Here Are 6 Tips For Safely Handling Essential Oils Around Your Cats

You may have just received a brand new diffuser for Christmas, and probably can’t wait to try out all sorts of wonderful essential oils to scent your home. But cat owners should take caution, because these oils can seriously harm your feline friend if you are not careful.

Follow these six tips in order to create a relaxing, and healthy atmosphere for you and your cats!

Since diffusers cause the oil to spray into the air where it can enter you and your cat’s lungs, you want to make sure that what they are breathing in doesn’t put them in danger.

Two components in particular to watch out for include phenols and monoterpene hydrocarbons, but as a rule you should only be using pure essential oils.

This one should be obvious, but if your hands or clothing comes into direct contact with the essential oil, do not pet or cuddle with your cat until it has been properly cleaned off.

While toxic oils are useful for cleaning certain household items, take caution not to use it on anything your cat could reach or try and lick. Showerheads are okay, kitchen sinks are not.

Keep reading for more safety tips to protect your curious kitties!

Most cat owners are aware of the insatiable curiosity that our furry friends have had since they were kittens, but that just means we have to take extra care as their guardians.

Keep your oils out of reach and locked away, because you never know just how inquisitive your cat can be until it’s too late.

Some people like to set their diffusers up on plates, but remember, those plates need to be cleaned off after they’ve been used. Even if no oil was spilled on the surface, the vapor has still had a chance to settle.

If you find it necessary to still use toxic oils in some way, then dilute the solution with water to reduce the toxicity in the air and residue.

Remember, the point of essential oils is to relax, so follow these tips so you and your cat can lounge about stress-free!

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