Ordinary Dad Walks In With His Baby, But What Happens When The Music Starts Is Extraordinary!

Moms have a nurturing, gentle instinct that protects and wraps up our babies in tender love. When it comes to dads, though, having a baby is an excuse to let out their inner child!

Take dad, Adam Ballard, for example. In what has now become a viral video “When It’s Just The Dudes At Home,” Adam and his young son Miles bust out some of the baddest moves we’ve ever seen! Together they go full-on King of Pop to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”  

Miles totally rocks his Mickey Mouse bib and onesie, while safely strapped to his dad’s chest in a Baby Bjorn.

“Home alone with my son Miles, we find ‘creative’ ways to pass the time,” writes BAllard on YouTube. Just watch:

Smooth moves, boys!

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