Here’s How You Can Match Yarn Colors with the Color Wheel

Knitting a sweater but can’t figure out which colors will look good? You can use the colors suggested in the pattern, but what if you want to use a different set of colors? This article published on Fresh Stitches has a handy guide to help you out with this dilemma.

The article explains color theory – a basic tool in every designer’s armory – and applies it to knitting to help you figure out which two or even three colors would look best together. It illustrates using many simple examples and some commonly available colors and explains how a color wheel can be used to map out concepts such as complementary and contrasting colors to help determine which colors would look best together.

What sets this article apart from other discussions on matching colors is its discussion on split complementary colors that can help you figure out how to match multiple colors together.

Picture the yarns on a color wheel

Cotton Candy yarn color chart from be sweet

Yarn color wheel

Color Theory 101


Analogous color scheme on wheel


complementary color schemes

Split Complementary

Split complementary

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