before your eyes.


This dress was the “cornerstone” of Dejno’s project, and was tracked down by her mom while she was researching their family’s history. It was handmade by her great-grandmother Mary Lethert, and it still looks great. Although Dejno says the lace gown was very fragile, she was “honored” to wear it.


Just as elegant but a little more modern is her grandmother’s satin dress from just after World War 2. To get the look just right for her photos, Dejno wore wigs to match her relatives’ vintage haircuts.

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Even witth the puffy sleeves and buttons down the front, Dejno still likes her mom’s “trippy” ’70s dress.

“When I put her dress on, it was weird because everyone felt like they were in a time warp and looking at my mom!”

As a way to include her new family, Dejno also modeled her new mother-in-law’s dress, which includes a cape, tiara and lace sleeves.


While photos of the other dresses were on display at her ceremony, Dejno showed up to her own wedding in a off-the-shoulder designer gown that made her feel “like a princess.”

She plans to save the photos and dresses in case she has a daughter who wants to carry on the tradition, but worries that “she will think I’m a lame mom.” We sure hope not!

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10-Year-Old Best Man Stole The Show At His Dad’s Wedding

It’s always really cute when parents let children get involved in their wedding, but 10-year-old Jaydon Rabatin defied even his dad’s biggest expectations.

Kevin and Briana Rabatin

Jaydon’s dad Kevin picked him for the honor of being the best man at his wedding earlier this month. Jaydon was nearby as his new stepmom Briana and his dad said their “I dos” in front of their 65 guests. But the couple from Wilmington, Delaware had no idea what Jaydon was planning for the reception.

Kevin and Briana Rabatin

Of course, the 10-year-old was expected to deliver the traditional best man speech. But before he was handed the microphone, Kevin had no idea what was in store. It turns out the youngster had spent days practicing a hilarious speech.

“The day has come that this man is getting married,” he began. “I’m not too sure how I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong. I love Brie. Isn’t she the most beautiful bride? But this means I’m losing my bachelor buddy. We go waaaaay back. It’s like I have known him since the first breath I took.”

The crowd was already delighted, but Jaydon had even more in store for them.

In the video, which has already been seen thousands of times, it’s clear that Kevin and Briana’s guests are totally impressed by Jaydon’s unforgettable speech.

The greatest best man speech ever…. #prouddad. #doinitlikerabatins
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Posted by Kevin Rabatin on Sunday, November 12, 2017

“Without Brie, I don’t think we would ever have clean underwear or socks,” he joked, before wishing the newlyweds “nothing but true happiness together.”

“I look forward to watching you two grow old together. We have many new memories and adventures to make together, and I truly look forward to it.”

He also thanked his new stepmom for making his father so happy, because “There is nothing more important as a son than to see my dad happy.”

Kevin and Briana Rabatin

After hearing the speech, Kevin admits that he had been worried about how the pressure would affect Jaydon. “I figured he’d be nervous and stumbling over it, but he did great. I was nervous for him. There was a lot of people there and everyone’s staring at him.”

And Briana says that her new stepson’s speech “just made my heart melt.” She says that during the ceremony she vowed to love and protect Jaydon as if he was her own son. “I was very proud of him for that. I thought it was awesome.”

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Bride’s Toxic Decorations Send Her To The Emergency Room On Her Wedding Day

A thrifty bride from Lincoln, Nebraska wound up paying dearly because of her choice of DIY wedding decorations.

Christine Miller and her new husband Jon recently purchased a gorgeous 29-acre plot of land, and the crafty bride decided to incorporate her homestead into their wedding. In the past, she had picked a beautiful white flower from the hills near her house, and decided to use them to decorate the ceremony.

The bride with her bouquet. Notice the floral arrangement in the background.Christine Miller

Christine and her bridesmaids filled a pickup truck bed with the white flowers, and the happy bride spent that night before her wedding making dozens of centerpieces, flower crowns, corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral arrangements with her mother.

But when she woke up the next morning, Christine made the tragic decision to wash her face with her hands. In just a few hours, her face was painfully swollen, with red and bumpy eyes. Christine says that her skin felt like sandpaper, and none of the allergy medication she took did anything.

Christine Miller

Despite the painful reaction (and the missing wedding rings, which were forgotten in all the chaos), the young bride went through with her ceremony that afternoon, holding a bouquet of those white flowers. The pastor tried to rush through the vows, because it was painful for Christine to even blink.

