From Double Decker Bus To RV In Just 20 Steps

Here’s a step by step video showing how to convert a double decker bus to an RV, – not just any RV, but a luxury RV, which anyone would be proud to call their own! Justin Bozeman did all this himself and has the video for us to watch.

It all started with the purchase of a 1992 Neoplan Skyliner with 90 seats and a Mercedes engine. Next came the planning, with care paid to all the details you may need in an RV.

Then began the hard work of ripping all the inside out of the bus and rebuilding it according to the design. Justin used every single spare inch of space very carefully so that he could include a living and cooking area downstairs, and the sleeping area up on top.

So well thought out, and planned is the RV that there is also a wood burning fire in the sitting area! The kitchen has everything you could want in it, all neat and tidy. A small store cupboard off to one side keeps all his tools out of site, but at hand when he needs them.

One comment he received was a question about the price of the conversion. Justin says that he has yet to work that one out. What is certain though, is that he has done a magnificent job of the conversion!

Source: YouTube