We Bought A Zoo? Owner Lists Ten Acre Zoo For Sale On Craigslist – Lions Included

Listed as a “great business opportunity for someone who loves animals” the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Zoological Park is available for $350,000 on Craigslist.

Not only will the lucky buyer get 10 acres of ‘well maintained USDA Compliant Zoo’ land, but they’ll also become the proud new owners of over 90 exotic animals including a White Tiger, Bengal Tiger, African Lion, Patas monkeys, bob cats, baboons, wolves, a black bear, a sloth and more!

According to the Ocala Star Banner, the park in Crestview, Florida was acquired by the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge in 2013. Prior to that, it had fallen onto hard times and badly needed massive improvements.

Now that the park is running in top shape, the Refuge is looking for the right owner to keep it going.

The initial mission was only to rescue the animals and keeping the zoo open to the public was not part of the plan. In addition to all of the animals, the staff of zookeepers will remain with the property.

Bill Andersen, president and chairman of the Refuge’s board of directors, tells the Ocala Star Banner that he hopes the City of Crestview and Okaloosa County would take over the zoo, but he’s willing to sell it to the right animal lover with the financial means to keep it going.

So, want to buy a zoo?

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Family Watches In Horror As Their Son Is Impaled By A Half-Ton Fish [Video]

Fishing trips are supposed to be a fun time for family, but when the Schultz Family went deep sea fishing in Panama their trip was anything but relaxing.

The Schultz family went fishing in the beautiful waters of Pinas Bay, Panama. Bob Schultz, his son Steven and daughter Alison wanted to try to reel in a marlin, commonly known as a swordfish (although that’s technically not accurate.)

It became a classic case of “be careful what you wish for.”

Bob and Steve
Daily Mail

After a couple hours on the water, Steven felt a big tug on his line. He knew from that first pull that he had a marlin on the hook. He immediately began to reel in and his suspicions were confirmed with the first majestic jump of the giant fish.

Marlins can way up to a 1000 pounds and are recognizable by their 3-foot spear of a nose. In the wild they use the nose to fend off sharks, but it can be just as deadly for unlucky humans.

As Steven continued to reel in the family got more and more nervous. With a great final leap the marlin threw itself at the boat. Bob lunged to get in between the huge fish and his daughter. The marlin turned at the last minute, aiming its sharp bill directly at Steven.

Animal Planet

The family could only look on in horror as the marlin impaled Steven’s face, and it was all caught on video. Steven’s lucky to have survived the incident, but hearing the family’s account is chilling.

Take a look:

After Being ‘Extinct’ for 50 Years, Researchers Discovered This

After disappearing for more than half a century, it now appears that these creatures are thriving in the New Guinea highlands nearly 3700-4600 meters above sea level.

These remote locations are now home to the rarest, most ancient candid in the world today.

“It is our best example of a proto-canid and is truly a living fossil,” according to the New Guinea Highlands Wild Dog Foundation.

Daily Mail

After spotting canine paw-prints in the mud during an expectation last fall, researchers set up trail cameras and bait throughout the region to confirm their suspicions.

Days later, they were able to capture definitive proof of what appears to be a healthy population of the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog.

Daily Mail

Research has now documented the presence of at least 15 individuals including a pregnant female and pups.

These animals are similar to the New Guinea Singing Dog and the Australian Dingo, and researchers say the discovery is an “incredible opportunity for science”.


“It is the apex predator of New Guinea and the most important canid in existence,” writes New Guinea Highlands Wild Dog Foundation. “The HWD is the missing link species between the first early canids and the modern domestic dogs.”

Just Like Dad: Robert Irwin Brings Special Guests To Meet Jimmy Fallon

Thirteen-year-old Robert Irwin made his second appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and there is no mistaking that he is his father’s son.

Not only is Robert the spitting image of the late Steve Irwin, but he also inherited the crocodile hunter’s charm and love for nature and animals.

Jimmy reminded us of this by sharing a side-by-side photo of Robert and Steve after audiences noticed the striking similarity following his previous visit.

“A lot of the viewers said you look like your dad. You’re a spitting image. He’d be so proud,” said Jimmy.

The show got even more interesting after Jimmy revealed Robert brought along some interesting and cute animals.

Robert brought out a variety of animals including a terrifying dictator scorpion, snake-like legless lizards and adorable black bear cubs. Jimmy’s comical reactions definitely didn’t disappoint as Robert urged him to play with the creatures.

Watch Robert introduce some wild guests to a squirmy Jimmy and share some interesting facts about them.

