This Chart Makes Vegetable Gardening Super Easy

Here’s an outstanding chart that explains how to plant a large variety of vegetables to get the best results from your vegetable garden.

Gardening is a very rewarding hobby, especially vegetable gardening. The feeling of pride that you get when you harvest your beautiful vegetables is priceless! But vegetable gardening can be quite tricky. It’s not always easy to know how to plant your veggies to get the best yield. Luckily, this useful chart has all the information you need. It lists a large number of vegetables and explains everything you need to know about planting them.

It details how far apart to plant them and how deep to plant them. It also gives an indication of the most common pests for each plant vegetable and how to control them. It even tells you how many to plant if you want one serving for a family of five!

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Fall & Winter Growing Guide

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