But that was just the start of the bride’s disastrous wedding day.

As soon as the ceremony was over, Christine and her husband Jon rushed to the emergency room.

Jon and Christine in the emergency room.Christine Miller

It turned out the white flower she had picked was snow-on-the-mountain, a toxic plant which is known to kill cows if they eat too much of it. Luckily, Christine’s reaction wasn’t that bad. After getting a steroid shot, eye drops and pain medications, the couple headed back to their reception, just three and a half hours late.

Despite the pain and discomfort, the new couple are choosing to stay positive about their chaotic wedding day. “It’s a fun story to tell, ” Christine told the Omaha World-Herald. “We spent more time together than we would have on our wedding day. In the ER, but still.”

Christine, Jon, and their niece share their first dance.Jenny Wiese

And in the end, the young couple learned an important lesson about what really matters in life. Christine couldn’t bring herself to keep wearing her wedding dress at the reception, so Jon found her comfy PJs with “Bride” on the shirt from Target.

“He’s always been like that,’’ she said. “I can see how hard he works in keeping me happy every single day.” And she hopes other brides will take a lesson from her experience.

The couple posed for wedding photos after Christine recovered from the reaction.Rocking J. Imaging

“Focus on the big picture,’’ she said. “It’s so hard to do that when you’re trying to compare your wedding to other people. You are literally getting married. We make it such a big deal in all the wrong areas.”

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Toxic Flowers Ruined Her Dream Wedding – But Her “I Do Re-Do” Was Magical

Sometimes a story is just so terrible, all you can do is laugh.

Christine Miller’s wedding is a perfect example.

The unlucky bride made headlines around the world after she spent her wedding day in the E.R because of her homemade bouquet.

Luckily, a TV host just gave her the perfect wedding day do-over.

The thrifty bride from Nebraska had made her own wedding decorations, table ornaments, and bouquet using flowers found on her own property.

Too bad those pretty white flowers were lily of the valley, a toxic plant which has been known to kill cows in large doses.

Miller and her fiance Jon at the E.R.Christine Miller

After spending hours making decorations from the plants, Miller rubbed the sap on her face and broke out in an immediate, painful rash.

“Within 15 minutes there was a rash on my face and it started to spread down my neck and arms,” she told People about the incident.

But Miller still insisted to her fiance Jon that the show must go on.

The bride says makeup was dripping down her face because her swollen eyes couldn’t stop watering.

After rushing through the ceremony, Jon and Christine stopped by the emergency room for a shot and some pills, then headed to their reception.

Doctors say Miller was lucky not to get permanent eye damage from the mishap.

But after such a nightmarish wedding day, the couple got some good news from Steve Harvey.

Harvey heard about the couple’s tragic but funny wedding story, and invited them on his talk show Steve.

“I had just never heard of a wedding where the bride had to be rushed to the emergency room for having an allergic reaction to her bouquet,” the host told People.

“I really felt like they deserved another opportunity to celebrate and what better place to make it happen than Disney.”

Miller arrives at her ceremony in Disney World.Todd Anderson – Disney

That’s right, Harvey arranged for the couple to take a second shot at their dream wedding.

This time the ceremony was in Walt Disney World – and there were no poisonous flowers.

To make up for the couple’s disastrous wedding day, Harvey pulled out all the stops.

Miller was gifted a new wedding dress from Demetrios Bridal New York, and the couple arrived at their ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage.

“I ended up crying during the ceremony,” Miller confessed, “and I don’t usually cry.”

This couple’s unique love story proves life isn’t always a bed of roses, but it’s not always a toxic bouquet either.

Was your wedding day as bad as Miller’s? Let us know any disastrous stories about your big day!

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Woman Poses For Glamorous Maternity Photo Shoot, Unknown To What Her Boyfriend Has In Store

When I was pregnant with my son, I wanted to document every second of being with child. While it seems unnecessary now, I was adamant that I wanted to cherish each moment forever.

I took hundreds of pictures of my baby bump and updated all my family and friends as time went on.

When I was about seven months pregnant, my husband and I planned to get professional maternity photos taken. These pictures are treasured by us, and plenty of other couples feel the same way.

These images hold sentimental value, where both parents and children can look back and see where the journey of life all began.

Some people go beyond just taking snapshots, and film their experience, like YouTube vloggers Rich and Jazzy.

