Research Newspapers For Genealogy For Free

Are you working on building your family tree? If so, you should spend a few minutes watching this informative YouTube video. In it, he tells you how to go about researching digitized newspapers for genealogy for free.

Creating your family tree requires many, many hours of intensive research. And one resource that you’ll spend a lot of your time researching is newspaper archives. Luckily, many old newspapers have been digitized and uploaded onto the Internet. This can save so much time, as you won’t have to travel far to gain access to them or spend hours searching for the ones you need.

In this handy video, Kenneth R Marks explains how you can go about researching your family tree by making use of digitized newspapers. And he shows you how to do it for free! There are many wonderful websites that offer free access to thousands of digitized newspapers, and Marks shows you how to use them.

Source: YouTube