S.S. Badger Is Best Great Lakes Ferry Ride In Michigan

Here in Michigan, our Great Lakes are at the center of many fantastic activities. From beachfront lounging to fishing trips, there’s no shortage of fun to be had around our stunning bodies of water. There’s one adventure, though, that will allow you to see our largest Great Lake from an entirely new vantage point – and you’ll never forget your journey.

The S.S. Badger ferry transports passengers between the lovely town of Ludington, Michigan and the shores of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
Since 1953, this one-of-a-kind ferry has offered Michiganders, Wisconsinites, and out-of-state visitors alike the unique opportunity to cross Lake Michigan by boat.
This is anything but your ordinary boat ride. The S.S. Badger can carry 600 passengers and up to 180 automobiles on its cross-lake journey!
Upon boarding, settle in for a relaxing and beautiful experience. With dining areas, a snack bar, gift shops, and TV and movie lounges, there’s so much to do aboard.
Of course, many passengers simply choose to marvel at the beauty of our Big Lake during the four-hour S.S. Badger journey. You’ll certainly want to snap a few photos!
If you’d prefer to enjoy a bit of rest and rejuvenation during your ferry ride, book a private stateroom. These lovely areas are the perfect place for a much-needed nap.
Upon docking in Manitowoc, exit the ferry and begin your getaway across the lake. While we’re partial to Michigan, we’ll admit that Wisconsin is a fantastic place to visit.
When you’re ready to return home, re-board the ferry and prepare for another unforgettable trip across the stunning waves of Lake Michigan. What’s not to love?

The S.S. Badger’s ferry service opens for the season in May, so you’ll need to be patient as you await your adventure – but that doesn’t mean you can’t book in advance! Have you taken a trip on the S.S. Badger? Share your photos and stories with us in the comment section below!