They film their adventures of raising their young daughter, Reign, and share their trials and tribulations of everyday life with the public.

With nearly 30,000 subscribers, viewers have been a part of every major event of the couple’s lives, including when Rich planned a surprise marriage proposal.

The adorable couple had been together for more than eight years when Rich decided to pop the question.

Nearly nine months pregnant, Jazzy decided to have a maternity photo shoot, but unbeknownst to his soon-to-be fiancee, Rich had planned to combine the event with a surprise proposal.

“So, Jasmine’s in there [getting her makeup done…] She thinks that we’re going for a maternity shoot. But, in fact, this is much bigger than that. This is actually an engagement shoot,” Rich said in the video.

“I’ve had her ring, and I’ve been trying to think of how I can give it to her, because she claims, for years now, she’s going to see it coming a mile away,” he added. “She’s going to know when I’m about to propose, and it won’t be a surprise… But I’m thinking she’s going to be pretty surprised.”

Dressed in a gorgeous open gown and dapper suit, the couple brought their toddler along to get their pictures taken in front of a waterfall.

After the family took a few snapshots, the photographers – who were in on Rich’s plan – asked Jazzy to turn around. She did so without question, not knowing the biggest surprise of her life was only a few seconds away.

When Jazzy turned around, she was stunned to see the love of her live bending on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring pointing back at her.

No doubt, Jazzy was completely stunned to see Rich finally pop the question, and remained in disbelief for an unbelievable 30 seconds before she gleefully accepted.

Fans were thrilled that the two finally got engaged and commented on the couple’s video, sending them their well-wishes.

“This is so beautiful. Jaz you looking stunning girl. Again congratulations on the proposal wish yall many blessings on blessings 💙😁,” one person wrote.

“Congratulations Jazz and Rich of your engagement and baby number 2! #weddingbliss#stayinloveforever Once again congrats and God bless you and your family and be with you,” someone else added.

“Can I like this a million times?! Darn it who is cutting onions near me!! My eyes are dripping!! That was so beautiful. I love the element of surprise. Rich you did a great job. I am so happy for the two of you. You two deserve all the happiness! Thank you for sharing. ❤❤❤,” another person wrote.

While the video clearly showcased Rich and Jazzy’s undying love for one another, people were wondering what happened after the eventful day.

Well, since their cameras are never turned off, it would only be a matter of time until viewers found out what the couple’s next development in their relationship would be.

It was only a little over a week after Rich and Jazzy posted their engagement video when they welcomed their second daughter, Royce, into the world on July 15 2017.

The adorable bundle of joy was a part of her parents’s big day when they tied the knot on Boxing Day of the same year. They spent their honeymoon in the Bahamas, and continue to share their daily lives with their fans to this day.

While the couple have an adorable engagement story, Jazzy’s not the only one who received such an unanticipated surprise.

While it’s always a joyous occasion when two couples decide to spend the rest of their lives together, it’s exciting to hear when these proposals involve our favorite stars.

One of the most recent celebrities to pledge their eternal love for their partner is fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who proposed in quite possible the best way possible.

Marc Jacobs decided to pop the question to his longtime partner, Char Defrancesco, with a surprise flash mob at Chipotle, a Mexican fast-food chain restaurant.

The dancers strutted their stuff to Prince’s song “Kiss,” before Jacobs bent down on one knee and asked Defrancesco to spend the rest of his life with him.

“Of course, the stunned entrepreneur accepted and Jacobs posted the video and captioned it: And this happened…”Charly Defrancesco will you marry me”? #flashmobatchipotle#moves THANK YOU everyone for making this happen video @plural_nyc@laurengerrie@seandon212@1.800.newbold And to my Ride or Die fiancé @chardefrancesco I LOVE YOU❤️.”

Another incredibly swoon-worthy proposal comes from Joe Manganiello who asked the one and only Sofia Vergara to be his wife on Christmas Day 2014. He planned the day out to perfection, and surprised her asking for her hand in marriage in Spanish.

“I had a big speech in Spanish, and that’s what I was nervous about,” Manganiello said in an interview on Live! with Kelly and Michael. “The last thing you want to do is like mess up the Spanish on the proposal to the Colombian woman.”

“You only get one chance to do it, and if you’re gonna do it, you gotta do it right, so there’s a lot of planning that goes into it,” the Magic Mike star added.

