Cave Country Canoes is The Best Hidden Kayak Park In Indiana

Spring is officially here, which means warm weather is finally just around the corner! If you’re looking to kick off the season with a bang, you might be hoping to try out a new activity that’s both fun and challenging. If you’re ready to get wet and enjoy some killer views, check out this unique kayak park that most Hoosiers don’t realize is hiding in southern Indiana.

Cave County Canoes is an amazing kayak and canoe park that offers unforgettable kayaking adventures for the whole family. Bring your own kayak or rent one with a raised or lowered seat.
Located along the idyllic Blue River in southern Indiana, Cave County offers kayaking adventures that span anywhere from one hour to two full days.
Paddle around the Upper Section of the Blue River for an hour on the Millpond Adventure that gives you a fun dose of kayaking without any commitment.
Families looking to spend a day of fun in the sun can opt for the half day adventure, paddling for a total of 7 miles along the upper section of the river. This experience is perfect for kids and beginners.
Looking for something a little more intense? Travel 12 to 14 miles along upper and lower sections of the river while exploring amazing rapids, sand bars, hidden islands, wildlife, cave views, and much more.
For the ultimate kayak adventure, bring a tent and some supplies and head out on an epic two-day journey across the Blue River. This kayaking trip covers 19 to 21 miles of fun and allows you to camp overnight along the peaceful Blue River.
This unforgettable kayak park opens for the season on April 7th, so start planning out your perfect kayak adventure now. You can bring kids as young as 3 out on the water, as well as your favorite furry friend.
You can view the various kayak trips available online and visit Cave County Canoes at 112 West Main Street Milltown, IN, near Marengo Cave.

Have you ever been to this incredible kayak park hiding in southern Indiana? Did you get a rush from kayaking or sit back and enjoy the lull of the river in a canoe?