Man Annoys Lion On Safari, Gets An Instant Dose Of Karma

The King of the Jungle doesn’t need to take anyone’s crap – remember that if you’re ever on safari.

In The Jungle

A lion at the Gir Forest National Park in India was being tailed by a man in a car one morning, when he finally decided he’d had enough.

The lion turns around giving his best “what do you want” face as the man inside the car films with his window rolled down.

The man quickly found out why the lion has such a fearsome reputation.

His reaction once his window is rolled up is priceless; safe to say he learned a lesson!

Watch it unfold here

On Safari

The Gir National Forest has daily safaris and is a hot spot for tourists. They advertise jeep safaris that bring you as close to Asiatic lions as possible, and they certainly delivered on this one.

If you’re looking to see a lion up close and personal you could go on a safari for less than $200, of course you’d need to get to India first.

Just a tip though, maybe don’t bother the lions.

Photographer’s “Photo Ark” Captures One Of Every Zoo Animal – And The Pictures Are Stunning

As a photographer, Joel Sartore traveled all over the world taking pictures for outlets like National Geographic, but he wanted to really accomplish something with his work.

While taking pictures of the animals at his local zoo, Sartore had an idea: by taking a portrait of every animal in captivity, he could make a modern “Noah’s ark” that would preserve them forever.

It’s a huge project, but since 2007 Joel has photographed more than half of the 12,000 species in captivity. He hopes the stunning pictures he takes will inspire people to do more to help protect endangered species.

Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore

Click the next page to see more of Joel’s amazing photos!

Joel’s photos are already the last record of some of the species he shot, since he captured them just before they went extinct.

He also has to put up with a lot of uncooperative animals to get these shots just right. You know what they say about working with animals and children!

The photographer even admits he once squealed like a pig to get a distracted arctic fox to look at him. A little embarrassing, but the results are incredible!

Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore

Click to the next page to see some more of Joel’s best shots!

It’s sad to say, but in a few decades these zoos might be the only place to see some of these wild animals. More and more species are threatened with extinction, and there’s no telling how many will last.

Thankfully there are lots of caring people, including Joel, looking out for these poor creatures.

That’s why these photos are so important: none of us will get the chance to see this many species up close, but Joel brings them to us with his pictures, helping people learn to appreciate wildlife before it’s too late!

Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore

To learn more about The Photo Ark or to donate and support Joel, visit the project’s website.

All photos copyright Joel Sartore and National Geographic The Photo Ark.

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Viral Video Of This ‘Alien Creature’ Captured On Video Is Seriously Creeping People Out

This video of a Hercules beetle pupa is seriously freaking people out. The incredible footage was shared by Ziya Tong, the host of a Canadian nature program, Daily Planet.

The largest of the rhinoceros’ beetle and third largest of all beetles, the Hercules Beetle can grow to be up to 6.7 inches long.

It’s powerful pincers can sometimes grow to be even longer than its body!

Experts say that the beetle spends up to 27 days incubating in it’s cocoon. After that, there are three periods of molting, where it sheds its casing.

Although they don’t live long (about two years), they certainly make the most of what little time they’ve got.

The males of these powerful beetles fight to the death for their mates. Using their deadly pincers, they try to grab onto each other. Once in their enemy’s grasp, the loser is flown up high into the air and released – they plummet to the ground and typically die from a broken back.

Within 24 hours of being posted on Twitter, it’s been re-tweeted over 3,000 times. See for yourself below!

These People Weren’t Expecting The Visitor That Showed Up On Their Doorstep

When you open your door in the morning to go to work, what’s the most likely thing you’re going to see? Your street, your neighbors, maybe a paper or flyers on your doorstep.

These people found something quite different waiting for them outside their door. No, it wasn’t a stray cat or dog looking for scraps of food.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) was notified in the early morning on April 25 that an unexpected visitor had showed up at the Royal Esplanade Apartments in Redcar. When they investigated, they found a baby seal pup at the doorstep of one of the apartments.

It’s not known how the seal made it all the way from the ocean, across the streets, and up a flight of stairs, but rescuers suspected he was seeking shelter from the previous night’s storm.

North News

The confused but adorable seal sparked a rescue effort to bring him back to his home in the sea.

“While we were assembling to carry out a lifeboat changeover this morning, one of our crew was alerted to a seal sheltering in the doorway of the Royal Apartments on the sea front,” Redcar RNLI wrote on Facebook.