The pair tied the knot on November 22, 2015 at The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida, in front of all their family and friends, including Reese Witherspoon, Channing Tatum, and her Modern Family co-stars.

On October 23, 2017, John Stamos announced he was set to wed his girlfriend of one year, actress Caitlin McHugh.

The Fuller House star planned one of the most memorable proposals by popping the question to his Disney-obsessed girlfriend at the happiest place on earth.

“[Disney CEO Bob Iger] happened to email me a month or so ago, and it was like, the funniest email early in the morning. It was like, ‘Hey! I follow you and Caitlin on Instagram. She’s really a Disney geek, isn’t she?'” Stamos said in an interview with PEOPLE.

“He helped me cut together a little movie of all the most romantic moments of the Disney and Pixar Animation. It was pretty special,” Stamos continued, adding the video ended with a Little Mermaid display insisting that Stamos “just ask the girl.”

The couple got married on February 1, 2018 at Little Brown Church and held their reception at in the backyard of Stamo’s home in Beverly Hills. The happy couple also announced they are expecting their first child this spring.

“My wife is sort of resting a lot right now. It’s getting close. I wake up and I’m a servant to her basically,” Stamos told Us Weekly. “She eats like a horse! She loves to eat but she’s so skinny too. She’s handling pregnancy in the most graceful way that I could’ve imagined.”

“It’s just beautiful. It’s beautiful to watch. She just kind of floats through each day. She wakes up smiling. It’s just been so beautiful, all of it! he added.

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High School Sweethearts Made A “Marriage Pact” – Almost Four Decades Later It Paid Off

When I said that I loved you, I meant that I loved you forever.

Those classic lyrics inspired countless high school couples to make REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You” their song.

But not many of those couples stood the test of time like Kimberley Dean and Ron Palmer. And almost no one has a love story quite like theirs.

Because not only did these two lovebirds make a promise to each other straight out of a Hollywood romance, but they kept it after almost four decades.

Marriage Pact
CBS News

Dean and Palmer first met at St. Agnes High School in their hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota, and they shared an instant connection.

“I would watch him come down the stairs when the high school kids were changing classes and we would wave at each other,” Dean remembered.

“We ended up taking a picture together and, by fall of the following school year, when I was a freshman and he was a senior, we were dating.”

Marriage Pact
NBC News

But while the couple enjoyed trips to the state fair and watching fireworks together, they were just not meant to be. Palmer had something other than commitment on his teenage mind.

“I thought at that young age, girls were a dime a dozen and I could get along with anybody — so we broke up,” he said.

“After high school, I wanted to go sow my oats.”

But despite the breakup, the couple say they always stayed involved in each other’s lives, and Palmer even considered asking Dean for a second chance.

“Once you hit 50, if we’re both single, maybe we should try this again.”

Marriage pact
Palmer holds up a note he passed to Dean in high school.NY Post

“By the time I felt like maybe we should give it a try again, she had met somebody else and got married,” he remembered, “and then I went off and got married.”

They both wound up divorcing their spouses, but not before Dean had a pair of children with her first husband.

Throughout the years, after every breakup, the pair would call each other looking for advice and consolation.

Which is how an offhand joke helped them reunite for good.

Marriage Pact
Palmer and Dean visit their old high school.NY Post

Palmer was telling Dean that he had benefits from his job, but no one to leave them to. “Just leave it to me,” she teased.

They wound up making a pact there and then, “Once you hit 50,” Palmer said, “if we’re both single, maybe we should try this again.”

Throughout the years, even when they weren’t dating, Palmer and Dean shared an incredible bond.

Marriage Pact
NY Post

He kept sending Mother’s Day gifts to her mom, and he was the person she called to lift a dead hamster out of her son’s cage.

“We always clicked,” Dean explained.

“That’s the kind of friendship we have. ‘If you need something, I’m there for you.’ It’s always been that way for us.”

In 2016, their roundabout romance brought them back together, but this time the relationship stuck.

Marriage Pact
Kimberley Dean

“We were both single at the time and we were just fed up with dating and all the craziness that goes with that,” Dean said.

Dean asked if Palmer’s offer was still on the table. He said it was “a big risk” to start dating again, because it could end their decades-long friendship. But he took the chance.

Last New Year’s eve, the 37-year promise finally paid off, as Palmer (finally) proposed and Dean said yes.

