It Was ‘Our Song’ For A Generation Of Lovers. 61 Years Later, We Still Remember

His unmistakable voice and his incredible skills on the piano are instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up in the ’50s and ’60s.

Nat King Cole might have risen to fame as a leading jazz pianist, but it was his soft, baritone voice that was a major force in popular music that spanned three decades. ¬†As the story goes, his singing career got its start when a drunken heckler demanded that he sing “Sweet Lorraine.”

When I Fall In Love is one of his most memorable songs, and one that is often played on easy listening radio stations today.

An entire generation of couples fell in love listening or dancing to this sweet, romantic melody. Fans on the Nat King Cole Facebook group remember the way this song has touched them in some of their most important life moments:

Does this song bring back memories for you? Listen and then tell us about your special memory in the comments below!

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