When they arrived on the scene, they had no crate to transport the seal. Luckily, one of the off duty coastguards owned a pet shop and showed up with just the thing.

North News

“Having alerted the rescue service we were working out how to get the pup back to the water when an off-duty coastguard officer who runs a local pet shop drove past in a van. And in the van was a dog cage,” RNLI wrote on Facebook.

After the team encouraged the little guy into a dog cage, they brought him to the shore, where he eagerly took off towards the lapping waves.

North News

“A bit of cautious coaxing got the seal into the cage and it was soon reunited with the North Sea,” said a RNLI spokesperson.

Watch the video of the adventurous baby seal returning to the ocean:

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Baby Elephant Tossed When A Giant Bully Scoops Him Up and Throws Him Out of The Way

Teenagers are not the only ones that experience bullying. It happens in the animal kingdom too. While on safari, someone captured the footage of a baby elephant being thrown in the air by an aggressive bull.

The calf was filmed being shoved by a bull elephant’s trunk before the impatient male loses his temper and throws the 200-pound baby into the air.

The baby can be heard screaming in alarm as he thuds to the ground beside the grown elephant.

The bull then helps the baby get up before deciding he still is in the way and shoves him some more.

Eventually the baby’s mother comes by to make sure her baby is okay.

The bull then chases her, leaving the poor baby elephant alone among the heard of huge animals.

Watch the full video here:

The footage was taken by tourists at the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

There’s Something Disturbing About This Picture, And It’s Not The Needles

There’s an epidemic sweeping North America and it’s claiming thousands of lives.

The fentanyl crisis seems to grow every single day, whether it’s through accidental overdoses or intentionally using this fatal drug.

Fentanyl is a synthetic drug 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. It’s been laced into other street drugs which is causing too many unnecessary deaths, especially among teenagers.

A sad image was posted by Superintendent Michelle Davey of the Vancouver Police Department in Canada, and it’s gaining attention all over the continent.

The image Davey posted shows how it’s not just humans being affected by this drug epidemic.

That’s right. A bird is using discarded needles as a nest, and it’s heart-breaking.

In Vancouver alone there have been 126 overdose deaths this year, and almost 1,000 in British Columbia.

Thought Supt. Davey admits there’s no way to prove that someone else didn’t plant those eggs there, it’s still a gut-wrenching image showing the true gravity of the situation.

A Woman Adopted This Aardvark, Says It’s “Just One Of The Dogs” Now

When a truck driver from Namibia found this alien-looking creature leaning against one of his tires, he did everything he could to help it.

After searching for the animal’s mother, he found that she had either died or abandoned her baby. With no other choice, the driver loaded the animal into his car and drove it to the Zuri Orphanage, a shelter for orphaned and injured wild animals.

There, veterinarian Erika de Jager adopted the creature herself, and named it Gertie. It turns out Gertie is an aardvark, a shy animal that lives in burrows underground. But after being adopted by Erika – and her 8 pet dogs – Gertie seems convinced that she’s a Jack Russell terrier.

After treating Gertie for dehydration and malnutrition, Erika introduced her to Zuri Orphanage’s dogs, and she quickly became part of the pack.

Two Jack Russells, Krummel and Zetter, became especially close with the baby aardvark.

“Sometimes dogs have a strong matherly instinct and wil look after babies,” Erika told The Dodo.

“I suspect Krummel is like this.”

While Gertie may think she’s a dog, Erika spoils her like a baby human, even letting this elephant-nosed rat cuddle up in bed with her every night.

Erika tries to rehabilitate the animals at Zuri and release them back into the wild, but that could be difficult with Gertie, who’s gotten used to the comforts of life at home.

Instead, Erika plans to build a special “semi-free” pen for the aardvark, so she can burrow and live outside, but still stay close to her adoptive family.

I’ll admit that after seeing these adorable photos I’m dying to adopt an aardvark, but I’m worried about how those burrows will make my lawn look!

You can donate to Zuri Orphanage or follow them on Facebook.

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Scientists Caught This Deer Doing Something So Gruesome, They Had To Watch The Video A Second Time

Warning: Some people might find the photos below disturbing.

What forensic scientists accidentally discovered about deer during an experiment has left many people baffled and slightly horrified.

Forensic scientists at the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility (FARF) in San Marcos, Texas left a body in the facility’s wooded area to better understand what happens during and after decomposition.

They set up motion-sensitive cameras to monitor the decomposition and any scavengers that may leave their marks on the human remains. They expected to see the usual culprits: foxes, turkey vultures, raccoons and coyotes.