“People who are meant to be together will always find each other. It may take 37 years, but it can happen.”

Marriage pact
Kimberley Dean

The pair tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony by a waterfall, with Dean’s son walking her down the aisle and her daughter as her bridesmaid.

He was 54, she was 51, and everything went according to the plan they made decades ago.

In a sweet throwback to their high school days, the couple shared their first dance to their song, “Keep On Loving You.”

“The day was beautiful; the weather was gorgeous. We were surrounded by friends and family,” Dean said.

“It was overwhelmingly breathtaking and so full of happiness.”

Marriage Pact
Kimberley Dean

She says that plenty of guests asked, “What took so long?!” including her own daughter, Kayla.

“It felt like it was supposed to happen, like it was meant to be,” Kayla told the Star Tribune.

“People who are meant to be together will always find each other. It may take 37 years, but it can happen.”

As for the happy couple, their only regret is that they actually waited until they were in their 50s to get together.

“We waited a long time to finally get to this point. Everything you go through to get to here was worth it,” Dean said. “I just wish it could have been a little earlier.”

This couple’s forbidden love story got a happy ending when they reunited after 50 years.

And these 10 pairs of happily married celebrities dish on what keeps their love strong.

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10 Child Stars Who Got Married Before They Could Even Drink

Most of the world sees children aged between 13 to 18 as teenagers.

And when most of us think of teenagers, we still think of kids. They’re at the awkward transition of becoming an adult, but in no way would we consider them one.

Every now and then you hear about teens getting pregnant, but you’ll rarely hear about them getting married.

However, In many American states it’s legal to get married before the age of 18, and some child stars took advantage of that. Unfortunately, that teenage dream didn’t last for long.

Here are 10 child stars who got married way too young.

Culkin and Rachel Miner tied the knot in 1998 when they were both 18 years old.

These two child stars separated in 2000 and divorced two years after that.

Demi Guynes, now famously known as Demi Moore, married 29-year-old musician Freddy Moore in 1980 when she was just 18 years old.

They divorced five years later, but Demi never changed her last name.

If you’re a hardcore Marilyn Monroe fan, you know that she had a rough upbringing.

When she turned 16 years old, she married her family friend, James Doughtery, to avoid being sent to another orphanage.

They were married for almost five years.

“I never knew Marilyn Monroe, and I don’t claim to have any insights to her to this day,” Doughtery told United Press International in 1990. “I knew and loved Norma Jean.”

(Norma Jean was Monroe’s given name).

This child star has always been quite the rebel.

She got engaged at the age of 16 to Leland Hayward, but they broke up before they had the chance to say their “I dos.”

Then in 1994, a month after her 19th birthday, Drew married 31-year-old LA bar owner Jeremy Thomas.

So, she almost got married at 18! We’ll never know if she did that on purpose.

She filed for divorce less than two months later, and it took her more than five years to tie the knot again.

The American reality show contestant can definitely be classified as a child bride when she married 51-year-old Dough Hutchison in 2011.

Stodden was only 16 years old at the time.

The couple are well-known for their marital troubles, and in March 2018, Stodden reportedly filed for divorce.

The Believe singer married 29-year-old Sonny Bono when she was only 18 years old.

They tied the knot in 1964, had one child six years later, and divorced in 1975.

Soon after their divorce, Cher fell in love with singer-songwriter Gregg Allman.

The classical Hollywood actress married Hilton hotel heir Conrad Hilton Jr. when she was only 18 years old.

The two were absolutely stunning together, but after a year of dealing with her husband’s gambling, drinking, and abusive behavior, Taylor had to call it quits.

They divorced eights months later.

Michael Jackson’s sister, Janet, married 21-year-old singer James DeBarge when she was 18 years old.

They secretly eloped in 1984, and a year later, Jackson got an annulment.

Whos Dated Who / Black Celebrity Kids

Beyonce’s little sister, Solange, married her high school sweetheart in 2004 when she was only 17 years old.

Daniel Smith was also 17, and the couple gave birth to their first child a year after they got married.

They filed for divorce in 2007.

The country singer married 22-year-old Dean Sheremet when she was only 17 years old.

The two met when Rimes hired the dancer on her tour. They fell in love instantly and wed in 2002.

Then they fell out of love in 2010. Rimes married actor Eddie Cibrian a year later.

[H/T: Fox News / Elle]

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