Photographer Who Has Photographed Johnny Depp, Yoko Ono And Dustin Hoffman Sells Picture Of A POTATO For More Than $1,000,000

Picture of a raw potato has been sold for more than $1,000,000!

There are many strange things that we notice in the world every day. Some are about how people behave or the things they say and do. We have all become accustomed to each other’s weird habits and hobbies that no one seems to notice anything different about them anymore.

On the other hand, it is highly impossible if anyone has heard about a picture of a potato being sold for more than $1,000,000. Famous photographer Kevin Abosch performs photo shoots for major business corporations at a hefty fee. Many exclusive clients pay Abosch a fee that goes up to $150,000. 

In addition to shooting pricey portraits, Abosch is also a fine art photographer, and that’s how the potato photo came about. Abosch believes that potatoes are just like people; they can be immediately identified as the same species, but all are different from the inside. This portrait is one of his favorites.

“Kevin likes potatoes because they, like people are all different yet immediately identifiable as being essentially of the same species,” his studio tells PetaPixel. “He has photographed many potatoes. This one is one of his favorites.”

This picture of a potato, photographed by Kevin Abosch, sold to a European businessman for more than $1,000,000

He says that the excessive price was the most he had ever been paid for a photograph that was bought, rather than commissioned. The sale came about when a wealthy buyer who collects Abosch’s work was visiting the photographer’s Paris home in 2015.

“It’s not the first time that someone has bought the art right off my wall. We had two glasses of wine and he said, “I really like that”.

Two more glasses of wine and he said: “I really want that”. We set the price two weeks later.”

Abosch (pictured) is famous for his portraits of the rich and famous which are styled as close ups on a jet black background

The price is a far cry from the $6.5 million that was allegedly paid for Peter Lik’s “Phantom” photo, but the sale price places this photo in the top 20 of most expensive photos of all time: it’s almost exactly the same price that was paid for Edward Weston’s “Nautilus (1927)” at a Sotheby’s New York auction in April 2010.