But in January 2015, they witnessed a white-tailed deer standing near the skeleton, chomping on a human rib bone.

According to their findings published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, this is the first known evidence of a deer scavenging human bones.

Although it’s not the first time deer have dined outside their usual vegetarian diet, this is definitely the first time anyone has proof that they actually tamper with human remains. Deer have been seen eating fish, bats and even dead rabbits.

Popular Science reports that deer and other herbivores may occasionally consume flesh to get minerals that may not be readily available to them in the wintertime.

The discovery will help forensic scientists in future investigations that involve corpses that have been tampered with by scavengers. Now they can add deer dining to the list.

The study explains that, unlike carnivores, deer seek out dry bones of long-deceased animals. They cause the most damage to the ends of the bone, making zigzag motions with their jaws that leave a “stripped, forked pattern in the bone.”

Knowing that these marks come from deer teeth could help to solve a particularly mangled crime scene. Don’t worry though, as long as they’re well fed, the deer you meet at a petting zoo won’t chomp off a finger.

They Released 14 Wolves In a Park and No One Expected This To Happen

In 1995 the US Fish and Wildlife Service and a group of Canadian biologists completely changed the face of Yellowstone National Park with one simple action.

They introduced 14 wolves from Canada into the park, where the predator had been extinct since 1926.

The impact was greater than anyone could have imagined as the entire ecosystem of the national park was transformed.

It all started with the wolves hunting deer which helped to decrease the population and caused the remaining prey to avoid areas that they were easily hunted.

The deer’s absence meant that plants could grow again where they previously wouldn’t have.

Aspen and willow trees began to flourish and berries and bugs came along with the increased trees and bushes.

Because of this new food source, various bird species returned to the national park.

The beaver who was previously extinct to the region also returned.

Their dams then attracted otters, muskrats and various reptiles to the area.

The wolves also killed coyotes which meant the mice and rabbit populations grew.

This attracted red foxes, weasels, badgers and hawks to the park. People then also began to spot bald eagles once again.

With the increased vegetation growth, erosion started to decreased and stabilize the river banks.

Channels narrowed, more pools formed, and rivers became fixed in their course.

Not only did the wolves return restore a better balance between predator and prey, but it also help to change the park’s physical geography.

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How wolves change rivers

They released 14 wolves into a park. What happened next is a miracle that proves we must take care of our amazing planet.

Posted by Newsner.com on Thursday, May 4, 2017

These 10 Animals Are On The Fast Track To Extinction Unless We Do Something About It

For a planet that is 4.543 billion years old, Earth has been holding up very well.

However, in the last few decades, scientists have noticed a rapid increase in degradation of ecosystems and global warming caused by “greenhouse gases and releasing vast amounts of agricultural chemicals into the environment.”

Although there hasn’t been a decline in the human population, some animal species have been dying out. About 1 in 6 animal and plant species will become extinct during our lifetime.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature released their comprehensive “Red List” which names the world’s critically endangered species and it is quite alarming.

There are 5,210 animal species on the list and the organization believes that many of them have an “extremely high risk of going extinct any time soon.”

Here’s a list of 10 well-known species whose populations are dwindling at a high rate and are on the brink of extinction:

Animal Corner
The Cat House

You can see the rest of the animals that made it onto the Red List of Threatened Species here.

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After Being Trapped In A Wooden Box For Two Years, A Young Orangutan Sees The Light Of Day For The First Time

Can you imagine living for two years without seeing the light of day? That’s what happened to this young orangutan that was kept as a “pet.”

Kotap, a 4-year-old male orangutan, was discovered in a man’s yard in Indonesia in a small, barred-up cage with no light coming through. The wooden cage was only 10 square feet and the wild ape had been living in confinement without his mother for 2 years.

International Animal Rescue (IAR) were horrified at what they found upon investigation.

Baco, the man who owned the orangutan, said some villagers gave him the ape, and he kept Kotap in the wooden box because he didn’t want the orangutan to “disturb the neighbors.”

International Animal Rescue

When rescuers finally convinced Baco to hand over Kotap to them, they found the ape alone inside the wooden cage with only a plastic straw and water bottle.

International Animal Rescue

Kotap’s captor fed the primate a diet of bread, rice, uncooked instant noodles, and sugary drinks.

According to a viral video posted online, Kotap should have been under the care of older orangutans, because at his age, many are still learning basic social skills and how to climb in the jungle.  

