People Can’t Find The Snake In This Picture And Everyone’s Furious

It started when Twitter user Helen, shared a photo of a snake.

At first, people were confused, it looked like a bunch of leaves on the ground. There was no way a snake could be in this picture.

She issued the snake-hunt challenge to her followers who immediately tweeted it out to their friends. No one could find the snake!

Some people thought it was a joke, but she assured everyone that there really was a hidden snake in the photo taken by Jerry Davis from Texas.

Take a closer look on page 2!

The tweet went viral in a matter of moments as people started to share the photo in frustration. Hoping that others might be able to point them in the right direction of the sneaky snake.

Some gave up and begged Helen for bright red circles and arrows pointing to the covert camouflager.

Eventually, Helen revealed the snake to the twitterverse and everyone collectively slapped their foreheads:

It was right in front of their eyes the whole time!

Before you get the answer, see if you can spot him with your own eyes first…


Do you see him? Check out the answer on Page 3

If you’ve given up, or maybe you just want to confirm your expert eyesight, here’s that sneaky snake!

Most people have a fear of snakes, so knowing that they can expertly hide themselves is a pretty unsettling notion. Thankfully, most snakes slither away if they’re startled… But, if you go out in the woods today, keep your eyes peeled – you might be in for a slithery surprise!

Here’s a close-up:

Did you spot him? Good job! Share with your friends and see how quickly they can spot the snake!

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