People Are Disgusted By What Angelina Jolie Fed Her Kids

On a weekend trip to Cambodia, Angelina Jolie appeared on BBC News with her six children. In the clip, she shows them how to cook a meal of scorpions, tarantulas and other bugs.

The 41-year-old actress taught them how to remove the tarantula’s fangs and flip a scorpion in a hot pan. “You start with crickets and a beer, and then you kind of move up to tarantulas,” Jolie said.

No stranger to controversy, the mother of six recently commented on the split from Pitt, maintaining that the children are her top priority.

While some fans were impressed by her culinary skills, others were disgusted: calling the practice a part of her “satanic ritual diet.”

Despite the harsh words and critical opinion about the Jolie-Pitt split, the kids appear to be doing alright.

What do you think? Is she doing her part to raise culturally sensitive kids, or is she just using them as a prop?

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