RV Water Heater Fail! Don’t Make This Newbie Mistake!

If you’re new to RVing and are about to take your first trip to an RV park, you should definitely spend a few minutes watching this video. It’ll probably keep you from making an avoidable newbie mistake.

As an RVing newbie, you’re sure to make many mistakes along the way. But don’t let this stop you, everyone makes mistakes when they’re trying something for the first time. Try to learn from other people’s blunders instead, then you can keep on RVing! If you’ve stopped in an RV park and are fully hooked up, but can’t get hot water in your RV, you may be making this simple newbie mistake.

This handy video will explain the error you’re most likely making and also teach you exactly what to do to avoid it. This will ensure that you have steaming hot water in your new RV, and don’t end up wasting time at an RV repair shop.

Source: YouTube