Public Paranoia: Photography Equipment Mistaken For Machine Gun As Police Sent On Wild Goose Chase

People are becoming more and more paranoid, and things are beginning to get a wee bit out of hand now. This hilarious article describes how a photographer almost got into trouble for carrying a tripod stand.

A police unit was called to an office building in Pennsylvania in response to a 911 call about a gunman supposedly carrying around a machine gun. A complete search of the building finally revealed the culprit: a photographer with her tripod stand that a paranoid passerby had mistaken for a 6-barrel mini gun.

Needless to say, the police team was not amused by the incident. However, some officers at the police station went on to suggest that the caller had actually done the right thing. They claim that it was much better to be called for “false alarms” rather than not be called for a real security incident.

Source: PetaPixel