One In Three Vegetarians Eat Meat While Drunk

This just in: one in three vegetarians eat meat while drunk shocking absolutely no-one with a shred of meat-loving sense.

Yep, according to a survey, a big chunk of veggies plead guilty to snacking on a kebab or burger after a night on the tear, which is fine.

As a sick endorser of the slaughter of innocent animals, I have no problem with one in three veggies not being veggies at 4 am on a Saturday.

But don’t come knocking on my door filling my mouth with new potatoes and telling me I’m scum for thinking pigs – who do nothing but roll in their own shite – are not better off in my belly.

Around 39% of those studied said they ate kebab meat when pissed, while 34% admitted to eating beef burgers.

27% opted for bacon, 19% for fried chicken and 14% for sausages. And I don’t mean those treacherous Linda McCartney ones either!

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69% of the vegetarians said they were too ashamed to tell anyone after they had eaten meat which not only makes them hypocrites but liars too. Sad!

Founder of the site who did the survey, George Charles, said:

Or just encourage them. Meat isn’t murder, meat is money bloody well-spent!