Dog Monopoly Lets You Buy Dogs Instead Of Property

The dust has probably settled by now from your festive family round of Monopoly, though if yours is anything like mine, the resentment between the generations of owning property and perpetually owing landlords, is one which will last for decades. Look! Dog Monopoly!

Yeah, we might not be able to afford houses or children or quite even possibly dogs in our lifetimes of student debt, stagnant wages and a completely crooked housing market, so thank the doggy Gods there’s a board game to take our minds off the constant existential despair.

Available on Amazon for £39.99 with free UK delivery, Dog Opoly ‘celebrates our four-legged friends’ and is ‘a tail-wagging good time’ – well that’s just sold me harder than the last time someone pretended to throw a stick.

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Everyone knows the rules of Monopoly so I’ll only say ‘Sit!’ once – instead of places, you buy dogs, you get $200 for passing Go Fetch and instead of going to jail, you might wind up in the kennel?

The playing pieces have a canine theme too, obviously, including the option for players to move around the board as such doggy favourites as a scared cat, a food bowl, a postman or a fire hydrant – though it’s not clear whether it’s part of the official rules if players should relieve themselves on whoever is the fire hydrant?

You should be concerned really because it turns out, we’ve all been playing Monopoly wrong this whole time.

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If the Amazon customer reviews are anything to go by, Dog Opoly is bursting with fun for all the family with an average 4.6 out of 5 stars from 58 reviews.

Some of the best comments include:

Well, whatever kind of animal lover you are, be glad your housing dreams are over and just go wild.