International Animal Rescue

Because the orangutan wasn’t used to the outside world at all, rescuers were concerned about how he’d react to being outdoors.

“Kotap was very stressed by all the strangers who gathered to see him when he was taken out of the box,” said Uwi, a vet with the IAR.

“He became nervous and aggressive which is not surprising. So during the long journey back to the centre we kept people away from him so that he remained as quiet and calm as possible.”


Continue to the next page to see the video and find out what happened!

Luckily, the rescue crew got Kotap into a crate and brought him to be rehabilitated with other orangutans.

“Kotap lived a sad and solitary existence, unable to exercise or behave in any way like a wild orangutan,” said Alan Knight, Chief Executive of the IAR.

“Thankfully now he will join other rescued orangutans at our centre and be given a chance of returning to the forest where he belongs.”

Watch the video of the rescue below:

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Watch: Cyclist Catches Near-Death Encounter With A Bear On Video

Two mountain bikers from Slovakia got a more extreme experience than they expected this week, and the frightening video of their encounter is going viral.

Dušan Vinžík was biking with a friend on a mountain course in Malino Brdo when an unwelcome guest joined them on the trail.

Luckily no one was hurt, but after watching the footage Vinžík uploaded to YouTube you’ll wonder how these two didn’t have a heart attack.

After all, it’s not everyday you come face to face with a bear.

Bears are intelligent creatures, and they won’t mess around with people if they can avoid it, but in the forest anyone who gets too close is fair game, and these two bikers were lucky they didn’t become a snack.

Then again, maybe the animal just wanted to say hello and cuddle with the athletes. After all, it’s not everyday that a pair of mountain bikers go tearing through your home, so you can’t blame him for wanting to investigate.

Anytime you manage to snap a picture of a bear it’s bound to be a memorable experience, but people are obviously impressed with Vinžík’s video because it has racked up more than 4 million views in  just a few days.

What would you do in a situation like this? I wouldn’t find myself on an extreme mountain biking course in the first place, but if I was and a bear charged at me I would probably fall off my bike.

Knowing the adrenaline-junkie type, Vinžík was probably back in that bike park just days later, but you couldn’t get me back on that course if you offered me a million bucks!

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This Bear Smells Brownies And He’ll Do Anything To Get Them

You might say that this young bear was just “following his nose” when emerged from the woods of one Connecticut woman’s backyard.

The delicious smell of brownies likely drew him to the terrified woman’s back door as she baked the tasty treats in her kitchen.

To her utter surprise, the young bear was peeking through the glass hoping to find a way into taste the chocolate dessert.

He climbed up onto her porch railing to get a better angle…

Hunger makes for a clever bear, this youngster was able to slide open the screen door, but had a frustrating time with the heavy glass door.

The woman was worried about what might happen if he got in, so she called her neighbor, Bob Belfiore to come through the front and help her to scare the bear away.

In spite of banging pots and pans, shouting and even banging on the door from the inside, the bear would not budge. He wanted brownies!

The bear was so determined to enter, he tried several other doors on the house as Belfiore and his neighbor called police.

“He actually left the kitchen area and went to the second set of doors off the deck,” Belfiore told CBS News. “And I tried those and then went to the third set of doors into the living room and attempted to get into those.”

Before police could arrive, the bear gave up and wandered back into the woods.

As bears are very food motivated, experts advise residents of bear country never to leave food outside and to always keep trash out of reach.

[h/t ABC7 / The Dodo / CBSNews]

9-Foot Gator Attacks Girl While Swimming, Learns Its Lesson the Hard Way

While standing in the shallow water about 30 feet from shore, a 10-year-old girl never thought she could be in any danger while cooling off at Moss Park near Orlando.

That’s when an 8 foot 9 inch alligator clamped down on her knee sinking its teeth into her flesh.

With just moments to act, what this little girl did was truly amazing and potentially saved her life.

Julianna Ossa used strategies she learned at Gatorland to free herself from the giant animal.

“I stuck my two fingers up its nose so it couldn’t breathe — it had to be from its mouth — and he opened it, so it let my leg out,” she said.

She will pulled safety by two strangers and two lifeguards bandaged Juliana’s leg until she was able to get to the hospital.

Juliana needed more than a dozen stitches for multiple puncture wounds, but is otherwise doing okay.

Authorities captured and killed the alligator after the attack, which is common practice in this situation. According to Wildlife commission, there have been 388 alligator bites on people in Florida since 1948, including 24 fatalities.

The beach will remain closed to the public until further notice.